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Every college counts

Every college counts

By Shane Ramsay

March 4, 2015

In six months' time, many seniors will be heading off to college. However, the stereotyping of universities greatly influences the decisions of those applying for higher education. Recently, one of our own seniors, Grant R., was accepted to Harvard University for the fall semester. Harvard is...

Shop at Walmart: save money, live… classier?

Shop at Walmart: save money, live… classier?

By Mark Mshooshian

March 2, 2015

Every time that I walk into a Walmart wearing my $13.99 Wrangler jeans, I am welcomed with the bright white fluorescent lights that resemble a surgical room, blue labels hanging from ceilings giving organization for my every desire, and prices that no other retailer can beat. What could be better? Walmart...

Bit by Bit: dissecting Bitcoin for what it’s worth

Bit by Bit: dissecting Bitcoin for what it's worth

By Sean Vichinsky

February 24, 2015

Bit-what, you say? Bitcoin--a new(ish) virtual currency, non-government sanctioned, maybe even a tad illegal. Sound intriguing? Check out Sean Vichinsky's comprehensive analysis of this mysterious moolah. Think about just how often you make a transaction online. It can be on Ebay, or Amazon, ...

Petrol price plunge affects economy, traffic crash rates

Petrol price plunge affects economy, traffic crash rates

By Dylan Brewer

February 23, 2015

Like the three celestial objects aligning to create a lunar eclipse, factors in the gasoline market have aligned to produce a historic event. Increased oil supply, falling crude oil prices, and the lack of natural disasters produced a record price plunge that has lasted nearly 120 days. The price...

The myth of “equal opportunity”

The myth of

By William Newton

February 19, 2015

Here's a smart article from The Falcon Quill that looks critically at the facts and statistics behind one very divisive idea: "All Americans have an opportunity for success.”  This statement has long been an American ideal, and it may very well be true, but by adding one word to this stateme...

Every penny counts: tips on scholarships

Every penny counts: tips on scholarships

By Paige Nonnenmacher

February 17, 2015

With an economy like it is today, a college education can be expensive. As tuition fees continue to rise, students are left to scavenge for monetary relief. However, thanks to “free money,” students can get the education they need to succeed without the unnecessary debt. Loans are extremely helpful...

The price is not right

The price is not right

By David Black

February 16, 2015

Over the past six years, gas prices have tended to increase, reaching a U.S. average of $4 per gallon in May of 2011, according to Yet, over the past few months, the price of gas has steadily fallen, landing at a U.S. average of about $2 per gallon. In the Chicago area specifically, prices...

Obama offers students alternate route to pay for college

Obama offers students alternate route to pay for college

By Taylor Campbell, my job title

February 16, 2015

As students across the country prepare for crucial standardized tests which may determine their futures, president Barack Obama has been working on a plan that just might ease the fiscal load of community college attendees. Obama announced his plan, deemed "America’s College Promise," while speaking...

Chattin’ with Catie: I don’t get paid enough for this

Chattin' with Catie: I don't get paid enough for this

By Catherine Murphy, Regina Dominican High School

January 5, 2015

Chattin' with Catie is a new podcast out of Regina Dominican High School. Listen as Catie Murphy interviews two fellow students, Hannah McCarthy and Brigid Broderick, about their minimum wage jobs.

Financial education prepares students for future

Personal Finance teacher Kevin Doherty teaches students how to be smart and savvy with money.

By Erica Spaeth, Winston Churchill HS, Potomac, Md.

January 17, 2014

Senior Emily is in the mall debating whether to buy the cute sweater she has been eyeing. She is headed to college next year and is worried about her finances. If she cannot handle this small situation, how will she conserve her money in college? Questions start to cloud her head. How much will it cost...

Minnesota Viking helps spread financial literacy

Minnesota Finance Commissioner Michael Rothman and Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings pose with Hopkins High School students on Nov. 19, after talking with students about financial literacy and playing

By Kyle Makey, Hopkins HS, Minnetonka, Minn.

January 6, 2014

This morning, the Hopkins High School media center was transformed into an NFL Financial Football stadium. Sixty students, teachers and NFL personnel attended to hear Minnesota Vikings wide receiver Greg Jennings. Jennings was here on behalf of the NFL and NFLPA in partnership with Visa to help promote...

Enterprising student starts coffee during Starbucks closure

Boaz Willis serves fellow sophomore Micah Gill a cup of coffee from Bo's Barista Bar two weeks ago. The Bar was set to reopen on Nov. 11.

By Rose Lipner and Tamar Willis

December 19, 2013

UPDATE: Sophomore Boaz Willis has announced that Bo’s Barista Bar, which he opened during Starbucks’s 10-day shutdown, will re-open Monday even though the actual coffeehouse across the street from school is now open. From Oct. 30 to Nov. 2, Boaz had set up a table near the lunch area and enthusiastically...

Virtual currency Bitcoin gains popularity

Virtual currency Bitcoin gains popularity

By Mustafa Bal, Thomas Jefferson HS for Science and Technology, Alexandria, Va.

December 16, 2013

A new type of online virtual currency, Bitcoins, is becoming more and more popular in the public eye. Bitcoins work like any other type of currency, but contain many remarkable differences from the cash we’re used to. “I learned about bitcoins last year when they were worth $14 each,” sophomore...