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The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

FHSD’s suit has not been responded to by JUUL, however the company is legally required to respond to all suits.

Francis Howell School District files a lawsuit against JUUL

By Mansi Mamidi and Waha Siddiqui December 12, 2019

Francis Howell School District (FHSD) filed a lawsuit on Oct. 7 against JUUL Labs Inc. (JUUL) for intentional harm out of the district’s control, joining many other school districts throughout the country. This...

The cardiovascular system is painted on the wall outside the biology classrooms. The nicotine in vape and e-cigarette products have been proven to negatively impact the lungs, contributing to the concern the vaping epidemic will affect the health of youth for years to come. “There is an epidemic in our school of under-aged nicotine consumption… I think that this year that they did a really great job by bringing in Breathe NH… it was much more effective: there was a lot of data, statistics, infographics and [comparisons] especially to cigarettes, said Mary Martin 20, student council president.

HB joins the fight against vaping

By Hannah Riseman and Ella Mouradian December 11, 2019

Across the country, the use of vape and e-cigarette products has been on the rise. The percent of students vaping recently rose from 11.7 in 2017 to 27.5 in 2019, a drastic increase Hollis and Brookline...

As of Nov. 5, 2019, 39 people have died due to vape-related illnesses.

DGS still buzzed by Juul epidemic

By Ariel Oh, Teagan Smith, Alex Miranda, and Paul Szmanda December 9, 2019

The presence of vaping at DGS has drawn attention from students, teachers and other staff. What used to be a social trend has evolved into something extremely different, and teenage vaping rates and injuries...

MCPS recently sued Juul Labs and Altria Group. MCPS alleges that they violated federal racketeering laws and the Maryland and Montgomery County Consumer Protection Acts.

Montgomery County sues Juul in latest effort to end vaping epidemic

By Sammy Heberlee, Walt Whitman High School December 2, 2019

As part of Montgomery County’s ongoing efforts to curb teen use of electronic cigarettes and vaping, the Montgomery County Council authorized a lawsuit Oct. 16 against Juul Labs and Altria Group, a company...

The different contents within a Juul and a Vape pen.

New research uncovers health risks of vaping

By Megan Neal, Piper High School November 20, 2019

The teen vaping epidemic has taken a turn for the worst as new research surfaces, bringing into question if vaping is truly the safer alternative to cigarettes many companies claim it to be. According...

One simple ‘NO’ can save peoples’ lives

By Shree Delwadia and Regan Blood November 19, 2019

The simple consent or thought to vape is all it takes for one to join the thousands in today’s society that are part of an epidemic called vaping. Many people can conclude that the rates of vaping,...

Art by Maggie Klaers. According to pediatric lung specialist Dr. Brooke Moore, when looking at an x-ray of healthy lungs, the lungs should appear dark black, as they are filled with air. However, as of Oct. 1, over 1000 cases of a vaping-related illness have been reported. This illness causes otherwise healthy teens to present with pneumonia-like x-rays. White fluffy clouds of inflammation replace the black coloration of air in the x-ray.

Vaping can lead to serious pulmonary illnesses

By Maggie Klaers, St. Louis Park High School November 19, 2019

Years ago, senior Quentin Cloutier said he began vaping, but noticed adverse effects as his dependence on nicotine grew. “I was 16 when I started (vaping). I’ve been doing it for a really long time,”...

DID YOU KNOW? This poster explaining the health and criminal risks of dab pens hangs in classrooms around campus. An anonymous tip line is available for students to call in regards to dab pens.

Vaping epidemic leads to illnesses, deaths

By Summer Rains, Willis High School November 11, 2019

Watermelon, Strawberry, Blue Raspberry Pop and Tobacco Dream.  Most students are just now coming to the realization that, “hitting it” is killing them. The death toll has risen to 39 people and hundreds...

Assistant superintendent Alvie Cater sat down with Mill Valley News staffers to explain how the district is addressing the issue of vaping within schools Friday, October 25.

A deeper look into the district’s actions against vaping

By Anna Owsley, Mill Valley High School November 5, 2019

The USD 232 school district was among the first across the nation to take such public and decisive action against e-cigarettes as its lawsuit against Juul Labs, Inc. However, the district’s objectives...

The Blue Valley School District joined a lawsuit against JUUL on Oct. 14.

The Blue Valley School District takes legal action against JUUL

By Megan Yates, Blue Valley Northwest High School November 4, 2019

Joining the Olathe, DeSoto, Goddard, Concordia and Shawnee Mission school districts, Blue Valley has decided to sue JUUL.  The Blue Valley school district is being represented by the Goza & Honnold...

Those who vape at Mac have reacted to the CDC report in different ways. To some, the CDC findings are a big deal; to others, the report hasn’t changed their habits at all.

CDC links vaping to 33 deaths in U.S.

By Anna McClellan and Evelyn Griffin November 4, 2019

Butyl hydroxytoluene. Crotonaldehyde. Diethylene Glycol. Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon. Propylene glycol. Valeraldehyde. These chemicals are just a few of the thousands that go into e-liquid, which...

 “The action or practice of inhaling and exhaling the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device” has become prevalent among teens and young adults.

All-time high 

By Avery Platt, Wylie East High School October 30, 2019

It's bad for you. It's dumb. It's not cool. It’s a killer. It's addictive. The opinions adults have on teen vaping are well known but the opinions teens have on vaping are never discussed. Two teenagers...

Novo by Smok is a popular brand for high school students. Many students are also drawn to sweet flavors, like the berry eJuice on the right.

Head in the clouds

By Madi Olivier, Marcus High School October 28, 2019

It was the worst case local pulmonologist Adekunle Adekola had seen. The patient — a woman in her thirties — recently walked into the hospital complaining of shortness of breath, coughing and a fever,...

This infographic information was obtained through a poll conducted on 240 DPMHS students. The poll was collected by DPMHS Student Media Staff.

Vaping outbreak worries students

By Valery Barrera, Daniel Pearl Magnet High School October 25, 2019

  Inhale. Hold. Exhale. Youth vaping rates have been on the rise since 2017, with rates doubling in 2019, leaving parents concerned for their child's health. “The impact on the students...

Vapes were allegedly created to help adult smokers quit smoking cigarettes but, as a result of marketing quickly taken a negative turn as the younger population has abused their use.

The Struggle To Quit

By Nathan Yon, Tyrone Area High School October 23, 2019

Thanks to vaping, I am one of the millions of American teens currently struggling with nicotine addiction. I first tried a Juul when it became popular during my eighth-grade year. The buzz felt good...

Although news regarding vaping’s negative health effects continues to circulate, the use of e-cigarettes remains popular among teens.

Vaping deaths spark controversy

By Savannah Dupper, Cathedral Catholic High School October 22, 2019

When Cathedral Catholic High School student Cameron Nash ‘20 scrolled through his social media feed, he did not expect to see several news stories about teens dying from excessive vaping.  “There...

The district joined a lawsuit against JUUL led by Olathe Public Schools.

District joins lawsuit against JUUL, while students and staff still struggle to handle vaping epidemic

By Hannah Chern, Steven Curto, Sophie Lecuru, Tanner Smith, and Ben Wieland October 21, 2019

After Olathe Public Schools filed a lawsuit against JUUL Labs, Inc. on Monday, Oct. 7, USD 232 followed in their footsteps. The USD 232 Board of Education authorized legal counsel to file a lawsuit against...

With the use of e-cigarettes on the rise, The CDC, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), state and local health departments, and other clinical and public health partners are investigating a multi-state outbreak of lung injury associated with use of e-cigarette, or vaping products, according to the CDC website.

Vaping incident brings national problem to surface

By Ariel Leykin, Homestead High School October 16, 2019

E-cigarettes, invented over ten years ago, are marketed as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes. However, instead of transitioning from cigarettes to e-cigarettes, many teens are heading straight...

The Juul is the most commonly used vaporizer on the market. Photo by Hunter Long // The Vanderbilt Hustler

Opinion: Time to quit the Juul

By Jack Rosenblum, Vanderbilt University October 15, 2019

For several decades, Americans have worked hard to reduce the presence of cigarettes only to see them replaced by something which could be far more dangerous.  As of Sept. 30, 2019, 15 Americans have...

The result of a five-year nicotine addiction that eventually included vaping, 21-year-old Ricky D’ Ambrosio was rushed to the hospital earlier this year after his flu-like symptoms gradually worsened. Physicians determined D’Ambrosio’s vaping caused his then-critical medical condition.

Gen Z facing the vaping epidemic

By Ashley Yung, Granite Bay High School October 15, 2019

As vaping becomes a more common and widespread practice, various ramifications are coming to light. Concerns have already surfaced about the addictive qualities of nicotine, but the most recent and...

From coffee to citrus, e-liquids flavors vary. E-cigarettes emerged in early 2000s, making Generation Z the first generation to grow up around this new device.

The Vaping Experiment: Are We the Guinea Pigs?

By Nina Lavezzo-Stecopoulos and Noah Bullwinkle October 10, 2019

Advertisements for e-cigarettes, including JUUL, the e-cigarette which represents 76.1 percent of the market (Nielsen), have been a contentious issue between vaping companies and the federal government....

Juul pods are sold in flavors like mint, mango, tobacco and menthal. Each colorful pod contains as much nicotine as a pack of cigarettes.

Illnesses and deaths spark efforts to curb vaping

By Lindsay Ruhl and Marcus Johnson October 10, 2019

Twenty-three people nationwide have died from vaping-related illnesses this year, according to U.S. health officials. Vaping has always been advertised as a “safe” alternative to smoking. However,...

Rising teen use, dangers of JUULs cause concerns

Rising teen use, dangers of JUULs cause concerns

By Priyanka Anand and Sharlene Chen October 9, 2019

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, in the early 2000s, adolescent smoking reached new lows due to realization of the health hazards of nicotine and tobacco within communities....

A vape pen similar to the commonly used Juul pen.

Vaping: Is Brentwood Hooked?

By Jonas Wall, Brentwood High School October 9, 2019

Frequent trips to the bathroom to calm the nerves and groups huddled together with their heads down to fill the craving of nicotine are a common sight to see in any American high school. It is common knowledge...

SMOKE SIGNALS. The smell of vaping is become more common around teenagers.

“Vaping” becomes a dangerous trend among teens

By Olyvia Flemming, John Sevier Middle School October 9, 2019

Tobacco has been an epidemic around the world since it was first harvested and used. The cancer-causing plant, filled with addictive nicotine, has had a major negative impact on the world. Alternative...

A figure exhales after using an e-cigarette. Facts are presented with the most important thing to know about vaping and Bowie/s policy on the matter.

The stewing storm of sweet smoke

By Peter Dang and Cade Spencer October 8, 2019

A teenage boy hides away in a bathroom stall as he slowly takes a small device from his pocket. Lifting the e-cigarette to his mouth, the boy inhales a puff of smoke. As he exhales, a light haze of sweet...

SMOKE: New studies show that vaping is much more dangerous than previously thought. As of Oct. 1, there have been 1,080 hospitalizations of Vaping-Associated Lung Injury and 18 deaths, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta.

LETHAL VAPOR: At least 12 deaths so far from mysterious vaping illness

By Jacob Joseph Lefkowitz Brooks and Sivan Karz October 8, 2019

There are lots of reasons not to vape. For one thing, it’s against Shalhevet rules, as Principal Daniel Weslow announced to the community at an assembly in the fall of last year. Vaping can also cause...

Dean Thomas Rhode has confiscated more then 20 vaping devices this year. They are taken by Englewood PD  or destroyed.

“We’ve stopped keeping track” EHS school resource officer says vaping is a troubling and growing problem at EHS

By Vivian Cedillo and Julian Galvan October 3, 2019

"We don't even keep track. It is so many now. It has grown in popularity. Back in the day, it was cigarettes. Now it is so incredibly common that we've just stopped keeping track," said Matthew Creaghe,...

As a vapor cloud rises in the air, an American flag hangs proudly behind it. With 47 states already having restrictions such as no indoor vaping, people are showing initiative to make a change in the nation. Massachusetts has even took steps further and banned the sale of all vaping products for four months.

SCCC students speak up about future of vaping

By Calen Moore, Seward County Community College October 2, 2019

A puff of steam escaped Hailey Logarth’s mouth and filled the room. The air smelled like strawberry, mint, watermelon and tasted like candy. However, behind the bubble gum exterior lies controversy....

The Center for Disease Control is investigating what has caused some vape users to experience serious lung illnesses.

Vaping illness sends alum to ICU

By Molly Burgener, Lake Forest High School October 2, 2019

Marketed as a safer alternative to smoking cigarettes, the e-cigarette has come under intense federal scrutiny after being linked to 12 deaths and hundreds of hospitalizations this year. Alum Frank...

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