Best of SNO

How to Submit

Stop! If you’ve come here to submit your story, video, photo gallery or podcast for Best of SNO, read about what’s changed below, turn yourself around and start submitting everything the new way.

We’ve retired the old form you’d find here in years past and automated the submission process. Rest assured, however, there’s still a human reviewing your work at the end of this.

Your SNO site has a dashboard tab labeled “Best of SNO” — click that tab to view the submission page right in your own dashboard.

When you go to the page for the first time, please read through the “Site Data” tab, which lists important information for us like the adviser’s name and email and your school name. Verify that all of the information is correct; if not, fix it.

The submission page on your site is built to constantly sift through all of your site’s content, marking stories “Eligible” or “Ineligible” for submission based on several factors.

Submission guidelines

  1. Stories must be at least 400 words in length, with the exception of videos
  2. Stories must have a featured image
  3. The featured image must have a photo caption and photo credit
  4. Stories must have a byline with the writer’s first and last name

All of the other ideological requirements remain the same. The content should be interview-based, engaging, concise, relevant and free of spelling errors. It should stand out from the crowd. National stories should have a local angle. This, that and more. These are some of the reasons the human at the end rejects the story.

Eligible stories will be listed under the “Eligible Stories” tab of the page, with a red button to “Submit.” Ineligible ones will be listed under the “Ineligible Stories” tab and have a short, standard description labeling why they are ineligible.

Notes on submitting

  1. All users can view the page, seeing if their stories are eligible, but only site “Administrator” accounts have the ability to submit
  2. Only three submissions are permitted per day, per school
  3. When you hit “Submit,” the eligible story moves over to the “Submitted Stories” tab and also comes to us for reviewing
  4. Once on that “Submitted Stories” tab, you can track the status (Pending, Accepted or Rejected) of the story and you can retract submissions that you’ve changed your mind on

Long gone are the days when submitting to Best of SNO was a class activity. Now, it’s up to the staff leadership to decide what stories are deserving of Best of SNO consideration. Make it a rewarded acknowledgement in your newsroom to have a story submitted, even before it’s accepted or rejected. This change in access is one we’ve made thoughtfully and we stand by it.

By submitting, you agree and acknowledge our Terms of Use for republishing your content.

Terms of Use

  1. School Newspapers Online may republish this work
  2. Any necessary releases and/or licenses for use of photos, videos, and/or music have been secured
  3. Work submitted is original, not plagiarized or fabricated
  4. Best of SNO may edit your work for clarity and/or length

Your overall progress toward the Excellence in Writing badge is tracked in the middle of the page on your dashboard. There, you’ll see 1) how many stories you’ve submitted this year and how many (out of three) you’ve submitted that day, 2) how many are still being reviewed, and 3) how many have been published. You still need three stories republished on Best of SNO to earn the badge.

Now that you’ve heard everything we have to say, go back to your own site and get to work.