Podcast: LGBT Women Through History: Episode 1

By Kalyani Rao, Prosper High School

“LGBT Women Through History” is a podcast started by junior Kalyani Rao in August 2021. The podcast aims to cover LGBT female figures throughout different time periods. Rao hopes to inform and entertain listeners with the stories of LGBT women and their lives.

“LGBT Women Through History” is a podcast hosted by journalist Kalyani Rao which revolves around showcasing the lives of important LGBT women throughout history. In the pilot episode, Rao discusses Julie d’Aubigny, a 17th-century sword-slinger and opera singer who set fire to a convent to rescue her girlfriend, dueled men to the death – and won – while being a singer for one of the world’s most famous music companies and died at the mere age of 33.

Topics Covered:

Editor’s Note:

At the end of the podcast, Rao said “covenant,” which means an agreement, instead of the correct word, “convent,” a Christian community under monastic vows, especially one of nuns.

This story was originally published on Eagle Nation Online on September 1, 2021.