The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

Muslims circling the Kabbah as part of the first ritual during Umrah.

‘I felt like I was talking to God’: An Islamic pilgrimage of devotion and unity

By Noreen Mohamed, Amna Ahmad, and Aariz Khan March 31, 2023

Each year, millions of Muslims travel to Saudi Arabia to complete Umrah, a sacred pilgrimage to Mecca and Medina, Saudi Arabia. The pilgrimage offers an opportunity for Muslims to seek forgiveness, revitalize...

As high school seniors prepare for their new chapter of life in college, many are left wondering what to do with their beloved pets.

College critters: What pet-owners must consider after high school graduation

By Eloise Ayotte, Brentwood High School March 30, 2023

With May rapidly approaching, many high school seniors are gearing up for graduation. Between committing to a college, finding roommates, and finishing high school, seniors have a lot on their minds. On...

Learn about the Wayland METCO program and three past METCO students experiences in Wayland Public Schools.

Wayland METCO program: Past students’ experiences

By Aimee Smith and Nadya Chase March 29, 2023

Join WSPN's Nadya Chase and Aimee Smith as they explore the Wayland METCO program and past students' experiences. This story was originally published on Wayland Student Press on March 24,...

Senior Tiffany Gibson has dinner with her parents and her nine year old sister. Gibsons family has been her largest source of support throughout her treatment process. 
[My dad] helped me through it. He was the one who’d take me to my doctor’s visits, he was trying to make me try to take my medication on time, even though he’d get angry when I didn’t take it. I had to do blood work, so he would always find out. He would always try to get me to take it and remind me, Gibson said.

Overcoming high school with Graves’ disease

By Katie Campbell, Walter Johnson High School March 29, 2023

The summer before her freshman year of high school, senior Tiffany Gibson noticed her neck was unusually swollen. After seeing a pediatrician, she was directed to an endocrinologist, who diagnosed her...

Head Custodian Sam Tartic comes to school before sunrise to make sure its clean and safe for students and staff members. However, Tartics journey began long before his time at South Forsyth.

A ‘Good Wind Behind Your Back’: Head Custodian Sam Tartic Shares His Story of Resilience, Focus

By Saanvi Tatipalli, South Forsyth High School March 29, 2023

South Forsyth High School’s 16 year-olds are typically concerned with standard teenage problems: classwork, social circles, driver’s licenses, relationships and so on.  When South's Head Custodian...

Small Town in Style takes place at 6:30 p.m. April 6 at The Gardens of Cranesbury View.

Fashion show with a heart

By Alex Whelchel, Smithson Valley High School March 29, 2023

Rhaya Edison is described by her mom Danni as an extroverted, determined and fierce 12-year-old princess. Rhaya also was born with spina bifida, a birth defect that affects the spinal cord and can...

Many Muslims celebrate Ramadan by decorating and enjoying meals with family after sunset.

Ramadan 2023: Understanding the Holiday

By Piper Kearney, Liberty High School - North Liberty, Iowa March 29, 2023

Most people know Ramadan as a month of fasting, but few fully understand why more than a billion Muslims around the world celebrate the month.  This year, Ramadan began at sunset on March 22. Its start...

Republic Services has certain requirements for materials to be eligible to be recycled.

Reduce, Reuse, ReEducate

By Aubrey Lacavich and David Moss March 29, 2023

While most students sit through their first hour class, Applied Skills students go classroom to classroom collecting the recycling bins.  Molly Straumann, Applied Skills teacher, is in charge of the...

Many high school struggle with mental health issues. Many different medications can help teenagers cope.

Alleviate The Pain

By Maeby Aleo, Cas East, David Maxwell, Clay Mustoe, and Mars Smith March 28, 2023

Heart-wrenching loneliness. Emptiness. These feelings may be foreign. Odd. Wrong. Scary. For Vishva Venkataraman ‘23, those feelings were all too real. However, the compassion and understanding...

A couple of photos from one of FHCs earliest yearbook spreads.

From letterman jackets to lifelong bonds, FHC has seen it all through the years

By Katelynn Heilman, Forest Hills Central High School March 28, 2023

Although high school can have its tiring days and academic pressures, at least students don’t have to fear spam raining down on them during assemblies. This, unfortunately, was not the case for FHC alumnus...

Yoav Amit takes to the skies with his instructors to learn his way around his plane.

Frequent flyer in training

By Ari Blumenthal, CHARLES E SMITH JEWISH DAY SCHOOL March 28, 2023

While most juniors are working on getting their driver’s licenses, Yoav Amit is aiming much higher - literally. For the past few months, Amit has been preparing to receive his pilot’s license. Yoav...

English teacher Elizabeth Chapman has been teaching for 17 years, 10 of which at Bellaire. In addition to teaching freshman and seniors, her roles also include study abroad coordinator, club coordinator and the chair of the English department.

‘Bellaire is lucky to have her’

By Irene Zheng, Bellaire High School March 28, 2023

The bell for first period hasn’t rung yet, which means there’s still enough time for a game of badminton before English class. With a racket in hand, freshman Megan Wang hits the birdie to her classmates...

There are currently over 2,000 people living in Seminole County. While the Rescue Outreach Mission Center provides emergency shelter and resources for these individuals, they are currently the only homeless shelter operating within the county.


By Sophia Canabal, Hagerty High School March 28, 2023

As youth coordinator at the Coalition for the Homeless in Central Florida, one of the most frequent questions Natasha Yeung hears is “there are homeless kids?”  “Yes, of course there are.”  ...

A change for a cause close to the heart

By Karina Grokhovskaya, Liberty High School - TX March 28, 2023

People can express their identity in many ways. One of which is their hairstyle, but when it comes to their hair, most people can’t envision shaving it all off. However, for senior Varun Saravanan,...

The proportion of teen girls who felt persistently sad has risen dramatically in recent years.

LFHS reacts to new CDC findings reporting extremely high rates of poor mental health in teens

By Elsa Dahlgren, Lake Forest High School March 27, 2023

A new CDC report found that  almost 3 in 5 girls (57%) said they felt "persistently sad or hopeless" this year--the highest rate in a decade. In addition, 30% of high school females have seriously considered...

Consent education starts at a young age, with teaching children how to respect each others boundaries.

Consent Education Empowers Today’s Youth

By Kelsey Jones, Jesuit High School March 27, 2023

“‘What were you wearing? Were you drinking? Were you dancing? Were you smiling too much?’ Those are the questions police asked me before they told me, ‘We're sorry for what happened to you, but...

Senior Adna Parva worked with her family to create this Haftsin from scratch by obtaining all of the necessary materials. Parva’s family likes to employ a theme for their Haftsin each year, with white and gold being the preferred color scheme this time around, according to Parva.

Nowruz Celebrations Connect Persian Students to Culture in a Historic Year for Iranians

By Tara Vatandoust and Parmin Zamani March 27, 2023

Many cultures celebrate their new years in the wintertime, following lunar-based or Gregorian calendars. But one culture’s annual festivities align with the first day of spring: the Persian New Year. Persian...

No, not even water: Ramadan 2023

By Noreen Mohamed, Amna Ahmad, and Aariz Khan March 24, 2023

The holy month of Ramadan begins this week for over two billion Muslims worldwide. Ramadan is the ninth month of the Islamic lunar calendar and one of the three major holidays in Islam.  The purpose...

Academy counselor Sean McCoart converses with South Lakes High School junior Amariee Mayo while he supervises shuttle pickup on Feb. 15.

Faculty employ skills from past careers

By Delaney Brooks, Chantilly High School March 24, 2023

Many students cannot fathom choosing to work in schools for the rest of their professional lives, but sometimes education is the natural destination. Whether it be as a result of scheduling concerns or...

Junior Cade Dornburg, along with junior Braxten Alexander, received the Angler of the Year award in 2021.

‘Keepin’ it reel’

By Emma Siebold, Smithson Valley High School March 24, 2023

Junior Cade Dornburg should have been at football practice. Instead, he was in the hospital, suffering from a stroke. Dornburg was born with atrial septal defect, a heart condition that causes a hole...

Small class size gives
private school students an academic edge.

Less is more

By Ella Waldman, Lily Rulnick, and Jonah Beinart March 24, 2023

The national average class size for public schools is 24 students. The average class sizes for Walter Johnson High School and Sherwood High School, two local public high schools, are 26 and 21 students...

Former Wayland High School Principal Patrick Tutwiler becomes the new secretary of education of Massachusetts under Governor Maura Healey. I really want to be a partner to the people who are experiencing education at all levels, Tutwiler said.

Patrick Tutwiler: Striving to achieve education equity

By Katya Luzarraga, Wayland High School March 24, 2023

On Dec. 16, 2022, Governor Maura Healey appointed former Wayland High School Principal Patrick Tutwiler as Massachusetts’ next secretary of education. The former Lynn superintendent and Boston educator...

Chris Engler shares a few words of gratitude and encouragement at his jersey retirement ceremony. He played basketball in 1974 and then after graduating from Stillwater, he made it into the NBA. His coaches in high school are who he thanks for making him the athlete he was.

Chris Engler fights to find cure for ALS

By Michael Fredericks, Stillwater Area High School March 24, 2023

Bright white lights were lighting the walls of the doctor's office. The sounds of distant mumbling and the beeping of machines filled the room. Chris Engler anxiously waited in a soft chair beside his...

New Tech High @ Coppell senior Arwen Caballero collected old electronics during her Spring Cleaning: Sustainability Drive hosted in NTH@C’s student parking lot on Feb. 18. Caballero’s passion for revitalizing the environment led her to creating a sustainability drive that accepted old electronics and clothing to be upcycled by local organizations including Soles4Soles and the Dallas Zoo.

Caballero driving home sustainability through spring-cleaning themed capstone

By Shrayes Gunna, Coppell High School March 23, 2023

From time to time, New Tech High @ Coppell senior Arwen Caballero spots upholstered couches, reams of copy paper and flared-leg jeans dotting the landscape outside of her apartment in Townlake of Coppell. Recycling,...

Sophomore Logan Kavanaugh competes in teams as well as individuals for Irish dancing.

Sophomore Logan Kavanaugh celebrates Irish dance

By Marty Blader, Downers Grove South High School March 23, 2023

With every swift movement, the crowd claps in rhythm as sophomore Logan Kavanaugh performs his Irish dances in the center of a sea of green at local St. Patrick's Day celebrations. Kavanaugh has been an...

In 2018,1st Lt. Marina Hierl became the first woman in the Marine Corps to command an infantry platoon.

Battling tradition in the male-dominated military

By Grace Wininger '23, Grosse Pointe South High School March 23, 2023

From wrapping wounds in white tents to standing in full military uniform on an active battleground, the role of women in the military has been expanding since the 19th century. Despite women making...

Coppell High School junior Naisha Jain has put her passions and knowledge of STEM into the Technology Student Association for the past two years. On Feb. 11, Jain was announced Region 11 TSA president, the first in Coppell.

STEM driving Jain to become Region 11 TSA president (with video)

By Rhea Chowdhary, Coppell High School March 23, 2023

Countless hours pass by as Coppell High School junior and Technology Student Association secretary Naisha Jain perfects her autoclave device, ready to compete at the TSA regional conference. She competes...

Junior Brianna Rodgers shows off the adapted push-button sewing machine.

Starting a business sews up another achievement for Rodgers

By Evelyn Esek, Baldwin High School - PA March 22, 2023

Junior Brianna Rodgers has had 48 surgeries over the course of her life, but she has refused to let them keep her from reaching her goals – like starting her own small business. Rodgers was born with...

Sophomore JJ Hatcher poses for a photo on the sidelines during a football game.

A heart like JJ’s

By Peyton Kuschmeider and Shehzil Imran March 22, 2023

He was only 2 years old when he began throwing things. It started in car rides with his mother – he would throw his bottle toward the dashboard. As the years progressed, the bottle became a football...

Touchless payments are accepted at businesses all over the globe, both at the register and the drive-thru.

Touchless payments are taking over

By Elizabeth Cruz, Carlmont High School March 22, 2023

Double-click to pay. Just hold your phone near the reader, and the transaction is complete. Seems pretty simple. But what about the technology behind it? “Faster and easier than using cards and cash.”...

Melissa Ageyenko, a brave Ukrainian refugee, lets us know about her life in Ukraine.

Caught in the crossfire

By Angelina Gevorgyan and Angelica Venturina March 21, 2023

For 16 years, Odesa, nestled on the picturesque coast of the Black Sea in southern Ukraine, was home for senior Melissa Ageyenko. But in March 2022, as the war between Russia and Ukraine raged on, she...

PSU student teacher Jack Fang has been working with seniors in Mr. McNitts world geography and economics classes this spring.

Seniors Learn Chinese Culture from PSU Student Teacher

By Braeton Miles, Tyrone Area High School March 21, 2023

For most Tyrone graduates, going “ far away” for college typically means choosing a school that is more than a three or four-hour drive away from home. For Penn State student teacher "Jack" Fang...

The pursuit of a pilots license is just one of the many interesting activities students participate in after school.

After the bell: Hobbies showcase students’ passions

By Lauren Miranda, Downers Grove South High School March 20, 2023

From 8:20 a.m. to 3:20 p.m. the students of DGS seem almost identical. They all work towards the same objectives during the school day: attending classes, taking notes, completing coursework and taking...

Co-presidents Freddie Aldridge ‘24 and Noah Salpeter ‘23 are advocating for the complete restoration of the Compo Beach skate park. They are currently communicating with Westport Parks and Recreation and the Westport Youth Commission to figure out the budget plans for the project.

Staples Skate Club advocates for mainstream, inclusive culture through Compo Park renovation

By Allison Gillman '23 and Alex Gaines '25 March 20, 2023

It takes English teacher Jesse Bauks a couple seconds to quiet down the room. About 10 students across all grades are busy chatting, reacting to skateboarding videos on the smartboard and distributing...

Bassel Ojjeh (’25) poses with those affected by the Turkey-Syria earthquake in a camp located in western Syria. Ojjeh founded H.O.P.E Syria, a charity  providing education to children and assisting refugees amid the humanitarian crisis.

Bassel Ojjeh supports Syrian refugee education

By Rahil Punshi, The American School in London March 17, 2023

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine in 2022, Bassel Ojjeh (’25) said he recalled the detrimental impacts of war occurring in his home country, Syria, inspiring him to tackle the crisis.  “The...

Teachers Lindsey and Larry Scheller write on whiteboards. The Schellers are married and have been working together for over 17 years.  Lindsey teaches classes such as The Novel, as well as English I and II. Meanwhile, Larry teaches biology, anatomy and physiology

Larry and Lindsey Scheller Have Worked Together For 17 Years

By Alayna Lohaus, Francis Howell North High School March 17, 2023

Some may question working with their spouse, but teachers Larry Scheller and Lindsey Scheller make it seem effortless.  Larry has been teaching biology at FHN for 19 years, as well as Anatomy and Physiology....

Ms. Sloper (left), Mrs. Sherwood (right) and Dawn Myers (back) at the end of the school year in 2018. They had an ice cream truck come to the school to buy treats to support the class of 2019. According to Mrs. Sloper, Mrs. Sherwood LOVED treats!

KATE Sherwood project spreads statewide to inspire student-teacher connection 

By Ava Norton and Alyssa Parsons March 17, 2023

There are few people in this world that will make a long lasting impact on people's lives like Kate Sherwood’s impact on students, staff and friends of LHS. Sherwood was a school counselor who worked...

MandatoryQuest, a Gloomhaven Youtuber, interviews Motti Eisenbach. Eisenbach showed him the game during PAX Unplugged, a board game convention, and filmed a short interview about his process of becoming a board game designer.

So you want to be a. . . board game designer?

By Saahil Herrero, The Harker Upper School March 16, 2023

When Motti Eisenbach created The Crimson Scales, a custom fan-made expansion to one of the most well known board games in the industry, Gloomhaven, he never imagined that it would become so popular that...

Picking out a dress, Abby Wilson looks through the “glam rack.” The glam rack is a rack of dresses that are unique, with different kinds of patterns, colors, and designs. Usually, non-traditional prom dresses go here.

‘It’s more than the dress’

By Chiara Arendt, West Linn High School March 15, 2023

Packing up for college and getting ready to move out, Abby Wilson, class of 2003, spotted her pink dress from her junior year of prom. Prom is a rite of passage for many high schoolers: those one or two...

Each student we talked to said that pressure at school  — where perfection seems to be the only option — exacerbated their mental health struggles.

Burlingame girls report widespread mental health crisis

By Elise Spenner, Burlingame High School - CA March 15, 2023

“All of my female friends have struggled with eating disorders, depression, suicidal ideation, self harm, or general anxiety.” “I personally know multiple females who have attempted or successfully...

Oana Rus moved to the United States from Romania, sharing her passion for math with students.

Leaving behind a legacy: a teacher’s untold story

By Marley Helfer, Ballard High School March 15, 2023

On a normal day, she would return from school and enter her family’s apartment to find 20 to 30 shoes at the entrance. The rooms of her home were filled with kids doing math late into the night, full...

English teacher Mr. Brad Ruda traded in pilot license for a teachers license.

Harley-riding, high-flying teacher found passion in literature

By Dylan Cardona and Tessa Poulton March 14, 2023

Like a lot of teenagers, English teacher Mr. Bradley Ruda once faced pressure to pursue a career he wasn't interested in. His parents hoped he would major in business while at the University of Colorado. But...

Brianna Shannon and her husband Devonte Jones at the Washington Monument in D.C. in November of 2022. This was around the same time they met in 2013.

A Bellaire love story

By Emma Xiao, Bellaire High School March 14, 2023

Less than two percent of marriages start out as high school sweethearts. But assistant volleyball coach Brianna Shannon and freshman football head coach and varsity offensive line coach Devonte Jones have...

Hopkin’s CTE Engineering Design and Development class currently has six females to nineteen male students.

Where are all the girls?

By Kailyn Holty, Woodside High School - CA March 14, 2023

The harmony of tinkering and clicking sounds greets sophomore and Robotics club member Abigail Brown as she enters the engineering classroom. Yet instead, she’s met with the overwhelming lack of girls...

Zach Avila, architectural engineering teacher, removes eggs from his chicken coop. He said they often have an abundance of eggs, and they usually give some away to friends and family.

Chicken before the egg…

By David Moss, Marquette High School March 14, 2023

Zach Avila, architectural engineering teacher, had always thought about getting chickens. “My wife and I had been discussing it forever,” Avila said. “We’ve also had friends and neighbors that...

Elementary students made signs to celebrate Carter. Community members, students, high school athletics, cheer, the Majestics and fine arts were also seen marching down Stacy Ridge to the Dubois’ home.

An unforgettable birthday

By Hannah Gonzalez, Lovejoy High School March 14, 2023

On Wednesday, Feb. 22, hundreds of community members paraded down the street to wish Carter Dubois a very special 7th birthday. DuBois is a kindergartner at Puster Elementary who was diagnosed with acute...

Although social media discussion usually lies within the effect of mental health, there are underlying issues that are not always addressed. The decrease in attention span is alarming and affecting students in many ways.

15 seconds too long

By Greta Carrasco, Hagerty High School March 13, 2023

You have to watch a video and answer some questions for an assignment, but you let it play while also scrolling through your Instagram feed. After the first time through, you are missing answers for several...

Looking Through the Bars: A cat located at the Kentucky Humane Societys main campus stares at the camera through the bars of its cage.


By Sammie Haden, Maya O, and Jazmine Martinez March 10, 2023

The walls were lined with crates, and the sound of wagging tails hitting the tile floor filled the room. In our peripheral vision, we saw paws pressing against the gates of kennels, desperately reaching...

Jordan Peterson, a building sub at West, poses for the camera. This is his first year joining the faculty at West.

Peterson for progress

By Jane Lam, West High School March 9, 2023

When faced with a storm, cattle try to outrun it. Bison, on the other hand, run towards the storm, knowing it will pass quicker that way. Building substitute Jordan Peterson says that students are like...

With a bassoon in hand, Nolan Smith expresses his love for music as he prepares for the program happening in July.

Nolan Smith (‘23) earns a spot in NYO-USA Carnegie Hall Orchestra

By Edwin He, Amador Valley High School March 8, 2023

Music is the language of the soul. It raises spirits, unites nations, and expresses the yearnings of the heart. For bassoonist Nolan Smith (‘23), music is also an endearing passion and a dazzling dream...

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