The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

Following the experience of those who moved states in an increasingly partisan country

From state to state: A political and cultural shift

By Melody Cui and Jefferson Le May 20, 2022

Choir teacher Amy Young could have been legally fired for being a gay teacher when she lived in Florida four years ago. This possibility, combined with the constant feeling of being a minority,  convinced...

Michael Shaikh captures a photo of Afghans walk the streets of Kabul.

Surviving the war on terror

By Izaan Masud and Maya Campbell May 20, 2022

When the American troops first arrived, Farouq Samim was optimistic about the future of Afghanistan. An overwhelming sense of hope was present at the American’s first arrival. Since 1996, the Taliban...

Mr. LaBrot teaches senior Belle Maxwell about gluing a shelf together. LaBrot has recently joined the Missouri National Guard.

Army National Guard Welcomes Specialist LaBrot

By Sydney Davis, Wentzville Liberty High School May 20, 2022

Mr. Michael LaBrot had a burning desire to do something for a cause bigger than him. "You're only on Earth once, and I want to do something as impactful as I can while I'm here,” he said.  LaBrot...

The McHenry Police Department is housed at the McHenry Municipal Center on Green St. The department has partnered with MCHS to send student resource officers to the school.

This is fine

By Vanessa Moreno, McHenry High School May 20, 2022

A McHenry High School student carrying an e-cigarette walks out of the bathroom when he notices a student resource officer staring right at him. Doing his job, the SRO issues a ticket to be resolved in...

Juniors like Alexander Kuhn and Mikayla Gdanov are choosing to graduate early to pursue their academic careers. Kuhn and Gdanov both have a desire to help others and plan on doing so after graduating from high school. “I chose to graduate early because I wanted to get a jump start on college and my career pathway,” Gdanov said. “I also knew I could with my AP and honors classes that I have taken.”

Jump starting service

By Kaden Roth, Millard West High School May 19, 2022

For seniors, the end of the year means closing the yearbook and looking toward what's to come. Juniors like Mikayla Gdanvo and Alexander Kuhn find themselves in the same boat by choosing to graduate early.  ...

The American Dream Drive-In put on “Dog” for their fundraiser in support of Mr. Mickelson and his family.


By Nathan Feller, Powell High School May 19, 2022

Drive-in movies have been a point of nostalgia deep within the heart of the American culture. Since their June 6, 1933 creation, drive-in theaters have been romanticized as one of the best venues for a...

Tina Riehle announced on Feb. 16 that she will run for the 33B seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives. She has been a part of the Stillwater community for 17 years, and has spent the past three years on the school board .

Tina Riehle runs for 33B seat for House of Representatives

By Chelsea Stahl, Stillwater Area High School May 19, 2022

“I just think that it's important for all students, whether you're a Democrat, or you're Republican, or you're an independent, or whatever party you are, that all students understand what the process...

Coppell High School service dog London takes a  walk around the CHS campus on Thursday. CHS service dogs are trained to calm and provide comfort to special needs students.

High school sweetheart edition: Pawfect friend brightens schooldays

By Tracy Tran, Coppell High School May 18, 2022

Being side by side, a silent assistant carefully observes the students without leaving eyes for a second, keeping the professionalism in the job. A small movement would immediately be caught in his...

Many High School students have created and run businesses that reflect their passions. Through developing these businesses, they have overcome challenges, learned valuable skills and set future goals.

High School students cultivate passions through self-created businesses

By Sophia Bassi, Vittoria Di Meo, and Anna Reznick May 18, 2022

Throughout high school, students are often encouraged to explore their passions. Some students take their interests and apply them to create businesses in their respective fields. Many plan to continue...

At 9 A.M., a school lunch worker assembles a side of corn, beans, and spices for students to enjoy during lunch.

National School Lunch Hero Day: honoring our lunch workers

By Leila Touati, Amador Valley High School May 18, 2022

Every lunch period at Amador, students jostle in long lines; they speed through the cafeterias, shove foil-wrapped meals onto their trays, and leave as quickly as they enter. But through the double-doors...

Friends welcome home Douglass after her final surgery last week. The dance captain underwent two heart surgeries for a rare medical condition.

Sea of Red Welcomes Senior Dance Captain Home From Surgery

By Elsa Dahlgren, Lake Forest High School May 18, 2022

A sea of red flooded the hallways last week as students showed their support for senior Ava Douglass who underwent two open heart surgeries in just 10 days. The avid dancer and pom team captain, who...

AN ADVENTURE BEGINS.  English teacher, Anthony Lane, plans to sail the world with his 15 year-old-son.

English teacher begins around-the-world journey in the Atlantic

By Heather Jackson, Willis High School May 17, 2022

A young child sits in his seat as the boat makes its way to their fishing spot in Trinity River. He casts his small rod, bobber barely visible due to limited early-morning light. He carefully watches and...

Family Promise Metrowest hosts its 13th annual Walk to End Homelessness. Due to COVID-19, the walk will be virtual, and members of Wayland High School’s Family Promise Club are encouraged to join.

Family Promise: The walk to end homelessness

By Annabelle Zhang, Wayland High School May 17, 2022

With the drastic increase in housing prices and an inert minimum wage, family homelessness in Massachusetts faced a concerning 72% increase from 2007 to 2020. Family Promise is an organization with the...

Dan Shaner has been named the Holocaust Educator of the Year by the Pittsburgh Holocaust Center.

Shaner, honored for Holocaust education, focuses on many social issues

By Asmita Pokharel and Eli Traud May 17, 2022

When she was in eighth grade, Kaylee Smolko got to speak with a Holocaust survivor as part of a program organized by gifted support teacher Daniel Shaner. “It is emotional because you can read books...

Illustration from 48.5 Print Edition front page. The cover showcased stories on the Global Expo and unconventional college paths. Staff illustration: Sophie Fang

From 48.5 Print: Menlo Seniors and Alumni Pursue Unconventional Paths after Graduating

By Erica Fenyo, Menlo School May 17, 2022

College sweatshirts abound and students rush to update their Instagram bios as seniors receive their acceptances and decide which university to attend next year. However, not all Menlo students choose...

Organ donation is a cause close to the heart of some in the NVOT community.

Saying ‘Yes’ to Saving Lives

By Lara Areiqat, Emma Mor, and Caroline Tharakan May 17, 2022

Getting a driver’s license is one of the top things high school students look forward to. When the time comes to go to the MVC and make it official, excitement brims as they fill their forms out, anticipating...

With the guidance of Maker Nexus instructors, Lynbrook student volunteers created switch-adapted toys by soldering and connecting wires to larger external buttons.

Learning is limitless with switch-adapted toys

By Sam Sarma, Lynbrook High School - CA May 16, 2022

Children begin their education with toys: learning the different senses, the alphabet, colors and more. For children and adults with motor disabilities, small switches on electronic toys limit their access...

The colors of the polyamorous flag are blue, representing openness and honesty, red representing love, and black representing solidarity with those in polyamorous relationships who must hide them from the outside world. The polyamorous flag has the symbol for pi in gold representing the value we place on emotional attachment to others.

Love is infinite: de-stigmatizing polyamory

By Alana Wacker, Carlmont High School May 16, 2022

Love is infinite. This is a common saying in the world of polyamory and encapsulates the belief that love does not run out. It grows and changes but cannot deplete. “I have a lot of love to give,”...

Stevie Fisher pushes through in training as a firefighter to pursue his passion.

The evolution of a hero, from teen to firefighter

By Madison Socol, Kings High School May 16, 2022

Flaming heat flares as the fire blows across the field destroying anything and everything in its path. Witnesses stand by, watching the firefighters hurry out of the engine. They drag out the hose, put...

Anastasiya Zvir is trying to return back to her normal life balancing volunteering and college work but  never knows when bomb shelter will need to be taken.

The Story Of Ukrainian Citizen, Anastasiya Zvir

By Elizabeth Hamby , Wentzville Liberty High School May 13, 2022

Anastasiya Zvir has lived in Ukraine all 20 years of her life and has had a front-row seat to the making of history in her country.  She is currently a junior attending Ukrainian Catholic College in...

Sofia Davidson, a survivor of a Polish slave labor camp in World War II reflected on the similarities between that war and Putins war with Ukraine. [Putin and Hitler] want to be in charge, they don’t want to let other people or countries do what they want, Davidson said.

Polish slave labor camp survivor reflects on WWII and the current violence in Ukraine

By Chloe Cuesta and Sophie Kolax May 13, 2022

(Editor’s Note: Sofia Davidson is Staff Writer Chloe Cuesta’s grandmother. She was in a Polish slave labor camp during World War II. She shared her story as well as her opinions on the current violence...

Junior Gabi Badami smiles, expressing with pride in her bisexuality. Badami says she has struggled with her identity since elementary school, so she channels her struggles into artwork and goals for her future. “I’m proud of who I am, confident in who I want to be and excited for what I know I can do,” Badami said.

Coloring the rainbow

By Makinsey Drake, Parkway West High School May 13, 2022

Since beginning her self-exploration journey in middle school, junior Gabi Badami has used art as an outlet to express the struggles of being an LGBTQ teen. Badami aims for her work is to emphasize pride...

Jan laughs as she teaches dance to freshmen in Aug. 2018. Photo courtesy of Pete Zivkov

Menlo Reflects on Jan Chandler’s Impact on the Community

By Laura Artandi, Menlo School May 12, 2022

In January, Jan Chandler, who was a dance teacher at Menlo for 38 years and the founder of the dance program, passed away. Jan, who was a friend and mentor to many in the Menlo community, left a lasting...

Baldwin alum to pitch his makeup for men on Shark Tank

Baldwin alum to pitch his makeup for men on ‘Shark Tank’

By Grace Spozarski and Leila Usanovic May 11, 2022

Class of 2009 alum Jon Shanahan was voted Class Clown and later ran a half marathon in a suit for his YouTube channel. He now uses his creative mind as a business mogul, and in his latest adventure, he...

Kaleb Honeas jersey hangs down from the Memorial Stadium stands during a September football game.

Reflecting on Kaleb as graduation nears

By Allie Stubblefield, Rider High School May 11, 2022

“There isn’t enough writing on the planet to answer that question.” Amanda Bolding gives this response when asked what she misses the most about her late son, Kaleb Honea. With graduation approaching,...

Transitioning from being a student to being a peer of former teachers is something that each alumni has had to deal with.

Former Bowie students return as teachers

By Julia Arriaga, James Bowie High School May 11, 2022

It’s finally graduation day for the Class of 1997 at Bowie High School. Everyone throws their caps into the air in celebration of the past four years of hard work and dedication. At the time, science...

Student greet security officer Bob Bedard to say their farewells and thank-yous at the end of seventh period today. Bedard is taking medical leave from Mac in order to return home to Chicago to care of his 94-year-old mother, who is ill.

Bob Bedard’s little acts of kindness made a big impact

By Sophie Leung-Lieu and Naomi Di-Capua May 11, 2022

It’s the little things in life that make your day better. As the busy hallways of McCallum fill with exhausted students, security guard Bob Bedard has dedicated himself to brightening the days of many...

CULTURE: Dr. Jonny Ravanshenas and Chazzan Eitan Aharon of Nessah Synagogue led an all-school Sephardi Party, minyan in honor of Nowruz. The celebration highlighted schools Persian-Jewish community with speeches, a musical performance and a traditional breakfast.

‘I can proudly say that I have a lot of Persian pride’

By Amalia Zucker, Shalhevet High School May 10, 2022

For the first time in school history, Shalhevet hosted a Persian-Jewish Cultural Day, a school-wide davening, assembly and breakfast celebrating the heritage of the school’s Persian-Jewish students and...

This year, Ramadan began on April 2 and ended May 1. The month of Ramadan traditionally begins with a new moon, marking the start of the ninth month in the Islamic calendar. Its not only a time of fasting, but also prayer, charity and religious devotion.

A look back on Ramadan: students share experiences balancing work, tradition

By Jason Deng and Rohan Parikh May 10, 2022

The crescent moon determines when they fast. Their belief in Allah reaffirms why they fast. But, most of all, their joint struggles define who they are when they fast. Every year, 2 billion people distance...

Coppell senior valedictorian Mira Jiang reads one of her favorite books, War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy. Jiang is an novelist, musician and dancer as well as philanthropist.

Jiang writing her Fantaisie Impromptu

By Shrayes Gunna, Coppell High School May 10, 2022

Immersed in her own world, Coppell High School Class of 2022 valedictorian Mira Jiang crafts her newest novel in one of her two rooms. Its blue walls dotted with Winnie the Pooh decals from her home’s...

This year marks the 40th anniversary of the SADD organization. To celebrate the organization has planned year round events and is hosting its biggest organization gathering in the past two years, this summer. The event is to educate students about SADD, bring SADD chapters together and celebrate SADDs legacy. “I realize that behind every stat I look at, behind every report we craft, every single element are these stories, there is a mom, theres a dad, theres a family, theres a school thats forever changed.”

SADD: 40 years of making a difference

By Sophia Oppenheim, Wayland High School May 10, 2022

40 years ago, a tragic drunk driving accident took the lives of two Wayland High School hockey players, leaving the town in mourning. After losing two of his athletes, the WHS hockey coach at the time,...

Ukrainian Easter eggs, or pysanky, inspire hope among families every year during the Christian spring holiday. Now, they unite entire communities generating support for the Ukrainian cause.

Ukrainian-American family shares beloved Easter tradition overseas, raising spirits and $6,000

By Caroline Sierk, Pleasant Valley High School - IA May 9, 2022

Intricately-decorated Ukrainian Easter eggs, or “pysanky,” have inspired hope and warded off evil for generations, and this Easter season, their sanguine energy is necessary for Ukrainian morale more...

Japanese-Americans of all ages are physically separated by barbed wires.

Behind the barbed wires

By Avery Wong, Carlmont High School May 9, 2022

The flyers were put up quickly to announce the imprisonment of thousands of adults, elderly people, and children. It was the winter of 1942, and there was no apparent reason for these arrests. However,...

Freshman Triya Gudipati poses for a photo at an Indian wedding. With Indians making up the largest foreign-born population in the United States, Gudipati finds it important to bond with others in her community. “The Indian community within St. Louis helps me form bonds with other people who have similar situations that I do,” Gudipati said.

Children of immigrant parents share their experiences

By Leah Schroeder, Parkway West High School May 9, 2022

As the 2:30 p.m. bell tolls, students rush out of classrooms and parking lots, eager to return home. Each student comes from the same school but arrives home to extremely different lives, from values to...

Volunteer Samantha Clark and another volunteer watch as client Rohan Kamath-Rayne receives help getting on the horse from his therapist.

Healing on horseback: Therapy center helps kids as they grow

By Audrey Park, University of Chicago Laboratory High School May 9, 2022

In an arena full of sand, children engage in a series of activities like grooming, riding and exercises with horses. They begin by walking on the horses and are eager to embark on the next activities...

The full Stoller team stands huddled together at the site of the walk. I am so thankful of my amazing family and friends who have been incredibly supportive during the hardest time of my life, Abby Stoller said. I appreciate their love and support more than words can say.

Walk for a reason: Wayland graduate Abby Stoller’s Walk MS

By Nina Wilson, Wayland High School May 9, 2022

A crowd of her 85 closest friends, teammates and family surrounded 23-year-old Abby Stoller as she strode brightly through Boston. Many others like Stoller participated in the Walk MS event on April 3...

TASD Crossing Guards Sheri Hartsock and Arlene Maser have almost 40 years of  combined service to the district.

Stop and Serve: TASD Crossing Guards Keep Students Safe

By Rylee Walk, Tyrone Area High School May 9, 2022

School crossing guards and traffic officers are among the least acknowledged, yet most important public safety workers in any school district, especially for the community’s youngest students. With...

For some people, breathing can be something that is not taken for granted. “Its really hard to explain to people who dont understand what its like to not be able to breathe. Its so different from just getting tired. It feels like you really cant get the oxygen all the way. Its kind of scary actually, Mia McHugh, a freshman diagnosed with asthma, said.

Ordinary activities take extraordinary effort

By Jeanne Yu, Lake Zurich High School May 9, 2022

Breathe in. Breathe out. Breathing is a subconscious activity that is essential for living. However, breathing can be difficult for more people than most realize.  May is Asthma Awareness Month. One...

Junior Lena Rasool. She was blunt, funny [and] literally the sweetest person I have ever met in my life, Ibrahim said.

Remembering Lena Rasool

By Kasey Thompson and Riley Thompson May 6, 2022

“She loved McDonald's. She loved hot fries. She loved ‘Love’ by Keyshia Cole, the song. She loved the color pink. She loved handbags. She loved perfume. She loved clothes. She really loved everything,”...

MAKING BANK: Sophomore Nick Vega checks on the status of his cryptocurrency, a form of online currency that has been increasing in popularity. A few months ago, Vega bought a fork of the Solana cryptocurrency blockchain and has been using an investing in it since.

Crypto craze captures student interest

By Sammie Thompson, James Bowie High School May 6, 2022

The dishes are washed, floors are vacuumed, and all is calm in the Vega household. Cha-ching. Sophomore Nick Vega gets paid for completing his chores. His family does things a bit differently than the...

Senior Sahana Gujja and her mom proudly hold up a diploma at her mother’s graduation. Gujja’s mom graduated from the University of Illinois Springfield under a student visa, where she completed her second master’s degree. “I remember feeling excited and happy for her when they called her name, and she walked up towards the stage,” Gujja said. “I saw her study hard for the past two years before that while taking care of me simultaneously, and I was just really proud that she was a good mother. She is a great mother, and she accomplished everything she hoped for at the same time.”

Silent Struggles of Immigrant Children

By Tanvi Kulkarni, Parkway West High School May 5, 2022

Anyone who has taken an American history course has heard of the melting pot analogy. Immigration has always been central to American history, and even today, America welcomes people from around the globe....

Junior Karina Ostashchuk scans a QR code to donate to Dollars for Doctors, a  fundraiser started by the Young Republicans and Young Democrats to provide medical aid to Ukraine. As a Ukrainian, Ostashchuk has also participated in food drives and anti-war rallies across central Florida.

War on the homefront

By Sophia Canabal, Hagerty High School May 4, 2022

When junior Karina Ostashchuk first came to Florida during the summer of 2019, her future was uncertain: her family had secured neither a job nor a home before the move. Surrounded by suburbs dotted with...

Savulyak attended an event in Washington D.C. with the goal of bringing awareness to the war and showing the US’ support of Ukraine.

Russian, Ukrainian students speak out about war

By Kasey Thompson, Harrisonburg High School May 4, 2022

The ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine escalated in recent months when Russia invaded Ukraine. About 31% of the high school’s student body is Ukrainian and about 9% are Russian. These students must...

A collection of pictures from Akeys time abroad sits in her classroom. Akey, who has been teaching at Woodside now for over two decades, previously taught in places like Zambia, Benin, Iowa, and inner-city Sacramento

Around the world and back again: Ann Akey’s multi-continent teaching journey

By Cedrik von Briel, Woodside High School - CA May 4, 2022

Teaching AP Environmental Science, chemistry, and leading the Green Academy is no small task, but it helps if you have some experience. Luckily for Ann Akey, that’s exactly what she has. Ever since...

Caleb Bautista, junior, stands near his business’ advertisement that he proudly displays on his car.

Students find independence and new skills by starting businesses

By Gabriel de Souza, Sandra Day O'Connor High School - AZ May 4, 2022

As OHS students inch closer and closer to adulthood, many are eager to step foot into the real world by contributing their time, resources, and skills to their own businesses. Student entrepreneurs are...

While high school relationships are often perceived as frivolous and fun, there is a dark side to them that is often overlooked.

Red flags: identifying toxic relationships before it’s too late

By Davi Jacobs, Richard Montgomery High School - MD May 4, 2022

In March, MCPS students had the opportunity to learn about healthy relationships and respect through webinars and activities put on by the Montgomery County Domestic Violence Coordinating Council (MCDVCC)...

Business teacher Emily Hudachek and science teacher Marshal Moellers were once students of business teacher Diane Fickel and science teacher Andrea Harms.

Teachers teaching teachers

By Soomin Koh and Mishka Mohamed Nour April 29, 2022

West High's tradition of excellence spans over five decades, with hundreds of students coming and leaving, and hundreds of teachers departing and staying. It is no wonder that some teachers might have...

Black teens are forced to face stereotypes and unrealistic expectations.

White Washed

By Ryley Anthony, Lake Ridge High School April 29, 2022

First impressions go a long way. It is society’s natural instinct to evaluate a person’s appearance and construct an initial judgment about who a person is and what they represent. For people of color,...

A Rotten Robbie gas station sign displays the increased prices for gas in San Jose, California, on March 25. Californias current average gas price is .689 and had a price peak on March 29 at .919.

Global Reset: Escalating Russia-Ukraine conflict takes heavy toll on environment, calls attention to security of clean energy

By Kinnera Mulam and Sabrina Zhu April 28, 2022

The war between Russia and Ukraine poses threats to the environment in both the war zones and in countries with economic ties to Russia as nations scramble to compensate for the lack of Russian materials. ...

The EBM group Bee Aware is selling jars of raw, unfiltered and locally sourced honey. Use the code WSPN in the comment section of the Bee Aware order form, which is located on their site, to enjoy a complimentary wooden honey dipper with your honey order.

BEEing successful: How EBM business team “Bee Aware” is making history

By Talia Macchi, Wayland High School April 28, 2022

Buzz buzz buzz! Bees make honey, and honey is making money for "Bee Aware," a business team in Wayland High School's entrepreneurship and business class EBM. Seniors Caroline Ting, Spencer Dines and...

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