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Students don’t give a pass to online exams

A student takes the practice Advanced Placement (AP) exam.

By Elise Hsu, Carlmont High School

June 1, 2020

Natalie Nielsen was almost done with her Advanced Placement (AP) Calculus test. She had already finished the first question; all she had to do now was submit her answer to the second question. With over four minutes left on the clock, she attached an image of her work and hit the "submit" button. ...

Add Pulitzer Prize to resume

Pulitzer Prize winner Mrs. Molly O’Toole continues her prestigious career, working for the Los Angeles Times.

By Cole Hume, Cathedral Catholic High School

May 29, 2020

Los Angeles Times immigration and security reporter and University of San Diego High School alumna Mrs. Molly O’Toole ‘05 received a life-changing email from her top editors last week.  The subject of the email simply read “Molly.” “I thought that I was in trouble,” Mrs. O’Toole said. ...

After a State Title and Seven Years of Helping Students, Counselor Mr. Seth Altshuler Departs From La Salle

“I’m just going to miss the fun that the kids and co-workers brought,” Mr. Altshuler said. “It was always fun, and I’ve never had a job like that.”

By Carlie Weigel, La Salle Catholic Preparatory High School

May 28, 2020

After moving to four different countries alone and learning four different languages, all by the time he was 30, counselor Mr. Seth Altshuler said that he had finally developed trust in himself. Now, students, teachers, and staff members who are a part of the La Salle community trust him as well. ...

Local AC/DC tribute singer auditions for spot on tour

Darren Caperna speaks to Wingspan about fellow band member Ken Schiumo, father of baseball coach Kenneth Schiumo Jr.

By Aaron Boehmer and Kyle Strickland

May 28, 2020

It’s likely the dream of most cover or tribute band singers: the chance to perform with the real band. For local AC/DC tribute band, Back in Black, it happened in 2016. That’s when lead singer Darren Caperna got the chance to audition as the temporary lead vocalist of AC/DC when the band’s singe...

Boy Scouts: core values, life lessons and bankruptcy

Pictured above is junior Sashwat Das's troop during the Scout summer camp at Camp Yawgoog, RI, in 2018. “I think [the scouts] definitely shaped me into the person I am today,” Das said.

By Joanna Barrow and Katherine Kim

May 27, 2020

In 1924, Wayland was no more than a small farm town, with dirt roads and a single police officer. There are very few organizations that were established in that year that are still operating, but Boy Scouts Troop 1 Cochituate is an exception: they have been serving generations of Wayland boys for nearly...

Meatless meat companies: Reinventing the food industry one meal at a time

Scientists from Beyond Meat work to create a plant-based burger that tastes and performs like real meat.

By Kaylene Lin, Carlmont High School

May 27, 2020

If the entire world were to become vegetarian by 2050, food-related greenhouse gas emissions would drop by around 60%. Imagine that. A world with only plant-based foods. A world that can eat it’s way to a healthier future. For many, this idea seems out of reach. Poverty in third-world countri...

Students soar in Civil Air Patrol

The cadets of delta flight align themselves arms length apart via the command: dress right, dress. They are in formation and are preparing for their graduation of Airman Training School at the San Francisco National Guard Armory.

By Preston Kwok, Carlmont High School

May 27, 2020

"Semper Vigilans, Always Vigilant." This is the motto that defines Civil Air Patrol (CAP), the Air Force civilian auxiliary. Although it is similar to the well-known Scouts program, many are unaware of what CAP is and the impact the program has on its community and high school students. CAP was...

Photograph Of Fallen WWII Hero Emerges After 76 Years


By Bill Kaiser, San Juan Hills High School

May 27, 2020

When Express editor Brittany Christensen wrote a news story in 2014, she never thought it would help campus supervisor Bob Nietzel find a picture of his cousin Alfred, who died in battle near Heistern, Germany. Bob Nietzel, himself a Korean war veteran, had just accepted the Congressional Medal o...

In Memoriam: Wendall Zartman

JaDa Johnson and her mother, Joycelyn, pose with Wendall Zartman at JaDa's graduation in 2017.

By Ella West, St. John's School - TX

May 27, 2020

When AP World History teacher Wendall Zartman finished his last online class on April 16, he concluded as he did every day—by waving a warm goodbye to his students. Several hours later, after experiencing a bout of pain, he checked in to St. Luke’s Hospital in the Texas Medical Center. The next morning,...

The end of fast fashion

Forever 21 sales associate, Noelle De Leon, rings up a customer.

By Leanna Gower, Carlmont High School

May 26, 2020

Forever 21 was once the fashion empire feared by other retailers and grew faster than anyone could have anticipated; however, faced with the competition of fast fashion and internal collapse, the empire suddenly met its demise. The first store opened with only $11,000. Starting in a 900-square-foot...

Governments vs. climate change

Despite the Paris Agreement looking to move towards renewable energy sources for the future, fossil fuels continue to dominate the energy industry around the world, including in America. “The ruling party of our country is so deeply connected to the fossil fuel industry and to a mentality of exploitation and greed.“ Norr said.

By Katerina Gaines, Carlmont High School

May 26, 2020

Governments worldwide are facing a problem that no other generation of political leaders has had to face: climate change. Unprecedented warming temperatures, flooding, hurricanes, and wildfires are all attributed to industrial processes used to run society since 1760. However, progress was made...

A Journey From Another Hemisphere: EL Students Share Their Stories

Living an active life outside of school, Victoire Lehee said some of her favorite pastimes are hiking, running, and horse riding. She has ridden horses for about seven years and finds time to practice primarily on the weekends. In Switzerland, Lehee said she focused on her horse jumping skills. Now living in the U.S., she was able to find a new barn where she mostly works on dressage. She sits atop her horse, Lingotton, pictured above. “Horse riding teaches me perseverance because sometimes the horse doesn't want to do things, and you can’t be angry, so I think I learned patience too,” Lehee said. “When we’re together, I feel like the horse understands me, and you don’t even have to talk.”

By Lauren Pickett, Marquette High School

May 26, 2020

Victoire Lehee, sophomore, connects with her French roots by speaking her mother tongue at home and speaking either English, German or Russian outside depending on her global location. Lehee represents the almost one out of every four children in the U.S. who speaks a language other than English at...

‘Not adequate enough’: Los Angeles residents reflect on city’s beauty standards

In this photo staged by junior Emily Eshel, a girl stands on a scale that reads

By Chloe Fidler, Archer School for Girls

May 22, 2020

From flashy cars to green juices, West Los Angeles can seem like the perfect place to live. The Santa Monica beach always bustles with people because it is basically sunny year-round, and Rodeo drive is full of tourists and luxury shops. According to a U.S. News and World Report survey, Los Angeles is the 11th m...

Do uniforms really create socioeconomic equity?: Designer items while in uniform

One of the most prominent brands on campus is Gucci. This Archer student is wearing Gucci Ace leather sneakers, which are listed on the Gucci site for 90.

By Cydney Johnson, Archer School for Girls

May 22, 2020

According to the National Center for Education Statistics, almost half of all high school students wear a school uniform. Uniforms have grown in popularity annually since 1996, when then-president Bill Clinton said that school uniforms would give students the opportunity to "evaluate themselves by what...

York builds dream home from ashes of holiday fire

The remainders of the York family home have now been torn down and the contractors are ready to start the rebuilding process.

By Yesenia Montenegro, Linganore High School

May 22, 2020

Mary Jo York, retired special education teacher and current clerical assistant, is building her dream home--an exact replica of the one that burned in a Christmas nightmare. On December 25, 2019, York experienced a life-changing event that most people can't imagine.  It had been a regular Christmas...

Remembering senior Carieal “L” Doss

Johnetta Doss smiles with her daughter, senior Carieal

By Zoe DeYoung, Parkway West High School

May 22, 2020

On April 17 our community lost senior Carieal “L” Doss. After transferring from Parkway Central midway into her junior year, she became known by teachers and peers for her jokes and infectious smile. As a child, Doss is described by her mother, Johnetta Doss, as curious and determined. “She...

Bengtson, Elkhal, Smith, and Wobig: This Year’s Valedictorians and Salutatorian Reflect on Their Time at La Salle

Franny Bengtson, Grace Elkhal, Ashley Smith, and Lucas Wobig are this year's valedictorians and salutatorian.

By Maddie Khaw, La Salle Catholic Preparatory High School

May 21, 2020

On Wednesday, May 6, four La Salle seniors got a surprise visit to their house from President and Principal Mr. Andrew Kuffner. When Mr. Kuffner showed up at their door, these four seniors found out that they had been selected as the valedictorians and salutatorian for the class of 2020. Although...

War reporter Ben Anderson shares stories from around the world

Journalist Ben Anderson stands among bombed ruins in Mosul, Iraq.

By  by James Engel, Shaler Area High School

May 20, 2020

“Most trips, in the few days before I’m about to leave, I don’t sleep, I don’t eat, and I imagine everything that could possibly go wrong. I’ve had some real close shaves with IEDs, and snipers, and ambushes, and gunfights. Looking back over the past years, I think I’m lucky to be in one...

Junior Sri Jaladi Wins $500 in Spark! Pitch Competition

Spark! mentor Xanthe Meyer, Bilal Danish, and competitors senior Emma Lee Francois, Parkway South senior Subah Shovik and winner junior Sri Jaladi pose for a photo after the Parkway Spark! Thomas Phelps Pitch Competition Feb. 6. Jaladi’s business, Nano Lending, aims to empower impoverished and homeless entrepreneurs by providing them with foundational products to help them start their own businesses. “It feels really good [running Nano Lending] because it's not necessarily just for money,” Jaladi said. “I think it's great to do something where this is not meant for profit and any money that's repaid back just goes back into the program.”

By Paige Matthys-Pearce, Parkway West High School

May 20, 2020

In the midst of anticipation and excitement at the Spark! Incubator, with $500 on the line, stands junior Sri Jaladi as he is announced as the winner of the 2020 Thomas Phelps Business Pitch Competition Feb. 6. Students from Parkway's Spark! Incubator program pitched a business idea to a panel of judges ...

Policy change results in lack of diversity

Students arrive at Carlmont after more than an hour-long bus ride from East Palo Alto at 7:30 a.m.

By Niamh Marren and Savannah Velschow

May 19, 2020

When most people hear the word diversity, many think about different racial ethnicities. One thing that is often talked about but never changed is how certain privileges or disadvantages are based on skin color. Such may be present at Carlmont High School, as some believe that the school stru...

Tapping into greatness

Cooper was awarded both the Campus Teacher of the Year for Lovejoy High School and the District Secondary Teacher of the Year.

By Kelsey Carroll, Lovejoy High School

May 19, 2020

When Ray Cooper thinks of admirable teachers (and he knows he can’t name everyone), a select few cross his mind immediately. Keith Christian, who is “just a great teacher.” Andrew Stallings, another “great teacher.” Sadaf Syed, again, a “great teacher.” They’re the teachers...

A Rare Disease

Bryan Beresford plays outside as a young child after his surgery.

By Zoey Beresford, Carlmont High School

May 18, 2020

Shortly after Cyl Beresford gave birth to her son, the baby was swept away into countless tests with the only report of heart murmurs that may or may not go away. Bryan Beresford was born with five defects in his heart, four of which aligned with tetralogy of fallot, a rare heart disease found most commonly in newborns. In 1972, this was a death sentence. T...

He overcame it all by being himself

On Monday, April 8, 2019, senior Phillip Meadows (left), received a rank promotion. He is pictured with his major, Jeffrey Dorman. Meadows has been a cadet in the Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) throughout all four years of high school.

By Jahlea Douglas, Elkhart Memorial High School

May 18, 2020

“I was abandoned first at 8 months old.” As a child, especially as a baby, we are innocent— we only know how to express simple emotions: crying when we are hungry, in pain, or needing a diaper change and smiling and laughing when another person plays with us.  Furthermore, as babies we vi...

Climate Stress in Students

According to the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, one in five Americans are very worried about climate change and a majority of Americans feel helpless about the issue.

By Julianne Berry-Stoelzle and Nina Lavezzo-Stecopoulos

May 18, 2020

For Avery Wilson ‘20, living with anxiety is a struggle, but over time, she has developed ways to cope. However,  when it comes to climate change, she can’t talk herself down. “Climate anxiety is hard to stop. Because for lots of things I feel anxious about, I can talk myself down and realize...

Farming Green

With climate change and environmental concerns on the rise, farmers are starting not only to recognize their contributions to environmental degradation, but also the effects climate change has on them

By Shoshie Hemley, Iowa City High School

May 18, 2020

Iowa is a state known for farming, leading the nation in corn, soybean, pork, and egg production according to the U.S Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service. In 2012, there were 30,622,731 acres of farmland in Iowa according to the Iowa Data Center.  However, accordi...

Exclusive Interview With Bonnie Watson Coleman

Bonnie Watson Coleman has been a dedicated representative for her constituents since 2015. (Photo/Black Past)

By Katie Jain, Princeton Day School

May 18, 2020

Bonnie Watson Coleman has been a member of the House of Representatives for New Jersey's 12th Congressional District (which means that, if you live in Mercer County, Middlesex County, Somerset County, or Union County, she represents you) since 2015, and in her time there has advocated for criminal justice...

Alexandria Villaseñor and Her Fight Against Climate Change

Alexandria Villaseñor (center) talks to the crowd at a climate strike. Since late 2018, she has become one of the principal faces of the movement in the US.
Photo courtesy of @alexandriav2005

By Keana Saberi, WESTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL - Austin

May 18, 2020

As the climate crisis morphed from the protests of a few determined teens to thousands of young and spirited protesters on the streets in a massive movement, the intentions for a brighter and more sustainable future became the rallying cry of young teens on a mission to activate change. Activists like...

Coppell’s blooming business scene: present condition, tackling COVID-19 and future ambitions

Coppell has made a name for itself in the local business scene, with a growing business economy and pro-business attitude. The city government hopes to continue attracting businesses and building its image.

By Akif Abidi, Coppell High School

May 18, 2020

Coppell is a prime example of the tremendous growth North Texas cities have been experiencing the past few decades-- booming from approximately 16,000 residents to 42,000 residents in the last 30 years. As Coppell’s population boomed, so did its business sector. Coppell held approximately 2 mill...

The hidden side of cheating

Students often can get creative in finding ways to cheat on assignments.

By Cooper Perez, Carlmont High School

May 18, 2020

High school is a period in which teenagers can express their free-spirited attitudes towards life and ready themselves for the "real world." Students party and spend time together before they depart for college, they go to football games and get their faces painted and cheer when their team scores,...

The Depths of Water Pollution

The Iowa River is about 330 miles long, starting in northcentral Iowa and flowing past Iowa City on its way to the Mississippi River.

By Julianne Berry-Stoelzle and Paris Fuller

May 15, 2020

Silvia Secchi often takes walks along the Iowa River with her dog Chiquita. She enjoys the fresh air, and watching the eagles, but also keeps a careful eye out for algae blooms and the water level. She worries about the contamination in the river, if the pH is too high for the fish to survive, or if...

Under the microscope: An inside look at DGS’s Research Club

DGS Research Club offers students the opportunity to conduct their own long-term research projects.

By Jacqueline Barba, Downers Grove South High School

May 15, 2020

Stepping into Research Club, there’s a sense of controlled chaos. In one corner, students laugh with each other while pouring and mixing different liquids in beakers while in another, a student sits with their chromebook open, eyebrows furrowed as they scribble notes. Everyone is busy and focused,...

Pressures of fitting in

By Anna Velazquez and Andrea Plascencia

May 15, 2020

Fashion. It has no one definition, no one look and absolutely no rules. Fashion can be anything. Fashion is art, freedom and expression. But even in the midst of a revolution of change and progress, there is an underlying pressure to be thin. Desite plus-sized models and people from all walks of life...

Teacher gets inspired, helps students with ‘food insecurity’

LMS reading teacher Rachel Yakey helps kids who deal with food insecurity in her roles as coordinator of Londonderry’s “Ending 68 Hours of Hunger program.” The program is a non-profit organization that feeds students over the weekend when food services can’t be provided. Yakey said her family (pictured here) often helps her by packing bags and delivering food.

By Matt Palmer, Londonderry High School

May 14, 2020

After reading the book No Place by Todd Strasser, LMS reading teacher Rachel Yakey was inspired to help students in Londonderry who suffer from food insecurity.  “When I first joined the middle school, they were doing a summer book read and I chose the book ‘No Place’, and in that book the yo...

Sofia Algorri takes over TikTok

'Twas a mighty and ferocious fall, face first, into the grass.

By Cerys Davies, Flintridge Sacred Heart

May 13, 2020

It was a random day during winter break, an overcast day with a slight breeze, the sun peeking through intermittently. In a big empty home in Sierra Madre, Sofia Algorri ‘20 had nothing to do. Netflix, YouTube and every other form of entertainment had started to look bleak. She simply couldn’t bring...

Heightism affects athletics, media portrayal, romantic relationships in contemporary society

This illustration depicts the effects and various stages of heightism that members of the Archer community and beyond can experience. Additionally, this image demonstrates the greater effect that heightism has within our society, considering it doesn't only affect one group or type of people. This illustration was created by graphic design artist and sophomore Molly Solowitz.

By Vaughan Anoa'i, Archer School for Girls

May 13, 2020

In our society, the effects of racism, sexism, anti-Semitism, homophobia, transphobia and xenophobia have become prevalent topics of discussion, whether that be in Twitter threads or break room conversations. However, according to 5 foot 11 sophomore Shaun Milton, one form of discrimination is often "overlooked" and "pushed aside": height...

Family-owned 805 Goats protects the community from wildfires

Fire season in 2020 is a concern as the spring rain nurtures vegetation that will dry with the summer heat. Local brush clearing service, 805 Goats, is visiting Westlake to clean up the hillsides before fire season.

By Olivia Horstman, Oak Park High School - CA

May 12, 2020

Until Scott Morris attended Toastmasters, an international public speaking and education club, he never considered starting his own goat-grazing service. Morris met Ventura County Fire captain, Vaughn Miller, in his chapter six years ago and was surprised to hear that the county had a short supply of...

Remembering Tyrone Alumni and World War II Veteran Vincent Hagg

Members of Dog Company, including Vince Hagg and Roy Miles from Tyrone, pose for a photo holding a captured Nazi battle flag in Czechoslovakia in 1945.

By Tyler Beckwith, Tyrone Area High School

May 8, 2020

Seventy five years ago today, guns across the European continent fell silent for the first time in over five years. VE (Victory in Europe) Day brought a partial end to one of the most devastating wars in human history. More than 16 million Americans served in World War II, almost 11% of the entire...

Students of color, mentors reflect on Archer’s admissions process, diversity

An artistic illustration by Leslie Castaneda. The graphic represents students of color standing in front of the entrance of Archer.

By Lizette Gonzalez, Archer School for Girls

May 8, 2020

In the interest of full disclosure, Lizette Gonzalez is a part of Young Eisner Scholars, one of the non-profit organizations mentioned in the piece. When freshman Helen Solis began going to informational meetings about a non-profit organization called "A Better Chance," she hoped she would be accepted into th...

Yuppies 2.0

Millennial and Gen Z fashion and style are awash in luxury brands, such as Gucci, Tommy Hilfiger, Louis Vuitton, Invicta, Rolex, Supreme, Champion, and Yeezy.

By Jordan Atkins, North Allegheny Senior High School

May 7, 2020

Madonna knew the truth when she sang, “We are living in a material world.” It was especially true in the 1980s, when her hit single “Material Girl” was released. It was the decade of the "yuppie," an acronym for young urban professional. “Being a yuppie meant that you had a good-paying job...

Dr. Jerry Friedman and the roots of Shalhevet democracy


By Jacob Joseph Lefkowitz Brooks, Shalhevet High School

May 7, 2020

For Dr. Jerry Friedman and his wife, Jean, it all began at their daughter’s graduation from Harvard University. That day, Dr. Friedman -- successful Los Angeles real estate developer specializing in industrial warehouses -- heard Harvard president Derek Bok call for non-educators to join the field. Soon...

Legacy of action: The protests at Lab

The legacy of the Kent State shooting left its mark on the Laboratory Schools through the U-High Midway, which published several articles about the tragedy and its effects.

By Grace Brady, University of Chicago Laboratory High School

May 7, 2020

“You can kill the revolutionaries: but you can’t kill the revolution!! Remember KENT!” reads a poster pictured in the May 12, 1970, U-High Midway newspaper. This attitude toward protest proved itself to be prevalent among faculty and students at Lab throughout the late 1960s and early 1970s with...

“It was the biggest thing that had ever happened to us”

When two Black & White reporters broke a Soviet radiation scandal in 1976, news outlets around the country picked up the story of their efforts.

By Jesse Rider, Walt Whitman High School

May 6, 2020

To a passerby, Rick Berke (‘76) and Michael Gill (‘76) would have looked like any other Whitman seniors going out for a quick meal at a diner in Bethesda in 1976. But they weren’t just any old high schoolers craving french fries or a chocolate shake — the two Black & White reporters were...

Behind the scenes

CHS9 student Matthew McCann plays Teddy Burns on the CBS sitcom “Man with a Plan” starring “Friends” actor Matt LeBlanc. McCann began acting at age 7 and balances school with filming in Los Angeles.

By Alishba Javaid, Coppell High School

May 4, 2020

One week Coppell freshman Matthew McCann is attending school and the next he is filming a CBS show in front of a live studio audience in Los Angeles. McCann plays the middle child, Teddy Burns, on the sitcom “Man with a Plan” starring Matt LeBlanc who played Joey Tribbiani on the hit show “Fri...

How Teachers Deal with Academic Dishonesty

A student uses the app

By Osaivbie Uhunmwuangho, Lake Ridge High School

May 4, 2020

A math teacher hands out Test A to every student in rows 1, 3, and 5. The remaining rows, 2, 4, and 6, receive Test B. In order to prevent cheating from happening in his classroom, he has created different versions of the test so that students cannot easily cheat off of each other. Academic dishones...

Stroudsburg High School welcomes back survivor of sex trafficking

Seen above is the sex trafficking survivor that visited, Ms. Sioni Rodriguez.

By Taha Vahanvaty, Stroudsburg High School

May 4, 2020

Two years ago Ms. Sioni Rodriguez stepped into Stroudsburg High School’s auditorium to share her story as a survivor of sex trafficking. This February she stepped in once again to continue her story on her pain, her struggle, and her recovery. “It was powerful,” said junior Thomas Mathiesen....

Individual action can reduce greenhouse gas emissions 

The Calpine Russel City Energy Center in San Leandro is a natural gas-fired power station.

By Katerina Gaines, Carlmont High School

April 30, 2020

There's an excess of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere; many scientists refer to it as the slow destruction of the natural world. This is climate change.  The Causes Carbon dioxide has been pumped unrestrictedly into the Earth's atmosphere from the start of the Industrial Revolution in the 19th century to today. The leading causes of clim...

The debate over facial recognition

Infographic depicting the results of the survey conducted by The Standard.

By Willa Blair, The American School in London

April 30, 2020

“The amount of information that it can provide is almost priceless, due to the fact that you can’t get that kind of info from anywhere else,” Dean Papayoanou (’21) said, when speaking about the concept of facial recognition.  A new facial recognition company known as Clearview AI has gathered over three bill...

Overcoming obstacles

English Language Learners at West face a language barrier while adjusting to the new environment.

By Hanah Kitamoto and Isaac Young

April 29, 2020

Language is everywhere and it’s surely unavoidable. Homework, tests, socializing and even a quick trip to your local coffee shop will require you to use language. As English is the most common language in America, it’s not rare to be surrounded by English in our daily lives. Transforming thoughts...

He housed his smile in his eyes

Mourning the loss of sophomore Travis Carney, there will be a small service live streamed in his honor. Carney was hospitalized for a two days before he passed away on April 15.

By Alexis Perno, HB Plant Senior High School - Newspaper

April 29, 2020

Sophomore Travis Carney passed away April 15 after being hospitalized at Tampa General Hospital April 13.   Sophomore Emma Hill described Carney as her best friend, brother and rock for the past three to four years.   “He affected everyone around him and changed my life for the better in...

Live out loud

Head Softball Coach Christy Tumilty and her daughter, senior Kamdyn King, at the 2019 Marquette Christmas show.

By Renee Gomez, Marcus High School

April 28, 2020

A couple walked the waxed white floors of the mall as the scent of over-salted pretzels wafted through the air. In the bustle of it all, they held hands without rings as their kids joined the overall commotion, spiraling in and out of the toy stores and ever-distracting kiosks “Hey, are you...

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