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Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

Survivors of assault face much more than the event itself.

Surviving Assault: The obstacles to coming forward about sexual abuse

By Tanay Pant, Metea Valley High School June 2, 2022

The name of the student mentioned has been changed for this article since they are candidly discussing sexual abuse in depth. This article candidly discusses sexual assault. “I do not think that...

Kashmiri Pandits face a struggle in returning to their homelands due to being continuously oppressed

A Kashmiri Pandit tragedy survivor recounts his gruesome experiences

By Shreyas Sambara and Soham Kinhikar June 2, 2022

Makhan Lal Bindroo, a pharmacist in Srinagar’s landmark medical store was shot dead this past October by terrorists. His killing was the latest in a long line of persecution against the Kashmiri Pandit...

Social studies teacher Nicholas Covington poses against the whiteboard in his classroom after writing down notes for his economics class. Covington said that it was tough to tell everyone he was leaving, but glad they all understood.

 “That was the hardest part I think, telling the students because there were audible gasps,” Covington said.

Social studies teacher opens up on departure from Ankeny Schools

By Sophie Rohlfing, Ankeny High School June 1, 2022

Nicholas Covington has worked at Ankeny High School as an Advanced Placement European History and economics teacher since 2012. In Feb. 2022 he announced his resignation from AHS to pursue his further...

Freshman Safiya Elmanayar and her eighth grade sister, Sarah Elmanayer, founded a local Egyptian dessert company, S&S Sweets. Their desserts are available to order through their Instagram and Facebook pages through a form.

Traditional treats

By Marisa Green, Lovejoy High School June 1, 2022

Freshman Safiya Elmanayar and her eighth grade sister, Sarah Elmanayer, founded a local Egyptian dessert company. The girls named their company “S&S Sweets” after their childhood home videos where...

Junior Callan Spence working on a sculpture of the University of Texas Longhorn mascot. Spence sees the UT fine arts program as one of many possibilities for his future as an artist. Photo courtesy of Chas Spence.

Cancer can’t stop Callan

By Francie Wilhelm and Amaya Collier June 1, 2022

When junior Callan Spence discovered his passion for art, it was clear that he had something special. In his freshman year, one of his first-ever sculptures won the Gold Seal award in the VASE state event,...

Conifers class of 2022 graduated last Saturday, May 21st. In reality we’ve all graduated at the end of the year, we’ve all done the same thing. Really, what it comes down to is that valedictorian is who devoted the most time for school, class salutatorian Jeb Barber said.


By Maya Dawson, Conifer High School May 31, 2022

Junior Rhys Hanson needs a PE credit to graduate high school, but signing up for the class is painful. Not because of the pushups he may have to do, but because, even with a perfect grade, the class will...

An illustration depicts a same-sex couple with a child, celebrating Pride Month together. Approximately 114,000 same-sex couples are currently raising children in the U.S., according to the UCLA School of Law Williams Institute.

Parenting with pride

By Lucas Cohen-d'Arbeloff, Harvard-Westlake School May 31, 2022

When asked by her fourth-grade teacher to write about her favorite weekend activity, Shoshana Bernstein ’22 chose to describe how she enjoyed cooking with her moms. The teacher, assuming Bernstein had...

Sophomore Ryan Bischoff (left) and sophomore Brayden Klingensmith are junior firefighters at Station 104.

5 junior firefighters answer the call

By Evelyn Esek, Baldwin High School - PA May 31, 2022

Sophomore Ryan Bischoff always knew he wanted to be a firefighter. After all, it is in his blood: His grandfather, father, and brother all have been firefighters. “I became a firefighter because it's...

Tim and Annastacia Daugherty are leaving the district after 5 years. The Daughertys plan to move and resume teaching in Thailand.

On a bumper sticker

By Calla Patino, Lovejoy High School May 31, 2022

The engines degraded to an idle as the plane rolled to the gate. The fasten seatbelt sign is turned off as the pilot speaks on the intercom, “Welcome to Bangkok, Thailand.” The sounds of people’s...

Sexual assault allegations between two students at Broadway High have circulated through the social media pages of students. No means no has acted as the poster saying for the issue of consent.

Amidst allegations at Broadway High, Fulton-Wright outraged, Friend turns trauma to activism

By Clare Kirwan, Harrisonburg High School May 31, 2022

Sexual assault allegations involving two students at Broadway High School (BHS), a Rockingham County school, circulated through students’ social media pages Monday, May 16, 2022. According to WHSV, administrators...

Many foster children were put in the system because they were already subject to abuse. Additionally, children experience high rates of abuse within the system.

Seeking Stability

By Brooklyn Bennett, Beachwood High School May 27, 2022

Nineteen-year-old Meredith Hunter, whose name has been changed in protection of her identity, was in the foster care system from ages 14 to 18. Hunter lived with an alcoholic mother before being put...

Cordoba and Grantham pause for a picture in the band room before leading the band to the library for the lip dub.

Leading the Band: The story behind Mr. Grantham and Mr. Cordoba’s path to conducting

By Eva Raul, Amador Valley High School May 27, 2022

The Amador Valley Band Program has six concert bands, three jazz bands, a marching band, colorguard, and much more. At the heart of it all are its two directors, Jonathan Grantham and Edwin Cordoba. Their...

Pammie poses for a photo in the hallways of West High.

Write this down

By Zaira Ahmad and Kamakshee Kuchhal May 27, 2022

Tapping out the rhythm with her sparkly boots against the band room carpet, the strumming of a guitar and piano notes fill the air. She grins ear-to-ear as the opening lyrics of her favorite song, “Write...

Zakria has made many cakes for many different occasions, including birthdays.

Big dreams, small business

By Sashrika Shyam , Lake Zurich High School May 27, 2022

The Happy Baker Husna Zakria, sophomore, and her small business, The Happy Baker, is the perfect mix of joy and  hard work. With just over two years since she started it, The Happy Baker is a small...

Senior Samantha Rosas lives with Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare genetic condition, but it does not define her.

Rosas defies expectations

By Jameson Oates, FULLERTON UNION HIGH SCHOOL May 26, 2022

The month of May is dedicated to raising awareness for Prader-Willi syndrome, a rare yet intense genetic condition that makes every day difficult. Many kids with this condition are forced to be in special...

“Everything started going better,” sophomore Lisa Safina said. “And then the war started.”

Russian Transfer Student Lisa Safina Opens Up About Her Experiences Amid War in Ukraine

By Lillian Paugh, La Salle Catholic Preparatory High School May 26, 2022

When sophomore Lisa Safina moved from Russia to the United States in September, it was a long-time dream come true. However, Russia’s attack on Ukraine in February and the subsequent war that has since...

ABOVE: The Friesem brothers Theo (15), Kai (18) and Lyrr (15) pose after a morning Mac baseball practice. 
Photo by Grace Nugent.  BELOW: The Frisesem brothers Theo (age 9), Kai (age 11), and Lyrr (age 9) pose with the Sharon Region Juvenile division trophy after a summer baseball league game in Tel Aviv. Photo courtesy of Kai Friesem.

Fighting Fahrenheit in 512

By Grace Nugent, McCallum High School May 26, 2022

Kai Friesem hates talking about the weather. And it’s not only because he firmly believes that Texas has environmental mood swings—a statement he stands by—but because instead of using Celsius, like...

Dr. Susan Carter-Fricks works with students as a voice coach in both choir and musical theater. After her opera career, she started flying Falcon 20s and jets.

Singer takes flight

By Marisa Green, Lovejoy High School May 26, 2022

Whether flying a jet, teaching in a classroom or performing in Carnegie Hall, Dr. Susan Carter-Fricks does it all. Carter works with students as a voice coach in both choir and musical theater. She began...

Valerie O’Riordan is retiring after 22 years at Archbishop Riordan.

Finding her cue: Ms O exits stage for retirement

By Santino Woo '22, ARCHBISHOP RIORDAN HIGH SCHOOL May 26, 2022

From her beginning aspirations of wanting to become an actor at the age of 19 to directing and writing several plays, it is safe to say that Valerie O’ Riordan’s career of shaping other peoples’...

Senior Julia Murray, who has been nearly deaf and blind since birth, will be heading to Slippery Rock to study occupational therapy.

Vision, hearing impairments no match for Murray’s drive

By Kevin Hutchinson, Baldwin High School - PA May 25, 2022

Senior Julia Murray, who has been nearly deaf and blind since birth, has never backed away from a challenge. “She was having a hard time with her (adaptive) technology one night,” her mom, Whitehall...

Retiring chemistry teacher Bob Blaus helps his students with their titration lab.

Retirees leave lasting legacies on student body and colleagues

By Phoebe Stergios, York Community High School May 25, 2022

Being a teacher, administrator or student adviser is a daunting task, and often results in little recognition for their efforts. But that's the gamble ever teacher takes because they know there's a light...

The statue of Junipero Serra stands as a permanent glorification of colonists.

The narrative created about the California missions ignores generational abuse

By Anika Marino, Carlmont High School May 25, 2022

WARNING: This article contains mentions of extreme racism, abuse, and death. Reader discretion is advised. As much as the western eurocentric culture attempts to deny it, colonialism has a visible and...

Freshman Greg Alberti completes an unassisted landing at Fitchburg Airport with his flight instructor.

Freshmen take off on piloting journey

By Ava Arcona, Algonquin Regional High School May 25, 2022

While many people are afraid of heights, freshmen pilots-in-training Greg Alberti and Paneet Kandola find nothing more gripping than being in control of an aircraft thousands of feet above the ground. ...

In 2017, Valentine took his judo students to volunteer at a women and childrens shelter.

Compassion for homeless in Mid-Pacific community

By Josephine Brewer, Mid-Pacific Institute May 24, 2022

By Josephine Brewer Staff Writer In 2003, high school science teacher and judo instructor, Michael Valentine, spent about four months in San Francisco without a home. Although becoming homeless...

A map in EL teacher Margareta Cernev’s room shows the names and countries of origin, written on the red phoenixes, of her current EL students. Above the map, the names and countries of origin of Cernev’s previous students, who have graduated from high school, are displayed on gray phoenixes.

Phoenix Immigrants: Their Lives, Struggles, and Experiences

By Rohan Iyer , Rock Ridge High School May 24, 2022

Sophomore Carlos Fuenmayor sits at his desk in his Spanish class, using his Chromebook to do research for a project. Fuenmayor immigrated to the United States from Venezuela. “It’s totally different...

Assistant professor Anand Natarajan (09) teaches at the Massachusetts Institute of Technologys (MIT) Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS) department. He first discovered his love for science as a child and explored his passion at the high school level with clubs and advanced classes.

Blooming from the STEM: Anand Natarajan (‘09) dives into quantum computing

By Olivia Xu and Brandon Zau May 24, 2022

harkeraquila · Winged Post Audible: Blooming from the STEM: Anand Natarajan (‘09) Imagine that you and I are on the opposite sides of the galaxy, and you perform an operation on yourself. Now, imagine...

TRAVELING: Polina Vorona, 18, stopped to take a selfie in a restroom on her way from Ukraine to Poland in February. She and her grandmother traveled together from Kyiv, leaving behind Polinas father and grandfather. I know it’s really hard for Granny, Polina said, “[to] be separate [from] her husband, with my grandfather, for the first time in I don’t know, 40 years.

‘A sadness which you cannot explain with words’

By Tali Liebenthal, Shalhevet High School May 24, 2022

It seemed natural for Shalhevet sophomore Arielle Gueorguiev to sign up for a program that would connect her with a teenager in Ukraine. Her mother and father are from there, and she needed community service...

Many seniors have been waiting their whole childhood for graduation day. Other seniors, though, don’t feel as confident or certain about their path after high school and may even be scared to leave high school.

Fear of the unknown

By Kyla Henige, McHenry High School May 24, 2022

Walking into school freshman year, students are told “these next four years will fly by.” Rolling their eyes and chuckling, the freshman pay no attention.  Flash forward to their senior year, and...

Junior Isabella Zhu (fourth from the left) poses for a team picture with the other members of the 2022 USA European Girls’ Math Olympiad team. “I loved spending time with my teammates, and I also got to meet a bunch of girls from different countries, which was really fun,” Zhu said.

The road to olympiad gold

By Laura Zhang, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology May 24, 2022

Imagine the Olympics, but instead of athletes, it’s a battle between mathletes. Every year, the European Girls Math Olympiad (EGMO) brings together over 200 of the world’s best female high school math...

Junior Jay Guarino (center) poses with juniors Samantha Midgekey (left) and Hannah Albers before Junior Prom on April 30.

Amidst the fun, students face prom preparation pressure

By Ava Arcona, Linda Hu, and Kate Michel May 24, 2022

Although prom is a night of fun that is named one of the most monumental events for high school students, many experience stress as they face pressures regarding fashion, money and appearance. According...

College Prep English works on their final project. After teaching for 28 years, Ms. Beth Moritz plans to retire at the end of the school year, along with seven other teachers at the high school.

Did the Pandemic Change Teaching Forever?

By Rebecca Simpkins, Pattonville High School May 24, 2022

A once loved profession turned into a place of burnout. With reports of teachers leaving the profession in droves, experts cite the lack of student motivation, the new atmosphere of schools after COVID,...

Senior Travis Decker and the others who plan to attend Texas A&M gather on senior day, April 28, in the gym. Decker was accepted into both A&M’s Aggie ACHIEVE program and the UNT ELEVAR program.

Senior One of Ten Accepted to ACHIEVE Program

By Ashlyn Poole, ALEDO HIGH SCHOOL May 23, 2022

The clock seemed like it would never reach 6:30 p.m. Everyone knew senior Travis Decker had made his choice, but it was a secret. That is, until the clock struck 6:30 p.m. His family live-streamed...

By returning to Austin Fire Department Station No. 2, Dasher gave the firefighters there a precious gift: living, breathing proof of the impact of their heroic work.

Fire Station No. 2 will always be with her

By Lanie Sepehri, McCallum High School May 23, 2022

Lily Dashner’s first moments in the world were very nearly her last. “When I was born—this is gonna sound really graphic, but—I died,” Dashner said. “That’s pretty much the right way to...

Senior Ginny Bruno rests in her UVA hospital bed before surgery on her brain tumor. Bruno discovered in January that she had a tumor that had been growing for 10 years.

Ginny Bruno’s “BooBoo”

By Eavan Driscoll, Albemarle High School May 23, 2022

Chapter 1................How It All Began Chapter 2.................Serious Surgery Chapter 3............. Road To Recovery Chapter 4.................... Home At Last Chapter 5.......Students Show...

Following the experience of those who moved states in an increasingly partisan country

From state to state: A political and cultural shift

By Melody Cui and Jefferson Le May 20, 2022

Choir teacher Amy Young could have been legally fired for being a gay teacher when she lived in Florida four years ago. This possibility, combined with the constant feeling of being a minority,  convinced...

Michael Shaikh captures a photo of Afghans walk the streets of Kabul.

Surviving the war on terror

By Izaan Masud and Maya Campbell May 20, 2022

When the American troops first arrived, Farouq Samim was optimistic about the future of Afghanistan. An overwhelming sense of hope was present at the American’s first arrival. Since 1996, the Taliban...

Mr. LaBrot teaches senior Belle Maxwell about gluing a shelf together. LaBrot has recently joined the Missouri National Guard.

Army National Guard Welcomes Specialist LaBrot

By Sydney Davis, Wentzville Liberty High School May 20, 2022

Mr. Michael LaBrot had a burning desire to do something for a cause bigger than him. "You're only on Earth once, and I want to do something as impactful as I can while I'm here,” he said.  LaBrot...

The McHenry Police Department is housed at the McHenry Municipal Center on Green St. The department has partnered with MCHS to send student resource officers to the school.

This is fine

By Vanessa Moreno, McHenry High School May 20, 2022

A McHenry High School student carrying an e-cigarette walks out of the bathroom when he notices a student resource officer staring right at him. Doing his job, the SRO issues a ticket to be resolved in...

Juniors like Alexander Kuhn and Mikayla Gdanov are choosing to graduate early to pursue their academic careers. Kuhn and Gdanov both have a desire to help others and plan on doing so after graduating from high school. “I chose to graduate early because I wanted to get a jump start on college and my career pathway,” Gdanov said. “I also knew I could with my AP and honors classes that I have taken.”

Jump starting service

By Kaden Roth, Millard West High School May 19, 2022

For seniors, the end of the year means closing the yearbook and looking toward what's to come. Juniors like Mikayla Gdanvo and Alexander Kuhn find themselves in the same boat by choosing to graduate early.  ...

The American Dream Drive-In put on “Dog” for their fundraiser in support of Mr. Mickelson and his family.


By Nathan Feller, Powell High School May 19, 2022

Drive-in movies have been a point of nostalgia deep within the heart of the American culture. Since their June 6, 1933 creation, drive-in theaters have been romanticized as one of the best venues for a...

Tina Riehle announced on Feb. 16 that she will run for the 33B seat in the Minnesota House of Representatives. She has been a part of the Stillwater community for 17 years, and has spent the past three years on the school board .

Tina Riehle runs for 33B seat for House of Representatives

By Chelsea Stahl, Stillwater Area High School May 19, 2022

“I just think that it's important for all students, whether you're a Democrat, or you're Republican, or you're an independent, or whatever party you are, that all students understand what the process...

Coppell High School service dog London takes a  walk around the CHS campus on Thursday. CHS service dogs are trained to calm and provide comfort to special needs students.

High school sweetheart edition: Pawfect friend brightens schooldays

By Tracy Tran, Coppell High School May 18, 2022

Being side by side, a silent assistant carefully observes the students without leaving eyes for a second, keeping the professionalism in the job. A small movement would immediately be caught in his...

Many High School students have created and run businesses that reflect their passions. Through developing these businesses, they have overcome challenges, learned valuable skills and set future goals.

High School students cultivate passions through self-created businesses

By Sophia Bassi, Vittoria Di Meo, and Anna Reznick May 18, 2022

Throughout high school, students are often encouraged to explore their passions. Some students take their interests and apply them to create businesses in their respective fields. Many plan to continue...

At 9 A.M., a school lunch worker assembles a side of corn, beans, and spices for students to enjoy during lunch.

National School Lunch Hero Day: honoring our lunch workers

By Leila Touati, Amador Valley High School May 18, 2022

Every lunch period at Amador, students jostle in long lines; they speed through the cafeterias, shove foil-wrapped meals onto their trays, and leave as quickly as they enter. But through the double-doors...

Friends welcome home Douglass after her final surgery last week. The dance captain underwent two heart surgeries for a rare medical condition.

Sea of Red Welcomes Senior Dance Captain Home From Surgery

By Elsa Dahlgren, Lake Forest High School May 18, 2022

A sea of red flooded the hallways last week as students showed their support for senior Ava Douglass who underwent two open heart surgeries in just 10 days. The avid dancer and pom team captain, who...

AN ADVENTURE BEGINS.  English teacher, Anthony Lane, plans to sail the world with his 15 year-old-son.

English teacher begins around-the-world journey in the Atlantic

By Heather Jackson, Willis High School May 17, 2022

A young child sits in his seat as the boat makes its way to their fishing spot in Trinity River. He casts his small rod, bobber barely visible due to limited early-morning light. He carefully watches and...

Family Promise Metrowest hosts its 13th annual Walk to End Homelessness. Due to COVID-19, the walk will be virtual, and members of Wayland High School’s Family Promise Club are encouraged to join.

Family Promise: The walk to end homelessness

By Annabelle Zhang, Wayland High School May 17, 2022

With the drastic increase in housing prices and an inert minimum wage, family homelessness in Massachusetts faced a concerning 72% increase from 2007 to 2020. Family Promise is an organization with the...

Dan Shaner has been named the Holocaust Educator of the Year by the Pittsburgh Holocaust Center.

Shaner, honored for Holocaust education, focuses on many social issues

By Asmita Pokharel and Eli Traud May 17, 2022

When she was in eighth grade, Kaylee Smolko got to speak with a Holocaust survivor as part of a program organized by gifted support teacher Daniel Shaner. “It is emotional because you can read books...

Illustration from 48.5 Print Edition front page. The cover showcased stories on the Global Expo and unconventional college paths. Staff illustration: Sophie Fang

From 48.5 Print: Menlo Seniors and Alumni Pursue Unconventional Paths after Graduating

By Erica Fenyo, Menlo School May 17, 2022

College sweatshirts abound and students rush to update their Instagram bios as seniors receive their acceptances and decide which university to attend next year. However, not all Menlo students choose...

Organ donation is a cause close to the heart of some in the NVOT community.

Saying ‘Yes’ to Saving Lives

By Lara Areiqat, Emma Mor, and Caroline Tharakan May 17, 2022

Getting a driver’s license is one of the top things high school students look forward to. When the time comes to go to the MVC and make it official, excitement brims as they fill their forms out, anticipating...

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