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Stories from University of Chicago Laboratory High School
Teachers go ‘gradeless’

Nikhil Patel | November 20, 2019

Teachers across curriculum areas are implementing “gradeless” classrooms. Sari Hernandez, Zachary Hund and Mark Krewatch began this system in their classrooms this year, while Naadia Owens is continuing…

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A whole new angle: teen models take control of their image

Mira Costello | November 20, 2019

At an age where self-image can be fragile, it’s hard to imagine being styled, posed and photographed by a team of near-strangers. For some people, the modeling world looks cutthroat and toxic.
But what…

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Lab students participate in Global Climate strike in Chicago
College Reporting

Audrey Matzke | October 14, 2019

In an age where social-media “slack-tivism” is ruthlessly criticized, these student protesters say they’re committed to walking the walk. Literally.

Joining a nation-wide “youth climate strike”…

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Artists’ deaths cement connections
Arts & Entertainment

Katerina Lopez | January 2, 2019

Whether driving, doing homework or just laying down to rewind after a long day, music plays a big part in most teens’ lives.
Claire Piccirilli, a sophomore, said music helps her to think.
“I usually…

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LGBT students weigh differing support needs

Emma Trone | December 26, 2018

The results of the health and wellness survey have confirmed what many students have anecdotally suspected: a lot of  U-High students are not just attracted to the opposite gender.

But only a few…

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Super Troupe-ers

Samira Glaeser-Khan | December 20, 2018

Dance troupe has grown from 5 members to 26 members in the past year as a result of strong coach-student relationships. With their increased size, the dance team has more team spirit and has been able…

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