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Stories from Westmoore High School
Madison Switch-Fixico: Native American Princess

Jennifer Nguyen | January 14, 2021

Drum beats can be heard simultaneously with the clashing of bells, necklaces, and other regalia, as folks from different Native American tribes surround the arena. While some gouge on Indian tacos and…

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The Struggles & Triumph of Black Students: stories from Mrs. Palmer, Joy Okpoko, & More

Kenny Kim | September 8, 2020

Disclaimer: Moore Public Schools condemns racism and is committed to creating an inclusive school environment for all. MPS believes meaningful discussions are imperative. 
MOORE, OKLA. – Classrooms in…

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Sexual Assault Awareness Month: I was raped on New Year’s Day

Kenny Kim | April 8, 2020

Editor’s Note: In commemoration of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, a former Westmoore student would like to share her story. To protect her identity and those involved, she is referred to as the pseudonym…

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Car Parade Allows Teachers to Connect With Students From a Distance

Kenny Kim | April 6, 2020

MOORE, OKLA – There is nothing as unique as the bond between a student and a teacher.

As Oklahoma scrambles to contain the spread of COVID-19, the State Board of Education voted Wednesday, March 25,…

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