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Everything she has is dedicated to becoming state champion powerlifter

Everything she has is dedicated to becoming state champion powerlifter

By Alexis Megdanoff, Fenton HS, Fenton, Mich.

June 11, 2014

The inside of a gym is a familiar sight for senior Crystal Krupp. For four years, she has trained every week to succeed in the sport of powerlifting. Powerlifting at the high school level involves three separate lifts: the squat, bench and deadlift. Each participant has three chances, the highes...

Through class interview, student shares struggle of losing parent

Through class interview, student shares struggle of losing parent

By Michelle Norton, Glacier Peak HS, Snohomish, Wash.

June 11, 2014

With his average-length brown hair and his consistent smile, the struggles hidden behind the rectangular glasses of junior, Ethan Anderson, were revealed during his interview in Mr. Bonner’s class. Before he decided to volunteer for one of Mr. Bonner’s interviews, not many people knew that Anderson...

Redefining caretaker, custodian fills many roles

Jeff Hedrick’s work ethic is not the only thing he brings to Beachwood High School. He is friendly with many of the employees in the school and can be seen at lunchtime giving advice, declaring his opinions, or trading jokes.

By Cathy Perloff, Beachwood HS, Beachwood, Ohio

June 10, 2014

On a rainy May morning, at the storm drain behind the cafeteria, a mother duck stood helpless. All her ducklings were trapped beneath the iron grate, and she had no way of retrieving them. She eyed the storm drain anxiously, refusing to leave her deserted babies. The scene took place near the kitchen,...

Former dean hosts radio show

VERBALIZE — In the WPPA radio station, Mr. John Powers, former dean, speaks his opinion on the call-in radio talk show “Step Up to the Mic.” He has been on the show for almost two years as a co-host/commentator. “We hope that when the callers call in, they will take us in a certain direction, and we’ll talk about that,” Mr. Powers said. “Otherwise, we have to throw the topics out there.”

By Adalie Zanis, Pottsville Area High School, Pottsville, Pa.

June 3, 2014

For 13 years before his retirement in 2012, students were called to see Mr. John Powers, the dean. Now, they can call him. “I don’t think I intimidate people like I did in my office,” Mr. Powers said. Mr. Powers, or JP, as he is known at WPPA radio station in downtown Pottsville, is one ...

Art student receives Gates Millennium Scholarship

Art student receives Gates Millennium Scholarship

By April Valdez, Vidal M. Treviño School of Communications and Fine Arts, Laredo, Texas

May 29, 2014

Visual Arts student Lizeth Terrazas said she cried when she found out she received a Gates Millennium Scholarship this spring. Just 1,000 students nationwide receive this award yearly. "I didn’t think I was going to get it because I was one out of 52,000 people that applied," Terrazas said. "I...

Spencer Wiley: Born to lead the choir

Spencer Wiley: Born to lead the choir

By Claire Kyllonen, Leander HS, Leander, Texas

May 23, 2014

Spencer Wiley stands before his students, his hands at the ready. With one look he has command of the room around him; 28 pairs of eyes stare fixedly, waiting for his mark. Not one word. Not one sound. Then, the music begins to play, and suddenly the room is enveloped with the resonating melodies and...

Coaches take on twice the teaching load

Previously the boys golf coach at Downey High School, Mr. Sanders now focuses on teaching AP European History and Economics. Sanders stopped coaching to focus on raising his family.

By Serene Gallardo, Downey HS, Downey, Calif.

April 24, 2014

At Downey High, teachers tend to take on twice as much as expected – that is, alongside teaching curriculum courses, they take hand in coaching a team. Managing both classrooms full of students and a sports team is double duty, but these teachers are willing to go the distance. The process to apply...

Substitute teachers bring rich backgrounds to classrooms

Christy Passoth left fulltime teaching to be a substitute teacher.

By Emily Leung and Frances Wu

April 23, 2014

Substitute teachers are always a nice change for Diamond Bar High School students, but their temporary stay in the classroom gives students little time to learn more about them. Although regular teachers have an entire year develop a close relationship with their students, substitute teachers don’t...

Science teacher finds happiness through writing poetry

Megha Shah teaches by day and writes poetry by night. The aquatic science/marine biology teacher's book of poems

By Arij Khanjee, Travis HS, Richmond, Texas

April 18, 2014

The search for happiness takes many forms, and aquatic science teacher Megha Shah found hers through writing poetry. The Most Wondrous of Things was published in paperback and ebook formats last summer and is available through Amazon, Barnes and Noble, The Book Nook and other outlets. The book was...

The final frame: A perfect goodbye to bowling star

By Beth Keefe, Glen Rock High School

April 16, 2014

After 30 perfect games and 16 years of bowling experience, Glen Rock’s own Jake Rollins became the Boys’ Bowling State Champion on Feb. 11, 2014. In the title-match, Rollins bowled the first 300 in the 13-year history of the stepladder playoff, making it the last, perfect shot of his high scho...

Profiles in Passion

Profiles in Passion

By Perry Bruder, Farhia Osman, and Chiara Kohlmayr

April 8, 2014

Students at Edina High School in Edina, Minn., must participate in the Passion Project, a year-long research paper on a topic of their choice and a summative presentation about the research.  

Sophomore artist achieves success through talent, passion

Sophomore artist achieves success through talent, passion

By Sanah Jivani, Klein Collins HS, Spring, Texas

March 25, 2014

Her hands effortlessly flow across the canvas as she depicts her thoughts on paper. Her passion stems from her grandfather, who was also an artist. Art plays a major role in her life, shaping her as a person. She dedicates hours to her work, until she knows she has created a masterpiece. Sophomore...

Wrestling with love

Brittany Marshal shows off her medals. The junior is a three-time district and regional wrestling champion and begins competing in the state tournament today. Allison Grimaldo photo.

By Laura Godinez, Lewisville HS, Lewisville, Texas

March 14, 2014

No sound. No voices. Nothing. No crowd chanting her name. No teammates cheering her on. No coach giving her advice. Her heart’s beating faster and faster. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. Thump-thump. She hears the whistle blow. Tweeeeeeet. Her heart beats one last time, hard. Thump. Then i...

Las Vegas student immerses himself in K-pop culture

Sophomore Tyler Antonio watched a new music video by Girls’ Generation. He has kept up with the latest need concerning Korean pop. “Since I consistently keep up with the K-pop industry, I immediately rushed to watch the new Girls’ Generation song, ‘My Oh My,” and the teaser for Taeyang’s album,” Antonio said.

By Patricia Ascano, Southwest Career and Technical Academy, Las Vegas

March 4, 2014

If you see sophomore Tyler Antonio around the school, you wouldn’t expect him to be a dedicated fan of Korean pop. But as it turns out, he considers himself to be a true fan of the K-pop industry. Southwest Shadow: What lured you into Korean pop? Tyler Antonio: When I was first lured into K-pop, I actually...

Maryland football coach inducted to state’s hall of fame

Maryland football coach inducted to state's hall of fame

By Kyle McFadden, Linganore HS, Frederick, Md.

February 27, 2014

Great NFL coaches: Bill Walsh, the great Vince Lombardi. College coaches? Nick Saban comes to mind. Think of a great Maryland high school football coach, you think of Rick Conner. Fresh off a state championship run that fell short in a loss to Franklin in the 3A state finals, coach Conner has been...

Building his future: Junior competes in Destination Imagination, robotics

Junior Matt McClain remains after school with his team for one reason: to build a robot. McClain not only participates in robotics, but also Destination Imagination at Vista Ridge High School in Cedar Park, Texas.

By Grace Kimball, Vista Ridge HS, Cedar Park, Texas

February 14, 2014

He tilts his head, staring at the hastily drawn models filling the whiteboard. His eyebrows furrow in concentration as he looks for a solution. However, the long lines of desks are empty and the clock is far past 3:45 p.m. even though it’s a Thursday. Junior Matt McClain remains after school with his ...

Breaking the ice: Junior girl plays hockey on all-boys team

Jenny Janowski plays on the all-boys hockey team at Vista Ridge High School in Cedar Park, Texas.

By Ashtyn Cullen, Vista Ridge HS, Cedar Park, Texas

February 10, 2014

The screaming fans, the buzzers, the fights, the speed, the ice.  Ice hockey is a difficult sport to play for anybody.  It is even more difficult being the only girl on an all-boys team, and 16-year-old junior Jenny Janowski knows what it’s like. Janowski has been on the team for years and love...

A couple of keepers

Gregori High School seniors Robbie Harmelink and Taylor O’Brien re goalies for their respective teams -- and they're a couple.

By Christian Doll, Gregori HS, Modesto, Calif.

February 4, 2014

Seniors Taylor O’Brien and Robbie Harmelink have only one issue in their relationship: who’s the better soccer player? “She’s better at some parts,” said Harmelink, “but overall, I would rather have me on a team.” “I have better hand eye coordination and footwork, so I’m a better...

From Brazil to America: School security guard shares journey

Monique Ferreira is one of the familiar faces seen around the campus of Carlsbad High School. She grew up in Rio De Janeiro and overcame many struggles while moving to America. She currently works as a campus security guard and mother to her three children.

By Emma Veidt, Carlsbad HS, Carlsbad, Calif.

January 29, 2014

Every day, security guards wearing neon yellow jackets ride around the school on their bikes or in their golf carts. Some stop during lunch and chat with kids about their classes. Others race the seagulls to the trash while students continue to nibble their sandwiches. These guards are familiar face...

All shook up: Sophomore performs as Elvis impersonator

Drake Milligan impersonates Elvis Presley in a performance. Milligan is a sophoore at Legacy High School in Mansfield, Texas.

By Gracie Long, Legacy HS, Mansfield, Texas

January 28, 2014

Putting on an Elvis costume and gelling his hair, sophomore Drake Milligan slips into his blue suede shoes while he prepares for another show. Milligan performs as an Elvis Presley tribute artist. He sings, acts and dances just like Elvis. “I saw an Elvis impersonator one time by accident and...

“When I was 16, I got hit by a baseball bat…”

Cluster 6 math teacher Aram Manoukian recently returned to work at Watertown Middle School after undergoing surgery on his skull to fix a problem that began in 1996.

By Ayah R., Watertown Middle School, Watertown, Mass.

January 17, 2014

“When I was 16, I got hit by a baseball bat. I was passed out for a week and a half.” It all happened in the Watertown High School gym during baseball practice in 1996. A teammate swung a bat and hit Aram Manoukian on the right side of his head. He had surgery and five metal plates were put...

Journalist sees hometown through new lens

Amethyst Holmes started as a reporter at Alabama's Sparkman High School and is now a reporter for, where she covers Madison County Schools.

By Riley Wallace, Sparkman HS, Sparkman, Ala.

January 13, 2014

A University of Alabama graduate employed full-time at, Amethyst Holmes may have found a way to “beat” the system with her love of journalism, dedication to hard work and love of the city and school which fostered her ability through interactive experiences and support. The 2008 Sparkma...

Comic book artist draws on own heritage for stories

Graphic novel artist Gene Yang visits with comic book fans in the Akins High School library on Sept. 25, 2013. Along with being an artist, he’s also a computer science teacher in California.

By Amanda Livingston, Akins HS, Austin, Texas

January 7, 2014

As a young child Gene Yang, graphic novel artist and writer, wanted to be an animator and dreamed of someday working for Walt Disney. The Chinese graphic novel artist and writer, visited students of Akins High School on Sept 25, 2013. Once he began collecting comic books, his mind changed....

Bixby morning routine includes drive-by ministry

Pastor John wears down the grass in the front of QuikTrip, as he shares his message with others.

By Emily Thornton, Bixby HS, Bixby, Okla.

December 20, 2013

Despite the noise from heavy traffic, John Robb’s voice echoes with the gospel, past gas pumps and car doors and off of the brick wall that holds QuikTrip at 151stand Memorial in Bixby, Okla. Robb is a permanent presence, wearing down the curbside grass most weekday mornings between 7 a.m. and noon. Passers-by...

Student finds success in speed skating

Lundberg's current goal is to make the Junior Worlds Team, with the ultimate aspiration of the Olympics.

By Rachel Lyons, Benilde-St. Margaret's School, St. Louis Park, Minn.

December 16, 2013

Like many other Benilde St. Margaret’s students, sophomore Gunnar Lundberg once called himself a hockey player. However, upon realizing he lacked passion for the sport and disliked the bulky pads, he quit. “I’ve always loved the ice, and after I quit hockey, I missed it [and] started speed skating....

Texas student ranks #1 on QuizUp app

Cody Carter uses his knowledge of art to dominate the art category of QuizUP, a trivia app that has global players who go head-to-head.

By Troy Allen, Lufkin HS, Lufkin, Texas

December 11, 2013

If you want to learn more about art history, there is an app for that, and senior Cody Carter has mastered it by climbing to the top of the charts to be ranked number one in the world on the world's largest trivia app "Quiz Up." After playing the Jeopardy style head-to-head trivia game "Quiz Up" for only two weeks, Carter has made headway quickly rising to the top of the...

‘Love at first sound’

Matt Dornan learned to polish instruments, which he says demonstrates his love for music.

By Olivia Beier, Westside High School, Omaha, Neb.

December 10, 2013

Senior Matt Dornan’s locker isn’t the cleanest thing in the world. Shoved inside of it are three instruments, euphonium, marching baritone and bass trombone along slide his backpack and a small black tool box, his cleaning kit. On the top shelf, seven values sit, lined up perfectly from largest to s...

Exchange students find new home on Texas swim team

Julia Mokkonen of FInland and Ludovica Lopez of Austria found the swim team helped ease the transition to a new country.

By Troy Allen, Lufkin HS, Lufkin, Texas

December 5, 2013

Traveling over the largest body of water, two high school juniors use their love for water to connect with their new classmates and find comfort in a new country through their local high school swim team. Foreign exchange students Ludovica Lopez and Julia Mokkonen are learning to adjust to their new...

Teacher shares inspiring journey from West Africa to Pennsylvania

Teacher shares inspiring journey from West Africa to Pennsylvania

By Carly Crofcheck, Tyrone Area HS, Tyrone, Pa.

October 15, 2013

If there were a Tyrone Area High School award for miles travelled on life’s journey, TAHS French and chemistry teacher Ganieyou Salamy would be a strong favorite to win. Salamy was born and raised in Côte d’Ivoire, also known as Ivory Coast, in West Africa. Salamy’s parents were originally...

Teen rapper is never satisfied, seeks to build legacy

Teen rapper is never satisfied, seeks to build legacy

By Desiree Gillem, New Town HS, Owings Mills, Md.

September 23, 2013

“A rapper is only as good as his last verse,” says Darius “Jay Verze” Exum, Class of 2013. Exum, 17, started rapping around the age of seven, but he never actually recorded anything until he hit the age of 12. Music is his main focus right now, and school has kind of been put on hold for the...

Kansas boy moves from dance team manager to performer

Kansas boy moves from dance team manager to performer

By Sidney Hallak, Jordan Reinhardt, and Liz Kuhlmann

September 14, 2013

After the Dazzler dance team tryouts in April, Kevin Murakami became the first boy to be on the school dance team  at any Blue Valley school. Murakami is now headed into his senior year, and hopes to make it the best yet while he dances with the other girls instead of managing. View original story...

Kind of an obsession: Teacher shares love for action figures

Michael DelDonno holds his most prized action figure, Warbird. DelDonno's collection takes up an entire room in his house, along with his garage.

By Natalia Alamdari, Klein Collins HS, Spring, Texas

September 14, 2013

Transcript: “I’m kind of always on the hunt for them. Everywhere we go, I have to stop and look. Even if we go to the drug store or something, I go straight to the toy aisle. If we go out to eat, if there’s a Toys R Us nearby, I’ll sneak over to the Toys  R Us. It’s just kind of an obses...

Texas freshman hopes to turn pro in triathlons

Texas HS freshman Grant Jarvis competes in the running portion of a recent triathlon.

By Tyler Snell, Texas HS, Texarkana, Texas

September 6, 2013

He has faced medical challenges that could have changed his life forever. Running, biking, and swimming all combine to make the race that Grant Jarvis loves to compete in. The incoming freshman is a triathlete that has competed on the national level, after only competing for four years, and has ma...

Grant Besse rounds out stellar high school career with Mr. Hockey title

Senior forward Grant Besse, now 2013's Mr. Hockey, has been intimidating opposing goaltenders since he first stepped on the ice as a Red Knight freshman.

By Dan Nelson and Peter Best

September 5, 2013

From his very first games as a freshman, Benilde-St. Margaret’s senior forward Grant Besse seemed destined for glory, scoring four goals and adding an assist in his first two games in a Red Knight sweater. He finished his rookie season with 27 goals and 19 assists, a BSM record for goals in a se...

Brothers on and off the ice

Tristan and Taylor Weinholzer gear up for the district ice hockey team.

By Megan Parman, Klein Collins HS, Spring, Texas

September 5, 2013

Twenty-one boys take the ice at the Aerodrome Ice Skating Complex. Players take advantage of the five minute warm-up time allotted, feeding off the energy from the stands. Two jerseys with the name Weinholzer make their way into the lights, one padded and ready to defend the net, and the other laced...

Students create dubstep music

On Monday, Jan. 28, juniors Brian Schath and Matt Kavanaugh work on mixing songs and creating music. “Brian and I practice about one to three times a week,” Kavanaugh said.

By Katherine White, Mill Valley HS, Shawnee, Kan.

August 21, 2013

For juniors Brian Schath, Matthew Kavanaugh and Greg Darnell, electronic music isn’t just for listening to. These three students work individually and together to make dubstep music, a genre that Schath defines as a “series of electronic sounds like synthesizers and drum beats arranged in ways that...

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