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Stories from Lampasas High School
LISD To Continue Mask Mandate

Lydia Breuer | March 11, 2021

On March 2 Governor Greg Abbott announced the end of the state mask mandate and that the state would open 100% starting today, with the option for school districts and businesses to opt out. LISD decided…

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Former TEA Commissioner Resides Near Lampasas

Dakota Decker | December 7, 2020

Times were changing. New technology invented. War.  And Texas education was changing too. Many people were behind the education shift during the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s but one man with a vision helped…

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Teacher’s Pets

Lydia Breuer | February 4, 2020

Smooth, shiny scales glisten in artificial light as a snake lazily creeps around it’s glass enclosure. A large bearded dragon basks in the yellow light mounted on the wall of the enclosure set beside…

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Life-Long Friends Begin Coaching Football Together

Lexi Moreland | September 23, 2019

Stands roar from the Badger community as the football players run down the field, about to score. Coach McLean and Coach Simmons share that look of approval that the two men have shared for so many years…

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