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The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

Facing a rematch of the 2020 presidential election, many members of the Class of 2024 are feeling fatigued about their current options.

With Gen Z Set To Play Influential Role in 2024 Election, La Salle Seniors Weigh In As First-Time Voters

By Seychelle Marks-Bienen, La Salle Catholic Preparatory High School May 31, 2024

In every election, what’s known throughout the political world as ‘the generational effect’ plays a large role in who turns out to the polls and the values they bring with them.  Depending on...

Through yearbook and internet research, Principal Ellen Reilly and McLean alum Rusty Payne returned a mailed McLean Class of 1976 ring to the family of its old owner. Charles Bick, who dropped the ring in a park decades ago, died in a plane accident in 1984. (Photo courtesy of the McLean Yearbook)

Mystery ring links McLean’s past and present

By Allie Deutsch, McLean High School May 31, 2024

Principal Ellen Reilly’s mail contained something curious. A small jewelry box holding a ring, a thick band of gold with a scarlet center stone. Perplexed, she unfolded a scrawled note left unsigned...

A graphic illustration depicts a hand holding a phone with different popular slang terms surrounding it. Many so-called Generation Z stem from African American Vernacular English and are popularized through social media platforms.

From ‘ate’ to ‘rizz’: Diving into Generation Z’s usage of slang 

By Melinda Wang, Archer School for Girls May 31, 2024

"Rizz" was crowned as the word of the year in 2023 by Oxford University Press. Every year, Oxford University Press hosts a "word of the year" contest, and in 2023, the contest was extended to allow the...

Lockdown nostalgia consists of a longing for memories, habits and emotions experienced during the pandemic, usually in its early stages.

A walk down lockdown lane: quarantine memories

By Crystal Zhu and Eileen Zhu May 31, 2024

When pajamas, a bag of chips and a blanket were school-day staples, Zoom screens were dominated by various angles of student faces and ceilings and laggy voices emerging from computer speakers. These were...

Sophomore Maxim Gutnik wears a traditional Russian Military hat handed down from his great grandfather.

Family history of Maxim Gutnik

By Daphne Huang and Brandon Xu May 31, 2024

Born in the Soviet Union amid an economy devastated by World War II, sophomore Maxim Gutnik’s father, Gene Gutnik, recalls standing in a line for food outside in the freezing temperatures of a harsh...

‘Shame on you’: LHS custodians bear brunt of ongoing vandalism

By Abigail Warren, Linganore High School May 31, 2024

Vandalism remains a significant issue at Linganore High School (LHS). On a daily basis, students destroy school property by drawing profanities in the girls' and boys' bathrooms and on school desks, stuffing...

Parkshore is a senior retirement community in St. Louis Park, May 25. Students from the high school work in various positions at the senior campus.

Student interest in intergenerational connection

By Anna Williams, St. Louis Park High School May 31, 2024

In high school, it is common for students to find employment opportunities that will suit them and allow them the finances to meet the expenses of teenage life; many see employment as an investment in...

New Tech High @ Coppell freshman Sam Dondapati submitted his experiment on the bacteria Spirulina to SpaceX through the SSEP (Student Space Exploration Program). He is one of 39 to have his experiment sent to the International Space Station in July 2023. Photo illustration by Elizabeth De Santiago

Sam sends Spirulina to the stars (with video)

By Elizabeth De Santiago, Coppell High School May 31, 2024

Students from around the world gather around the yellow LED sign as it counts down to zero. Five, four, three, two, one - the fire ignites, blasting the rocket up into the atmosphere. Standing up front...

READY FOR TAKE-OFF: Junior Evan Leeper sits tall and ready in a Cessna 172 preparing to knock out some of his mandatory flying hours to obtain his pilots license. Making ahead start toward his dream job of being a cargo or commercial pilot Leeper is inching closer to obtaining his license around July.

Making a Leep towards the sky

By Isabella Verette, James Bowie High School May 31, 2024

The roar of the engine, the sound of flight control, and the elevating feeling of lifting off the ground are nothing new for junior Evan Leeper. Leeper has been working on obtaining his pilot’s license...

Arabic Teacher Udai AbuLteaf spends time with his family in Syria in 2011. Shortly after, AbuLteaf left for the U.S., avoiding the Syrian Civil War and its aftermath.

Udai AbuLteaf reflects on pivotal journey from Syria to London

By Apollo Gettleman, The American School in London May 31, 2024

In September 2010, Arabic Teacher Udai AbuLteaf sensed a catastrophe was about to unfold in his home country, Syria. A few years prior to the Syrian Civil War, AbuLteaf said he felt like he was “suffocating"...

What makes Bay University special: Three students reflect on their experience

What makes Bay University special: Three students reflect on their experience

By Margo Bigue, Burlingame High School - CA May 31, 2024

Bay University, located at Burlingame High School and Capuchino High School, has seven classes for 18-22-year-old students. These students learn the necessary skills to succeed after Bay University, such...

From the Middle East to Lake Forest: Jewish, Muslim Students Tense About War in Gaza

By Amani Yousuf, Lake Forest High School May 31, 2024

235 days into the war in Gaza, the polarization felt across the country and world has become so intense that some students here say they feel unsettled by the tension. “Sometimes I’ll try to talk...

Science Department Head Nathan Peck conducts a fire bubble experiement with junior Hannah Yurkovich. This is an experiment about energy, heat, pressure, states of matter, chemical reactions and water.

Twenty Four Years of Clayton Chemistry

By Lavanya Mani, Bethany Lai, and Anaïs Ogé May 30, 2024

Some know him as a geologist, a SummerQuest administrator, a professional storyteller or a maple syrup connoisseur. Still, all know Nathan Peck as an institution of the science department and the school....

Juniors Colin Park, Nathan Park, sophomore Sean Chee and senior Woohyun Cho are among the many Korean American students at McLean forced to make a commitment between their two citizenships.

Committing to Korea

By Ryan Kang and Minsong Ha May 30, 2024

As they near legal adulthood, Korean American male students face a challenging decision: retain their Korean citizenship for a future of military service or embrace American citizenship. These students...

A boy looks at a firefly with wonder.

Lights out: increased urbanization threatens firefly population collapse

By Jackson Sneeringer, Carlmont High School May 30, 2024

Firefly populations worldwide are disappearing as urban development decimates habitats and pushes nearly one-third of species to the brink of extinction. “We were lucky to have it all we did, but...

Menstrual products lie inside of a wallet, showing how costly these essential products can be. Although The Pink Tax affects menstrual products, it also impacts other everyday costs for women.

‘The price we pay for being who we are’: The Pink Tax promotes gender inequality, financial inequity

By Phoebe Measer, Archer School for Girls May 30, 2024

If you identify as a woman or have female anatomy, you will pay an average of $188,000 more than men over the course of your lifetime, all thanks to The Pink Tax. What is The Pink Tax? The Pink Tax is...

As a tradition, Levi Burrell (left) carries her wrestling coach Jaysen Baxter (right) for every tournament she competes in.

DETERMINATION: Class of 2024

By Elie Chung and Reagan Glidewell May 30, 2024

This story contains an alternate format that can only be viewed on the original site. View this story on Tribe Tribune. It was originally published on May 24, 2024.

Riya Kothakota, junior, works on a card during a NAMI meeting, which were sent to the Letters Against Depression organization. These cards were distributed by the organization and were made to support and comfort individuals with mental illnesses.

Mental Health Awareness Month Triggers Conversations at MHS

By Anvi Talyan, Marquette High School May 29, 2024

During quarantine, Navin Ramamoorthy, junior, fell into a “slump” after being distanced from his friends and sense of regular life.  “I wasn't depressed, I wouldn't have diagnosed myself with...

TAHS students Mariyah Hunter and Cami Weyer expressing their affection and appreciation for Mr. McNitt at this years prom.

Cummins McNitt: A Career of Dedication, Service, and Compassion

By Alex Shock, Tyrone Area High School May 29, 2024

Paperboy. Farmhand. Factory worker. College radio DJ. Dining hall director. Short order cook. Bouncer. College teaching assistant. Folklorist. Historian. Archivist. Museum Director. Scout Leader. Innkeeper....

Arab students at West share their experiences with their culture.

The Arab identity

By Zaira Ahmad, Reem Kirja, and Marie Stier May 29, 2024

The Arab World is a region comprising of 22 countries in Western Asia and Northern Africa. Arabs, while united by culture and history, consist of a diverse group of people from countries ranging from Sudan...

During fifth hour, Alternative Education Program Director Joyce Bell helps a student with their writing.

Inspiring Change While Empowering Students

In a cozy corner of school, alternative education teacher Joyce Bell is ready to greet any student with her warm smile. Her 33-year career as an educator is ending, and Bell has experienced several department...

Lidyoff piles on success after success

By Alicia Bennet and William McWatters May 29, 2024

This story contains an alternate format that can only be viewed on the original site. View this story on Tribe Tribune. It was originally published on May 28, 2024.

The graphic illustration is a depiction of the rise of antisemitism. The Anti-Defamation League tracked a 360% surge in antisemitic incidences after Oct. 7.

Campus conversations: The impacts of antisemitism post Oct. 7

By Sydney Tilles, Archer School for Girls May 29, 2024

Editors’ Note: This article focuses on the impacts of antisemitism and people speaking candidly about their experiences and feelings about the Israel-Hamas War, which may be upsetting to some readers. ...

Elia Blot-Lefevre (’26) works on the website he created for his ocean cleanup business, Osean. Blot-Lefevre has also made social media accounts promoting his startup.

Elia Blot-Lefevre reflects on entrepreneurial journey, career aspirations

By Sophia Hsu and Yasmine Rivera May 29, 2024

While surfing with his dad along the Moroccan coast in 2023, Elia Blot-Lefevre (’26) could not ignore the unsettling amount of litter floating in the sea. After catching a wave brimming with plastic,...

Art teacher Niki Stage (Via Stages digital art portfolio)

‘I will forever hold her in my heart’

By Lyla Carney, Lake Forest High School May 24, 2024

Mrs. Niki Stage, an art teacher at LFHS since 2020, passed away on May 19 after experiencing a medical emergency and being hospitalized on May 1. “It is going to take a very long time for all of us...

Jeffrey Gettleman (P ’27 ’30) works at his first journalism job for the St. Petersburg Times in Brooksville, Florida in 1996. Gettleman later worked for the Los Angeles Times and The New York Times.

Jeffrey Gettleman strives to empower readers through words, bridge communities

By Rania Raj and Meher Sareen May 24, 2024

“I resisted journalism,” Jeffrey Gettleman (P ’27 ’30) said. “I had a teacher in college tell me, ‘You seem to like writing. What about working for a newspaper?’ and I said to him, ‘Who...

Harris (second from left in the first row) with the cast of Grease, the final musical production of her 40 year career (photo courtesy of Laura Harris).

After 40 Years, TAHS Music Teacher To Take Her Final Bow

By Evan Chichester, Tyrone Area High School May 24, 2024

No well-performed concert or musical theatre production should conclude without a warm round of applause to show the audience’s sincere appreciation. The same goes for a special Tyrone Area School...

Students can check the updated laws and policies on the SCPS website. There are many different aspects that go into the jobs of the school board, and students have opinions on the laws and policies that affect daily life.

On Board

By Holly Smyers, Hagerty High School May 24, 2024

Every day, students shuffle from class to class, from teacher to teacher without giving much thought to what it takes to keep the school running. There are many different teachers officers and officials...

Tammy Webster and members of the Mount Hebron girls basketball team circa 1990 celebrate by jumping into the air (photo courtesy of Erica Farley, used with permission).

The power of perspective: How Tammy Webster smashes stereotypes with ALS

By Mia Lucas and Emily Rice May 24, 2024

“I didn't know what, but I knew something was wrong,” said Tammy Webster, former basketball star and paraeducator. Webster first began to notice signs that something was off when she was playing...

Freshman Ronald Saba and sophomore Brian Bowers read the sparse rejection letters together. “I really like the idea of having a Rejection Wall here at Jefferson. It unites students with their struggles at a school that is very competitive,” Saba said.

Rejection Wall woes

By Mack Millsapps, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology May 24, 2024

While most people might prefer to keep their college rejections private, Jefferson students proudly display their so-called failures on the Rejection Wall. This wall, typically set up in the spring semester,...

Humans of Harker: Art in motion

Humans of Harker: Art in motion

By Katie Reed, The Harker Upper School May 23, 2024

As the spotlight flickers to life, illuminating the stage with a hazy silver glow, Cecilia Yang (12) strides to the center mark confidently. Settling into a starting position, she is only allowed a second...

Suicides Spike in Spring, Summer Months

By Bianca Storino and Lyla Carney May 23, 2024

Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), otherwise known as seasonal depression, was first identified in 1984 by The National Institute of Mental Health. Signs of seasonal depression usually start to show themselves...

Fighting the system

Fighting the system

By Lia Miller, Hagerty High School May 22, 2024

This story contains an alternate format that can only be viewed on the original site. View this story on Hagerty Journalism Today. It was originally published on May 16, 2024.

WSPNs Chloe Zilembo and Abby Raftery explore the local consequences of the national paramedic shortage.

A call for help: The reality of the paramedic shortage

By Chloe Zilembo and Abby Raftery May 22, 2024

Picture this: You’re babysitting a child and in the middle of your conversation they start slurring their words, staring off into space and complaining of extreme dizziness. They then begin to have a...

Workers sew together intricate pieces of white fabric in a production line at Reformations at the original factory in Vernon, California. In 2020, the brand was awarded with a Sustainability Quality Award of Excellence for Social Responsibility.

Conscious consuming: Sustainable fashion practices help slow climate change

By Katie Ray McKillop, Archer School for Girls May 22, 2024

A pair of boots and a black mini skirt that are absolutely to die for. A knit white sweater, fun red top and the cutest pair of jeans you have ever seen. This kind of shopping spree may seem to only hurt...

Sixth grader Addy Butler tends to tomato plants in Sustainability teacher Casey Huffs Growing Wild FLX block. Students tend to the garden by composting, planting crops and maintaining current plants. “Theres so many things about sustainability that are not solely focused on the environment, Huff said. Theres always economic benefits, there are community benefits as well.”

Carbon Handprint: Role of schools in fighting for sustainable future

By Vivianne Arnold, Archer School for Girls May 21, 2024

The Zeller Student Center is crowded with people — a long, bustling line waiting to get lunch and an even longer line waiting to check out. Each day in the servery, hundreds of students and faculty buy...

Suicide rates have risen among teens in the past decade. This issue has reached Coppell High School as more teens struggle with feelings of depression and hopelessness.

Breaking the silence: Depression prevalent among Coppell’s teens

By Nyah Rama and Aliza Abidi May 21, 2024

Hands folded and eyes down, Chris and Martha Thomas take a deep breath as the video of the memories and passing of their daughter, 2011 Coppell High School graduate Ella Thomas, rolls once again. In...

Demographic information provided by Ankeny Community School District showing the divide between numbers. Infographic made by Ava Tomlinson using Piktochart

A changing community

By Vivian Wu, Ankeny High School May 21, 2024

Ankeny Schools is a thriving community residing within the beautiful sprawling suburbs of Ankeny, Iowa. The district houses over 12,750 students, 78.8 percent of which are white. Though Ankeny has found...

Cathy Kuhlmeier talks to students about her experience with the Hazelwood East newspaper in 1983.

Kuhlmeier Shares the Inside Scoop of Hazelwood v. Kuhlmeier

By Meghan Lynch, Wentzville Liberty High School May 21, 2024

The United States has a complex and interesting history, especially when it comes to Supreme Court cases. There have been a multitude of cases surrounding First Amendment rights, such as Tinker...

Junior Shaylee Hobbs passionately performs her program oral interpretation piece.

From ‘pipe dream’ to reality: national speech tournament arrives in Bellevue

By Raegan Rains, Bellevue West Senior High School May 21, 2024

Bellevue West: a typical high school situated in a city overshadowed by the better-known Omaha, situated in a state that may or may not be recalled by a majority of the U.S. population. And it is here...

Aniyah Ritch (25) posing at her latest shoot.

ISSUE 4: Aniyah Ritch: The “Model Student”

By Anika Sanka, Robinson High School - FL May 21, 2024

She's every school's dream with a sunny disposition and an impressive reputation. While carrying the load of being an IB student, she juggles several band ensembles, being president of Robinson's Best...

Dispatcher, Dominic Sabel, sits at his desk waiting for a call to answer.

Behind the scenes: the first first responders

By Isabella Wilson, Carlmont High School May 17, 2024

The San Mateo County Dispatch Center receives 488,095 calls per year.  Each of these 911 calls is answered by one of the San Mateo County dispatchers, located on the second floor of the county’s...

Transfer student freshmen Allie Tally and Faith Combs talk in the commons between classes. Tally said joining the cheer team helped her adjust to the new school when she transferred in as a freshman. “Coming into here I didn’t really have any friends, so when I met a lot of people on the cheer team it was really good,” Tally said.

Transfer Trend

By Fallon Head, Kingwood Park High School May 17, 2024

When sophomore Emerson Harris watched Kingwood Park’s production of “Almost, Maine” in eighth grade, she knew she wanted to go to Kingwood Park for high school. She was in her final year at West...

Coppell High School sophomore Maria Saybha points at the world map, tracing the journey that took her from Syria’s turmoil to a new life in America. Saybha has lived in 14 countries, each a waypoint in her quest for safety and stability, all while staying connected to her Arabic heritage.

Resilience knows no borders: Saybha’s journey to America

By Deepika Kumar, Coppell High School May 17, 2024

In a life adorned with stamps from across the globe — Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Oman, just to name a few — sophomore Maria Saybha’s way to Coppell High School wasn’t the typical route through...

Senior Rafa Herrera Mota celebrates Senior Night with West Chicagos baseball team and his family on May 14. / Rafa Herrera Mota, estudiante de último año, celebra la Noche de último año con el equipo de béisbol de West Chicago y su familia el 14 de mayo.

Humans of WEGO: Breaking barriers

By Drew Zeman, West Chicago Community High School May 17, 2024

This story contains an alternate format that can only be viewed on the original site. View this story on Wildcat Chronicle. It was originally published on May 14, 2024.

Junior Aneesh Patil displays photos of his family on a vacation in Chicago. His family reunited in the U.S. after being apart from his father for a year. “I didnt want to come to U.S. at the beginning [but my sons] were missing their dad,” his mother Anu said. “That was the reason I had to move here.

Leaving and Learning

By Sylvia Hanes, Ladue Horton Watkins High School May 17, 2024

Neighborhoods closed off for festive holiday parades crowded with celebrating families. Cricket games with siblings and cousins, the winning team gloating with pride and basking in their victory. Fresh...

In this picture, Luna is seen wearing her red-white cord, ribbons, and badges. The red-white cord symbolizes her place on staff, and her ribbons are earned through competitions.

Soaring toward her dreams

By McKenzie Le, Bellaire High School May 17, 2024

March. Clap. Click. Clack. The movements in this unarmed drill are so structured and yet fluid as she led the troop to victory. Ever since middle school, junior Amber Luna was drawn to the Junior...

COMPASSION AND CARE. Tanya Sullivan, a crossing guard who works outside Ray Elementary School, considers interacting with kids as the highlight of being a crossing guard. “You learn a lot from meeting kids from many different schools,” she said, referring to the diverse group of students she encounters daily.

Crossing with care: Hyde Park crossing guard brings connection, positivity

By Orlie Weitzman, University of Chicago Laboratory High School May 17, 2024

At 8:05 a.m. on a cloudy Wednesday morning, the scene at the corner of East 57th Street and South Kimbark Avenue is somewhat chaotic, but the crossing guard, a fixture at this intersection, is always calm....

“I can be very perfectionist at times and volleyball was one of those spaces that challenged me, especially at the start. One of the challenges for me was stepping back and not overcomplicating things for myself and accepting and embracing those moments where things are difficult, where we don’t win a game or I get benched for that game or whatever it may be, and embracing that,” Edis Mesic (12) said.

Humans of Harker: Serving on the court and in the clinic

By Ariana Goetting, The Harker Upper School May 17, 2024

For Edis Mesic (12), not many things bring him more joy than feeling the camaraderie that his volleyball team has cultivated over the years — though he may jokingly tell you that the real thrill comes...

Derek Hughes and a group of Shaler Area students during his visit to SAHS in February.

Hughes blends comedy, showmanship, magic and personality into a perfect mix

By Jack Salego, Shaler Area High School May 17, 2024

From performing to families at TGI Friday’s to performing for some of the biggest celebrities on America’s Got Talent, Derek Hughes has made a name for himself with magic and a larger than life personality....

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