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There Will Be No ZZZs in zSpace

Alyssa Buchheit | January 15, 2019

After months of talk about new technology at St. Dominic, our new zSpace is up and running. The 3D virtual and augmented reality learning devices are allowing students to get a new perspective and a hands-on…

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Coach Denny Graser: Loved by All

Alyssa Buchheit | January 11, 2019

Former St. Dominic athletic director Denny Graser passed away from a decade long battle with cancer on December 23, 2018, at the age of 69. A longtime coach in the Wentzville school district, Coach Graser…

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Double The Trouble: Two Casts Of Clue Take To The Stage
Arts & Entertainment

Grace Wallis | November 7, 2018

The task of bringing the murder, mystery and mania of Clue Onstage to life as St. Dominic’s 2018 fall play was one which was immediately daunting. Upon the record arrival of talent at auditions, director…

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