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The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

In-Depth: Piling Up

In-Depth: Piling Up

By Willem Hummel and David Moss February 22, 2024

Carlos Vences, senior said he plans on getting a set of Sennheiser headphones for the holidays. He has owned close to 35 headphones in his lifetime and has needed new ones for a variety of reasons. ...

From Mounds View to the MN Supreme Court: Chief Justice Hudsons distinguished career

From Mounds View to the MN Supreme Court: Chief Justice Hudson’s distinguished career

By Tyler Quattrin, Mounds View High School February 22, 2024

Chief Justice Natalie E. Hudson achieved a historic milestone last fall when she became the third woman and first Black person to lead the state judiciary. Her journey from Mounds View High School,...

Grace Dai, sophomore, works on homework in the library. After overexerting herself to prepare for tennis tryouts, Dai said she now tries to use stress as a motivator to get things done.

In-Depth: Stressed for Success

By Samantha Perz and Justin Small February 22, 2024

  Every day last summer, Grace Dai, sophomore, spent around three hours in the searing heat preparing for her upcoming tennis tryouts. She played in tournaments, took classes and practiced with...

During a home basketball game, LHS mascot Felix entertains the crowd as they cheer.

Felix the Cat Tradition Continues

By Jasmine Zimmerman, Logansport High School February 22, 2024

Logansport High School home games wouldn’t be the same without one large smiling face, Felix the Cat. Greeting guests, giving out high fives, and cheering on the Berries are just a few of the many roles...

Eighth graders reference a slideshow on each of the amendments composing the Bill of Rights Wednesday, Feb. 14. Prior to having students begin working on a Bill of Rights scenario worksheet, history teacher Bethany Neubauer presented about each of the amendments, including when they are most relevant and why they are important.

#FirstAmendment: Student journalists across California discuss teaching, impact of First Amendment on publications

By Audrey Chang, Archer School for Girls February 20, 2024

The focus of this year's National Scholastic Journalism Week is "Here to Stay," and 2024 also marks the Journalism Education Association's 100th anniversary. The theme for Monday, Feb. 19, is the First...

Featuring bottles of Cantu hair products, the textured hair care aisle in Target offers options for Black hair. While many strides have been made to provide equality for Black hair, hair discrimination continues to negatively impact Black Americans lives.

It’s Never “Just Hair”: The Reality of Hair Discrimination

By Alessandra Ashford, WESTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL - Austin February 20, 2024

High school junior Darryl George was in tears when he was informed that he would be suspended for violating his school’s dress code. In September of 2023, there was a national uproar when George was...

Coppell High School sophomore Aditi Rathod explores her passion for dermatology through founding the CHS Dermatology & Cosmetics Club.  Rathod discussed the benefits of various skincare products during her club meeting on Jan. 24 in D211.

Rathod delivers knowledge of dermatology to peers through skincare club

By Katie Park, Coppell High School February 20, 2024

Various skincare products line the surface of the countertop, some serums spilling over the top, creating a sticky but fragrant mess. Coppell High School sophomore Aditi Rathod flickers on the lights...

Many students start abusing substances because they do not know the negative consequences associated with drug use.

In-Depth: A dose of awareness

By Sanchan Khanuja, Kirkwood High School February 20, 2024

The counseling room is tense, the air thick with anxiety and hesitation. The counselor intently listens to the young boy across from her as he cautiously shares his story, recalling memories of his parents’...

Queer representation and relationships

Queer representation and relationships

This story contains an alternate format that can only be viewed on the original site. This story was originally published on Nordic News on February 15, 2024. 

Tim Lydon is the founder of Harmony Dog Rescue and a Baldwin High School Class of 2003 graduate.

Baldwin grad unleashes hope for people and dogs in need

By Brendan Harris and Evelyn Esek February 16, 2024

While living and traveling through Europe in the years after college, Tim Lydon found himself at a dog sanctuary in Ireland that changed his life.  The 40-acre converted equestrian farm housed dogs...

Though migrants crossing the Mexican border are being bussed from Texas to cities all around the U.S. without much choice or warning, the ones who end up in McHenry County have found more supports than they might expect.

People are people

By Mackenzie Sroka, McHenry High School February 16, 2024

Change can be difficult for a lot of people, whether that change is necessary or just happens. Moving to a new country, new school, new community, and meeting new people due to hardships can be an even...

Project Read empowers adult learners

By Naomi Hsu, Carlmont High School February 16, 2024

San Mateo Public Library’s Project Read, an adult literacy program, has decided to collaborate with the San Mateo-Foster City school district to launch new English as a Second Language (ESL) classes. Since...

Juniors Kevyn Wang, Lillian Jean-Baptiste, Sierra Bunch, and Emiline Little work together on Tuesday, Feb. 13, to clear landscaping beds in preparation for spring.

Gardening Club Aims to Beautify Campus

By Willem Hummel, Marquette High School February 16, 2024

Lillian Jean-Baptiste, junior, went to elementary school at Mallinckrodt Academy where they had a huge community garden. People who lived around the school could come to pick vegetables. “My dad...

A handful of Westridge classes have incorporated a flipped learning approach. Teachers aim to find the right balance between traditional and flipped learning. (Eliza K. ’26)

Westridge Teachers Seek to Find the Right Balance Between Traditional and Flipped Learning

By Sophene A. and Arden R. February 16, 2024

The confused tourist in an unfamiliar culture, a stubborn train on a dilapidated track, a fierce soldier heading into no man’s land. Depending on the subject, learning can feel like any of the above....

A student looks to the gap year poster in the main hallway outside the counselors office for more information.

Gap years: transformational experiences for students

By Sierra Goldberg, Archie Williams High School February 15, 2024

As springtime approaches, college decisions are at the forefront of many seniors’ minds. While most of them will head off to their chosen college in the fall, some will choose to take a gap year instead. A...

Russian-American sophomore Maksim Lukoianov is split between his two identities.

Student Immigrants: adapting to a new world

By Bailey Chinnan and Abdus-Sami Khalak February 15, 2024

Imagine packing your bags and leaving everything you know to go to an entirely different place. You wake up only to have to go to school in a foreign country. This experience was the case for Carlmont...

A student may walk through the halls of MCHS never knowing that the person walking past them is a victim of sexual assault — but those victims need to know they aren’t alone.

More than just a victim

By Leylah Moreno and Gabe Santos February 15, 2024

This story contains an alternate format that can only be viewed on the original site. View this story on The McHenry Messenger. It was originally published on February 14, 2024.

San Francisco is home to many Lunar New Year cultural celebrations.

Lunar New Year at Burlingame

By Evelyn Du, Burlingame High School - CA February 15, 2024

In Chinese culture, Lunar New Year is an all-out celebration to secure an auspicious start and end of the year. It’s truly an unforgettable experience — whether it be the loud bang of firecrackers,...

The teacher shortage is taking a toll on McLean High School, even two years after schools returned from the virtual format.

The Educator Exodus

Somewhere within McLean High School, a seasoned educator is finding themselves at a crossroads. Wrestling with the weight of prospective decisions and a growing sense of disillusionment, they contemplate...

Realty and For Sale signs such as this one can be found scattered all across the island.

The Marco Housing Crisis: Pushing People from Paradise

By Aaron Converse and Grant Tirrell February 14, 2024

Marco Island is one of the most popular and beloved tourist destinations in Florida, where vacationers see their problems melt away like the setting sun over the shining waters of the Gulf of Mexico. For...

Band junior Maria Lopez immigrated from Cuba to the United States Jan. 2023.

Rompiendo la Barrera (Breaking the Barrier)

By Rayven Richards, Dreyfoos School of the Arts February 14, 2024

*DISCLAIMER: The following quotes from Maria Lopez Morey were written in Spanish through email and translated, from Spanish to English, via Google Translate and native-speaking staffers on The Muse.   ...

Hamilton, dressed as Hercules in a lion headdress enjoys a trip to the Nov. 11, 2017 Texas Renaissance Festival with his students. He values only chaperoning for trips that are affordable opportunities for students.

A classical act

By Weston Benner and Claire Bradford February 14, 2024

He’s a modern-day Renaissance man in every way. While Andrew Hamilton continues the classical tradition of teaching Latin, he also knows “a little bit about literally everything.” From dance...

To Vote or Not to Vote

To Vote or Not to Vote

By Karen Wei, Clements High School February 14, 2024

The music swells to a climax every four years. In the ongoing opus of our country’s history, each election marks a grand crescendo as different melodies vie for dominance. Each note casts its vote,...

AI in education: Now and the future

By Katie Arnoult, Los Alamitos High School February 14, 2024

LOS ALAMITOS, CA – After writing up a draft for his English essay, a student opens up a new tab. It’s an artificial intelligence program called Grammarly, and it's going to help him correct his punctuation,...

Vivid red lanterns are a popular decoration in Chinese households to celebrate Lunar New Year. Red lanterns represent wealth and prosperity, while white lanterns represent grief and mourning.

Year of the Dragon

By Alan Shr and Peggy Chen February 14, 2024

Thousands of years ago, a beast known as “年," which translates to the word "year" in Chinese, would emerge from the sea or mountain every New Year’s Eve, according to ancient Chinese folklore. ...

“We Don’t Need to Tiptoe Around Sex-Ed:” As Students’ Needs Evolve, So Does the Program for Sex Education

“We Don’t Need to Tiptoe Around Sex-Ed:” As Students’ Needs Evolve, So Does the Program for Sex Education

By Eliza W. and Daria H. February 14, 2024

“Do you have a pad?” one classmate not-so-quietly announced just moments into B Block History. Before I could respond, three other students had already pulled out a colorful array of various pads (and...

Graphic by Yahney-Marie Sangare

Proposed ACPS Budget Stirs Controversy Surrounding Teacher Pay

By James Libresco, Alexandria City High School February 14, 2024

The ACPS community is upset about COLA, and they don’t mean the carbonated beverage. After Superintendent Dr. Melanie Kay-Wyatt’s proposed budget for the 2024-25 school year touted a priority of...

Davon Shelton in his garage trimming up Donovan Amoahs hair.

Teen Barber Phenom ‘MotiionCutz’ Shapes up Fredericksburg

By Jayda Jones, Stafford High School February 14, 2024

What started as a teetering kitchen stool in the corner of his drafty garage has transformed into a full-blown barbering chair, filled with hundreds of clients awaiting to be cut by Davon, a Stafford High...

Hatred and misinformation, concerning the Israel-Hamas war, flood Instagram comment sections.

The web of misinformation

By Shiori Chen, Carlmont High School February 12, 2024

"What the f— are you looking at?" Vicha Ratanapakdee, an elderly immigrant from Thailand, heard these words before a teenager from San Francisco slammed into him. Ratanapakdee passed away two days...

In a pool of 4,577 Coppell High School graduates from 2019 to 2022, 43 percent went to either Texas A&M, University of Texas at Austin or University of Texas at Dallas. Students mindsets have changed as the trend indicates seniors are leaning towards the same familiar college options.

Make a selection

By Sahasra Chakilam and Anvita Bondada February 12, 2024

While eating breakfast, Coppell High School senior Hana Sawaf's face is illuminated by her Macbook screen as she eyes her common application for the University of Texas at Austin, just before pressing...

Graphic courtesy of Taylor Ross.

First-Time Voters Find the Current Political Climate Frustrating

By Emma Stadolnik and Caroline Gerber February 12, 2024

This story contains an alternate format that can only be viewed on the original site. View this story on The Forest Scout. It was originally published on February 9, 2024.

Ally, Madi and Maggie Were Adopted by the Schaffrin Family and Reflect on a Decade of Love

By Canyon Dubis, Francis Howell North High School February 12, 2024

Twelve years ago the Schaffrin’s thought their family was complete with Alyssa, Kelsey, Abby, Zack and Mallory each having their own space and the family having a set routine. Mere months later though,...

College student Kadriana Wedderburn and senior Ethan Bergman work the closing shift at the Melbourne Square Mall Chick-Fil-A

Not kidding around

By Noah Techoueyres, West Shore Junior/Senior High School February 12, 2024

Sophomore Jayden Collins wakes up at 5 a.m. to start his day, which consists of cross-country practice, school, bagging groceries at Publix and completing late-night homework. Despite the heavy workload,...

Junior Bailey Kestel and Savvy Bean owner Savannah Warren at the Savvy Bean cart in the Waterloo Career Center after the grand opening on January 22.

Brewing Success

By Ali Parkhurst, Waterloo West High School February 12, 2024

After nearly five months of preparation and hard work from junior Bailey Kestel, a coffee cart partnered with Savvy Bean has opened in the Waterloo Career Center. In September, Kestel shared the idea...

Senior Garv Jain refills science, technology, engineering and math [STEM] kits at the Fullerton Public Library on Thursday, Nov. 30. The vice president of STEMup4Youth is among three club members who visit the library each month.

CLUB CORNER: STEMup4Youth’s take-home science experiments have taken off with children at Fullerton Public Library

By Julie Jung, Sunny Hills High School February 12, 2024

When then-rising senior Susie Kim was headed to Seoul this past summer on board an Air Premia flight, Kim did a mental run-through as to what she’d need to do once the plane landed at the airport. ...

Physician-assisted death, a practice dating back to Ancient Greek and Roman times, has faced scrutiny throughout history. By playing a role in a patient’s death, the process seems to contradict core medical values of treatment and care. The unconventional nature of the procedure blurs the line between patient well-being and autonomy when medical and ethical values come to light. As physicians grapple with a battle between medical ethics and morality, patients are left to question their remaining independence at the end of their lives.

The death dilemma

By Emi Pajarillo, Carlmont High School February 9, 2024

In the quiet corridors of a hospital, among rooms bathed with fluorescent light and air filled with the aroma of antiseptic, lies a controversy that has survived since the origins of medicine.  Debates...

COVID-19, Three Years On: Math SAT exam scores reflect online, hybrid learning difficulties

COVID-19, Three Years On: Math SAT exam scores reflect online, hybrid learning difficulties

By Jake Pfeiffer, Naperville Central High School February 9, 2024

Following the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, standardized testing scores fell across the board. That probably makes sense; students were kept out of the classroom for months and could only learn through...

From Chatbots that answer questions and write papers, to programs that mimic the voices of popular celebrities, original works face the risk of replacement as AI begins to fill every facet of our everyday lives.

Deep dive into AI

By Charlize Wang, Jonathan Xue, Ella Yee, and Claire Yu February 9, 2024

This story contains an alternate format that can only be viewed on the original site. View this story on Harker Aquila. It was originally published on February 7, 2024.

Senior Jadlyn Lee dances and leaps through the air with her teammates.

Senior Plans Leap of Faith

By Cambry Tinkle, Paoli High School February 9, 2024

Imagine you finally leave school at 1:30 p.m. and have to set out for the hour-and-a-half drive to Vincennes. You arrive at 3:30 p.m. and begin teaching your first dance student group. After teaching two...

Udvardi Makes ‘Life-Changing’ Trip as a Foreign Exchange Student

By Emma Cummings '24, Nonnewaug High School February 9, 2024

WOODBURY -- Change isn’t easy. Most people try their best to avoid it. But this year, Nonnewaug High School foreign exchange student Dominik Udvardi proves that change is something to be embraced. While...

Photos taken on a point-and-shoot digital camera are displayed on a collage. In the past few years, there has been a resurgence in the use of point-and-shoot cameras among teenagers and young adults. “There is a very nostalgic and vintage feel to the images from these types of cameras, which a lot of people enjoy and find cute,” junior Rachel Chung said.

Say cheese: Point-and-shoot cameras make a comeback among teens

By Francie Wallack, Archer School for Girls February 8, 2024

Ever since the creation of the iPhone in 2007, teenagers and adults alike have relied on their mobile devices to take photos. Compact, versatile and easily portable, iPhones have dominated the recreational...

Senior Colin Sandefur checks the joint for exhaust leaks during the Auto/Welding for the Novice course at Peaslee Tech.

Trade school helps students find jobs

By Aaliysah Lanning and Zana Kennedy February 8, 2024

“What are you planning to do for college?” is the ominous question every teenager has been asked at least once during high school. Most believe that college is their best chance at achieving their...

ADDRESSING THE CLASS: Junior Julia Low throws her hands up in an attempt to cool down an intense debate between freshmen club members. Argumentative games are a common activity among the debate club members as they keep the novice competitors intrigued.

Julia Low dominates in debate division

By Sophia Sanchez, James Bowie High School February 8, 2024

Hand out the window, Doja Cat blasting through the car, junior Julia Low sings along to her favorite song on her way to her next debate tournament, ready to give her all. Low was first introduced to debate...

A posed long exposure photo of a subject inside a Building 1 hallway. According to a casual survey conducted by The Muse, 61.5% of students surveyed said they feel a little to very/fairly lonely.

The ‘Fight’ to Form Connections

By Karmiah Smith, Dreyfoos School of the Arts February 8, 2024

In a crowded cafeteria, hundreds of people gather at different tables across the room. The sounds of laughter and conversations echo between the four walls as groups of people switch back and forth from...

From batter to business

By Harper Harris and Alexa Muñoz February 8, 2024

After a long morning of classes, everybody needs a quick and easy pick-me-up. Luckily, senior Eva Spak has you covered with her cookie business, “Eva’s Cookies,” available daily in the student bookstore. At...

The graphic depicts the 2024 Responder Relief Rodeo Queen Isabelle Piche 24 with her horse Apollo.

The Rodeo Queen

By Addison Cabeen, Rock Canyon High School February 8, 2024

The boots, the horses, the cowboy hats. Hundreds of thousands gather in the Denver Coliseum every year for the biggest celebration of agriculture in the West: the National Western Stock Show. Since...

Clubs and sports collaborate with intensive needs group

By Sheza Qasim and Brynn Price February 7, 2024

Holiday cheer filled room A122 as students filed in to exchange gifts, decorate cookies and make crafts. Students and teachers from different backgrounds came together to embrace their differences. All...

Fun-filled snow days and their dreary consequences

By Aryaa Sharma, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology February 7, 2024

Snow days yield a blend of joy and chaos as schools announce unexpected closures; parents face work disruptions, students revel in the unplanned break, and administrators grapple with measures amidst the...

Teacher Matt reads a book to deaf children in the WCC to improve their reading, speaking, and listening skills. This is similar to Ben Rhazis experience in the WCC which helped him with writing, listening, and speaking.

Hearing through the silence: a deaf child’s education experience

By Jonas Sijbrant and Mateo Golomb February 6, 2024

When Ben Rhazi was 2 years old, doctors discovered that he was profoundly deaf. As a result of being born with a progressive hearing loss gene, his inner ear lost all of its hearing function revealing...

Tretinoin is a prescription-only synthetic retinoid derived from Vitamin A that is meant to cure acne and provide people with younger looking skin. Vitamin C is an ingredient that’s purpose is to slow early aging and reduce wrinkles. Teenagers, influenced by social media, use these products that have anti-aging qualities, yet they themselves aren’t aging.

Youthful obsession.

By Lily Zuckerman and Neena Atkins February 6, 2024

Open TikTok and you'll be greeted by an endless lineup of skincare tutorials. However, a new trend has emerged amidst the tips and glowing product reviews: female pre-teens confidently hunt through aisles...

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