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Life on a farm

Life on a farm

By Caroline Quinn

May 11, 2015

Living in Iowa, residents are aware of the abundance of farmland. There are over 92,000 farms in Iowa, but as of 2010, only 750 are in Polk County. As a result, few students are aware of what it is really like to live on a farm. The ones that are have fun stories to tell. Junior Jordan Williamson’s...

Winter snow causes spring stress

Winter snow causes spring stress

By Rachael Fischer, Madeleine Spivey, and Hailey Verdick

April 17, 2014

Water is essential to the agriculture Iowa is known for. With winter weather comes the delayed reaction of possible flooding. Nearly 50 inches of snow have raised the fears of farmers. Agriculture also contributes to the excessive chemicals in field runoff. The corn, the cows,and the chemicals all factors...

Forecasts relieve flooding fears

By Rachel Fischer, Madeleine Spivey, and Hailey Verdick

April 16, 2014

Anyone who was in Iowa City in the summer of 2008 remembers the massive amount of flooding. This winter, Iowa’s snowfall was only slightly below the winter of 2008 at 47.4 inches. “What we have seen so far is the main response that we will get from the snowmelt,” said Maren Soflet, NOAA. Of...