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Milligan’s Mitten Mobile provides quality detailing

A piece of cloth is used to wipe down the car from the soapy exterior.

By Natalie Dupuis, Grand Haven High School

March 24, 2020

Mud and dust are sprayed off a car as the water hits the surface. The car is soaked in water and drips down the driveway leaving a trail. The water is then changed to soap and soap is sprayed in every crease and crevice of the car's exterior. It looks like a giant spray paint project with the soap...

Shoe reselling kicks up a major profit

EYES UP: Junior Blake Guerra glances at his growing collection of shoes he plans to sell. Guerra’s reselling business focuses on selling what is commonly bought or trending in the market.

By Mia Folkers, James Bowie High School

March 24, 2020

Walking into the store, you imagine the perfect pair of shoes in your head. Searching through every pair, you finally find the perfect pair of kicks. You quickly ask for the pair in your size to find they are sold out, and you hopelessly put the shoes back on the shelf. Pulling out your phone, you fi...

Meet the Senior Behind Local Brand Unemploid

Bryan Zhang, the senior founder of the Northwest-renowned brand, Unemploid.

By Samia Nadeem, Northwest High School - MD

March 11, 2020

From buying and selling clothing online for four years, to becoming a Northwest-renowned entrepreneur by eighteen- Bryan Zhang is not your average high school senior. Unemploid, Zhang’s most recent project, has taken Northwest by storm as students are often seen flaunting his extravagant handmade designs...

Spotlight: Talenthood — A Scarsdale Based Business Created By SHS Junior Cooper Cohen

Spotlight: Talenthood --- A Scarsdale Based Business Created By SHS Junior Cooper Cohen

By Sam Siegel and Sydney Piccoli

March 5, 2020

In January of 2019, Talenthood, a community-based platform, was launched to connect Scarsdale families with children to high school students who excel in sports, technology, academics, music or creative hobbies for tutoring services. The platform can also connect any resident with a high school age babysitter....

G.I.S.C’s Homemade Sticker Growth

Ullah's sticker inspiration drew heavily from the stationery and bullet journal communities.

By Sagun Shrestha, Clarksburg High School

March 2, 2020

Inspired by the growing stationery community online and in person, CHS junior Tasnim Ullah teamed up with her cousin to combine their passions for design to create their own brand of stickers by the name G.I.S.C for stationery lovers to enjoy. “So my cousin always made really cute doodles, and I’m...

A story of two sisters and their scrunchies

A story of two sisters and their scrunchies

By Kiana George, Carlmont High School

March 2, 2020

Two sisters from Carlmont High School, Carolyn, a junior, and Emma, a sophomore, are scrunchie making machines. With help from the Tanzania small service project organization Lalafofofo, the girls were able to found CE Scrunchies, a non-profit business that sells scrunchies and jewelry to help wildfire...

Keeping it cool

Nico Canosa '21 created a podcast and  is COO of a dog popsicle business.

By Kyra Bachick, Vandegrift High School

March 2, 2020

Walking into Tomlinson’s with a box full of his product, Pupsicool, a woman stops junior Nico Canosa, thrilled her dog’s favorite treat is being restocked.  Being part of the company Pupsicool and streaming his own podcast called “The Austinite Entrepreneur,” Nico already has a head start...

Creative custom clothing

Sara Evans recently launched her own line of clothing called Yons Customs. The name is inspired from her middle name, because she wanted her company to be personalized and unique. This kind of mindset has been the root of her creativity, which has blossomed into the new and slowly thriving business that she now runs.

By Emily Davis, Starr's Mill High School

February 28, 2020

Starr’s Mill junior Sara Evans has combined her artistic creativity and unique sense of style to create her own company. As of February 2020, Evans has officially launched her clothing line, Yons Customs. The line consists of custom made shoes, joggers, sweatpants, and some other clothing items...

STICKing to business

Freshman Sabrina San Agustin draws on her iPad during her sticker creating process on Nov. 15.


February 28, 2020

Entrepreneurship runs in the San Agustin family including freshman Sabrina San Agustin. San Agustin’s mother owns an ice cream truck named “Polar Oasis” and her father owns an IT business named “CTSS inc.” In addition, her sister, Sydney San Agustin is a marketing major and Sabrina now runs...

Seeking value in fashion

Juniors Jayzey Vasquez and Armando Aguilar model SeekValeur clothing items.

By Anna Velazquez, Lewisville High School - TX

February 20, 2020

He sits in his garage, music blaring throughout the room as he rummages through the endless amounts of fabric. All the materials he needs are scattered around the table in front of him, but none of them are what he’s looking for. None of them are spontaneous enough. After referring back to his original...

Château en Gâteau: A student bakery on the rise

 Senior Ethan Hu poses with one of the five boxes of macarons he brought to school on Nov. 6.

By Ayah Ali-Ahmad, Monta Vista High School

February 14, 2020

Senior Ethan Hu has always loved watching his aunt at work, cooking in her home kitchen while occasionally stepping in to help. As he grew up, his interest in food enhanced, and he started making his own creations and sharing it online with friends. His personal Instagram page became so flooded with...

Soled Out: Senior’s business built from passion

Senior Oscar Perez Luna searches the Internet looking for the next big thing has part of his business, Soled Out.  Perez buys low and sells high as a part-time job.

By Kathryn Broderius, Greeley West High School

February 12, 2020

Everyday, trending brands release new shoes and clothes that will be swiped off the market quickly and for high value, with few prospective buyers actually able to add them to their shopping carts in time. For West senior and young entrepreneur Oscar Perez Luna, it’s those short-windowed opportunities...

The man behind the merch

Chris Kim '20 created merchandise for his family's grocery story, Chong's Market.

By Natalie Dunlap, West High School

February 12, 2020

All it takes is an Instagram story from Chris Kim ’20 directing his followers to wear their Chong’s shirts and the next day more than a dozen students, and on occasion, a teacher, can be spotted in long sleeve black tee-shirt with a tiger on the back. Their peers might be sitting in class wonderi...

Insta Funds: Students turn to social media for entrepreneurship

Sophomore Camryn Woods(left) posing with her 2 sisters that helped start their successful business called 3 Thrifty Sisters.

By Preksha Kedilaya, Pleasant Valley High School - IA

February 10, 2020

At first thought, a typical high school part-time job sounds like the epitome of a dreary minimum wage job that is rarely thought provoking. Recently at PVHS, students are finding a creative outlet that allows them to earn money and save the environment by thrifting or reselling clothes through the platform...

Stephen climbs higher with Higher Attyre

Sophomore Art Stephen has overcome many obstacles in creating his clothing business, Higher Attyre.

By Paris Ye, Richard Montgomery High School - MD

February 10, 2020

Within one year, sophomore Art Stephen transformed a doodle he drew in his freshman government class into a profitable clothing brand. Driven by his personal mantra, “go higher,” Stephen’s business, Higher Attyre, creates unique clothing that inspires teenagers to make a difference. Most of...

Jupiter High students start their own successful businesses

The mural senior Luke Shaw painted in a family friend's living room that started his company.

By Nicole Christie, Jupiter High School

February 10, 2020

Jupiter is home to two successful entrepreneurs who aren't even out of high school yet. Senior Luke Shaw has his own painting business. Junior Austyn Roth has his own landscaping businesses. Both students are hugely successful in the area and have plans to grow their ventures in the future. In Oct....

Konesky crochets critters for a cause

Riley Konesky shows off some of her projects. Konesky hand crochets these animals for her business.

By Brooke Scanlon and Mason Hurley

February 5, 2020

Crocheting hooks might remind some students of their grandmas, but for senior Riley Konesky, they are a tool for business. Konesky manages her own online toy business, Crayon Crochet Critters, where she sells crocheted animals for prices ranging from roughly $3 to $25. The website can be foun...

Tasty yellow snow

Alex Davis answers questions about his business for the news.

By Ryan Moore, De Smet Jesuit High School

February 5, 2020

Senior Alex Davis is the Founder and CEO of Ice Shack STL, a mobile dessert service that carters events for people of all ages. “I mainly do shaved Ice but I also have what an ice cream truck can bring,” Davis said. “To get started I needed to get a business license and health permit for ea...

Student stylists showcase entrepreneurship skills

Zhariah Mitchell applies acrylic to her client's nails. The acrylic is placed on top of the nail extensions to give the nails a longer and fuller look.

By Aaliyah Rapping, Henry W. Grady High School

January 30, 2020

Girls walk the halls with fresh braids after the break. With perfectly straight parts and sleek sections, these braids look as if they were done by a professional hairstylist. Sophomore Kristina Holt has been a hairstylist since sixth grade. With a perfected craft by eighth grade, her business soon took...