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The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

With the AISD rank and GPA discrepancies, some students had significant changes to their stats. College and career counselor Camille Nix worked with students to appeal their college decisions if they got rejected from schools depending on their previous stats before getting updated. Students worked with Nix to update schools on their new stats in order to fully get their appropriate decisions. “Those who already were accepted [won’t be affected], but it could factor in if a student appeals their initial decision,” Principal Andy Baxa said.

AISD works to fix GPA and rank discrepancies

By Chloe Lewcock, McCallum High School May 24, 2024

As Austin ISD seniors finish applying to college and receiving decisions for their futures, an issue surrounding GPA and class rank has arisen. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the district changed the grading...

Author and social strategist 
Nick Shelton gives his talk at the 2023
 TEDxCherryCreekHS event, hosted by 
now freshman Michael Zhang when he was an eighth grader at Campus Middle School. “I felt really comfortable up there,” Shelton said.

TEDx CherryCreekHS Aims to Engage, Include Bruins

By Peter Philpott, Cherry Creek High School May 24, 2024

TEDx CherryCreekHS, a project led by freshman Michael Zhang, is going live at the Parker Arts Schoolhouse theater on Aug. 31. His goal: to reach out to the students and faculty of Creek, and get them involved...

Photos of the article on sexual harassment, currently involved in a censorship lawsuit, published in the April 2023 edition of the MVHS Oracle. Photo by Myesha Phukan | Used with permission

Pressing matters

By Suhana Mahabal and Isabelle Kok May 24, 2024

Teacher and student representatives of Mountain View High School’s news publication, the Oracle, filed a lawsuit against MVHS Principal Kip Glazer and the Mountain View-Los Altos Union School District,...

Melamud has been working towards this achievement for 6 years. She will be bringing her dog, Fyfe, with her to the competition. (Photo via Farah Melamud)

Del Val student qualifies for USA Worlds agility team

By Abby Eckert, Delaware Valley Regional High School May 22, 2024

Del Val sophomore, Kadence Melamud, has qualified for the Junior Open Agility World Championship (JOAWC). The event is run by the World Canine Organization, which is the largest international federation...

Recent classroom break-in results in thousands of dollars of lost equipment

By Marley Helfer and Hazel Engstorm May 22, 2024

Over Spring Break, approximately $25,000 worth of tools and other equipment was stolen from the school. A police investigation is ongoing concerning the stolen items which included two tool boxes and other...

Every year, seniors must decide their future. While doing this, they face the application process — finding the right college, figuring out how to pay for tuition and handling the mental stress of it all.

Tunnel Vision

By Eyesha Sadiq and Shiren Noorani May 21, 2024

This story contains an alternate format that can only be viewed on the original site. View this story on The Hawk Eye. It was originally published on May 16, 2024.

The mind behind it all. Sarah Saylor laid the ground work for music classes to become weighted. (Courtesy of Sarah Saylor)

Musical persuasion: Sarah Saylor’s journey for weighted music classes

By Madison Aboud, Altoona Area High School May 17, 2024

It began as just an idea. Senior Sarah Saylor was the driving force in having music classes be weighted. “I first went to Mr. Detwiler with my idea and created a slideshow presentation that I spent...

Safety and Security Specialist Bart Bailey discusses the significance of painting the school rock for Black History Month in a video shot by McLeans News Channel, WHMS News. Quietkid4 screenshotted a frame of the video and posted it to Reddit, claiming the rock was his schools.

McLean faces school shooting scare

By Aaron Stark, McLean High School May 15, 2024

“Is this the rock from your school?” These words echoed in junior Sagan Pandita’s mind as he read sentence after sentence and viewed screenshot after screenshot suggesting a McLean student was...

In the wake of the November 2023 swatting, the Manual community is still working through the aftereffects. Design by Dia Cohen.

“Terror Without A Body Count”: The Lingering Effects of Swatting on Schools

By Guest Contributor, duPont Manual High School May 14, 2024

This story was submitted by Isabella Shory (9, J&C). The PA signal sounded on the overhead speakers. Class had begun a few minutes earlier, and we had just finished singing “Happy Birthday”...

Amazed at the hardware structure of quantum computer IBM Q, senior Jason Tsao searches the internet for a portable quantum computer during a quantum club meeting. To his surprise, Tsao was able to find small two-qubit retail quantum computers, called Gemini Mini for sale starting from 500 sold by a Chinese company SpinQ. “I can’t wait for a larger qubit quantum computer to become available and affordable, so we can enjoy the high speeds of computing,” Tsao said.

The quantum computing revolution: Do students feel ready?

By Raj Jaladi, Parkway West High School May 14, 2024

At some point, most people experience their computers being slow or iPhones running out of space. A new way of computing called quantum computing may never run out of space and reach speeds 100 million...

Reclaiming A Tradition: Highland Park’s 2024 Independence Day Parade

By Stella Henretta, Lake Forest High School May 13, 2024

For many midwesterners, the Fourth of July is tainted with a reminder of the tragic event that took place at Highland Park’s annual Independence Day parade in 2022. Nearly two years later, Lake County...

The Texas legislature was in such for much of late 2023, both for the regular session and for multiple consecutive special sessions. According to Governor Abbott, the sessions would continue until school choice legislation was passed. 2023 ended without school vouchers being voted into law, bringing the question: whats next for school choice in Texas?

School vouchers: what’s happened, and what’s next?

By Maya Silberman, Liberty High School - TX May 10, 2024

School Board Elections are here and many citizens can see certain hallmarks of the impending elections pop up in the months before: signs lining the roads, inboxes flooded with campaign emails, and a record-breaking...

Through teachers’ eyes: How the $25 million budget cut is affecting AAPS staff

By Satvika Ramanathan, Huron High School - Ann Arbor, MI May 10, 2024

Alison Eberts loves teaching. She loves her students, her coworkers and the community of the school, but as of April 5 she is a former employee of Ann Arbor Public Schools. She left AAPS to take a job...

‘Pressing’ On: Portola Printing Makes Progress In Business Goals

By Marianne Chan and Alice Ahn May 10, 2024

As detailed by the Portola Pilot at the start of this school year, students in Portola High’s Small Business Management class formed Portola Printing, the school’s first T-shirt business. As the year...

On May 2, the fourth day of the encampment, a demonstrator stands in front of a group of police waving a Palestinian flag. On Monday, April 29, UChicago United for Palestine launched an encampment on the University of Chicago’s Main Quad to stand in solidarity with the Palestinian people. The encampment and pro-Palestinian protests continued for days.

UChicago pro-Palestine encampment faces opposition yet stands with goals

Editor’s note: Update, May 7, 6:15 p.m. — The encampment was shut down on the morning of May 7. An updated story is here. “Disclose, divest — we will not stop, we will not rest.” ...

Woodside has three college and career counselors to help students when applying for financial aid or college.

FASFA’s revamped system has caused more problems than solutions

By Kailyn Holty, Woodside High School - CA May 9, 2024

For many seniors, spring is quantified by the nervous checking of emails and mailboxes for the magical “Congratulations” scrawled across their college acceptance letters. Yet, the real fear for many...

April 24ths EKG testing brought an abundance of volunteers from Quinnipiacs medical school. More than 100 participants came to Nonnewaug for this free testing.

NHS Hosts Inaugural EKG Scanning for Students

By Alexa Sweeney '25, Nonnewaug High School May 9, 2024

WOODBURY -- Region 14 offers an array of complimentary services to students and the community, ranging from athletic physicals to healthy heart assessments. Sandra Snabaitis, Nonnewaug High School’s...

The enforcement of SB 4 in Texas would give the state government the power to enforce immigration law, which has previously been only a federal jurisdiction.

SB 4 revives anti-immigration policies

By Peyton Dorsey, James Bowie High School May 7, 2024

Senate Bill 4 (SB 4) is a bill approved by Texas lawmakers during a special legislative session in 2023 that establishes the act of crossing the Texas-Mexico border in between legal ports of entry as a...

Massive Cicada Emergence Coming this Year

By David Moss, Marquette High School May 7, 2024

Only a year after moving to St. Louis, Ed Bolton, chemistry teacher, experienced a massive emergence of periodical cicadas in 1986. “They were everywhere. They covered the grass and the cars,” Bolton...

Group of Students Walkout in Support of Palestinians

By Emma Stadolnik, Lake Forest High School May 6, 2024

Approximately 25 students and a handful of parents gathered just outside the front lawn Thursday in a walkout in support of Palestinians. The students were met with a group of opposing protestors - consisting...

Leaking roofs plague Lawrence High classrooms

By Rhubarb Brubacher, Lawrence High School May 6, 2024

Right after teachers finished adjusting their class schedules following four snow days in short succession, the roof came down on them. Literally. So far this year, a series of compounding ceiling leaks...

Between 50 and 100 students walked out of their fourth period classes to voice their support of a cease fire in Gaze and to express solidarity with the collegiate protestors for Palestine at the University of Texas and at universities across the nation. The walkout was part of a coordinated protest at Mac, Ann Richards and LASA.

Students stage walk out for Palestine

By Nate Williams, McCallum High School May 3, 2024

Students walked out of fourth period today and rallied by the main entrance to protest the presence of law enforcement and the arrest of students at UT Austin’s campus this past week. Organizers created...

RAISING VOICES TO THE SKY: Students unite to show solidarity with Palestine amidst the Israel-Palestine conflict. During the demonstration, students held up signs, flags, and raised their voices in chants

Protest promotes student activism

By Kate Davis, James Bowie High School May 3, 2024

On May 2, 2024, students filled the courtyard during second lunch in protest, some of them walking out of their second-period class to join the event. Students expressed their support for Palestine in...

Students board the bus at the end of the school day. In the first week of April, Hagerty started requiring students to scan themselves on and off the bus using IDs distributed the week before.

New bus ID program off to a bumpy start

By Josephine Lim, Hagerty High School May 1, 2024

In his 16 years as a bus driver, Charles McCain has seen a lot. From crying elementary school kids to obstinate high schoolers, his job requires adaptability. This year, students are not the only ones...

Hydroponic lettuce: A new start for the Solon High School cafeteria

By Lillian Newby, Solon High School May 1, 2024

Have you noticed a difference in the lettuce served in the school cafeteria these past few months? Usually, Solon High School gets its lettuce and other vegetables from a hydroponic farm in Hudson....

Listening, seniors Jack Tell, Natasha Torkzaban, Maya Smith and Morgan Salisbury look at board member Kelly Jones as she discusses Gaggle policy changes.

Student journalists seek policy changes prompted by AI monitoring of students

By Zana Kennedy, Delaney Haase, Arabella Gipp, and Avery Sloyer April 30, 2024

Journalism editors asked USD 497 school board members serving on the district’s policy committee today to better protect student journalism and overall student privacy rights. Students suggested policy...

AI Humanizers in Education: A Test of Student Integrity

By Mary Wang, Brimmer and May School April 30, 2024

While educators are tackling the unethical use of AI-generated content, another mighty cheat-code has quietly sprouted from the dark: AI humanizers. Upon typing in the keyword “AI humanizers” into...

AP exam administration is steadily progressing away from the paper format, and towards a digital future.

Pixelated Future: The Shift to Digital AP Exams

By Shaila Holland, Middleton High School - WI April 30, 2024

The room is silent, save for the quiet, rapid breathing of hundreds of students as they fix their gaze upon the paper in front of them. To anyone who has taken one of the many AP exams offered through...

Two subjects pass a vape prop between them. This represented the peer pressure that 45.5% of students feel according to the survey conducted by The Muse.

Up in Smoke

By Priya Gowda and Lila Goldin April 30, 2024

The first time junior Mark Cole* smoked was in fourth grade. Smoking and vaping among teens has become increasingly prevalent — by the time they are in 12th grade, 46.6% of teens have tried illicit...

Park students from S.O.A.R. sit and listen among Park school staff and other community members at the school board meeting on Wednesday. The meeting on March 13. consisted of interviewing finalists for the St. Louis Park district superintendent position.

Superintendent election interrupted

By Sarah Kluckhohn, St. Louis Park High School April 26, 2024

This story contains an alternate format that can only be viewed on the original site. View this story on The Echo. It was originally published on April 25, 2024.

A poster by the Arab Student Union advertising the lunch-and-learn event on December 14th and 15th, before the posters were removed by Principal Brown.

Arab Student Union files lawsuit against DC and Principal Sah Brown, alleging censorship of pro-Palestine speech

By Rebecca Green, Francesca Purificato, and Isadora Groves April 25, 2024

Jackson-Reed’s Arab Student Union (ASU) filed a lawsuit in federal court on Wednesday accusing Principal Sah Brown and the District of Columbia of censoring pro-Palestinian speech, including the school’s...

Math teacher Gonçalo Sousa helps junior Behishta Safi on April 11 during his weekly Thursday tutoring. During tutoring, Sousa provides students assistance and extra practice on Algebra 1 and 2, geometry and precalculus topics.

Math teachers attempt to find solutions to decreasing math scores

By Vanessa Morales, Daniel Pearl Magnet High School April 25, 2024

Amid the lowest math scores of the past decade, math teachers Tuan “Duke” Huynh and Gonçalo Fino De Sousa are working together to support students to remedy the problem.   To help, Duke and Sousa...

New Social and Emotional Learning Curriculum Seeks to Create More Positive School Environment

At the beginning of the school year, Ames High School joined more than 1,500 schools nationwide who have implemented RULER, an approach to social and emotional learning developed by Yale University in...

Senior Environmental Science student Eve Pagan feeds the tank of rainbow trout after class. Students carefully regulate and test the trout tanks daily.

Two new teachers take on trout business

By Bailey Holmes, Stillwater Area High School April 25, 2024

Every year, the Environmental Science and Fish and Wildlife classes take on the task of raising rainbow trout. Students learn the different aspects of taking care of freshwater creatures and float into...

Dunbar Hosts Forum for LGBTQ+ Students

Dunbar Hosts Forum for LGBTQ+ Students

By Lilli Robey, Paul Laurence Dunbar High School - KY April 24, 2024

FCPS established focus groups for marginalized students to hear their voices and protect them from harassment or discrimination. The groups include BIPOC males, BIPOC females, Multilingual, Migrant, and...

On Feb. 27, gathered on North Avenue across from Staples High School and Bedford Middle School to peacefully protest against racism and discrimination in Westport Public Schools. The protest lasted from 7:30-8:30 a.m.

Westport Public Schools face accusations of racism

By Lily Hultgren '25 and Zoe Alpert ’25 April 24, 2024

Westport Public Schools received calls for a reform of its policies regarding racism following a peaceful protest on Feb. 27, outside of Staples High School and Bedford Middle School. The protest was in...

The Muslim Student Association put up posters supporting Palestine around campus that were removed by Principal Demetrius Ball because of concerns about the posters’ content.

Admin removes MSA posters

By Keerthi Eraniyan, California High School - CA April 24, 2024

The decision by Cal High administrators to remove Muslim Student Association (MSA) posters supporting Palestine last month has created controversy about free speech rights and censorship on campus. In...

Infographic by Ariya Lee

FCPS awarded $16 million for electric school buses

By Ariya Lee, Chantilly High School April 23, 2024

As part of the EPA’s first Clean School Bus Program, Fairfax County Public Schools (FCPS) was awarded $16,590,000 on Jan. 8 to purchase 42 electric school buses to improve air quality and advance environmental...

Thirty portable toilets arrive at Gunns campus following the water-line break.

Breaking News: Gunn community navigates water-line break, water-supply shutdown

By Amann Mahajan and Kaylee Cheng April 19, 2024

At 11:24 a.m. today, Assistant Principal of Facilities Dr. Mycal Hixon sent a message to all Gunn staff that the school’s water had been shut off after the A- and B-building construction team hit a water...

“Destroying the trust between students and school staff:” New Ohio bill targets transgender students

By Simone Davis, Solon High School April 19, 2024

House Bill 68, or the Ohio Save Adolescents from Experimentation Act, which bans gender affirming care for minors and restricts transgender students’ participation in sports statewide will go into effect...

Not only does climate change raise environmental concerns, but also threatens California homeowners access to home insurance, critical to protecting ones property and personal belongings. Increasingly, in recent years, large insurance carriers are offering less policies in the state and more residents are unable to insure their homes.

Climate change heightens California’s home insurance crisis

By Kara Kim, Carlmont High School April 18, 2024

With climate change accelerating the rate of wildfires and other natural disasters in California, getting access to home insurance for residents is becoming increasingly difficult. Standard home insurance,...

Co-founders for Rallying for Refugees were awarded the Build a Bright Future vision grant by Frigo Cheese Heads for ,000.

Student-run initiative secures a $5,000 grant

By Sarayu Bongale, Liberty High School - TX April 18, 2024

To advance their mission to support and empower refugees in their local community, co-founders of Rallying for Refugees, juniors Anvi Saxena, Aashi Oswal, and Ellen Li, received the Build a Bright Future...

Vice President Kamala Harris Visits Southwest CTA

By Adrienne Vera-Perez, Southwest Career and Technical Academy April 17, 2024

On April 15, 2024, Vice President Kamala Harris visited campus and participated in a public moderated conversation, focusing on the progress being made in an attempt to reduce gun violence within schools. This...

Spanish teacher Andrea Williamson guides Kiara Petty (10) through a Spanish speaking assessment.

New Language Test Takes Over

By Kriti Dhaduvai, Parkway Central High School April 17, 2024

If you are in level four or five of a World Languages class, you may have encountered the AAPPL or STAMP tests. In the past years, these tests used to be administered only to students who chose to do Seal...

On Monday, Coppell High School students experienced a total solar eclipse by viewing through district-issued viewfinders. Coppell was on the path of totality and CHS scheduled an evacuation drill from 1:35-1:55 p.m. to provide students a viewing experience.

A celestial encounter

By Sahasra Chakilam, Coppell High School April 17, 2024

“I was in shock,” Coppell High School senior Sunya Ajani said. “I was sitting with my friends and we couldn’t believe that we were actually living through this. We were never going to see this...

Many community members and leaders showed up to the Wednesday board meeting.

JCPS board votes to end most magnet and traditional transportation despite community concerns

By Isabella Edghill and Grace Fridy April 15, 2024

This Wednesday, April 10, the JCPS Board of Education voted 4-3 to end busing to all magnet and traditional schools except for Central High School and Western High School. The last-minute meeting was called...

FUHSD revamps recycling

FUHSD revamps recycling

By Aletheia Ju, Monta Vista High School April 15, 2024

FUHSD started a student-run paper recycling program on Feb. 7 as part of a larger initiative, led by the FUHSD Climate Collective, to promote recycling at all five schools in the district. The program...

Embracing the warm weather and clear skies, ninth grader Bryce Poston gazes up at the sky in awe during the eclipse. “It was a pretty cool experience being so close to a full eclipse,” Bryce said, “and I’m glad the school gave us the chance to go out and view it.”

Eclipse excitement: Lab community gathers to celebrate unique celestial event

By Jaya Alenghat, Taariq Ahmed, Mia Lipson, Nathan Li, Olin Nafziger, Eli Raikhel, Grace LaBelle, Ryan Burke-Stevenson, Ellis Calleri, and Bryce Light April 15, 2024

Under the clear, sunny sky on April 8, all students and faculty from lower to high school gathered at Jackman Field. This was not a typical assembly — it was a unique event organized to watch the...

Neuqua Valley Students organize a walkout in solidarity with Palestine

By Emily Peña, Metea Valley High School April 15, 2024

Around 150 Neuqua Valley High School students walked out of school, held up signs, and recited slogans as they went down 95th St. on April 6 to show support and solidarity with Palestine. NVHS students...

Image of three of the books submitted by AP Literature teachers with a check mark over John Greens the Anthropocene Review and a red X over Khaled Hussainis A Thousand Splendid Suns and Delia Owens Where the Crawdads Sing.

Trying to Beef up the AP Literature Curriculum

By Madison Samuel, San Marcos High School April 15, 2024

Death. Love. Cruelty. Joy. Anxiety. These are all topics included in current AP literature texts taught at San Marcos High School. Juniors and seniors join AP Literature every year ready to evaluate all...

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