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The makings of a yearbook

The makings of a yearbook

By Ashley Johnson

May 14, 2015

When the end of the school year is on the horizon, students anxiously anticipate the arrival of the The Spartan Annual yearbook. On distribution day, excited students head down to the mezzanine to pick up their new yearbook. Teachers and students crack open the book and scavenge through more than...

Augmented reality allows videos to ‘play’ on yearbook pages

Augmented reality allows videos to 'play' on yearbook pages

By Florencia Caceres and others, Travis High School

March 6, 2014

What if we could see newspaper and magazine photos like they appeared in the Harry Potter movies, as videos that came alive right on the paper? What if your teacher was giving a presentation using the projector and a dinosaur from millions of years ago showed up on the screen looking very hungry? Or...

Senior pictures encourage superficiality

Senior pictures encourage superficiality

By Jack Youngblut, Benilde-St. Margaret's School, St. Louis Park, Minn.

December 26, 2013

If you’ve been on Facebook in the past five months, you may have noticed that some of your senior friends have gotten ridiculously hotter. And not just the pedestrian growing-into-themselves type of hot; I mean country star in a cornfield, psychedelic jeans commercials, and Italian cologne hot. Welcome...