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Unlike its name, Instagram’s new feature fails to ‘Reel’ in many users
Arts & Entertainment

Dominique Chang | October 14, 2020

After several accounts of TikTok’s possible shutdown in the summer, avid users like sophomore Jamie Choi deleted the app in August before the new school year began. Because she spent at least two hours…

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It’s called Discord, but the instant messaging app has actually done more uniting during COVID-19 pandemic

Elijah Jhee | October 14, 2020

During a time when face-to-face interaction and social gatherings with peers seem impossible because of COVID-19 health and safety issues, students like senior Quinn Cassidy only need to boot up their…

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Sophomore forms nationwide community outreach program to deliver soothing music video performances for the elderly during COVID-19 pandemic

Minjeong Kim | October 12, 2020

Sophomore Lauren Pak still remembers the day she was inspired by her community service idea of delivering video recordings of teenagers playing soothing music to the elderly at local and national nursing…

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Game Ball: After setting record swim times for Sunny Hills in her first year in aquatics, senior commits to UC San Diego

Andrew Park | October 9, 2020

When senior Katie Cho was 14 years old, the athlete found herself in a yearlong slump. 

Even in the absence of any physical injuries, Cho found her skills declining, and so in a session with a physician…

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Remote learning 2.0: Online games, polls, new tech tools used to provide a more enhanced version of instruction for students

Divya Bharadwaj | October 9, 2020

After a month of distance learning using the Zoom virtual meeting platform, Pre-Calculus Honors teacher Amanda Morris decided it was time to change things up.

“I chose this game because it gives you…

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Sunny Hills students, teachers finding College Board’s not budging much on their appeals regarding low scores from modified online exams

Kate Yang | October 5, 2020

Senior Allison Lee took four modified, online AP exams this past May — the most she’s ever taken in one school year since she was a sophomore in 2019 when she took only the AP Psychology exam.


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