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The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

ADVOCATE:     Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti canvassed for Katie Hill, who won the 25th district House against Republican Steve Knight.

Working to tip an election, one front door at a time

By Shani Shaham, Staff Writer and Eva Brous-Light, Staff Writer December 17, 2018

Richard Ceseroni, a 69-year-old former Marine, was returning home to his ranch- style house in Santa Clarita from church on Oct. 28 when someone he recognized approached him in his driveway. “Why...

Students recently contributed to a poll based on what their thoughts are on politics and taking a class based on current events.

After the vote: what now?

By Chloe Staples, Cathedral Catholic High School December 13, 2018

American politics recently underwent change after the November midterm elections, but many Cathedral Catholic High School Students are still unaware about the country’s state of government. During...

Courtney Neron distributes her lawn signs with a supporter, John Vandenberg of Sherwood, who helped fund lawn signs.

Watch Courtney run!

By Meghan Turley, Tigard High School December 12, 2018
Courtney Neron, a former foreign language teacher at Tigard High, is running to be a representative of House District 26.
This graphic shows the percentage of voters at the school and in the town of Holbrook who voted in favor of ballot question 3 on transgender rights

Holbrook Students Voice Their Opinions in Mock Midterm Election

By Sarah Ryan, Holbrook Middle High School November 29, 2018

Just days before the midterms, Holbrook Middle-High School students were able to cast their own votes in a mock election. On Thursday, November 2, a total of 449 staff and students voted on the races for...

Turn out for this years midterm elections was exceptionally high, with 47% of eligible Americans casting a ballot.

So, the Election’s Over… What Now?

By DJ McInturff, Herrin High School November 29, 2018

The signs have finally been taken down, the ads have stopped running, and the ballots have been counted.  The 2018 midterm elections are officially over, but the politics produced by this year’s vote...

This I Believe

By Holly Rusch and Leila Taherian, Woodside High School November 29, 2018

This story was originally published on The Paw Print on November 18, 2018.

Governor-elect J.B. Prtizker and Lt. Juliana Stratton celebrate after winning the election, defeating Republican incumbent Bruce Rauner.

Midterm election ramifications, locally and nationally

By Lia Reichmann, Hajera Naveed, Kabir Sawlani, and Abby Stockmal November 28, 2018

On Tuesday, Nov. 6, the midterm elections occurred with high expectations and pressure on both parties, resulting in a major night both nationally and locally.   On a national scale,  the Democrats...

Polis wins election becoming the first openly gay man in the nation to hold such a top elected post.

EHS speaks out: Election day

By Jaydin Webb, Englewood High School November 27, 2018

Students Speak: New Colorado Governor Tuesday’s election broke records and brought change. Here in Colorado, voters elected a new governor, turned down new funding for education, and didn’t approve...

art by Thora Pearson

Issues: The Midterms and why they matter

By Charlotte Heinrich and Thomas Birmingham November 27, 2018

“This is the most important election in history.” According to Lucas Ravenscraft, AP United States Government and Politics teacher, this is one of those phrases that tends to get thrown around a lot,...

The popular social media app Snapchat offered exclusive face filters as an incentive to persuade users to vote.

Social Media Aides Voter Turnout

By Noelia Arteaga, Woodside High School November 21, 2018

Many Woodside students were bombarded with push notifications from popular apps like Snapchat, Spotify, and Instagram encouraging them to get out and vote in the midterm elections. The notifications...

Minnesota Senator Amy Klobuchar ranks first on list of all 100 senators with bills signed into law in the current congress, according to data from GovTrak.

“The Future Is Female”: Women In Politics

By Cari Spencer, Orono High School November 21, 2018

It was January of 2017 when women in pink “pussy” hats marched across Washington, demanding their rights ensured and their indignation at Donald Trump’s election be heard. There were around 4 million...

PHONE BANKING FOR BETO: volunteers for the Beto ORourke campaign Shannon, Walter, Trevor, Penny, and Marcy who are residents of McCallums district, phone banked for Beto ORourkes campaign the night before the 2018 midterm election day on Nov. 6.

Take it to the bank

By Laszlo King-Hovis, McCallum High School November 20, 2018

Junior Jordan Bibby can’t vote yet, but with the midterms just around the corner, she’s getting involved in other ways, like phone banking. “A lot of times people aren’t interested,” Bibby...

Senior Mark Rodriguez (Beto ORourke) makes a point during the Rock the Vote mock debate.

‘Cruz,’ ‘O’Rourke,’ star in Rock the Vote

By Erik Garcia , Vidal M. Trevino School of Communications and Fine Arts November 20, 2018

LISD seniors learned the importance of voting and how the voting process is like in the real world at a Nov. 1 event at V.M.T. V.M.T’s AP government instructor and Sean Gaynor explained the purpose...

Staff writer Anika Arutla talks about the history of voting and her excitement about voting. Political signs are lined along the road to Coppell Town Center for upcoming midterm election on Nov. 9.

I have a voice, I want to use it

By Anika Arutla, Coppell High School November 16, 2018

Change. That is what I think about when I think about voting. It is common misconception that one vote, among millions, is not worth anything - that it is a simple raindrop in the middle of the vast ocean....

Local students hit the streets promoting the opportunity to vote.

Taking Action

By Emma Conway, CFHS November 14, 2018

  Politics brings out the good, the bad, and the ugly amongst people. Even though all of us survived the 2016 election, our country became more divided than it ever had before. This election is...

Polls in Iowa opened at seven in the morning on Tuesday and closed voting at nine in the evening. However, due to people still in line the Iowa gubernatorial election was not finalized until around eleven.

Midterm election causes mixed emotions

By Kate Kealey, Davenport West High School November 14, 2018

As the 2018 midterm elections wrapped up on Nov. 6, the Iowa elections went into a late night with Republican Governor Kim Reynolds coming out on top over Democrat opponent Fred Hubbell. With polls closing...

Voting for midterm elections will take place on Tuesday, November 6. Senior Michael Maurer is going to vote on Tuesday, alongside several other seniors. A lot of students choose not to vote, which is another reason why it’s important for someone like me to vote, Maurer said.

Seniors vote for the first time in midterm elections

By Meredith Prince, Wayland High School November 13, 2018

Most students celebrate their 18th birthday senior year, legally entering adulthood. One of the many privileges that comes with being an adult is the right to vote. With midterm elections happening Nov....

School board candidate Zachary Price meets with community members at his Brewtorium campaign event. Im not running away from the fact that Im young, Price said. His opponent, Kristin Ashy, 44, has the endorsement of current District 4 Trustee Julie Cowan.

20-year-old runs for school board

By Sophie Ryland, McCallum High School November 12, 2018
Anderson grad, UT junior Zachary Price prioritizes health, equity and listening to student input.
Rain or Shine Get Out and Vote!

Get Out, Vote!

By DJ McInturff, Herrin High School November 9, 2018

With attack ads flooding our screens, volunteers knocking on our doors, and annoying signs with random people’s names scattered along nearly every single roadway, it’s definitely election season.  On...

Handing an ‘I Voted” sticker to a participating voter Nov. 6, junior Hasan Rizvi works the midterm election at Chesterfield Presbyterian Church. Rizvi and other US Government and Politics students volunteered at the polls from 5 a.m. to 7:30 p.m. to hand out stickers and help to keep things organized. “I really enjoyed it,” Rizvi said. “It was nice to talk to older people and help them out. It was a good experience seeing how an election works and how polling works.”

Senior students add to the youth voter surge in the 2018 midterm election

By Maria Newton, Parkway West High School November 9, 2018

The number of early voters aged 18-29 is up 188 percent from the 2014 midterms. Twenty-two million more voters showed up to the 2018 ballots than the 2014 midterms in the record-breaking turnout; it was...

Madison Pelarca, a volunteer at the polls and a student at Carlmont High School, displays an I Voted sticker

East Palo Alto Leans Left in Midterms

By Emma Chiu, Woodside High School November 9, 2018
“If I vote this time, is [President Trump] really going to go away?”
Ms. Temiika Gipson poses with campaign supporters. Ms. Gipson credited part of her campaign success to the many volunteers that helped.

A Time for Change

By Dean Campbell and Callie Hollis November 9, 2018

July 12, 2018 was the day Temiika Gipson realized things had changed. Her chances to win the race for Circuit Court Clerk rose dramatically after being endorsed by Memphis daily paper the Commercial...

St. George’s alumnus poses with a Lee Harris sign from the recent campaign. Doucette said the experience of working on the campaign helped him learn leadership skills.

Answering the Call

By Evan Dorian, St. George's Independent School November 9, 2018

"I wanted to take action.” Matthew Doucette, a 2018 graduate of St. George’s, answered the call to serve his community when he reached out to Mr. Lee Harris’s campaign for mayor of Shelby County....

Democrat Stacey Abrams addresses the crowd at watch party for election results from the Georgia governors race on the morning of Nov. 7, 2018 at Atlantas Hyatt Regency Hotel. Abrams trailed Republican Brian Kemp 50.4 percent to 48.7 percent and may face a Dec. 4 runoff after absentee and provision ballots are counted.

Georgia Governor’s race undecided as Democrats gain in the U.S. House

By Joe Earles, George Lefkowicz, Dana Richie, Ellie Winer, and Sam Huray November 9, 2018

The Nation Follow the Southerner's election coverage in the attached interactive map as we take a look at the headlining races across the nation as both parties looked to secure various U.S....

Teachers and first time voters reflect on the importance of voting

Teachers and first time voters reflect on the importance of voting

November 9, 2018

This story was originally published on Knight Errant on November 7, 2018.

Senior Maggie Martin proudly shows off the Im a Georgia Voter  sticker she got after early voting.

“Teachers vs. Students”: What Does Voting in Today’s America Look Like?

By Cherise Kim, Cambridge High School November 8, 2018

From 1776 to 2018, elections in America have certainly undergone immense changes. However, a few key elements have remained unchanged since the Founding Fathers first donned their powdered wigs. Mudslinging,...

Young adults in this country should realize that its a civic duty to do everything that they can in order to make the country the best place possible for all types of people. In order to do this, everyone needs to elect officials that represent the change they want to see in the nation. Youth may only comprise 25 percent of the nation’s population, but they are 100 percent of the future.

Coalition of young voters

By Zak Keel, Davenport West High School November 8, 2018

Polls will open up today, Nov. 6, for the 2018 midterm elections as Americans across the nation will partake in state and local races that will soon influence the second half of President Donald Trump’s...

Politician Peggy Flanagan has the opportunity the become the highest ranking native woman in office. She is striving to create One Minnesota and improving healthcare, womens health, and education.

Inside a Conversation with Peggy Flanagan

By Mia Rheineck, Benilde-St. Margaret's School November 8, 2018

DFL Lieutenant Governor nominee Peggy Flanagan did not have a typical entrance into politics. She started her work in politics by volunteering and eventually running for Minneapolis School Board. She focuses...

President Donald Trump gives a speech at a rally.

Trump’s visit to Sioux Falls proves beneficial for all parties

By Genna Sheriff, Lincoln High School November 8, 2018

When news hit Sioux Falls that President Donald Trump was coming to town, people on both sides of the political spectrum were not afraid to share their reactions. Some were ecstatic and longed for an invite...

Broadcast students sat down with Tim Kaine and Corey Stewart to examine the importance of the youth vote.

PBS NewsHour Features Student Story on What Drives Young Voters in Virginia

By Morgan Fischer, Alison Pataky, and Karen Ramos November 8, 2018

Morgan Fischer, Alison Pataky, and Karen Ramos examined what young voters in Virginia care about and what will drive them to the polls on November 6th in interviews with both candidates and young supporters....

Candidate Cort VanOstran addresses the crowd during the Student-Sponsored Candidate Forum Oct. 22. Of the four candidates, Democrat VanOstran and Libertarian Larry Kirk were the only two to attend. Whatever your political view is I definitely think its important that you are able to learn about and get to know the people you are voting for or who represent you, junior and co-planner Sabrina Bohn said.

Students take charge in Student-Sponsored Candidate Forum

By Carly Anderson, Parkway West High School November 7, 2018

With nearly three months of planning behind them, students involved in organizing and executing the Parkway Student-Sponsored Candidate forum have put together a meeting for Oct. 22 at 7 p.m. in the Parkway...

Trump supporters could watch his speech from any seat in the Toyota Center as his image was projected to the big screen.

Trump Rallies Houstonians

By Tim Cohrs, Klein Oak High School November 7, 2018

Despite his continued controversy, President Donald J. Trump visited the Toyota Center in downtown Houston to voice his support for the Texas Republican senatorial candidate Ted Cruz on Oct. 22. People...

Statistics show that if voters between the ages of 18 and 24 would go out and vote, they may be able to swing the midterm elections.

Will SCCC students vote in midterms?

By Michelle Mattich, Seward County Community College November 7, 2018

Young voters are not expected to cast their ballots en masse in the November midterm elections. Seward County Community College voters seem to be no different than the predictions. More than 30 percent...

Speaking at the Women for Gillum rally, gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum campaigns for office at Waterworks Park Oct. 19. During the rally, he spoke about gun control, healthcare, criminal justice reformation and climate change.

Electing Gillum benefits all Floridians

By Isabella Ank, H.B. Plant High School November 6, 2018

Midterm elections are right around the corner, and soon Florida will have a new governor. Among the two candidates competing for this position, mayor Andrew Gillum of Tallahassee is most qualified for...

A mock election for the November 6th midterm elections will be held Thursday

The Ballot Questions Explained

By Emily Burke, Holbrook Middle High School November 6, 2018

The three Massachusetts Ballot Questions for 2018 are causing some controversy as they involve many serious issues that affect a wide spectrum of citizens. The questions have a variety of topics such as...

People from the community came to a forum hosting our school board candidates.

School Board candidates speak at SDA

By Aiden Fullwood, San Dieguito Academy November 6, 2018

During a forum last Thursday, SDUHSD school board candidates Amy Flicker, Melisse Mossy, and Rhea Stewart agreed on the necessity to emphasize proper sexual education among students, ensure school safety,...

Senate Candidate Beto ORourke Talks Politics with CPHS News

Senate Candidate Beto O’Rourke Talks Politics with CPHS News

By Deana Trautz, Cedar Park High School November 2, 2018

As it hit halftime, former senior and executive producer of the Wolfcast, Jessica Mick, looked up from the sidelines to see a score of 7-27 at last year’s mid-October game against Georgetown. The team...

The United States House of Representatives

Democrats Hope to Pass New Policies After the Midterms

By Liam Lee, Woodside High School November 1, 2018

Congressional Democrats hope to retake Congress in the 2018 midterms, aiming to strengthen voting rights, pass gun legislation, end family separation, and protect Mueller’s investigation. According...

Democratic hopefuls thank the audience for their time.

A one-on-one take with Democrats top five candidates

By Jessica May, Carly Kramer, Alan Vargas, and Hannah Lee October 30, 2018

On the evening of Aug. 9, five Democratic candidates came together at Jacksonville University to talk about policies and what makes them unique in order to poll as the majority candidate in the upcoming...

Many EHS seniors are eligible to vote this year.

Midterm elections 2018: Who’s running and how is EHS responding?

By Leo Hickey, Edina High School October 30, 2018

Two years ago, with the 2016 presidential election fast approaching, all talk was of politics. Students expressed their political opinions freely, and debate about presidential politics was common. However,...

Former Congresswoman Anne Marie Buerkle addresses students in the media center Oct. 16 about recognizing why their voice matters in the political process.

Former Congresswoman Discusses Civic Engagement, Importance of Informed Citizenry

By Elenna Mach, Rockville High School October 26, 2018

It’s not every day that students have the opportunity to meet a person who has the power to determine whether products in the U.S. are safe for consumers. Students had this opportunity when former New...

Photo courtesy of ABC News

Q&A with Stacey Abrams, gubernatorial candidate

By Charlotte Spears, Henry. W. Grady High School October 26, 2018

The Southerner posed several questions to Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams on her plans as Georgia governor to address issues relevant to Grady students. The candidate addressed the...

Democrat nominee, Gil Cisneros, hopes to flip CA-39 in the upcoming midterm election.

Democrats Seek to Flip CA-39

By Amanda Chung, Yorba Linda High School October 24, 2018

The midterm election is nearing, and since Representative Ed Royce is not seeking reelection, California District 39, the district Yorba Linda is in, is electing a new member into office on November 6,...

ENN reporter Haylee Brown interviews democratic candidate Lorie Burch after the Town Hall Forum. Burch answered student-written questions during the forum and had a table set up outside the auditorium before and after for questions. “When I was a student at Plano Senior High in AP history class and in government, I never imagined that one day I would aspire to be a part of that,” Burch said. “But my teachers really inspired me to get involved in advocacy and leadership.”

Democratic candidate answers student questions at ‘Town Hall Forum’

By Haley Medeiros, Prosper High School October 23, 2018

U.S. House 3rd District Democratic Candidate Lorie Burch answered students’ questions and told the Oct. 3 "Town Hall Forum" audience one of her goals included earning their trust. Government students...

Senior Julia Gaetano began a petition to have Sen. Hatch removed from Baldwin’s Distinguished Highlander Alumni Hall of Fame posted outside the gymnasium.

Online petition seeks removal of senator from Baldwin hall of fame

By Fiona Selden, Astrid Senko, and Mason Hurley October 23, 2018

Senior Julia Gaetano has started an online petition to remove Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch from Baldwin’s Distinguished Highlander Alumni Hall of Fame, but administration has no plans to do so. Gaetano said...

The City Council regularly meets in Redwood Citys City Hall

City Council Candidates Weigh in on the Housing Crisis

By Emma Chiu, Woodside High School October 23, 2018

Campaign signs are popping up as seven candidates begin their battle for three seats on the City Council of Redwood City; following the November 6 midterm elections, the new council members would help...

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