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The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

‘This ain’t Texas’ – but it is country

By Emma Powell, Baldwin High School - PA May 23, 2024

With pop singers Beyonce and Lana Del Rey taking a shot at country music with their new and upcoming albums, and country artists such as Jelly Roll and Hardy incorporating rap and rock elements into their...

Challenger? I hardly know ‘er!

By Tegenn Jeffery, Huntington Beach High School May 23, 2024

Director Luca Guadagino is known for his complex and beautiful films—everything from the 2017 romantic summer hit “Call Me By Your Name” to the 2022 horror movie “Bones and All.” His latest movie,...

Violinist Darren Liu 24 stands in front of a row of violins on display at the Texas Music Educators Association (TMEA) convention. Westwoods Symphony Orchestra was invited to TMEA for an honors recital because they were recognized as the best orchestra in Texas.

“There’s no way it ends here”: Violinist Darren Liu ‘24 Shares Special Bond With Music

By Serena Liu, WESTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL - Austin May 21, 2024

Somewhere in Austin, TX, a nine-year-old boy started learning an instrument that would take him all the way through his childhood. Before, he played the piano, but there was just something not quite...

Photo courtesy of Tristen Riggs.

Freshman Tristen Riggs’ Pursuit in Acting

By Hannah Bland, McNeil High School May 21, 2024

The Priest stands watching over him, unsure how to help. Freshman Tristan Riggs is possessed. He frantically attempts to escape. Riggs knew he only had seconds to perfect his performance before the end...

From Barbie to Mulan, nostalgia has been a marketing strategy to remodel remniscent shows, yet some approaches have entered gray regions between offering fresh perspectives and exploiting the audiences pre-existing connections.

Nostalgia in media: Toeing the line between modernized and contrived

By Valerie Shu and Alyssa Wang May 21, 2024

A bright-orange jukebox, references to popular childhood arcade games like PacMan and Wreck-it-Ralph and YMCA by the Village People — all of these are popular images of the past, which many film companies...

As she sits outside of the auditorium, sophomore Victoria Byers prepares for pictures following her win. Byers placed second in the contest sponsored by the Mockingbird Poetry Society. She continues to participate in contests and in sharing her stories with her community. (Photo courtesy of Victoria Byers)

Beyond the verse

By Sofia Ayala, Prosper High School May 21, 2024

Verse by verse. Line by line. Rhythm by rhythm. The words craft together into an award-winning poem by sophomore Victoria Byers. Her passion for poetry started in seventh grade when Byers competed...

Billie Eilishs latest album, Hit Me Hard and Soft, was released today. Image courtesy of Interscope Records.

Eilish’s new album closes door on earlier sounds, themes

By Jacey Radcliffe and Aria Majcher May 21, 2024

Hit Me Hard and Soft, today’s addition to Billie Eilish’s album catalog, stands as a landmark for modern music.  As the name suggests, Hit Me Hard and Soft takes listeners through a complex journey,...

Jupiter High student competes on “The Voice”

By Shayna Lagos, Jupiter High School May 21, 2024

Serenity Arce, Jupiter High School junior, has risen to fame over the past couple of weeks, following her presence on the hit NBC show, "The Voice." Following Arce’s performance of “This City ''...

Virality, and the fame and wealth associated with it, also has adverse effects though — the chance artists may become famous on such a massive platform at any given moment constantly looms over their heads and directly affects the music they’re making for the worse.

The TikTokification of music — a destructive trend

By Landon Heuer, Walt Whitman High School May 21, 2024

Listening to music should be a captivating and powerful experience from the moment someone presses play to the moment the song ends, but it’s not anymore. Full albums spanning around an hour, complete...

Bowie students advance careers in Animation III class

By Asher Hagan, James Bowie High School May 21, 2024

As senior Monica Arce moves her stylus, the final line is placed, and as she pushes play to view her final product, a sense of satisfaction washes over her. She has spent hours on her animations and draws...

Wesley Royer works in the shop making cutting boards for his trip to Nationals. The boards are hand-crafted and lasered tediously with the ADM Tiger logo.

Wesley Royer Nails Down a State Title

By Delaney Kahler, Adel DeSoto Minburn High School - IA May 17, 2024

ADM's own Wesley Royer recently competed in the Skills USA State Carpentry Competition on April 26 and went home one state title richer. He competed in the individual carpentry category and was tasked...

Stages to screens

By Aadhya Yanamadala, The Hockaday School May 15, 2024

Sanjana Rajagopalan ’27 finishes her monologue with a dazzling smile before stepping off screen. She has just finished a day of shooting for the Nickelodeon’s television show “The Really Loud House,”...

Monica Nitu works meticulously to produce the fourth issue of The Playful Porpoise. She balances this while finishing off her senior year at Xavier College Preparatory.

The Playful Porpoise: by students, for students

By Chloe Beery, Xavier College Preparatory May 15, 2024

Senior Monica Nitu’s love for literature began in the 6th grade, now it has evolved to her running her own literary magazine, The Playful Porpoise.  “We were reading Ray Bradbury [a popular science...

MFH members playing their concert. (MFH website)

Musicians For Hope Strikes a Chord in the Chicago Area

By Caroline Gerber, Lake Forest High School May 15, 2024

Since its incorporation in February, the student-run, non-profit organization Musicians for Hope has raised $27,300 for music programs at ten underfunded elementary and middle schools in the Chicagoland...

Kid, played by Patel, stands amongst a crowd in Yatana. Photo courtesy of Monkeypaw Productions

‘Monkey Man’ provides a visceral, modern take on Hindu mythology

By Sagnik Nag Chowdhury and Trisha Sannappanavar May 15, 2024

As actor Dev Patel stood in front of the audience at the film festival “South by Southwest,” crying tears of joy amidst a two-minute standing ovation, audiences around the world quickly realized that...

Graphic courtesy of Taylor Ross.

The Forest Scout’s 2024 Musicians of the Year: The Band Women

By Emma Stadolnik, Lake Forest High School May 14, 2024

The night before applications were due for the 2021 Talent Show, seniors Avery Morris, Meghan Pierce, and Maria Kyriacou - now known as “The Band Women" - had decisively chosen not to audition, until...

Farthing poses with his work.

Junior wins national YoungArts award; travels to L.A.

By Ruby Flanner, Lawrence High School May 13, 2024

YoungArts is a highly esteemed program that’s very rare to win. However, junior art student Henry Farthing’s talent speaks for itself. Farthing won the photography category and got to fly out to Los...

Dev Patel’s Monkey Man: More than just an action movie

By Sasha Cabral, Carnegie Vanguard High School May 13, 2024

The neo-noir genre has gained popularity in recent years, especially with the popularity of the well-known "John Wick" franchise which is often the standard of comparison for similar movies. As soon as...

The tennis drama “Challengers,” starring Zendaya, marks her first movie as a lead role. The film debuted April 26 and reached the top of the U.K. box office charts within its first weekend, according to Screen Daily.

“Challengers” showcases passion for tennis on, off court

By Isabella Gibson and Ailish Herrmann May 10, 2024

Directed by Luca Guadagnino, “Challengers” is a newly released film starring Zendaya as Tashi Duncan, a promising young tennis star. The movie follows Duncan as she grapples with the expectations of...

Little and her middle school symphony orchestra win a first division award. They  had just participated in a competition called the Bluebonnet festival.

A passion for performing

By Grace Turney and Tanvi Dubey May 10, 2024

In first grade, after enrolling in her school band, she was forced to play the flutophone. In second, she had to play the recorder. But by third, she could choose her instrument. As other kids debated...

Coppell High School junior Varsha Vijay has served as the Coppell Choir secretary for the past two years and is a member of A Capella Mixed Choir. Vijay is in her seventh year of choir and further pursues her passions by being a part of the Dallas Symphony Children’s Chorus.

Vijay’s musical journey from classical Carnatic to choir cadences

By Rhea Choudhary, Coppell High School May 9, 2024

Walking out of her choir audition, among the chaos and chatter of other students’ voices, Coppell High School junior Varsha Vijay sighs with the weight lifted off her shoulders, thinking, “I gave it...

Exploring Woodbridge High’s Blossoming Student-Led Music Scene

By Alexis Levin, Woodbridge High School May 9, 2024

It is known that Woodbridge High has a vibrant tapestry of musical talent in its established performing programs. However, beyond campus, a budding music scene is developing as student-led bands show off...

Senior Kate Poling-Cummings displays her photography portfolio during Art Walk.

Capturing Life Through the Lens

By Hailey Gray, Pittsburg High School - KS May 8, 2024

Junior Kate Poling has been taking pictures for about six years. During her junior year, her business started to grow tremendously. At the beginning of her sophomore year, Poling decided she wanted...

The TV show “Fallout,” based on the Fallout game franchise owned by Bethesda, was released on Amazon Prime on April 10, 2024 with one season and eight episodes. The show stars Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, and Walton Goggins as its three protagonists.

“Fallout”: Giving Increasing Hope for the Future of Video Game Adaptations

By Charlie Gattman, La Salle Catholic Preparatory High School May 7, 2024

“Fallout” is rated TV-MA. This show may not be suitable for all audiences. As a longtime fan of the Fallout games, I was excited when I first heard about the game being adapted into a show on Amazon...

Girls State attendee Brooke Taylor seen taking a selfie with additional participants. Photo used with permission from Apple TV+.

“Girls State:” A captivating female empowerment story

By Max Spiegel, Green Hope High School May 7, 2024

Right before the world shut down in 2020, directors Amanda McBaine and Jesse Moss released their highly acclaimed documentary, “Boys State.” Four years later, their follow up “Girls State '' released...

Envisioning a cathedral in his mind, senior Soren Frederick puts pencil to paper and practices a rough sketch in the drawing room. Frederick grew up surrounded by a family of artists who helped him realize his passion for drawing and painting as he matured. “My family [is] very much [an inspiration] for drawing and painting. [Art] didn’t start [in the family] with me; it started with my mom and my older sister, and my older brother is very good at drawing [too],” Frederick said.

“Reflections” of talent

By Emily Early and Samir Shaik May 7, 2024

This spring, senior Soren Frederick was one of 34 artists whose work was selected to be featured at the Missouri Capitol for the Missouri Senate Student Arts Exhibit. Founded in 2014 by the Missouri Alliance...

Brad Jameston performs original song “Dance in Your Fire” at the South Bank Nov. 23 2023. Jameston began performing his music in London after busking around Europe.

Singer-songwriter Brad Jameston reflects on career pathway, busking experiences

By Anna Reznick, The American School in London May 7, 2024

After traveling around Europe to perform his music, Brad Jameston settled in London where he plays guitar for passersby. The singer-songwriter said he has “fallen in love with busking” thanks to...

Coppell High School senior Joshua Kim plays a series of warmup chords and progressions prior to playing a piece. Kim has been playing piano since age 10 and plans to major in piano at the University of Texas at Austin.

Kim composing his own story with piano

By Yug Talukdar, Coppell High School May 6, 2024

A piano sounds through a stage as its keys are traversed by Coppell High School senior Joshua Kim, filling the air with a harmonious symphony of notes. Kim, by a pianist’s standards, started late....

Sophomore Srija Nallala hides underneath the mask of a calf and blanket for one of the scenes during the Kalyana Srinivasm dance drama performance.

Dancing for Tradition

By Poojasai Kona, Frisco High School May 3, 2024

A cow and calf come into the scene. The calf is forced to enter the scene first, cautiously taking each step, while its mother follows behind it. Their anklets jingle when stomping their feet in patterns...

Students Brighten up Senior Home With Music

By Amelie Giomi, Menlo School May 3, 2024

Menlo is home to a medley of talented musicians who perform in competitions and events at Menlo, but many may not know that there are also a few who use their talents to bring joy to communities outside...

Senior Ella Hamlin hangs lights during her technical theater class. Hamlin first enrolled in an independent study in order to further her knowledge of engineering and design. She knows the sound system and the lighting system in the theater better than anyone in the
building, Greg Kendall said.

Guiding Light

By Ella Braig, Ladue Horton Watkins High School May 3, 2024

Fastening bolts into place with a crescent wrench, senior Ella Hamlin is elevated by an aerial lift, meeting the newly-installed spotlights at eye level. Gradually, she tightens C-clamps for Ladue High...

Disposable cameras have also gained popularity the past few years.

The revival of digital cameras

By Aly Dusing, West Chicago Community High School May 3, 2024

Polaroid. Kodak. Canon. Nikon. Minolta. Sony. Despite various names and styles, these digital camera brands share powerful importance: a multitude of memories, all documented with an instant click and...

Poetry offers students a place to express themselves, whether through writing, reading or reciting it. You can just use words and use the feelings of those words to create a painting, Eric Zhang (11) said.

Poetry empowers student voices

By Suhani Gupta, The Harker Upper School May 3, 2024

Adolescence often feels like a struggle. In these turbulent years, teenagers may feel the need to express themselves, to make their voices heard. Poetry is one such mode of expression, allowing for a release...

As a Belle, Rexford sits in the stands at a home football game.

Snapping memories

By Emay Kong, Bellaire High School May 3, 2024

Since the beginning As she watched her two older siblings explain each part of the camera and its function, her curiosity grew even more. All she wanted to do was have her very own camera. Born into...

Camryn Harris ’24 dances her way across the world; she participated in many local competitions at the age of five to get ready for the world competitions she attends now. (Photo contributed by Camryn Harris ’24)

Camryn Harris ’24 reveals impact of Irish dancing career

By Zara Saliba '26, Staples High School May 3, 2024

Five-year-old Camryn Harris ’24 stares in awe at the Irish dancer moving across the screen, already picturing herself dancing to the beat of the music as the traditional footwork becomes more and more...

Sophomore Sahasra Mandalapu practices bharatanatyam choreography in class. These new dances will be performed in an annual show in February. Mandalapu found that practicing in class helped her overcome stage fright during her performances. “When [I] get on stage, Im nervous Im going to forget, even though Ive done it for so long,” Mandalapu said. “Theres still that little bit of stage fright [when] I second-guess myself that I dont know it enough, but I do because Ive been practicing for a whole year.”

Step by Step

By Ira Rodrigues, Ladue Horton Watkins High School May 1, 2024

Every hand gesture and pose has a different meaning. Every expression reveals something new. During sophomore Sahasra Mandalapu’s dance performance, she tells a story. Each beat and each footstep brings...

Join Super Earth’s fight for democracy in “Helldivers 2”

By Grant Stables, Chantilly High School May 1, 2024

Become a Helldiver, an elite soldier trained to protect Super Earth and hold together the “controlled democracy” that occupies the future. Grab three expendable friends to help join the fight against...

BELOVED BAND: I-94 band, a group of U-High seniors, grew from a love of jazz into a passion these students now have. The name, an interstate highway running through Chicago, represents the groups Chicago roots.

Rhythmic Journey: U-High Band was founded through jazz, evolved into friendship

By Mia Lipson, University of Chicago Laboratory High School May 1, 2024

You can hear the music from all the way down the hall: a steady drum beat, interrupted with a symbol clash, interspersed with laughter. Then there’s the sound from a piano, tapping melodies, quarter...

In their full runway outfits, (from left) Audrey Lee 25, Olivia Lucy Teets, 25, Fashion Design teacher Ms. Judy Chance, and Xueying Lili Yang pose for a photo. All three girls made it to Austin Fashion Week by getting in the top 10 in a previous runway show held by Shop LC.
[I like my students] creativity and how they can look at a fabric and make it their own, Ms. Chance said.

Runway Ready: Fashion Design Students Attend Austin Fashion Week

By Alessandra Ashford, WESTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL - Austin April 30, 2024

“I just said, ‘Oh my god. Oh my god. Oh my god.’ I'm going to Austin Fashion Week.” That was the moment when Audrey Lee ‘25, a third-year fashion design student, found out that she and...

Opinion: Despite recent progress Black representation in media still lacking

By Micah Freeman, Starr's Mill High School April 30, 2024

In recent times, the reaction to Black characters has been negative to say the least. Many complain about “forced diversity” or going “woke.” However, those complaints do not really ring true if...

Kickkat members and juniors Sriman Ratnapu, Jayadev Ghanta, Vineeth Yenduri and Jonathan Bruennert and sophomore Bruhath Batla performed at the Valkyries show in January. Not pictured: juniors Daniel Wan and
Aryan Patnaik.

Striking a chord with the Kickkats band

By Qianzi Loo, Lynbrook High School - CA April 30, 2024

Arising from a common love for music, seven students banded together in a blend of guitar, bass strings and syncopated drum beats, overlaid with rich melodies. Over the past year, the student band Kickkats...

“Civil War”: “An American nightmare”

By Henry Dupree, Walt Whitman High School April 30, 2024

As an unnamed U.S. President addresses the nation in the opening scene of writer-director Alex Garland’s latest dystopian epic “Civil War,” we learn a few key details about the film’s nightmarish...

Game of Thrones creators David Benioff and D.B. Weiss join with True Blood writer Alexander Woo to create a new hit show, 3 Body Problem.

‘3 Body Problem’ takes viewers on a journey through time and space

By Taiwo Balogun, Richard Montgomery High School - MD April 30, 2024

Netflix's "3 Body Problem" is science-fiction dystopian perfection. The eight-episode series was released on March 21 and eventually hit number one on the Netflix charts. The platform advertised the show...

Asa Bordelon, a junior, has found a passion for sewing and tailoring. Through this activity, his interest in history is explored as well.

Pandemic Pastime to Passion: Asa Bordelon explores history interest through sewing

By Skye Freeman, University of Chicago Laboratory High School April 30, 2024

When the coronavirus pandemic forced the potential of many students to sit stifled in their homes, Asa Bordelon dusted off the hardly used sewing machine he’d received for Christmas in 2019 and began...

The horror film Immaculate featured Sydney Sweeney, marking one of her first movies in the horror genre. The film garnered immense popularity, raking in over 12 million dollars worldwide, according to Collider.

‘Immaculate:’ shallow plot hinders horror gem

By Zoe Karibian, The American School in London April 30, 2024

"Immaculate" is probably too tasteful and elegant to qualify as nunsploitation, which could be a blessing or a curse, depending on your point of view. Directed by Michael Mohan, film star Sydney Sweeney...

Abigail (Alisha Weir) dances onstage while covered in her victims blood. | Universal Pictures

‘Abigail’ bleeds its tired premise dry

By Jillian Ju and Benjamin Zhang April 30, 2024

Spoilers for “Abigail” ahead Following a successful year for horror movies at the box office in 2023, Universal Studios’ latest horror film, “Abigail,” introduced itself to theaters on April...

Lena Walk working on a large ceiling mural (photo courtesy of Lena Walk).

Painting Dreams into Reality: Lena Walk’s Path from Orphanage to Artist

By Rylee Fleck, Tyrone Area High School April 26, 2024

The guest juror for the 2024 Tyrone Art Show is an alumnus with incredible artistic talent and a compelling life story. Class of 2015 graduate Lena Walk will return to TAHS on Friday, April 26 to judge...

The Best of Both Worlds

By Sarah Blessing, Frisco High School April 26, 2024

The room is flooded with blue light and four figures make their way to the stage as excited cheers popcorn around the room. Moments of anticipation pass and audience members wait for the show to begin....

Kelly Miyahara makes it big on ‘Jeopardy!’ Clue Crew

By Mahita Chava, California High School - CA April 26, 2024

It’s not everyday that someone gets to work with Alex Trebek on “Jeopardy!” But when Kelly Miyahara got the chance to be part of “Jeopardy’s!” Clue Crew, she jumped at the opportunity. The...

While Taylor Swift’s newest LPs had the opportunity to be great — shown in songs like “Florida!!! (feat. Florence + The Machine)” and “My Boy Only Breaks His Favorite Toys” — they were ultimately too similar to her previous music and much, much too long.

Taylor Swift’s Latest LPs: Too Tortured and Too Safe

By Finn Christensen-McElroy and Anne Rust April 26, 2024

2023 was Taylor Swift’s year.  From her three-hour-long, record-shattering Eras Tour, to being named Time’s Person of the Year, to receiving Album of the Year at the Grammys  —  surpassing...

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