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Stories from Brimmer and May School
Community Members Receive COVID-19 Vaccines Early

Edan Zinn | January 29, 2021

COVID-19 vaccinations may be on the early horizons for the community.

With a roll-out underway for Pfizer and Moderna vaccines, many healthcare professionals have already received doses of the vaccine—including…

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Op-Ed: Stop Romanticizing LGBTQ+ Relationships

Grace Papas | January 14, 2021

As a queer person, I go through my day-to-day life like any typical high school student. 

Often, that includes talking to friends about romantic interests and relationships. As a teenager, I like offering…

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Op-Ed: Breaking The Ballet Body Taboo

Natalie Kozhemiakin | January 13, 2021

Breaking The Ballet Body Taboo

The notorious ideals of the ballet world are everywhere you go, and there is an unhealthy standard of a skeletal figure that encapsulates its culture.

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Op-Ed: Fight Like an Activist, Not a Consumer

Edan Zinn | November 18, 2020

Fight Like an Activist, Not a Consumer
Activism does not require buying material goods to show support. The Black Lives Matter movement is not just a phrase on a yard sign. Being anti-racist…

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Op-Ed: Reflecting on My Cultural Identity

Natalie Kozhemiakin | November 16, 2020

From the time I was very young, I have been heavily immersed in my culture.  

Сырники (tvorog pancakes) on Sunday mornings is the thing I look forward to the most, in particular. 

The luscious,…

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