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Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

Eastside investigates accessibility within both our school and local community.

Exploring Accessibility

By Gia Gupta, Sophia Liu, and Ellie Noh November 30, 2022

Some of them are stared at. Some of them are pitied. Some of them are laughed at. All of them deserve more. For people with disabilities, accessibility is the focused effort put forth towards their...

Sharing many similarities, the three Abrahamic religions all are founded on the same beliefs.

Religious differences foster unity

By Aimee Teyssier, Carlmont High School November 29, 2022

“I couldn’t imagine my life without faith.” This phrase resonates with leaders of three different religions: Christianity, Islam, and Judaism. The three religions trace their origins back to...

Some West High students have the unique experience of having politician parents.

Politician parents

By Krisha Kapoor and Mrudani Ramkumar November 29, 2022

For most students, election season means an influx of debates on television, campaign signs in neighbors’ yards and a Tuesday off from school. However, a select few have a larger, more personal connection...

Equine Assisted Therapy is a non-profit organization whose mission is to provide horsemanship experiences to people with mental, physical and psychological challenges in order to enhance the quality and productivity of their lives.

Charity Issue: Healing through horses

By Kylie Madden, Kirkwood High School November 28, 2022

Some people get therapy from a counselor or physical therapist. But at Equine Assisted Therapy, people find their comfort through horses. Founded in 2004, Equine Assisted Therapy is a non-profit organization...

Junior Hunter Keelen celebrates being crowned homecoming prince during the pep rally on Oct. 15, 2021. He pointed to the sky as the thought of his mom, who passed away suddenly in 2019.  “I wanted to show her that I’m still succeeding, still doing stuff even though she’s not here,” he said.

Keelen carries on mom’s legacy

By Maya Ortiz, Kingwood Park High School November 28, 2022

Hunter Keelen looked up and pointed to the sky as soon as his name was announced for homecoming prince. Hunter was certain his late mom was watching, and he wanted her to know he was thinking of her. “I...

When the world fades away

When the sun fades from the sky, the day entrusts the safety of the night to the stars. But what if you could not see the stars’ light? Navigating the night without the guiding light from the sky,...

In the time of social media and smartphones, relationships have been shifted to be based on texts and calls.

Modern love: how dating has evolved

By Stella Pavao, Carlmont High School November 23, 2022

All you need is love. For decades this sentiment has been spread globally, but relationships have become more complicated in the age of technology and social media. Gone are the days of candlelight...

Chess is an activity that can breach linguistic and cultural barriers.

Across the board

By Heidi Du and Marie Stier November 23, 2022

Whether verbal or nonverbal, communication is the basis of human connection. However, it is not limited to symbols and syllables. Even games, like chess, can be a medium for communication — through its...

Tommy Ager earned his Masters degree during the pandemic before teaching Japanese.

Conversations without contact: COVID-19’s disruption of language classes

By Marley Helfer, Ballard High School November 23, 2022

It’s common to find articles in the newspaper about how socially arduous COVID-19 was or how draining it was to stay focused in remote learning. However, there’s one topic that isn’t talked about...

Members of the Hershey production crew, intern Tuana Allen and man-of-the-moment Bob Bedard watch the sequence filmed during eighth period on Thursday. The clip shows Bedard standing still in the main hallway as the traffic rushes behind him as if they are apparitions.

Bob to hit the big screen

By Sophie Leung-Lieu, McCallum High School November 22, 2022

Life—the famous line from Forrest Gump goes—is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re going to get. That may be true in the movies and in a lot of places in real life, but it’s not...

Students like these who are graduating high school are deeply affected by Affirmative Action. Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash.

Does Affirmative Action help or hurt minority students?

By Isabella Edghill, duPont Manual High School November 22, 2022

Kentuckian Andrew Brennen was a sophomore at UNC when he first joined the Affirmative Action debate.  “At the time the university did not have that many Black students. I remember the year after...

WSS explores the Columbia University ranking scandal and the role prestige plays in students college applications.

Fake rank

By Lilly Graham and Jane Lam November 22, 2022

In February, tenured Columbia University math professor Michael Thaddeus published an investigation challenging the accuracy of data Columbia submitted to the U.S. News & World Report Best Colleges...

Carroll Lenhoff-Bell, Director of Learning Support at Clayton High School, working with student.

A School Upon a Hill?

By Alex Slen, Ivy Reed, JiaLi Deck, and Ivy Slen November 22, 2022

In 1630, John Winthrop, former Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, described a “city upon a hill.” Winthrop hoped that his colony would be a model community, for “the eyes of all people are...

Hester Moore didn’t talk about her involvement in Martin Luther King Jr.’s last march until she published an article in a local newspaper. Today, she doesn’t let fear stop her and continues using her voice for social activism.

Fighting for a voice

By Juliana Mun, Hebron High School November 21, 2022

It is 1968. There is a worker’s strike in Memphis, Tennessee, where approximately 1,300 poor, uneducated and primarily Black sanitation workers are taking a stand for better wages. Martin Luther King...

Since the staff shortages of the pandemic, minimum-wage service industry employers have turned to teenagers to fill job vacancies. Students working in understaffed businesses have to juggle school work, personal lives and the atypical expectations of their jobs.

Students in understaffed businesses meet both unexpected pressures and benefits

By Isabel Liu, Burlingame High School - CA November 21, 2022

Truedan, a popular bubble tea shop in downtown Burlingame, hired senior Jayden Entenmann at the beginning of August. But by Entenmann’s third week on the job, Truedan was relying on a team of just four...

 WSS shares the stories of immigrants at West and their journey to Iowa.

Destination: West

By Reem Kirja, Gianna Liu, and Rosemary Timmer-Hackert November 18, 2022

Immigration can be a difficult process, with immigrants facing hardships such as navigating complex legal systems, leaving friends and family behind and sometimes learning a new language. However, hope...

At the Apostolic Faith Church, a staff member stocks food products in preparation for the food pantry which will be held on Nov. 15-16.

Helping hand: Bronzeville church gives back for Thanksgiving

By Katie Sasamoto-Kurisu, University of Chicago Laboratory High School November 18, 2022

Starting 1915, a small group met for weekly worship and Bible study in a small residence in Chicago near 30th and Dearborn. Throughout the next couple decades, the modest congregation transitioned from...

Common Grounds coffee shop in Dallastown offers an exclusive, hands-on experience of the workforce for special education students.

Common Grounds – “REACHing” For Success

By Ainsley Ellis, DALLASTOWN AREA HIGH SCHOOL November 18, 2022

Most Dallastown students have probably driven by it. Common Grounds Coffee shop on Main Street uses a pun on coffee terminology and an enticing sign to lure in caffeine lovers.  What may not be as...

Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa stands at the heart of San Luis Obispo

A thing of the past: Modernization of the California Mission projects

By Zoe Lodge, Arroyo Grande High School November 18, 2022

The California Mission System is one of the bloodiest elements of California’s history and taught to fourth graders culminating in sugar cube structures. Quite literally sugarcoating the deaths of tens...

Sophomore Bennett Teitle and his sister, Lila, celebrating Hanukkah with a traditional dinner.

Ye’s antisemetic remarks reveal an American trend

By Leila Assadi, Pleasant Valley High School - IA November 18, 2022

The 21st century is often described as the “progressive era”: a society that is more accepting of different races, ethnicities and religions than ever before—but rising blatant antisemitism once...

A rite of passage: Seniors reflect on first voting experience

By Louis Auxenfans, University of Chicago Laboratory High School November 18, 2022

After using a Sharpie to fill in the last bubble on his ballot, senior Xavier Nesbitt stuffs his paper ballot in a privacy sheet protector and hands it to a poll worker. After the poll worker shows him...

Teacher assistant Evelyn Cruz (top left), her brother Ricardo Cruz (top right), her father Angel Cruz (bottom left) and her mom Millie Cruz (bottom right) take a picture together while in Puerto Rico.

Hurricane Fiona hits Puerto Rico hard, impacts felt in Harrisonburg

By Clare Kirwan, Harrisonburg High School November 18, 2022

A hard worker who never gives up. Someone who loves to smile, party and help people. A rich culture filled with African, Indian and Spanish ancestors. Stunning beaches, mountains and a national rainforest....

Sustainable fishing methods play a role in preserving fish populations for the future of the industry and the environment.

Below the boat

By Lucille Sanders and Urvi Kulkarni November 17, 2022

The worldwide fishing industry employs a variety of methods to supply the demand of the masses, but its intricacies have major effects on the environment. Many common practices lead to the decrease...

A collage of images depicting Faezan Hussain, John Swensson and William Lai from left to right. Photos courtesy of courtesy of Faezan Hussain, John Swensson and William Lai | Used with permission

American heroes

By Alan Tai and Eric Zhou November 17, 2022

Former infantryman Faezan Hussain clutched his rifle as he descended a mountain in Afghanistan, heading into enemy territory alongside his comrades in the dead of the night, taking careful steps that would...

Inflation and rising prices whenever the topic of economics comes up these days.

Austin’s rising living costs turns frustratingly high

By Roberto Ramirez, Akins High School November 17, 2022

Inflation. It’s the word that comes to most people’s minds whenever the topic of economics comes up these days. It’s a heated debate at times, a genuine economic concern at others. To some,...

A lifetime of discovery

By Ella De Young, Jessie Li, Alaina Greenlee, and Laney Prelle November 17, 2022

When West High students hear the name Mr. Wymer, they likely think of the biology teacher with the multitude of plants in his classroom or the AP Environmental Science teacher who often takes students...

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders sitting in a chair during the 2021 presidential inauguration was a cultural reset, according to Wired – one of millions of memes the Internet has produced since its inception.

A memes to an end

By Lillian Wang, Monta Vista High School November 16, 2022

Ukraine’s official Twitter account posted this political cartoon on Feb. 23, shortly after the first explosions were heard in Russia’s now eight-months-long invasion of Ukraine. The tweet has racked...

Benjamin Straka is showing his Clase Nobel Educator of Distinction award. He is a biology and astronomy teacher. This award is a great honor and he is very proud of it.

Benjamin Straka selected as Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction

By Lavender Schleder, Stillwater Area High School November 16, 2022

Benjamin Straka, one of the biology and astronomy teachers, was nominated by a student and selected to be a Claes Nobel Educator of Distinction over the summer.  Straka has been in the Stillwater School...

Homeless people sit near a bicycle in front of Larkin Street Youth Shelter in San Francisco.

The streets of the city: a rising residence for youth

By Annabel Chia, Carlmont High School November 16, 2022

The closed room filled with the waft of bitter antiseptics and the squeaks of linoleum floors were all Jason Dewes experienced for his first six months as a 21-year-old in San Francisco. Although, if he...

An event was held in the library on November 11th to commemorate veterans at Hebron. Here JROTC presents the colors before the singing of the national anthem.

Unity in uniform

By Juliana Mun, Hebron High School November 16, 2022

Veterans Day celebrates and honors American soldiers who were discharged after serving in the military, which is a commitment beyond what many realize. Values such as discipline, endurance and strength...

Cpl. Andy Dee Anderson, 24, 46th Engineer Battalion, Fort Rucker Alabama

Veterans Day: Gone But Never Forgotten

By Leilani Fierro, Mansfield Legacy High School November 16, 2022

She sits at the dinner table, pushing questions to her dad. Her mom left the dinner table as the questions escalated, almost not able to hear his answers. She watches him ponder his thoughts, reliving...

Standing with his family, Sean Moore, just arrived home from his deployment in Afghanistan.

Veterans Day Families Reflect On Members That Serve

By Kylee Langley, Logansport High School November 16, 2022

Celebrated nationally every year, on Nov. 11, Veterans Day is a day set aside to honor all veterans who have served or are currently serving in the uniformed services.  Although not everyone may know...

Andrew Poertner is a senior at FHN. Poertner runs his very own photography business that he has grown from the ground up. Andrew took a photography class when he came to North sparking his interest to where we see him now. Poertner’s work has grown in popularity at an exponential rate over the past years. With his very own Canon EOS R and 50mm portrait lense, Poertner is now getting out of his immediate circle and, “Business is booming,” Poertner said.

Senior Andrew Poertner Runs a Photographing Business on the Side of School and Work

By Ben Henry, Francis Howell North High School November 16, 2022

Senior Andrew Poertner has a lot on his plate. If he’s not participating in the work program or at school, Poertner is honing his photography skills. Although he is no longer photographing for FHNtoday,...

Steven Solis-Welch directs the band during the halftime show at the football game Sep. 2. Solis-Welch had a marching spot last year as a freshman, but had to give that up to direct.

From learner to leader

By Peyton Kuschmeider, Hebron High School November 15, 2022

The trumpets blare and the drums boom; the brass instruments reflect the stadium lights as the band marches across the field in neat rows. Color guard’s flags twirl in the background, making graceful...

The spike in book-banning is the result of a larger movement to censor queer identities.

Queer students threatened by rise in book censorship

By Indra Deshmukh, Dougherty Valley High School November 15, 2022

The American Library Association (ALA) recorded more book removals and challenges in 2022 than in over two decades, with the increased backlash against books concerning sexuality and gender identity impacting...

Some of the members (and founders) of FHC Club Club, after officially beng approved.

FHC Club Club is already making a difference

By Kiera Kemppainen, Forest Hills Central High School November 15, 2022

Is there any way to develop a club with no set activity for every meeting?  Apparently yes, as junior Sam Wordhouse discovered.  “I was in the [FX] control room with [seniors] Andrew Weiskopf...

A river overflows, spilling gallons of contaminated water in the surrounding village. Photo used with permission from

Pakistan faces devastating floods as a result of climate change

By Nimrah Khan and Saif Lakhwani November 15, 2022

From a bird’s eye view, Pakistan, a country once teeming with bustling cities lined by the Indus River, is now an ocean of rancid water dotted with the remnants of millions of homes, farms, and other...

Montgomery College is currently ranked the seventh best community college in the United States by WalletHub (2022)

Exploring the stigma of community college

By Michaela Boeder, Richard Montgomery High School - MD November 15, 2022

As seniors consider where to apply for college, community colleges are often an overlooked pathway, as the “typical” direction is usually universities and four-year colleges.  Community colleges...

There are currently more than 14,000 incarcerated girls in the United States, according to the U.S. Department of Justice.

Juvenile (in)justice: girls in the system

By Gabrielle Shore, Carlmont High School November 15, 2022

When one envisions the juvenile justice system, images of young delinquents behind bars likely come to mind. Or perhaps a juvenile court is the first image to appear, the judge determining a child’s...

CHANGING STUDENT LIVES: Environmental science teacher Jeff Boyce stands in the quad. With his iconic Chacos, Boyce teaches environmental science with an unmatched passion, and his students notice how much he cares. “The fact that I wasn’t even his student and he was going out of his way to do all this made me take a step back and really consider my potential pursuing environmental science,” 2022 graduate Bre Mennenoh said.

Jeff Boyce Is No Longer Remaining Apolitical

By Carly Philpott and Peter Philpott November 15, 2022

In West 419, Jeff Boyce teaches a science class like none other: AP Environmental Science. Boyce puts a spin on the class by taking a political perspective to educate on climate change and humanity’s...

Isaac Crackel gets into the cockpit of the plane he flies on Oct 3. Crackel started flying regularly in August of this year and has been taking lessons and flying at the Creve Coeur Airport.

Isaac Crackel has Begun the Progress Towards His Pilot’s License at Creve Coeur Airport

By Amber Winkler, Francis Howell North High School November 15, 2022

Three laps with the instructor are done. Now he is on his own. It will all be over in 20 minutes.  This will be his first solo flight. His normal confidence has faltered. The nerves have been building...

Co-founder Jana Tagel-Din (24) pictured with the Care to Care NC packages for hospital patients.

Students dare to care: Building a nonprofit

By Noreen Mohamed, Green Hope High School November 15, 2022

Although community service is oftentimes encouraged for students to partake in throughout school, the desire to serve can also stem from one’s relationships. In July 2022, Green Hope High School students...

Stewarts red Jeep Liberty was hit broadside Nov. 10, 2021 on FM 917. Stewart spent 12 days in the hospital following the wreck.

One Year Later: Senior Recovers from Major Car Accident

By Blake Hinerman, Mansfield Legacy High School November 15, 2022

Red and blue lights fill the scene, illuminating shattered glass and pieces of the red Jeep scattered across the road. Worship music plays from her phone in the nearby ditch as she is wheeled away on a...

Wrapped in the Ukrainian flag, freshman Leeza Nozdrachova holds plants and flowers for Ivana Kupala, a Slavic holiday celebrating he summer solstice.

Trading home for safety

By Eshwar Murali, Lafayette High School November 15, 2022

“On Feb. 23, everything was fine. But on Feb. 24, at 5 a.m., I woke up and my mother and sister ran into my room. They said that the war had begun. From that moment, I began to shake terribly and cry....

Senior Helen Zou is the only girl in her AP Physics C class taught by Dr. DePalma. Despite the gender gap, Zou wants to go into environmental engineering in the future.

Where are all the girls?

By Janell Lim, Hagerty High School November 14, 2022

When senior Helen Zou walked into her second period AP Physics C class, she took a look around. Tristan. Rylan. Connor. Xander. Although slightly disappointed, Zou was not surprised. What started as 15...

Social medias influence is tough to manage, but in this age [the platforms] have enough data to be aware of possible negative side-effects to control its content, said John Rowe, a marketing teacher at Carlmont.

Algorithms: social media’s role in modern radicalization

By Alexander Menchtchikov, Carlmont High School November 14, 2022

Dangerous and radical ideas have always existed, but only recently have they begun to spread at an alarming degree on social media. These platforms can change their algorithms to stop it, but the money...

October was Breast Cancer Awareness month, and both students and staff found ways to show their support beyond simply wearing pink — from running and raising money at 5Ks to staying at the side of loved ones fighting their diagnosis.

The fight for survival

By Eli Frommes, McHenry High School November 14, 2022

A student runs a 5K in a neighborhood in Woodstock to help raise money for Breast Cancer Awareness month. He runs also to support his mom, who has had breast cancer in the past. He doesn’t want anybody...

Junior Ilan Sankar and other  Team Kevin Kiley interns hold campaign signs  with their candidate before a precinct walk.

Campaign interns invest in their community

By Sarah Yee, Granite Bay High School November 14, 2022

Leading up to Election Day, this Nov. 8, Granite Bay High School students have involved themselves in the campaigns of Congressional District 3’s candidates. Kermit Jones (Democrat) and Kevin Kiley...

The family of Yolando Zertuche sells food, including hotdogs, pickles, cookies and more, to fundraise for her funeral. The  benefit was necessary after a mix-up with life insurance left the family unable to pay her funeral expenses.

Remembering Yolanda Zertuche

By Alice Scott, McCallum High School November 14, 2022

It started with a cough. Her family thought it might be bronchitis. But even after going to the doctor and getting medicine, it still didn't go away. Instead, it got worse. At the end of June,...

Officer Batley believes showing respect to an officer is the best thing people can do in any situation. “If you can be respectful and
have a conversation with me, I’m going to do more to try to help that person in their situation,” Batley said.

Do you know your rights?

By Hannah Rakolta and Lexi Jones November 14, 2022

“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.” These famous lines are part of your Miranda rights: the set list of rights police officers...

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