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Thousands turn out in Minneapolis to protest NFL team name

Former Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura assailed NFL team owner Dan Snyder over the team's now-controversial name:

November 18, 2014

The Minneapolis-St. Paul metropolitan area is home to more than 35,000 members of American Indian tribes — among the largest population in U.S. cities. Given the region's history with Native Americans, there have been numerous controversies about team names throughout the years. The push to chan...

John Amaechi encourages treating strangers well

John Amaechi speaks speaks to students in the small auditorium second period Oct. 22. Amaechi, who played for the Cavs and who became the first openly gay NBA player upon coming out after retirement in 2007, is now a psyschologist and author who speaks on social justice. Social Studies teacher Amanda Ahrens arranged Amaechi’s visit. Amaechi explained his arrival in America as a high school student. He said that when he was 17, a man had told him that he would be good at basketball and, excited by the positive comment about his size, he traveled 300 miles by bus to London. There, he visited the U. S. embassy and bought a book listing all U. S. high schools. He wrote a letter introducing himself as large and British and asking if the schools would want him for their basketball teams. He sent 3,000 of those letters. “That was pre email,” he said. He received only three responses, two of which suggested he was naive and would never succeed. The third came from from Toledo’s St. John Jesuit High School, which offered him a chance. He later played at Vanderbilt University and Penn State before joining the NBA.

By Alexa Jankowski, Emily Boardman, and Zachary Nosanchuk

November 17, 2014

The world would be better if people paid more attention to those around them. “The truth is, it’s just paying attention to people and being there, not just with your body,” John Amaechi, a retired NBA basketball player turned psychologist told students in the small auditorium second period Oc...

Fans and players show “RE2PECT” for Derek Jeter

The Derek Jeter Re2pect Collection from Nike pays tribute to a player that changed a franchise, a city and a game with a hat and apparel to wear with Re2pect.

By Ethan Duwell, Elder HS, Cincinnati

October 6, 2014

Very rarely do today’s players in Major League Baseball stay with the same team for their whole career but to stay with the same organization for twenty years is unheard of. Derek Jeter is a special breed of player, one who only comes along once a generation. Hall of Fame players such as Gehrig, Ripken, DiMaggi...