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Runners trounce through mud at the Gladiator Rock’n Run

BACKWARDS NIGHTMARE: Squinting through the glare of the sun and the sheen of the mud, senior Luis Sy advances through the mystery obstacle. Mud-cloaked and sweat-drenched participants lay on their backs on a slippery tarp and pulled themselves through 30 feet of mud by using a cargo net.

By Luis Sy, Clark Magnet HS, La Crescenta, Calif.

November 26, 2014

The Gladiator Rock’n Run features a 5-, 6- and 10-kilometer race with numerous obstacles, and is held in major cities across the United States.

Rituals bond cross country teams throughout season

Senior Stuart Baker leads the boys cross country team cheer.

By Victoria Giron, Harrisonburg HS, Harrisonburg, Va.

November 21, 2014

A team is bonded by its traditions and rituals, and the cross country team is no exception. The boys and the girls cross country teams are two separate entities, and therefore each have their own traditions. Cross country is an individual sport, so there are some athletes who have their own pre-meet...

Groundbreaking athlete reminisces about experiences

Groundbreaking athlete reminisces about experiences

By Abbi Faflick, Wichita HS East, Wichita, Kan.

May 15, 2014

Fifty years ago, as a junior, Jim Ryun, ’65 East graduate, became the first high school athlete to ever break the four-minute mile, at 3:59.0 in Compton, California.

Despite injuries, sophomore runner excels at state

In her first year running cross-country, Fullerton became the first BSM runner since 2004-2005 to reach the state tournament.

By Kathleen Meskill and Zach Smith

January 10, 2014

Making it to state in any sport is an accomplishment, but sophomore Mae Fullerton overcame the odds, and shin splints, to become the first runner since 2004-2005 to represent BSM at State for cross-country. Fullerton had been a soccer player for nine years, but decided to take up a new challenge in...

Youth raise the pace with 5K runs for charity

Youth raise the pace with 5K runs for charity

By John Kinney, St. Louis Park HS, St. Louis Park, Minn.

January 8, 2014

Running long distances has been a part of human culture for thousands of years, but never before have organized races been as popular with young adults, according to a October 2013 study. The study, conducted by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, more young adults are participating...

Student runs 600 miles during summer training

Student runs 600 miles during summer training

By Olivia Beier, Westside High School, Omaha, Neb.

September 12, 2013

Illuminated by only a few overhead stadium lights and the moon, Westside’s track and field are a remarkable sight at night. Unsurprisingly, there are students there, even in the middle of the summer. As it gets later, the number of students dwindles to only a few, mainly runners. Some run a while...

Texas freshman hopes to turn pro in triathlons

Texas HS freshman Grant Jarvis competes in the running portion of a recent triathlon.

By Tyler Snell, Texas HS, Texarkana, Texas

September 6, 2013

He has faced medical challenges that could have changed his life forever. Running, biking, and swimming all combine to make the race that Grant Jarvis loves to compete in. The incoming freshman is a triathlete that has competed on the national level, after only competing for four years, and has ma...