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(From left) Senior Evelyn Lillemoe, senior Aman Rahman, junior Ellie Murphy, and senior Gavin Kimmel sit in a minute of silence in honor of police brutality victim Daunte Wright.

Student protest organizers dissatisfied with admin response

By Mimi Huelster, St. Paul Academy and Summit School April 20, 2021

The morning of SPA’s walkout in honor of Daunte Wright and in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement, senior Aman Rahman was optimistic. Rahman is one of the four SPA students to organize...

Heather Ramsay sits in her mostly empty office at the beginning of the fall semester 2016 when she started her tenure as fine arts coordinator. Due to AISD budget shortfalls, Ramsay will no longer be working at McCallum for the upcoming 2021-22 school year. While she called McCallum family, she also said she was looking forward to future opportunities. “I feel that the universe opened a door for me that I wasn't sure whether I needed to open,” Ramsay said. “For someone who's in my position and just the way I've always worked, I constantly have my own personal and professional goals--I'm always looking into the future. So losing this position is not a stop in my life. It's just now that this particular door is closed. I've been thinking about all these other things in my life that I have the capabilities of doing and places I want to go and live, and maybe this is the universe providing a doorway so that I can go and do that.”

Q: Why is Fine Arts Academy coordinator job being cut? A: You better sit down for the answer. It’s complicated.

By Evie Barnard, McCallum High School April 20, 2021

In Heather Ramsay's five years at McCallum as Academy coordinator, she has built-in strategic planning, strengthened team-building between academies, established Academy Ambassadors, co-designed a software...

Senior Grace Kanyinku speaks to students during the walkout April 19. Park was one of many schools statewide to participate in the

‘Justice for Daunte Wright’ walkout takes place

By Talia Lissauer and Crystal Diaz April 20, 2021

Standing in the cold as snow fell around her, freshman Patricia Milian-Lopez listened as she and her peers spoke on racial injustice in her community after walking out of school.  “It feels like...

Asian Americans at a 2014 protest in New York. Anti-Asian violence has surged in the past year, but many Asian and Pacific Islander Americans have felt the effects of anti-Asian rhetoric throughout their lives.

‘I was horrified:’ APSU reflects on the rise in anti-Asian violence

By Rio Hundley, Archer School for Girls April 20, 2021

One month ago, 21-year-old Robert Aaron Long attacked three Asian-owned spas, killing eight people. Among the victims were six Asian women, which to many made this shooting one of the latest in a string...

City of Beachwood Finance Director Larry Heiser in his office at City Hall

The Costs of COVID

By Evelyn Zhang, Beachwood High School April 19, 2021

Communities around the country have been hit hard by COVID-19. The COVID relief bill that President Biden signed in early March includes hundreds of billions of dollars in aid to local communities, including...

Over the past year, the pandemic has exposed pre-existing anti-Asian hate in the United States.

SJS community reacts to rise in anti-Asian hate, Unity Council and EAAG host forums

By Dawson Chang and Mia Hong April 19, 2021

During a shooting in Atlanta on March 17, eight people were murdered, six of whom were Asian women. When students returned from spring break the following week, the news became a widespread topic of discussion. ...

Candles were lit in a heart shape in memory of the Atlanta spa shooting victims.

Local activists organize Thousand Oaks candlelight vigil

By Allie Wang, Oak Park High School - CA April 19, 2021

A candlelight vigil was held at the front lawn of the Thousand Oaks Civic Plaza on March 20 to mourn the lives of those killed in the Atlanta spa shootings as well as other victims of anti-Asian violence. ...

A series of plaques honoring Latin's most loyal educators lines the second-floor hallway.

Head of School Refuses to Accept Latin Faculty’s Attempt to Unionize

By Ashna Satpathy, Latin School of Chicago April 19, 2021

As Latin nears the end of perhaps the most challenging year in its 133-year history, the school reached a new level of contentiousness this week as the faculty announced their intention to unionize and...

Advocates gather during the student-led Black Lives Matter demonstration in Bethesda on June 2. Since the protest, many students'

‘More than just an incident’: One year after initial racist graffiti, community continues to push against prejudice

By Lily Freeman, Walt Whitman High School April 19, 2021

When senior Tatiana Johnson reflected on her time at Whitman before the building closed last March, she said felt classmates sometimes labeled her “loud and Black” during conversations. In her classes,...

Throughout the pandemic, the administration has overseen the school’s financial standing, cutting expenses without compromising the students’ experience. Photo illustration by Eileen Meidar.

COVID-19 provokes uncertainty around ASL’s finances

By Gabrielle Meidar, The American School in London April 16, 2021

As the coronavirus takes a toll on the economic state of the world, ASL’s finances have not been immune from these shocks. According to Director of Finance John Robinson, toward the end of 2019-20,...

A speaker stands on a truck bed in California, addressing a crowd that had gathered for a protest in support of hazard pay mandates.

Local governments broadly adopt hazard pay mandates

By Hudson Fox, Carlmont High School April 16, 2021

Despite the increase in COVID-19 vaccine distribution and local residents anticipating a return to a greater sense of normalcy, Bay Area governments are considering and implementing hazard pay mandates...

Protests like this one, which occurred in San Francisco's Chinatown, are done to combat the larger problem of prejudice towards the Asian community.

Asian Americans face increasing discrimination

By Lucy Lopshire and Catherine Eikelbarner April 16, 2021

Although discrimination against Asian Americans has been prevalent in the U.S. for years, prejudiced opinions regarding COVID-19 have caused hate crimes and verbal attacks to intensify in Asian communities. In...

Coppell High School 2020 graduate Angeli Smith and New Tech High @ Coppell senior Cole Ramirez protest the death of Daunte Wright at the intersection of Denton Tap Road and Sandy Lake Road yesterday. The group held signs at the intersection to educate passersby on Wright’s murder and fighting racial injustice.

“We’re going to keep fighting”: Locals protest in response to Wright’s murder

By Shivi Sharma, Coppell High School April 16, 2021

Every time cars honk and passengers holler at the busiest intersection in Coppell, Coppell High School 2020 graduate Angeli Smith jumps and waves the two signs in her hands. The names of two Black men...

In a letter to the Grady community sent on April 13, Principal Dr. Betsy Bockman responded to an incident involving a small group of junior boys ranking 64 junior girls in a sports-style bracket over spring break.

Principal addresses ‘bracket incident’

By Elena Hubert, Henry W. Grady High School April 15, 2021

In response to a small group of junior boys posting a Final Four sports-style bracket ranking 64 junior girls by name on social media over spring break, Principal Dr. Betsy Bockman condemned the incident...

A mural at George Floyd Square March 15. Almost a year after the death of George Floyd, Daunte Wright was killed by police in Brooklyn Center sparking protests.

Outrage follows death of Daunte Wright

By Talia Lissauer, St. Louis Park High School April 14, 2021

10 months after the death of George Floyd, an all too familiar feeling of disappointment and anger flushed over junior Marcus Hosfield after hearing another Black man had been killed by police.  “I...

Superintendent Joris Ray speaks out against proposed legislation and threats of defunding from the state capitol, creating the %23Don’tHurtMyChildren movement on social media. Ray and other administrators have worked tirelessly in the pandemic to provide resources and equitable learning to the greater Memphis area.

Proposed Tennessee house bill threatens urban district funding

By Emlyn Polatty, White Station High School April 14, 2021

On Jan. 19, 2021, Tennessee legislators made a bold move with the introduction of House Bill 7021, which seeks to resume fully in-person learning within 100 days, despite high numbers of COVID-19 cases...

Recent major political events have shocked the nation and have led to further political divide.

Teachers struggle to balance curriculum and current events in classrooms

By Aidan Lynd, Carlmont High School April 13, 2021

It’s been three months since a group of fervent Trump supporters stormed the United States Capitol Building. The mob violently attacked, shattering not only windows but the ideals and beliefs of many...

Signs placed in Aspen's Wagner Park by AHS students Gabby Yturri, Elijah Goldman, and Lian Lilah.

Shootings are rising, but so are young activists’ voices

By Hannah Smith, Aspen High School April 13, 2021

On April 2, Aspen locals awoke to find signs placed in front of Wagner Park displaying the message “Thoughts and Prayers are Not Enough #GunControl." These signs, arranged overnight by Elijah Goldman,...

Recently, there has been much debate regarding the role of school resource officers in MCPS schools.

Controversy surrounding SROs rises in Montgomery County

By Charlyn Chu, Richard Montgomery High School - MD April 13, 2021

Over the past year, communities across the country have been pushing for police reform in schools. The School Resource Officers (SRO) Program has recently gathered attention from students and staff alike. ...

Activists met at Spirit Plaza in the city of Detroit to hold a Stop Asian Hate rally and march on March 27, 2021, standing in solidarity with cities across the nation fighting against white supremacy and racism.

Atlanta Spa Shooting Shocks Latin Community, High School Students at Large

By Angela Gil and Armaan Shah April 13, 2021

On March 16, Robert Aaron Long murdered eight people at three different spas in a series of shootings in Atlanta, Georgia. Of the eight victims (Xiaojie Tan, Hyun Jung Grant, Daoyou Feng, Delaina Ashley...

Steve Frigo, executive director of pharmacy at Mercy Hospital prepares a COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine arrives at a facility in a box of dry ice and is immediately transferred to an ultracold freezer, where it is stored at -80 degrees Celsius. It is then thawed in a refrigerator for up to five days. Before usage, the vaccine is diluted with saline solution and is good for up to six hours.

COVID-19 Vaccine Distribution Begins in the Community

By Waha Siddiqui and Connor Del Carmen April 12, 2021

Missouri entered Phase 2 of COVID-19 vaccinations Monday, March 29, which includes essential workers in education, childcare, communications and community-related sectors.  Dawna Barnhart, biology...

As of Tuesday, Jan. 12, all members of the Texas Congress reconvened remotely or in-person for the 87th Legislative Session.

State legislative session commences

By Cade Spencer, James Bowie High School April 12, 2021

Just an 18-minute car drive from campus, the Capitol  stands as the center of Texas' democracy and political establishment. Traditionally, inside the building's chambers, 181 representatives and legislators...

Ms. Crane and Mr. Pass assist a student establish a WiFi connection prior to starting the ninth-grade English STAAR test on Tuesday morning.

Server issues disrupt STAAR exams across Texas

By Evelyn Griffin, McCallum High School April 12, 2021

This morning, as students across Texas prepared to take State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness, or STAAR tests, the online testing platform Educational Testing System (ETS) experienced a statewide...

After giving his presentation on school security at the Board of Education meeting on Monday, Aug. 13, 2018 assistant superintendent Alvie Cater looks at his fellow board members.

New Kansas bill allowing challenges to COVID-19 restrictions forces district to adapt

By Ben Wieland and Tanner Smith April 12, 2021

A new Kansas Senate bill exempting schools from state and county COVID-19 orders and allowing students, parents, or staff to request hearings to challenge COVID-19 regulations has forced the district to...

Governments are distributing COVID-19 vaccines worldwide, helping more people build immunity to the virus.

Three COVID-19 vaccines build immunity

By Grace Wu, Carlmont High School April 8, 2021

A year into the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) for COVID-19 vaccines from three companies: Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna,...

Coppell High School has made an effort to be more mindful of students and their mental health within the last two years. With hopes to increase awareness and assist learners with mental health, Coppell ISD works to improve its current approach through increased counseling, updated development sessions for staff and yearly surveys to measure progress.

Beyond the gradebook

By Anjali Krishna, Coppell High School April 7, 2021

Hidden away amongst identical doors behind the staircase in C hallway at Coppell High School is a room with a tightly shut door, almost always locked. Every so often, its light is flicked on but its...

Seniors that have applied to more selective universities are getting ready to commit to these schools.

For applicants to more selective universities, it’s decision time

By Lindsay Bonetti and Ethan Franco April 7, 2021

For the high school seniors who aspire to attend one of the country’s more selective universities, the application process was hard enough. Now comes decision time. With most universities going test-optional...

HB563 proposes an new option to parents for their child'd education.

HB 563 Could Lead To Changes in Kentucky’s Education System

By Nimi Bala, Ella Williams, Victoria Bravo, and Logan Justice April 6, 2021

In Kentucky, education is regarded to be one of the most hotly debated topics in terms of legislature. KY House Bill 563 is no exception. HB 563, first introduced by Kentucky State Representatives Chad...

While listening to speakers, toddlers sitting on the ground hold signs to support Stop AAPI Hate efforts.

Community gathers to Stop AAPI Hate

By Bennie Chang, Lynbrook High School - CA April 6, 2021

On the morning of March 27, hundreds of people gathered in front of Saratoga’s City Hall to protest the recent surge of violence and discrimination against Asian Americans in the United States.  ...

MCPS has recently signed a .3 million, 14-year contract with Highland Electric Transportation for the gradual electrification of its fleet of 1,400 school buses.

MCPS introduces plan for electric school buses

By Hannah Lee and Avani Ambardekar April 6, 2021

MCPS has recently signed a $1.3 million, 14-year contract with Highland Electric Transportation for the gradual electrification of its fleet of 1,400 school buses. This contract marks the single largest...

Xu's Acupuncture, the business that Amy Xu owns and operates   
Photo Courtesy of Amy Xu | Used with permission

Anti-Asian hate crimes surge during the pandemic

By Jannah Sheriff, Monta Vista High School April 6, 2021

Atlanta shooting A vigil held on March 20 in San Francisco’s Chinatown mourned the deaths of eight people, including six women of Asian descent, during the March 16 shootings at three spas in Atlanta,...

Rally calling for due process in Cuomo investigation held in NYC

By Logan Schiciano and Hanna Schiciano April 5, 2021

Outside the headquarters of Fox News and The New York Post, a small rally was held on Friday demanding due process in the investigation of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. As of April 3, nine women have...

Finding the American Dream: The path to citizenship presents challenges

By Kelly Tran, Aran Sonnad-Joshi, Sayan Sonnad-Joshi, Stella Mackler, and Yei Bin Andrews April 2, 2021

A 17-year-old girl from Iran, a teacher from Venezuela, a Mercer University student from Egypt, an immigration and criminal defense attorney from Colombia —all drawn to America with the prospect of opportunity.  ...

School librarian, Allison Hussenet, looks through books ready for curbside pickup as part of the library's ongoing efforts to keep remote learners reading.

Online learning heightens learning gaps across the school district

By Sneha Cheenath, Dougherty Valley High School April 2, 2021

The SRVUSD Board of Education presented evidence of significant learning loss among students on Jan. 12, an issue that school staff are now working to solve. Compared to the first semester of the 2019-2020...

Protests unfolded across the country in response to the Atlanta spa shootings, with many Americans demanding justice for the victims.

Students React to Atlanta Spa Shootings and Share Experiences With Anti-Asian Racism

By Mary Loeb, La Salle Catholic Preparatory High School April 1, 2021

On March 16, a white gunman opened fire on three massage parlors in and around Atlanta, Georgia, killing eight people in total, seven of whom were women and six of whom were of Asian descent.  In the...


The weight of the world

By Amber Chia and Claire Tseng March 31, 2021

On May 25, 2020, a police officer pinned George Floyd down with his knee on his neck for over 8 minutes in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Floyd was later pronounced dead from suffocation. On March...

Attendees converse at a rally in Oakland on Feb. 13. The rally was
held to promote healing and show support for victims of recent attacks
against Asian-Americans.

Asian-American assaults surge again a year into COVID-19

By Zoe Qian, Monte Vista High School - Danville, CA March 31, 2021

  As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, animosity towards the Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) community continues to worsen. In recent months, crimes against the AAPI community have increased by...

Travis Young, senior, spent time during his 14-day quarantine reading and playing video and card games with his family. As a participant in this study, Young is joining a list of other family members who have opted to participate in studies related to COVID-19, such as vaccine trial research.

RSD Schools Participate in National COVID-19 Study

By Lauren Pickett, Marquette High School March 31, 2021

All RSD schools are participating in a study investigating cases of students and staff who tested positive for COVID-19 or identified as a close contact in an effort to research the impact of mitigation...

According to PrepScholar, Bright Futures

Contradicting Takes on Education in Florida

By Emara Sáez, Academy of the Holy Names March 30, 2021

Florida’s Bright Futures scholarship program has covered tuition fees for thousands of Florida students — either 75% or 100% of tuition and fees at any Florida state university or college, based entirely...

After the shooting in Atlanta, which killed six Asians in the process, was the last straw for many. The increase of hate crimes toward the Asian community, further increases the awareness students bring concerning the issue to %23StopAsianHate.

Increase hate crimes against Asians spark student support of #StopAsianHate

By Nathalie Miranda, Daniel Pearl Magnet High School March 30, 2021

With the recent increase in hate crimes against the Asian community, more and more people have been speaking up about the racism and xenophobia in the U.S.. “Seeing my friends, students and schools...

Cultural ignorance and inaccuracies in school leads to further community racism.

A conversation that can’t be avoided: the presence of cultural ignorance and inaccuracies in school

By Katie Wallace, Parkway West High School March 30, 2021

Working on assignment 8.1 in virtual American Sign Language 2 (ASL), students opened the week’s expressive assignment to be met with brightly colored images. Dread, followed by anger, sank in the pit...

After the murder of Sarah Everard and recently surveyed statistic about sexual harassment was released, female students are more concerned for their safety on the street. A commonly suggested method for self defense is to keep a key held between your fingers in order to have more impact if an offender were to become violent. Photo illustration by Clara Martinez.

Murder of Sarah Everard, UN survey result spark conversation around sexual harassment

By Clara Martinez, The American School in London March 29, 2021

Around 9 p.m. March 3, 33-year-old Sarah Everard went missing in South London. The Metropolitan Police confirmed that bodily remains discovered in the woods of Kent belonged to Everard March 12. That evening,...

The Wayland School Committee unanimously voted to enact an Anti-Racism Resolution for the Wayland Public Schools that will act as a promise to ensure that WPS feels like a safe and equitable environment for all students, regardless of race.

Anti-Racism Resolution: A promise for equity at WHS

By Joanna Barrow and Taylor McGuire March 26, 2021

Picture this: Black Lives Matter flags displayed proudly throughout the schools, discussions and analyses of books written by and featuring people of color in class curricula and classes highlighting previously...

Ms. Karen Crotty, far left, and Mr. Rick Ostby, far right, are fondly remembered by staff, students and families from across the district because of their commitment to their professions and the care they displayed for many.

District remembers benevolent lives of two cherished staff members

By Kwot Anwey, Columbia Heights High School March 26, 2021

One can only imagine the toll that two staff deaths in one school district can take on a community, especially in such a short amount of time. The sudden passings of Ms. Karen Crotty of North Park Elementary...

To apply for Bright Futures, students must complete forms logging their volunteer hours.

Bright Futures is in danger

By Laura Shaw, Hagerty High School March 26, 2021

The average cost of in-state tuition at Florida State University and the University of Florida is $21,000 a year. The University of Central Florida is slightly less at about $17,000 a year but that is...

As attacks against Asian Americans have surged during the pandemic, many community gatherings and marches in D.C have been organized to combat these incidents.

Local efforts rise to combat the surge of anti-Asian American hate crimes

By Charlyn Chu and Claire Yu March 25, 2021

Anti-Asian hate crimes have risen by nearly 150 percent amid the COVID-19 pandemic. Attacks against Asian Americans is not the only thing surging; discrimination and xenophobia have also skyrocketed in...

Over 2,500 protestors gathered at the %23StopAsianHate Community Rally at San Jose City Hall on Sunday, Mar. 21, at 1 p.m. to protest the recent violence against Asian Americans across the nation. The rally focused on Asian American discrimination, minority intersectionality, recent injustices against elderly Asian Americans and the history of Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) discrimination in the United States.

#StopAsianHate Community Rally ushers in thousands of protesters

By Alysa Suleiman, The Harker Upper School March 25, 2021

"One beat. One heart.” Over 2,500 protestors gathered at the #StopAsianHate Community Rally at San Jose City Hall on Sunday, Mar. 21, at 1 p.m. to protest the recent violence against Asian Americans...

About 50 students walked out of class fourth period today to protest what they called the school's insufficient response to sexual abuse and harassment allegations.

Students protest school’s response to abuse allegations

By Eli Traud, Brooke Scanlon, and Colton Brain March 23, 2021

More than 50 students walked out of class today to protest Baldwin’s response to sexual assault allegations, a topic that had spread widely on social media over the weekend. Students gathered in front...

Due to Winter Storm Uri, Texas suffered rolling blackouts, burst pipes and below-freezing temperatures.

History and Geopolitics of Energy class discusses Texas power grid, outages

By Annie Jones, St. John's School - TX March 22, 2021

On Valentine’s day, Texas went dark. In the following week, the state suffered through rolling blackouts, burst pipes and below-freezing temperatures. Winter Storm Uri, which travelled from the Northwest...

Junior Adeline Camero poses outside her house with her mother. She enjoys her first snowfall since 2009.

Students experience mixed emotions during cold weather and week-long power outage

By Ricky Kai, Bellaire High School March 22, 2021

The monotonous tone from the engine of the car lulled her half to sleep, and it was only after an hour when she realized her phone was fully charged. In the car she bundled up in two blankets and four...

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