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Stories from Eureka High School
Throwing like a girl

Audrey Brown | May 15, 2019

When Skylinn Pogue (9) found out she made the freshman baseball team, her family was not surprised.

Skylinn Pogue grew up in Canada, where baseball was a popular sport for both boys and girls to pursue….

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Putting up a fight

Audrey Brown | December 20, 2018

Don’t go to the car alone at night. Walk with car keys out. Check the car before getting in. Avoid parties with drinking. And cover up as much skin as possible.

Today’s steps in escaping unwanted…

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EBN | 2018 Friday Night Lights

November 27, 2018

This story was originally published on The Bugle on October 25, 2018.

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Opinion | Bona fide | Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers
Arts & Entertainment

Josh Margherita | November 21, 2018

Reciting poetry or a journal entry and then adding a beat as the poetry is recited; that is the essence of Hobo Johnson and the Lovemakers,the West-Coast sub-pop group that hails from California.


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