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Double Trouble: Teachers Managing Students and Children

Kara Peeler | November 3, 2020

Virtual learning means a lot of things: a little more time to sleep in, the temptation to lounge in bed all day, zoom calls galore, and so on. But what about the teachers who now have two sets of children…

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Coyo-Tea Episode 3

Sagun Shrestha | March 10, 2020

Editor-In-Chief Sagun Shrestha has a talk with junior Asma Tariq about the most recent Coronavirus outbreaks in Montgomery County and the misconceptions behind the widespread panic.



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G.I.S.C’s Homemade Sticker Growth
SNO's 18 Under 18

Sagun Shrestha | March 2, 2020

Inspired by the growing stationery community online and in person, CHS junior Tasnim Ullah teamed up with her cousin to combine their passions for design to create their own brand of stickers by the name…

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5 CHS Students Charged After Bathroom Robbery Reveals Handgun

Morgan Bragg | February 25, 2020

5 CHS students were arrested Monday, Feb. 10 after one teen brought a handgun to school and was robbed by other students inside a school bathroom. 

Just after 1 p.m., an administrator informed school…

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Coronavirus Sparks Health Scare In MD

Kara Peeler | February 10, 2020

As panic rises over the spread of coronavirus to the U.S., Maryland residents have become worried following two potential cases of coronavirus in the state. One patient displaying symptoms that met the…

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The Issue with Race and Ethnicity Classifications

Sagun Shrestha | January 31, 2020

With the United States being defined as a melting pot, having been a region encompassing a multitude of different cultures, races, and ethnicities, one issue remains in terms of classifying the people…

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“Ok Boomer”: How One Meme Proves New Generational Divide

Kara Peeler | January 14, 2020

Years pass and younger generations stray further and further from their predecessors; be it Millennials or Boomers, Gen. X or Gen. Z, each age group bears unique qualities. These generational differences…

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Trio of CHS Juniors Takes Shot With Retail Company

Joe Laffman | December 2, 2019

CHS juniors Chase Aldous, Jayden Burnett, and Hunter Marsh recently released their very own clothing brand called One Wish on Sunday, Nov. 17. in hopes of growing and becoming a popular nationwide clothing…

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Why High School Arts Deserve More

Sagun Shrestha | October 3, 2019

There’s a glaring disparity between the arts and nearly all other subjects, in terms of not only funding but of public perception as well, placing many artists in a difficult place.

Though photography…

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Stranger picks up bill for CHS students’ prom dinner

Quam Odunsi | May 24, 2019

A group of CHS students was in for a big surprise that saved a dent in their wallet, as they went out to dinner at Ted’s Bulletin on the night of prom.

Seniors Therese de Leon, Dylan Mendes, Cristina…

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CHS Students React to College Admissions Scandal
Admissions Scandal

Kidan Williams | April 2, 2019

The recent college admissions scandal has stirred up a lot of emotions especially with high school and college students.

Celebrities such as actress Lori Loughlin, known for her role as Aunt Becky…

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Sarkodie Gets to “Stepping”

Rebecca Sofon | January 29, 2019

CHS junior Audrey Sarkodie juggles what some might call an excessive amount of work on a daily basis. She is involved in the National Juniors Honors Society, takes three AP classes, and, on top of that,…

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Varsity BBall Guard Plays Through Blood Pressure Syndrome

Caden Troffkin | January 29, 2019

CHS sophomore Shane Troffkin was diagnosed with POTS (Postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome) in eighth grade.

In the body, blood flow is maintained by heart rate and blood pressure working together….

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Not Shut Out by Shutdown
The Shutdown

Jordan Doss | January 28, 2019

Due to a disagreement between the democratic and republican party, the United States government went into a shutdown December 22. Trump requested $5.7 billion for the development of the wall between the…

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