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Corrosive cost and stressful selectivity

Corrosive cost and stressful selectivity

By Emily Olson

April 8, 2015

One of the consistently growing enterprises of today is becoming a confusing business— college. In the modern day, in which a college education is often necessary for success in the career or everyday life, costs are high and schools are selective. While it is logical these two aspects would exist,...

SpringBoard? More like Spring-bored!

SpringBoard? More like Spring-bored!

By Lucy Arnold, Peninsula HS, Gig Harbor, Wash.

December 4, 2014

Though SpringBoard has some benefits, many students and teachers believe that it is detrimental to PHS students’ education.

New ‘patriotic’ AP U.S. History curriculum would cause much more harm than good

New ‘patriotic’ AP U.S. History curriculum would cause much more harm than good

By Joe Jolley, Ballard HS, Seattle

November 20, 2014

This is a very clear attempt at censoring the uglier parts of U.S. history. Not only would this new “patriotic” course deprive students of a proper education, it would also be extremely damaging to the country it claims to be defending if implemented on any sort of large scale.

College-crazed juniors up the competition: For the Class of 2016, A- becomes the new F

College-crazed juniors up the competition: For the Class of 2016, A- becomes the new F

By Maxwell Shukuya, Sacramento Country Day School, Sacramento, Calif.

November 12, 2014

At junior Zoë Bowlus's September birthday party, a group of her close friends surround an outdoor table on a cool summer night. But her friends aren't discussing Taylor Swift's new hit or the latest episode of "American Horror Story." Instead their conversation is a parent's dream. It's almost too...

Is APUSH too much of a push for freshmen?

Is APUSH too much of a push for freshmen?

By Michelle Gomes, Springbrook HS, Silver Spring, Md.

November 7, 2014

One of the listed accomplishments on Springbrook High School’s website is that the school has the highest number of freshmen students enrolled in Advanced Placement United States History (APUSH). However, this fact is not something to brag about due to the number of students failing the exam. AP...

New club allows students to earn academic letter

New club allows students to earn academic letter

By Jack Hiegel, Francis Howell Central HS, St. Charles, Mo.

November 5, 2014

A chapter of Epsilon Beta, a statewide club for high school students interested in reading, has been set up in our school. The group, sponsored by Mrs. Kelly Hauquitz and Mrs. Andrea Head, meets in the Learning Commons on the second Thursday of each month. The club, which was created in 1931 in Washington,...

In Model United Nations, tomorrow’s leaders solve today’s issues

Model United Nations meets once every other week to discuss upcoming conferences and hammer out strategies. The first conference at Mount Notre Dame High School was on Sept 20, where at least one SHS delegation sponsored both passing resolution papers. The next conference is in Dayton in November.

By Elijah Zawatsky, Sycamore HS, Cincinnati

October 31, 2014

Imagine walking up to a podium, facing what feels like thousands (but more likely is only hundreds) of students, and delivering a speech you have just made up about a topic you know little about. This situation may sound more like a nightmare than a club, but it is a reality for the students who participate...

AP Spanish class works around lack of materials

AP Spanish class works around lack of materials

By Alexus Plascencia, A. A. Stagg HS, Stockton, Calif.

October 14, 2014

Money is an issue. The class isn’t. With cooperative students, and the teacher carefully planning out what needs to be taught, both students and teacher expect the class to run smoothly.

School begins replacing AP courses with new advanced courses

School begins replacing AP courses with new advanced courses

By Alexa Fishman and Sigal Spitzer

June 2, 2014

Beginning next fall, Shalhevet will begin eliminating Advanced Placement courses in the hope of replacing all of them with advanced courses offering more depth, critical thinking and problem-solving, administrators announced May 1. Two new courses will kick off the program next fall: Advanced Biology,...

Students take projects to international science fair

Lukas Schwab speaks at a SPARKS lecture on May 5 about computer programming.

By Emilia Massa, Lincoln HS, Portland, Ore.

May 29, 2014

After winning awards at the PPS and State Science Fairs, junior Lukas Schwab and sophomore Clemen Deng will be competing in the international Intel Science and Engineering Fair in Los Angeles from May 11-16. Schwab placed second in both the PPS Science Fair and the Electrical Engineering portion of the S...

Students see military robots in action

Students see military robots in action

By Nick Arnold, Sparkman HS, Sparkman, Ala.

May 28, 2014

Robots, thought to be a thing of the future, exist today to help the U.S. Army and NASA. The groups brought the robots to the library for students to observe. The Army has been using robots for years to help scope out areas, disable bombs and help out in all fields. NASA has joined the army by building...

Early admission affects West Shore in unexpected ways

Early admission affects West Shore in unexpected ways

By Mikayla Almeida, Casey Schauman, and Alyssa Gorewitz

May 14, 2014

With more students doing Early Admissions or Dual Enrollment each year, West Shore’s senior class is getting even smaller. The upcoming senior class will have 70 enrolled students at Eastern Florida State College. Of these, 34 students will be Early Admitting while 36 students will be Dual Enrolled. This is the largest number in Wes...

Programs for academically gifted do more harm than good

Programs for academically gifted do more harm than good

By Sidd Ganghi, Athens Drive HS, Raleigh, N.C.

May 6, 2014

Starting as early as kindergarten, children are often put into different tracks of advancement based on their intelligence. These tracks offer different levels of curriculum to allow students as identified as smarter to learn at an accelerated rate and get ahead of their peers even in elementary school....

Profiles in Passion

Profiles in Passion

By Perry Bruder, Farhia Osman, and Chiara Kohlmayr

April 8, 2014

Students at Edina High School in Edina, Minn., must participate in the Passion Project, a year-long research paper on a topic of their choice and a summative presentation about the research.  

Post-Secondary Education Options take students off campus

Senior Cynthia Zheng takes Chinese classes through PSEO. When making the decision, she had to take into consideration the academic balance of her programs, but also timing and budget for things like driving and paying for parking. “I have to leave right after school every day so I have no time to meet with teachers and no time to meet with other people when I’m in a group project,” she said. “That’s been really difficult.”

By Lucy Li, St. Paul Academy and Summit School, St. Paul, Minn.

April 2, 2014

“What’s your major?” Senior Charlie Southwick’s fellow French classmates at the University of Minnesota asked him this question, not knowing that Southwick was part of the Postsecondary Enrollment Options (PSEO) program. “I was like, ‘Well I’m actually still a high school stu...

Teachers return to school to advance their education

Teachers return to school to advance their education

By Brently Probacso, Harrisonville HS, Harrisonville, Mo.

April 1, 2014

Students often complain about how homework and school interfere with everyday life. Little do students realize that many teachers throughout the building are struggling with the same, everyday complications. Many teachers throughout the building are continuing on with their education. Though many have r...

Cyber Day policy implemented to prevent longer school year

Cyber Day policy implemented to prevent longer school year

By Hope Kelly, John Carroll School, Bel Air, Md.

March 31, 2014

Snow, snow go away. Come again another day. Even if the administration took to singing this song, it would hardly help stop the winter weather Harford County has been receiving. As a result of the weather, the administration made the decision to create a new policy and institute Cyber Days to keep students...

Learning for Life aims to put LHS recycling first

Learning for Life aims to put LHS recycling first

By Will Foreman, Linganore HS, Frederick, Md.

March 24, 2014

The football rivalries between Linganore, Oakdale and Urbana are intense and passionate. On Friday nights we paint up, we scream, and we bleed red and black. The real contest, though, is not football – it’s recycling. The Learning for Life students are going for the I-70 trophy of trash. They want...

Students enjoy freedom of online and blended classes

The new LISDblendED program provides an alternative to the traditional classroom setting. Several students who have taken online classes discussed their experiences.

By Fernanda Galera, Lewisville HS, Lewisville, Texas

March 17, 2014

Cindy Nguyen liked the freedom; she didn’t need to show up to class every day. Marilyn Castro could enjoy the comfort of her home while completing assignments at her own pace. Josue Varela was able to catch up on his sleep. Jimmy Nguyen had the chance to manage his time and schedule. All these...

Seattle tutoring center poses as travel supply company

The Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. is a storefront for 826 tutoring center in Seattle. 826 helps with everything from science homework to college application essays.

By Ian Gwin, Ballard HS, Seattle

March 13, 2014

Near the corner of 85th and Greenwood you can buy a bottle of uncertainty for less than $10.  It is, of course, just a jar; its surrounding shop – the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Company – isn’t just a novelty store, however. In truth it is a storefront funding 826 Seattle, a nonprofit wr...

Building his future: Junior competes in Destination Imagination, robotics

Junior Matt McClain remains after school with his team for one reason: to build a robot. McClain not only participates in robotics, but also Destination Imagination at Vista Ridge High School in Cedar Park, Texas.

By Grace Kimball, Vista Ridge HS, Cedar Park, Texas

February 14, 2014

He tilts his head, staring at the hastily drawn models filling the whiteboard. His eyebrows furrow in concentration as he looks for a solution. However, the long lines of desks are empty and the clock is far past 3:45 p.m. even though it’s a Thursday. Junior Matt McClain remains after school with his ...

Teachers tread lightly on Twitter

Teachers tread lightly on Twitter

By Savannah Whitmer, Lovejoy HS, Lucas, Texas

February 12, 2014

The era of instant sharing isn’t the private realm of students anymore as everyone, including teachers, can express themselves instantly using Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and Pinterest. “I always like to joke that I have a Twitter because that’s where I do my best work,” teacher Mike Motsne...

Learning beyond the classroom, students testify before Legislature

Katherine Robinson, Logan Brown, Carie Graves and Jackie Bollinger, all seniors at Wenatchee High School in Washington, present at a public hearing at the State Capitol in Olympia on Jan. 30.

By Emily Cieslak, Wenatchee HS, Wenatchee, Wash.

February 11, 2014

Four Wenatchee High School students testified for House Bill 2410, which strives to enhance student’s nutrition in public schools through equipment, in Olympia on Jan. 30 to the House Committee on Capital Budget. State Representative Brad Hawkins asked seniors Jackie Bollinger, Carie Graves, Logan B...

For these students, school continues at home

For these students, school continues at home

By Hailey Verdick, Iowa City HS, Iowa City, Iowa

February 6, 2014

Just like so many high school students, Mary Arch ‘17 wakes up in the early morning hours to the sound of her alarm clock buzzing. She manages to crawl out of bed and drive to City High with her brother, Joseph Arch ‘14. Then she studies at City for three periods. But unlike other freshmen at...

Helping to find reliable sources, librarians aid student projects

Helping to find reliable sources, librarians aid student projects

By Madison Hunter, Legacy HS, Mansfield, Texas

January 30, 2014

Librarians Michelle Spencer, Pat Chon, Pamela Pinkerton aid work in the school library from 7 a.m. to 3:15 p.m . Throughout the day, students utilize the computers, study or read the books. An instructional aide was not Ms. Spencer’s first choice of career. “My husband was in the military and ...

Replace textbooks with tablets

Replace textbooks with tablets

By Jonathan Greenzaid, Winston Churchill HS, Potomac, Md.

January 30, 2014

Slugging textbooks to and from school can be a pain, both figuratively and literally, and in a new world immersed in technology, tablets should be allowed in classrooms in order to fit modern culture. Textbooks are becoming a thing of the past as schools start to incorporate more technology i...

Slinging into science

Slinging into science

By Shalavé Cawley, Legacy HS, Mansfield, Texas

January 24, 2014

Senior Peeti Sithiyopasakul delicately places the baseball into the bra cup, which serves as the unorthodox sling of his nearly seven-foot tall trebuchet that he named “Ze Pink Panther.” He slowly takes his hand off the lever arm and releases his grip on the sling only seconds after. The class’s...

School can be tough for hard-of-hearing students, but teachers accommodate

Brandon DuBois, junior, stands for the Pledge of Allegiance at the Veteran’s Day assembly. DuBois is completely deaf in one ear and feels that he is treated well at Kentridge High.

By Tre'Veon Flowers-Robinson, Kentridge High School, Kent, Wash.

January 16, 2014

Imagine a world in which you look around and see everyone speaking a language you don’t know. A world in which you’re laughed at for not knowing what is happening around you, where need help. How would you feel? That’s what life can be like for the deaf and hard of hearing. Alyssa Walker...

Grades vs. learning: Which motivates students more?

By Sabrina White and Madison Service

January 14, 2014

From an early age, students are told of the importance of getting good grades, especially in high school. But should those grades be emphasized more than the learning in a class?

Editorial: Participation grades unfairly reward extroverts

By Staff, Benilde-St. Margaret's School, St. Louis Park, Minn.

January 13, 2014

“Everyone should be contributing to our discussion,” the teacher says loudly over the quiet hum of the classroom. “Participation will be a very noteworthy part of your grade.” While some students have never even considered the implications of this type of assessment, others are left with mediocre...

The truth behind group projects

The truth behind group projects

By Katie Puryear, Kirkwood HS, Kirkwood, Mo.

January 6, 2014

They’re lurking just around the corner in every class. They’re twirling their diabolical, handlebar mustaches, waiting to prey on unsuspecting students. They’re rubbing their hands together and laughing maniacally, feeding on students’ displeasure. That’s right: group projects. When forced...

Wood shop students build toys for tots

Students at wood shop classes at Blue Valley Northwest High School in Overland Park, Kan., create toys that will be given to the popular Toys for Tots campaign.

By Brooklynn Langham, Blue Valley Northwest HS, Overland Park, Kan.

December 12, 2013

For the past three years, the Woodshop Two class has been making and giving away wooden car toys through Toys for Tots, an organization geared towards helping underprivileged children. Woodshop teacher Darren Masten got the idea to start participating in Toys for Tots from an old friend who was doing it...

Think twice on weighted class schedules

By Zak Jones, Carlsbad HS, Carlsbad, Calif.

September 10, 2013

AP. These two letters make quite a difference in a student’s life for an entire year. It’s no wonder why such mania surrounds the idea of advanced placement from March to the end of the year. It is an intriguing concept. Scribble down a little more homework, breeze through a few more tests ...