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Chocolates, flowers, and martyrdom: happy St. Valentine’s Day

Chocolates, flowers, and martyrdom: happy St. Valentine's Day

By Thomas S. Cooney

March 13, 2015

Soon, many of the students around Granite Hills will celebrate St. Valentine’s Day, complete with chocolates and flowers and gifts. No martyrdom in sight! While the holiday has taken on a loving mood in modern times, the story behind it is very different. St. Valentine (or Valentinus in Latin) was...

MLK Day honors King’s dream, legacy

MLK Day honors King's dream, legacy

By Katie Valley, Kearsley High School

January 26, 2015

Many students appreciate "MLK Day" as a welcome reprieve from school. But how much do you know about the man behind the holiday? Katie Valley at Kearsley High School has published a great longform piece that explores Martin Luther King's roots, activism, life and death. The Rev. Dr. Martin Luth...

Young locals get raucous at Halloween live show

Ted Bunny, among a good group of originals, made some zany cover selections. Here, Ted Bunny drummer Mitchell Bowen takes the mic from lead singer Avery Davis for a rendition of Asheru's

By Elliot Bailey, Ballard HS, Seattle

December 8, 2014

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Darn teenagers, get off my porch!

Darn teenagers, get off my porch!

By Eileen Moynihan, Algonquin Regional HS, Northborough, Mass.

November 3, 2014

“Trick-or-treat!” a loud voice bellows. I look up in confusion at a boy with a full beard in a sports jersey and jeans. Darn it. Not again. More than once on Halloween, I’ve opened the front door with candy bowl in hand to see someone my age, or older, standing in front of me. When I’m...

Let me enjoy my pumpkin in peace

Let me enjoy my pumpkin in peace

By Madelyn Beacham, Ola HS, McDonough, Ga.

November 3, 2014

Pumpkin flavored drinks, pumpkin scented hand-sanitizer, pumpkin candles —all the signs that autumn has arrived and cues for stereotyping to begin. All year, consumers across America wait for these exclusive, limited time only, special edition pumpkin products to come to shelves so they can properly...

What’s new on St. Louis’ Halloween scene?

What's new on St. Louis’ Halloween scene?

By Hannah Hoffmann, Parkway West HS, Ballwin, Mo.

October 30, 2014

Up for some haunting Halloween horrors around St. Louis this October? Whether you hope to embrace your inner brain-eating monster or hunt around town for the paranormal, St. Louis has something for you. Maybe you consider yourself a fan of the undead… Zombies have been a Halloween favorite for ...

‘Dracula Untold’ leaves thirst for blood unquenched

'Dracula Untold' leaves thirst for blood unquenched

By Izzy Peterson, Linganore HS, Frederick, Md.

October 30, 2014

"Dracula Untold" pledged to enthrall and fascinate its audience with the historical and fictional mash-up of Vlad the Impaler and Bram Stoker’s Dracula. While it wasn't a terrible film, cheesy acting and iffy plot holes left me unsatisfied and craving something more.

Sexy turns scary

Sexy turns scary

By Kendall Tipton, Canyon HS, Canyon, Texas

October 27, 2014

Ten years ago, children donned costumes galore and filled the neighborhood streets. Outfits ranged from ghosts and wizards, to more gender-specific getups, such as princesses and knights in shining armor. What was not seen? Sexy hamburgers. As young adults, men find it far easier to pick a costume...

Dark Hour haunted house brings horror to Plano

Zombies break dance on stage to entertain guests awaiting their haunt.

By Ash Thomas, Wylie East High School

October 3, 2014

Thirty-one days until Halloween, but you can get your fright on now. Located only 30 minutes away is one of the biggest and best haunted houses in the area, Dark Hour. They are open three-fourths of the year, producing eight different productions, but Halloween is the most extravagant of them all. The haunt...

Merry Giftmas: Too much of the holiday season may end up ruining it

Christmas decorations for sale in a Christmas shop

By Cierra Smith, Westlake HS, Austin, Texas

December 19, 2013

Thanksgiving is over, and the holiday season has finally arrived, and yet it seems like it has already been here for quite a while. Just a few short weeks ago in mid-October, I entered a Macy’s in the mall and, lo and behold, there were no ghosts, ghouls or decorative cobwebs for Halloween and...

Wood shop students build toys for tots

Students at wood shop classes at Blue Valley Northwest High School in Overland Park, Kan., create toys that will be given to the popular Toys for Tots campaign.

By Brooklynn Langham, Blue Valley Northwest HS, Overland Park, Kan.

December 12, 2013

For the past three years, the Woodshop Two class has been making and giving away wooden car toys through Toys for Tots, an organization geared towards helping underprivileged children. Woodshop teacher Darren Masten got the idea to start participating in Toys for Tots from an old friend who was doing it...

The red cups are coming! Turn of season means classic coffee drinks

The red cups are coming! Turn of season means classic coffee drinks

By Griffin Nordin, Carlsbad HS, Carlsbad, Calif.

December 6, 2013

Get your matching yoga pants and Uggs out, the holiday drinks from Starbucks are here. Ladies, it’s go time. Have your Instagram filter ready to capture the moment that the barista hands you your artfully crafted Arabica gold. Every turn of the season brings the return of the holiday season’s infamous...