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Mustangs swing their way into history

Bronlyn Holland | May 22, 2019

Making history on the diamond field, the Mustangs won the Elite Eight Class AAAAA State playoff against the Buford Wolves at the end of Game Three with a score of 8-3 on Thursday, May 9. On Wednesday,…

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Sleep deprivation steals “Z’s” from high schoolers

Ashley Edwards | April 19, 2019

Around seven a.m., the sound of Ansley McDaniel’s, sophomore at Oxford HS in MS, alarm clock startles her awake. After a rough night’s sleep of about five to six hours, she heads to school and tries…

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Writing collaboration creates an opportunity to tell new stories

Payton DiSario | April 1, 2019

Laughter, smiles and imagination filled the air as students of Ola’s intellectually disabled programs came together to create “A Collection of Tales” during Ola’s first Writing Buddies collaboration….

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Been there. Done that.

Emma Barfield | March 28, 2019

I am the last person that should be talking about how to prevent your mental health from taking a plummet. The difference is that I went through some of the darkest mindsets of my life. I conquered it,…

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Freshmen Dream of Their Tomorrow

Payton DiSario | March 7, 2019

High school can be a scary place with trials hiding behind every corner. With each day comes another failed test, another mental breakdown, another heartbreak, another scandal and countless other things…

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Birdbox Enters the Nest With Mixed Reviews
Arts & Entertainment

Ashley Wilhelm | January 10, 2019

Much anticipated suspense thriller “Birdbox” returns to the nest with a whopping 62 percent on Rotten Tomatoes and in this case, I’d have to agree with these overly picky movie critics. The film…

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