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Zoey’s in the Driver’s Seat

Brynna Kern | March 11, 2020

This story was originally published on AHSneedle on March 10, 2020.

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The Life of a Bus Driver

Da'Jai Wesson | February 13, 2020

It’s just before 6 a.m. when Steve Andersen walks into the Atlantic Community School District bus barn and is welcomed by a familiar garage smell and freshly-brewed coffee. While some people are still…

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What’s It Like Having Car Clout?

Hana Holtz | November 11, 2019

As a teenager, having easy access to a vehicle is key. Whether it’s an impromptu trip to grab a snack before practice, a jam sesh with friends, or a late-night cruise, having the ability to drive is…

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ISASP Testing to Replace Iowa Assessments

Dannon Mathisen | April 2, 2019

Testing, testing, one, two, three. This spring a change in testing has come to AHS and many schools across the country. Students will no longer sharpen their number two pencils to fill in the circles but…

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Girls Wrestling Grows in Popularity

Dani Mathisen | February 12, 2019

“Coach Duff always says that (wrestling) turns boys into men. I guess maybe it will turn girls into women,” said senior wrestler Chase McLaren about the possibility of girls joining the AHS wrestling…

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Getting to Know an Iconic Teacher: Trace Petersen

Ariel Clark | February 9, 2019

Trace Petersen has been the American History teacher for Atlantic High School for 14 years and counting. He began in 2005, with the intent to retire closer to his family. Originally from Elkhorn, Petersen…

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