The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

Holding up their T-Wolf signs, volleyball girls and Wolves for Wishes ambassador, senior Ana-Kate Partridge, pose for a picture at the volleyball bake sale on Oct. 19. This was the clubs first fundraiser, and they raised a total of ,750 for the Make A Wish Foundation. I was shocked at how much money [we] raised from the bake sale, Partridge said. Just knowing that we raised that much money and that [the team] was willing to do this made me really excited, and I was so grateful that all these people [donated].

Wolves For Wishes

By Ally JohnPress, Cedar Park High School December 3, 2021

Wearing Timberwolf green shirts with a dazzling “Wolves for Wishes” script and globe depicted across the chest, volleyball girls and supporters of the Make A Wish Foundation sit together at the volleyball...

Information taken from informal study done by Redwood students in 2016.

Accessibility to alcohol plagues Marin County teens

By Isabella Welter Vazquez and Elliot Smith December 3, 2021

With the ubiquity of accessibility, privilege, and wealth In Marin County, alcohol use and abuse are prevalent issues for many students. Regular substance use and binge drinking rates in Marin are among...

Polarization doesn’t just extend to political parties. Recently, the term “media polarization” has been coined to describe the way news outlets have become more partial and are shifting people’s viewpoints further apart.

America divided

By Anna Holme, James Bowie High School December 2, 2021

Political polarization impacted by media bias and perceptions Senior Caroline Rasmussen has heard the same story before. The election was stolen. Her step-grandma has been sending her conspiracy videos...

Marina Lee’s tech organization Citro Tech aims to empower minority communities and women in their journey towards STEM careers.

“Easy Peasy, Lemon Squeezy”: Amador senior’s tech organization empowers minorities in STEM 

By Carol Xu, Amador Valley High School December 1, 2021

Out-of-place. Intimidated. Isolated. As the level of diverse representation in STEM remains low, these feelings continue to grip minorities pursuing careers in math, science, and tech fields. Citro Tech,...

Sophomore Ella Underwood holds a phone with Autumm Davis’s Instagram account pulled up. In just the span of three years, Ella has found five new family members. “Having a new family is overwhelming, but I am thankful for having them in my life,” Ella said.

The missing piece

By Christy Thomas, Hebron High School December 1, 2021

Ella sits in her bedroom, idly scrolling through Instagram and sees a message from a female stranger who liked her outfit. Ella texts back to say thank you, but soon, their conversation turns more personal....

Aaron Raya, classified substitute at Santa Ana Unified School District, takes attendance for AP English Literature teacher, Monique Statlers class, on Friday October 29, 2021, at Godinez Fundamental High School during third period.

Substitute Teacher Shortage Adds a Burden To Schools Across the Nation

By Wendy Rodriguez, Godinez Fundamental High School November 30, 2021

Friday mornings in the front office of Godinez Fundamental High School (GFHS) are chaotic.  A typical morning for office manager Olivia Arredondo at GFHS is finding sub coverage for two to three teachers...

Eating breakfast, Junior Scott Marsh sits with his friends in the morning. Marsh regularly eats breakfast from school and said he considers it important for his academic and athletic performance. Generally, it helps me get through the morning without falling asleep and gives me the protein I need for football, Marsh said. Its much easier for me to pick up breakfast from school since I dont have much time after arriving on campus.

The Most Important Meal of the Day

By Jaden Kolenbrander, Cedar Park High School November 30, 2021

The Kellog’s-invented phrase that breakfast is the most important meal of the day is one of the most famous pieces of advice regarding the meal. However, this may not always be the case. Standard...

In February 1947, the second-to-last graduating class of Boys’ High took a picture. That summer, the last class would graduate from Boys’ High.

Boys’ High School establishes foundation of excellence for Midtown

By Aran Sonnad-Joshi and Sayan Sonnad-Joshi November 30, 2021

Seventy-five years ago, in 1946, Boys’ High School welcomed its last class. The next spring, in 1947, both Boys’ High and its sister school, Tech High School, both all-white male-only schools, would...

Senior Ashton Smith works to fire up the students in an Alice In Wonderland-themed costume he designed for Parker the Panther. He and his mom have worked together on his costumes for the past four years.

‘One-Man Show’

By Maya Ortiz, Kingwood Park High School November 30, 2021

Ashton Smith rushed from one event to another. He dressed in his Parker the Panther suit for Friday night football. The next morning he posed with little kids at the Silver Star dance camp. He then...

People protesting during the September 2019 climate strikes in New

York City. The protested had an estimated turnout of over 250,000. Mas-
ters students were allowed an excused absence to go to the march.

A hard rain’s a-gonna fall

By Kira Ratan, The Masters School November 29, 2021

There is no such thing as a rain angel. Nor a rainball fight, nor sledding in the rain, nor, until recently, rain days. The effects of the ongoing climate crisis are running their course at and around...

An extravagant clock in Mr. Venezias room serves as a reminder of memorable students from last school year

Tokens of Lasting Thoughtfulness

By Sam Podnar, North Allegheny Senior High School November 24, 2021

Math teacher Mrs. Volpe’s room houses countless objects from her years of teaching. The corner by her desk is especially jam-packed with decoration, but one image sticks out: the face of Albert Einstein,...

Senior Thivinya Kobbekaduwa holds up a Sri Lankan flag. Kobbekaduwa was born in Sri Lanka and was inspired to give back to her home city of Kobbekaduwa after hearing news of underfunded schools in Sri Lanka from her aunt.

Thivinya Kobbekaduwa Helps Underprivileged Sri Lankans Skim Through a New Chapter of Education

By Kayleen Kim, Portola High School November 24, 2021

Piles of books and plastic grocery bags are scattered on the floor around senior Thivinya Kobbekaduwa. She carefully sorts each title into boxes, preparing to send every shipment to underprivileged communities...

On Nov. 14, Friends and family walk at Pine Trails Park for Anthony Rizzos 10th Annual Walk-Off for Cancer.

Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation’s 10th Annual ‘Walk Off for Cancer’ event raises $1.3 million

By Sophia Squiccirini and Vincent Ciullo November 23, 2021

On Nov. 14, 2021, the Anthony Rizzo Family Foundation hosted its 10th annual “Walk Off for Cancer” at Pine Trails Park in Parkland, Florida. The event completely sold out. As an event attended by many...

BACK WHERE HE STARTED.  At the last home game of the season, Wildkat alum Morgan Luttrell was recognized at the game. Luttrell is running for Congress and hopes to replace Kevin Brady when he retires.

Willis grad throws hat into contest for Congress

By Heather Jackson, Willis High School November 23, 2021

A high school student living in the Piney Woods of Willis, Texas. A Navy SEAL in training living in sunny San Diego, California.  A soldier in the deserts of Iraq and Afghanistan.  A politician...

FLEXING FOR MASON: Masons friends dress in athletic wear per request of family for wake.

Students gather to celebrate Mason Walter’s life

By Gretchen Lucina, Downers Grove North High School November 23, 2021

“Even if you were not close friends with Mason, he still wanted to talk to you, [and] wanted to know how your day was. He just loved people so much, and everyone loved him back,” close friend senior...

Laiha Slaytaon, a 2019 graduate of Hayes, suffered second- and third-degree burns on over 90% of her body while trying to rescue her dog from a hot spring at Yellowstone National Park on Oct. 4.

Community rallies around family of Laiha Slayton

By Elizabeth Atanosian, Rutherford B. Hayes High School November 23, 2021

Laiha Slayton, a 20-year-old Hayes graduate, was severely burned after attempting to save her dog who had fallen into a geyser at Yellowstone National Park. According to East Idaho News, she was placed...

Junior Claudia Portocarreros Confections by Claudia showcases her sweet creativity.

Junior Takes a Baking Hobby to the Next Level

By Lucia Moglia, Our Lady of Lourdes Academy November 22, 2021

After having an amazing time at a summer sleep away camp in seventh grade, junior Claudia Portocarrero was eager to go back the next year. The only dilemma was that this time she would have to pay for...

David Theune elevates empathy with Share Chair Podcast

By Camille Berko, Grand Haven High School November 22, 2021

It started with bullying. It wasn’t obvious, or violent, or so blatantly antagonistic that everyone around stopped to watch. It wasn’t like what they show you in the movies. Instead, it was whispered...

Aden McCracken of Tyrone has faced a lot of obstacles in life. Instead of allowing the cycle continue, through hard work and perseverance, he now attends Stanford University, one of the most elite colleges in the country.

Against The Odds: Tyrone Native Overcomes the Barriers of Generational Poverty

By Ellie Oakes, Tyrone Area High School November 22, 2021

Aden McCracken spent most of his childhood in Tyrone, and likely would have been the 2021 Tyrone Area High School valedictorian if he had remained at TAHS for his senior year. But in the fall of 2020 McCracken...

Aasvi Patel, junior, (on the far right) with family and friends at a Diwali party on Nov. 6. They are dressed in their cultural clothes and holding candles to celebrate the festival of light.

MHS Students Celebrate Diwali

By Annabelle Miller (she/her), Marquette High School November 22, 2021

“For Diwali, you wish for wealth, and you wish for a successful life,” Niha Sanjeeva, sophomore, said. Diwali, also known as the festival of lights, is a five day celebration in India starting on...

The various cultures represented at Manual are a key opportunity for both educational and character development. Graphic by Zoe Paige

Second generation immigrant students share their experiences

By Zoe Paige , duPont Manual High School November 22, 2021

Manual prides itself on its diversity and inclusivity, with students who come from homes of varying income, race, culture and expectations. This is reflective of an equally diverse city. Louisville’s...

Aditi Mishra (11) poses with her immigrant visa. Mishra and her family immigrated to the U.S. from Nepal in November 2011.

International Spartans’ journeys to citizenship

By Jessica Sahota, White Station High School November 22, 2021

Pizza, burgers and fried chicken. Odd obsessions with football. Welcome to the United States: land of the free, home of the brave. To many, the U.S. is a beacon of hope and opportunity. Upon arrival, however,...

Bay Area adds extra precautions to their Pet purchasing regulations to avoid returns that can be detrimental to the pets mental health

Bay Area shelters brace themselves for post-pandemic pet returns

By Shreya Jagannathan and Nidhay Mahavadi November 18, 2021

As the Bay Area transitions from remote to in-person work, a growing number of pets that were adopted during quarantine are returned to animal shelters by owners who claim that they do not have the time...

The Frotan family poses for a picture while awaiting transportation to Germany.

Escape from the Taliban

By Eavan Driscoll, Albemarle High School November 18, 2021

“There was a shiver up and down, up and down. I couldn’t feel my legs. I couldn’t feel my arms, and I just said, ‘Mom let’s go home.’” Fourteen-year-old freshman Sara Frotan and her...

Fans wait for Travis Scott to take the stage at Astroworld. The festival quickly went south when attendees began compressing towards the stage.

Tragedy at Astroworld

By Isabella Sandoval, Judson High School November 18, 2021

“Everyone waited till 9:02 to hear Travis hop on. Before it started, I had made small talk with the people around me and we all agreed to have each other’s back in case of anything,” senior Isaac...

Image of Brooke dancing from her senior photo session with Shirk Photography.

Be A Light: The Legacy of Brooke Anne Langland

By Liz Barnett, Liberty High School - IA November 18, 2021

“Be A Light”- if you are a member of the Liberty High community, this is a mantra that you are most likely familiar with. It is an adage that was started after the passing of Brooke Anne Langland,...

Senior members of the LBJ Fire Academy line up to put out the propane fire at their first live fire skill day of the school year. Each person in the line has a specialized job, first in line holds the nozzle of the hose, the second and third are backup and the fourth person is the hose wrangler, making sure they have enough hose left to turn. “We just had to learn every single job, and that was stressful,” senior and LBJ Fire Academy member Michael Valentino said. “Every person has their job and they have to do it, and if you don’t do it it’s gonna go bad.” Caption by Kennedy Weatherby.

Forged by fire (fighting)

By Kennedy Weatherby, McCallum High School November 17, 2021

Bright colors shine upon his face and smoldering heat covers his body as 13-year-old Michael Valentino admires the 30-foot-tall blazing propane fire while his older brother, Chris Valentino, works to put...

Senior Stefven Klein sits in a tree with his freshly finished, historically accurate, handmade outfit. Klein has been sewing since he was five years old and started making his own clothes only a few years ago. “[Sewing] helps you kind of slow down your mind and focus on whats happening in the moment,” he said. “You realize that if youre putting stress into what youre doing, youre going to mess up, and you need to take that step back to calm yourself down.”

Stitching Together Worlds: How Senior Stefven Klein Makes Clothes To Connect The Past To The Present

By Madison Seckman, Cherry Creek High School November 17, 2021

On senior Stefven Klein’s kitchen table is an array of natural fiber fabrics in the works. Cut-outs of patterns traced onto wrapping and freezer paper are pinned on the fabric, and in his hand is a piece...

Love Plus Feelings run by Anahita Vaidhya, sells handmade jewelry, including magnetic heart bracelets during Homecoming season

Dougherty Valley students enterprise their creative skill by opening small businesses

By Suhani Kashyap and Ashley Lee November 17, 2021

Creative and talented students are easy to find at Dougherty Valley High School (DVHS), and among those students are those who created small businesses to sell handmade products. Some sell handmade jewelry,...

Now a popular youth hangout spot, Glen Echo Park — a five-minute drive from Whitman — was the site of months of advocacy before its desegregation.

“They came back every day to stand up for what they believed in”

By Stephanie Solomon, Walt Whitman High School November 17, 2021

Never mind Bethesda Row or Montgomery Mall: one of the spots Whitman students frequented most often this past summer to watch sunsets from rooftops, view art galleries or simply roam historic property...

“It was hard to share my journey at first because I didn’t know how people would react and only my close friends and family knew about my diagnosis. But I knew it had to be done because of the healthcare inequities, Pekarek said.

Conquering cancer: EHS senior turns adversity into action

By Mia DiLorenzo, Edina High School November 17, 2021

When Edina High School senior Sophie Pekarek felt a lump on her back last March, she waved it off. “I thought it was a cyst or something—I didn’t even know anything was wrong,” Pekarek said....

Linden Tree co-owners Flo Grosskurth and Chris Saccheri had a tough task ahead of them when the pandemic hit just months after they purchased the bookstore located in downtown Los Altos to save it from closure. Since then, their innovative strategies and strong connections to the community have helped the store continue to prosper.

Linden Tree thrives through the pandemic with community support

By Audrey Tsai, Los Altos High School November 17, 2021

Plastic gold stars and red curtains adorn the open store window of Linden Tree Books. Children and parents are scattered across the colorful chairs and couches outside the store, enraptured by the storytelling...

The Eagle Eye profiled six veterans memorialized on banners in downtown Tyrone to create a virtual walking tour of their stories. The project is ongoing and other families are encouraged to participate.

The Stories Behind The Banners: An Eagle Eye Veterans Day Project

By Ellie Oakes, Tyrone Area High School November 17, 2021

Visitors to downtown Tyrone have probably noticed the dapper new banners hanging from the light posts that line both sides of Pennsylvania Avenue and West 10th Street. The banners honor local veterans...

Juniors Elijah Henderson and Hudson Henzlik, along with seniors Ainsley Aadland and Regan Poppen, spend time together in Connections class.


By Lucy Halverson and Lindsay Maresh November 17, 2021

Under the Friday night lights, senior Ainsley Aadland dances for the roaring crowd, alongside the BVNW dance team, The Pack.  Aadland is involved in a variety of school activities including Special...

69 percent of Muslim women who wear the hijab have experienced discrimination.

The Hijab: What is its meaning?

By Amre Abumarkhieh, Granite Bay High School November 16, 2021

The piece of cloth around a Muslim woman’s head is simply a piece of cloth, yet priceless in the eyes of the woman herself. In Islam, the hijab is a form of modesty. However, with a predominantly...

Senior Allison Smith, who plans to attend Community College, researches information regarding Collin College.

Non-traditional Career Paths

By Ian Wright, Hebron High School November 16, 2021

With hundreds of thousands of seniors submitting their college application, they’ll soon graduate and begin a new chapter in their lives. This often encompasses following the traditional path of higher...

Westside staff members Michelle Kopecky and Cass Birdsall-Scherer were recently named finalists for the Midwest Eye Care Eyes on Heroes contest.

Westside Staff Members Finalists for Eyes on Heroes Contest

By Ainsley Meyerson, Omaha Westside High School November 16, 2021

Oakdale Elementary fourth grade instructor Michelle Kopecky and Westside Community Schools speech pathologist Cass Birdsall-Scherer were recently named finalists for the Midwest Eye Care Eyes on Heroes...

Junior Isabel Hycnar, wears her “Fight Like Flo” shirt to school on Wednesday, September 29, 2021. The Xavier softball team members wore their “Fight like Flo” shirts to honor their beloved teammate Kylie Rodgers.

Celebrating the triumphant life of Kylie Rodgers

By Ellie Pompay, Xavier College Preparatory Academy - AZ November 16, 2021

On September 1, 2021, a beautiful, strong and gracious soul was lost. Kylie Rodgers was a Xavier College Preparatory graduate from the class of 2019. She was a talented softball player, an amazing student...

Though Halloween has become popularized in the United States, more traditional beliefs against the holiday are still held in parts of the world. Oksana Tyulyayev, MHS parent, is originally from Ukraine and said her beliefs against the holiday come from the Bible. She said a quote from Ephesians 5:11 summarizes her thoughts as it says, “And have no fellowship with the unfruitful works of darkness, but rather reprove them.”

Religious Reflections on Halloween

By Marin Ellington (she/her) , Marquette High School November 15, 2021

Frivolous costumes and bags weighed down by candy are what mark most children’s memories of Oct. 31.  In many eastern European countries, however, the holiday is considered taboo based on religious...

The Printing for Prosthetics Club met on November 3, 2021. Pictured (left to right) are seniors Lilly Mitchell, Hayley Norton, Grace Morin, Caroline Kelly and junior Jula Utzschneider.

Printing for Prosthetics builds handy devices

By Annie Zhao, Algonquin Regional High School November 15, 2021

The Printing for Prosthetics club lends a hand to anyone who may be missing one by creating and donating artificial limbs. Last year, seniors Hayley Norton and Caroline Kelly started the Printing for...

Junior Memphis BellCobb (right) works on a trick with his skateboard in the quad after school Sept. 17.

Rails, ramps, steps — skateboard heaven

By Michelle Sheen, Sunny Hills High School November 12, 2021

Turning, twisting and flipping before skidding to a stop, people take over parking structures or skate parks on their skateboards as a hobby and sport — one that is popular among the youth. Particularly...

Movember and No-Shave November are well known traditions that many people participate in to support mens health.

The Meaning Behind the Beards

By Suhani Bhanvadia, Yorba Linda High School November 12, 2021

You’ve probably heard of No-Shave November or Movember. If you haven’t, the rules are simple. Put down the razor for 30 days. But it's not just a silly, fun thing that everyone does. Personally, I...

Nurse Chanthini Thomas calls the family of a confirmed positive student, asking questions about who they have come into contact with and if they have any siblings at home attending school. Thomas learned the correct process of contact tracing and other COVID prevention methods before the school year started, receiving certificates for her training as a school nurse.

An underequipped clinic’s fight against COVID: ‘It’s a wonder we have not died.’

By Amy Park, Bellaire High School November 12, 2021

A solitary chair sits in the hallway outside of room 1733, a small space that doubles as school nurse Chanthini Thomas’ clinic. Three air filters are placed throughout the room, bought by Thomas herself....

The Lauren Dunne Astley memorial mosaic at Wayland High School, which can be found in the courtyard adjoining the Commons. Designed by Astley’s close friends and teachers, the mosaic contains small details that represent Astley to them, like the Starbucks symbol hidden in the green glass on the left. “I think of Lauren often, especially when I walk past that glittering Wayland High School mosaic her friends and teacher collectively crafted in her memory,” retired WHS history teacher Kevin Delaney said during the 10 year anniversary remembrance for Astley that was held over the summer.  “As I walk through the courtyard and see that sunshine daisy radiating over a blue horizon, I remember the bright fin loving and inquisitive student arriving late to my US history class bearing a sheepish grin and an extra large coffee in hand.” This past July marks the ten year anniversary of Laurens death and the memorial funds creation.

Ten years later, the Lauren Dunne Astley Memorial Fund keeps Lauren’s legacy alive

By Joanna Barrow, Sophia Oppenheim, and Emily Roberge November 11, 2021

On the bottom of the Lauren Dunne Astley Memorial Fund’s website is a video of Astley performing a solo with the Wayland High School's female a capella group, The Muses. She stands at the center of a...

Young Maddi Kain poses with her fourth grade teacher and tutor from Summit Schools.

The Ability Behind Invisibility

By Amelia Cleary, Liberty High School - IA November 11, 2021

Food allergies, mental illness, autoimmune disease, and learning disabilities. These life-altering illnesses all share a common factor: they are invisible to those who do not live with them. While it may...

Upper school Principles of Business teacher Patrick Kelly is the creator of Corporis, a Youtube channel that supplies educational science-related content. Kelly first founded Corporis in 2017 and is also a contributor to SciShow, a subsidiary of internet phenomenon Hank Greens CrashCourse.

Meet your teacher: Business teacher navigates the ins and outs of content creation

By Tiffany Chang and Shinjan Ghosh November 10, 2021

CrashCourse, with over 12 million subscribers and 1.5 billion total views, is well-known and well-loved by the student community. Whether you’re cramming for an AP exam or interested in learning about...

Food deserts are classified as regions with little access to fresh produce, and they affect millions of Americans.

Parched for fresh cuisine: Life in food deserts

By Jason Shan and Susanna Tang November 10, 2021

Picture a desert: arid and empty, without water in sight. Similarly, food deserts are impoverished regions where immediate access to healthy foods is out of reach, and their prevalence affects millions...

At the district level, there are currently open positions for two nurses, four teachers, eight bus drivers, 10 teaching assistants and 22 custodians. Principal Jeremy Mitchell would like to encourage individuals to explore job opportunities in Parkway. “I think in my heart of hearts that we’re a pretty good place that people would want to work for. It’s just figuring out what that looks like post-COVID,” Mitchell said. “Before you say no, or don’t consider it, try to talk to folks that have been here, whether it be students and staff, and try to get their opinion. By having conversations, your opinions of working in the educational system may change.”

The low-down on low staff

By Leah Schroeder, Parkway West High School November 10, 2021

With 10.4 million job openings in the United States, 221,266 openings in Missouri and 46 openings in the district, the labor shortage is a pressing issue and one that undoubtedly is affecting our district....

Uma Bajaj, age 10, gets ready to perform for her fifth grade elementary class in celebration of Diwali in 2015. Uma Bajaj said, “Diwali is always such a special moment that allows me to connect with my family.

‘Everywhere you see lights’: November 4 marks India’s largest holiday, Diwali

By Rose Sarner, Archer School for Girls November 10, 2021

Thursday, Nov. 4 and the 15th day of the Kartik month, marked Diwali, or Dipawali, an Indian Holiday otherwise known as the Festival of Lights, that celebrates the victory of good over evil. According...

NASH senior Emma Scott meets with AP English 4 teacher Mrs. Rhinehart for a college application essay conference.

By the Letter

By Sam Podnar, North Allegheny Senior High School November 10, 2021

Pick a NASH senior at random and look at the tabs open on their laptop—chances are, you’ll find,, and the ever-popular Reddit thread r/applyingtocollege. College application...

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