Best of SNO

A kiss, sigh, giggle: Teen couples in love

Junior couple Joy Wilson and Jonah Nelson

By Mackenzie Chiles, Borah HS, Boise, Idaho

February 14, 2014

High school relationships, long or short term, are filled with memories that will always be treasured. Sophomores Summer Morrison and Tyler Goodsell, are a couple that have been dating since the 7th grade. They have grown a strong bond with one another because they have known each other for su...

Culinary students cater school events

The culinary arts class provides a fruit plate garnished with Lion spirit.

By Autumn Whittaker, Borah HS, Boise, Idaho

September 10, 2013

As the pan sizzles, a light aroma drifts up and into the hallway. Students walk by and take it in. Their mouths begin to salivate out of curiosity, wanting a taste, just a little nibble. Shanon Holt’s Intro to Culinary Arts students have prepared meals for many Borah events such as the Denni...