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New department chair Ismael Zamora approaches math from a different angle

Rachel Perry | May 22, 2019

Although math can oftentimes be a difficult subject for students, a new teacher and department chair is teaching a generation of students different approaches to math and learning as a whole: Ismael Zamora….

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Chris Lee and Billy Paschen drive York’s hockey program to elite level

Murphy McFarlane | May 15, 2019

It’s been three years since York hockey has been inducted into arguably Illinois’s most competitive high school hockey league, and, since then, the program has seen great success. This season, JV won…

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Under the Monocle: Emma Johnson, seamstress extraordinaire

Emily Walker | April 18, 2019

For most people, the way we dress is fairly straightforward; whether we buy our clothes at a boutique or at Target, most of us rely on forming our personal style with clothes that are made for us to purchase.


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ID Scanning implemented as new lunchroom policy

Rachel Perry | March 28, 2019

For the past year, entrance into lunch has been granted by a simple flash of a student’s ID, yet a policy put into place Monday, Mar. 18 has raised eyebrows. Instead of a student showing their ID to…

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Life Through the Filter: VSCO’s Unrealistic Reality

Sarah Pinkowski | February 25, 2019

Like many girls my age, I have a secret guilty pleasure: VSCO. First created in 2011 by founders Greg Lutze and Joel Flory as a way for users to organize and edit their photography, the app has become…

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