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Thousands turn out in Minneapolis to protest NFL team name

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura assailed NFL team owner Dan Snyder over the team's now-controversial name:
November 18, 2014

The Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area is home to more than 35,000 members of American Indian tribes — among the largest population in U.S. cities. Given the region's history with Native Americans,...

Minneapolis holds largest protest to date

Minneapolis holds largest protest to date
November 18, 2014

The largest protest to date against the Washington, D.C., NFL team name and mascot took place Nov.2, when around 5,000 protesters marched from the University of Minnesota to TCF Bank Stadium. The protesters...

Protesters march against NFL team at the U of M

Clyde Bellecourt, a leader of the American Indian Movement and member of the Ojibwe, led the protests at the University of Minnesota.
November 18, 2014

At 8 a.m., in 39-degree temperatures, on Nov. 2, 4,500 people gathered in front of TCF Back Stadium for the largest protest to date of the Washington football team’s name. The protest and preceding march...

Candy Prohibition: Is there a double standard?

Candy Prohibition: Is there a double standard?
November 6, 2014

In fundraising, it is obvious that you need to sell what people are buying. It’s the simple business of supply and demand. And in a high school, nothing sells faster than food. Not to mention that food...

Fem-vertising: The new effective advertising

Fem-vertising: The new effective advertising
Fem-vertising has become popular and effective, proving that brands do not have to resort to stereotypes and prey on women's insecurities to sell their products.
November 4, 2014

Recently, “Fem-vertising” has become increasingly popular for many brands. You may have seen ads that promote women and break down gender stereotypes. Some of these brands include Verizon, Pantene,...

League ruling discriminates against transgender students

League ruling discriminates against transgender students
The proposed policy outlines guidelines for schools to follow to determine eligibility for trans* students and how to properly accommodate these students, something that is already in place in 32 other states and the NCAA
October 29, 2014
When the MSHSL chose not to vote on the trans* inclusion policy this month, they didn’t just delay the ability for hundreds of trans* students to participate in high school athletics — they also sent the message that trans* equity wasn’t politically advantageous and therefore unnecessary.

Read your way across America

Read your way across America
October 28, 2014
Check out this interactive graphic, and read a summary about the book from that state.

Freshman falconer: Student gains raptor permit

Spencer Sweeney, a freshman at Benilde-St. Margaret's School, has spent over two years working to become a permitted falconer.
October 15, 2014
Freshman Spencer Sweeney has dedicated her time for two years to pursue her passion and join the ranks as a permitted trainer of birds of prey.

Movie from 2014 grads wins at film festival

Ryan Huang and Maureen Gleason pose on the red carpet at the Catalina Film Festival with their award for Best Student Film.
October 2, 2014

It is a dream come true for former Owatonna High School students Ryan Huang and Maureen Gleason. The two University of Minnesota-Twin Cities freshmen have had a whirlwind summer with their film "The Root...

‘Maze Runner’ brings novel to life

New film sure to entertain book lovers and moviegoers alike
September 26, 2014
The only thing with more twists and turns than Wes Ball’s “The Maze Runner” is the labyrinth itself.

U.S. government refuses to recognize the volunteer work of international students

U.S. government refuses to recognize the volunteer work of international students
June 5, 2014

While I’m playing the last measures of the school’s alma mater, there is a whole different subject on my mind. Each year, the President’s Service Award, a recognition for volunteers who have completed...

Senior reported missing during spring break trip

Search continues for Evan and father Damian McManus
April 9, 2014

Since traveling to Colorado over spring break, senior Evan McManus and his father Damian have been reported missing after hiking at Echo Lake the afternoon of April 6, according to Bill Barwick, public...

Profiles in Passion

Profiles in Passion
April 8, 2014

Students at Edina High School in Edina, Minn., must participate in the Passion Project, a year-long research paper on a topic of their choice and a summative presentation about the research.  

Post-Secondary Education Options take students off campus

Senior Cynthia Zheng takes Chinese classes through PSEO. When making the decision, she had to take into consideration the academic balance of her programs, but also timing and budget for things like driving and paying for parking. “I have to leave right after school every day so I have no time to meet with teachers and no time to meet with other people when I’m in a group project,” she said. “That’s been really difficult.”
April 2, 2014

“What’s your major?” Senior Charlie Southwick’s fellow French classmates at the University of Minnesota asked him this question, not knowing that Southwick was part of the Postsecondary...

Your phone can increase your productivity

Your phone can increase your productivity
April 1, 2014

Phones are often a source of distraction and can hinder productivity, but a number of apps have been created recently to do just the opposite. These apps are powerful tools to help you get stuff done and...

Quirky, miniature and spiny: Students choose hedgehogs as pets

A lot of people have dogs and cats, [but having a hedgehog] is like going to the zoo every day,
March 28, 2014

Among the classic cat, dog, and fish lovers, only a few dare to adopt these quirky, miniature mammals, otherwise known as hedgehogs. Senior Katherine Jones and freshman Ross Kirby are two among these...

Downsizing the military would bring financial benefits

Downsizing the military would bring financial benefits
March 25, 2014

The Pentagon recently made an order to reduce the size of the United States military to pre-WWII levels, raising large-scale national debate on the role of the U.S. military in future conflicts worldwide....

Women in media: You can’t be what you can’t see

Women in media: You can’t be what you can’t see
March 21, 2014

The media contributes highly to the major problem of the under-representation of women in positions of power and leadership roles. The documentary, Miss Representation, gives the audience a shocking view...

Exhausted students turn to stimulants to get through schoolwork

Exhausted students turn to stimulants to get through schoolwork
March 6, 2014

While 20 years ago, high school students might have turned to coffee to give them focus and energy, more and more students today are turning to illegal prescription medication to help them excel at school. Typically...

School’s new breathalyzing policy nets no violators

School's new breathalyzing policy nets no violators
March 4, 2014

In hopes to create a safe environment for all Edina High School students attending the 2014 Sweetheart’s dance, a number of new policies were instituted, including increased administration and police...

Uncovering addiction

Uncovering addiction
February 18, 2014

Heroin use is on the rise in the suburban counties of the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, including in St. Francis in Anoka County. After noting the increase, seeing students struggle with addiction...

Self-harm is damaging but treatable

Self-harm is damaging but treatable
January 21, 2014

“Basically I started [cutting] because I was struggling with an eating disorder,” explained South student Anna (not her real name). “I was very overwhelmed and had a ton of anxiety. I felt so trapped...

Hockey goaltenders struggle to fill the vital role

Hockey goaltenders struggle to fill the vital role
January 15, 2014

With less than a minute left in the third period against Hill-Murray, BSM goalie Jalen Long lowered his head. The Pioneers just scored their seventh goal of the game and the rowdy student section at Aldrich...

Basketball star Tayler Hill’s school legacy lives on

Tayler Hill is swamped by the press after a game during her senior year at South in 2009. Hill now plays in the WNBA.
High school will retire jersey of WNBA player
January 14, 2014

Many athletes come and go at South, but none so accomplished as current WNBA player Tayler Hill. It’s been five years since the basketball star graduated from South, and she is anything but forgotten....

Editorial: Participation grades unfairly reward extroverts

January 13, 2014

“Everyone should be contributing to our discussion,” the teacher says loudly over the quiet hum of the classroom. “Participation will be a very noteworthy part of your grade.” While some students...

Despite injuries, sophomore runner excels at state

In her first year running cross-country, Fullerton became the first BSM runner since 2004-2005 to reach the state tournament.
January 10, 2014

Making it to state in any sport is an accomplishment, but sophomore Mae Fullerton overcame the odds, and shin splints, to become the first runner since 2004-2005 to represent BSM at State for cross-country. Fullerton...

Youth raise the pace with 5K runs for charity

Youth raise the pace with 5K runs for charity
Distance races gain popularity among high school students
January 8, 2014

Running long distances has been a part of human culture for thousands of years, but never before have organized races been as popular with young adults, according to a October 2013 study. The study,...

Minnesota Viking helps spread financial literacy

Minnesota Finance Commissioner Michael Rothman and Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings pose with Hopkins High School students on Nov. 19, after talking with students about financial literacy and playing
January 6, 2014

This morning, the Hopkins High School media center was transformed into an NFL Financial Football stadium. Sixty students, teachers and NFL personnel attended to hear Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg...

Senior pictures encourage superficiality

Senior pictures encourage superficiality
December 26, 2013

If you’ve been on Facebook in the past five months, you may have noticed that some of your senior friends have gotten ridiculously hotter. And not just the pedestrian growing-into-themselves type of...

Online site Hudl helps give teams an edge

A screen shot of the Hudl website. The software helps coaches and teams manage game and practice video.
December 20, 2013

The innovating world of sports is constantly changing. Teams across the country are doing anything and everything possible in order to gain an edge over their opponents. A new way to achieve this is...

Doughnut shop brings vintage glam feel to Minneapolis

Doughnuts at Glam Doll Donuts in Minneapolis
December 17, 2013

With names such as Outlaw, Bombshell, and Misfit, the options at Eat Street’s Glam Doll Donut Shop are anything but ordinary. Glam Doll Donuts opened in February in Minneapolis, providing a vintage-themed...

Student finds success in speed skating

Lundberg's current goal is to make the Junior Worlds Team, with the ultimate aspiration of the Olympics.
December 16, 2013

Like many other Benilde St. Margaret’s students, sophomore Gunnar Lundberg once called himself a hockey player. However, upon realizing he lacked passion for the sport and disliked the bulky pads, he...

Junior hip-hop artist releases mix tape

October 15, 2013

Junior Dirk Gigerich sits in his basement. Countless hours each week are spent here, in the recording studio, where he writes lyrics, records, and produces his own music. The rapper, who got his start...

Light rail tracks might roll through Minn. high school’s football field

Featured speaker Frank Freedman addresses the crowd and speaks out against the freight rail reroute. More than 150 people gathered Aug. 10 at Park Spanish Immersion to express their concerns regarding the proposed light rail reroute.
Rail route evokes protest; some residents oppose increased freight traffic
September 18, 2013

Standing in a crowd of fellow activists at an Aug. 10 rally, Safety in the Park supporter Jeff Roy hoped to show the negative effects of a freight reroute near the high school. Safety in the Park...

Why one of television’s most popular shows is also one of the most problematic

CBS's 'The Big Bang Theory' mocks geek culture, stereotypes women, and belittles people with Asperger Syndrome, all in the course of 30 minutes.
September 10, 2013

"The Big Bang Theory," created by Chuck Lorre, has become one of the most popular shows on television and has been credited with the popularization of what it means to be a geek. However, despite the show’s...

Robin Thicke’s misogynistic summer hit reads rape

Robin Thicke’s misogynistic summer hit reads rape
September 6, 2013

When the catchy, poppy, “song of the summer” comes on, its hard not to hum along, but while it has incredibly varied vocals and a unique layered sound, “Blurred Lines” contains a damaging message...

Grant Besse rounds out stellar high school career with Mr. Hockey title

Senior forward Grant Besse, now 2013's Mr. Hockey, has been intimidating opposing goaltenders since he first stepped on the ice as a Red Knight freshman.
“I don’t know what the nickname was, but he had a nickname from other Bantam teams in the state. Like ‘Cobra’ or something. When an eighth grader has a nickname statewide it says something....You could see it right away,” boys’ hockey head coach Mr. Ken Pauly said.
September 5, 2013

From his very first games as a freshman, Benilde-St. Margaret’s senior forward Grant Besse seemed destined for glory, scoring four goals and adding an assist in his first two games in a Red Knight...

Speech team discovers plagiarism at state contest

September 5, 2013

When junior Laura Shannon and the Benilde-St. Margaret’s speech team left for the state tournament on Friday, April 19, they were not prepared for the scandal that would rock them later that day....

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