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Transmedia shows become entertainment fad
Arts & Entertainment

Arianna Farner | January 14, 2019

Storylines updated in real time. Characters that interact with viewers. Content accessed solely on social media. The phenomenon of transmedia storytelling is a growing trend that focuses on interaction…

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The Turnout: Students participate in political process

Dee Carreon | December 27, 2018

Rigged system. Lame candidates. Political gridlock.

These are all reasons why young people say they often do not vote. In the past elections, voter turnout in Texas was in general and especially among…

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Juul’s marketing campaign attracts teens to vape

Justin Wan | December 26, 2018

With a sleek design, attractive marketing and a variety of fruit flavors to choose from, Juul has proven to be the vape of choice among teenagers.
The device, which resembles an elongated USB flash…

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