The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

Senior Sarah Penton’s Ofrendas project focused on the tragic deaths of indigenous women.

Artists make an emotional return at Ofrendas show

By Kyra Aburto and Addam Sapien November 30, 2021

Sophomore Daisy Morales arrived early. She and her mom were scheduled to set up refreshments at the Nov. 3 Ofrendas Gallery show. But when Daisy entered the room, she teared up and nearly cried. She admits...

Senior members of the LBJ Fire Academy line up to put out the propane fire at their first live fire skill day of the school year. Each person in the line has a specialized job, first in line holds the nozzle of the hose, the second and third are backup and the fourth person is the hose wrangler, making sure they have enough hose left to turn. “We just had to learn every single job, and that was stressful,” senior and LBJ Fire Academy member Michael Valentino said. “Every person has their job and they have to do it, and if you don’t do it it’s gonna go bad.” Caption by Kennedy Weatherby.

Class of ’22 is on fire (figuratively)

By Josie Bradsby, Lydia Reedy, and Kennedy Weatherby October 21, 2021

The members of LBJ Fire Academy participated in a fire demonstration on Sept. 25 that required them to put into practice all of the skills learned in the course. The event was held at the Austin Fire Academy...

A group of abortion rights activists raise their signs as they gather and listen to the speakers at the women’s rally on Saturday at the Texas Capitol. Some cheer to agree with the proclamations made. “I wanted to show my support for organizations [at the rally] who are working to overturn Senate Bill 8,” junior Edith Holmsten said. “It is important for me to go to rallies because it is a way for me, as someone who can not vote yet, to show my support for issues that I care about. I learned about many different organizations that worked on women’s rights who had tables set up at the march.”

Women’s rally delivers an unmistakable message: repeal Senate Bill 8, vote its creators out of office

By Katherine Boyle, Amaya Collier, Meredith Grotevant, Bo Witzel, and Josie Bradsby October 7, 2021

Activists of all ages gathered on the south lawn of the Capitol building Saturday morning to protest Senate Bill 8, a new, restrictive Texas abortion law that went into effect Sept. 1. From around 9 a.m....

The Dallastown Unified Track team has a team huddle after their victory over Susquehannock at Senior Night on April 28. Dallastown currently has two unified teams: bocce in the winter and track in the spring.

Unified Track: Photo Story

By Camryn Eveler, DALLASTOWN AREA HIGH SCHOOL May 12, 2021

The Dallastown Unified Track and Field team is sponsored by the Dallastown Area School District in partnership with Special Olympics Pennsylvania. Unified Sports is a fully inclusive and co-ed high school...

After over a year of distance-learning, Maywood Center for Enriched Studies offers students the opportunity to participate in hybrid-learning. For the first week back on campus, students and staff adapted to a new schedule, routine, and safety protocols. Photo by Melissa Ponce

Photojournalism: A look inside school’s first week of reopening

By Melissa Ponce , MACES Magnet May 10, 2021

Assistant Principal Mr.Meza checks the temperature of freshman Juliary Chavelas on March 27. All students are required to get their temperature checked prior to entering the school. Those with temperatures...

STICKING WITH TRADITION: The McCallum Blue Brigade sticks the final pose during Last Dance to conclude their first Spring Show of 2021 on Friday April 16. “My favorite dance is ‘Last Dance’ because its such a classic!” junior member Natalie Dean said. I think it’s so fun, happy and a great way to end spring show every year,” The routine is full of memories for members past and present as it has been performed at the end of every spring show since 1991. Speaking of traditions, Dean helped to keep another spring show tradition alive when she made a slide show that included photos from the season as well as a tribute to seniors that included current and baby pictures of each graduating dancer.  Reporting by Grace Nugent.

Blue Brigade ends tough year with triumphant show

By Marley Angle, Carly Johnson, Lucy Marco, Anna McClellan, Caleb Melville, Madelynn Niles, Grace Nugent, Samantha Powers, Lindsey Plotkin, Lydia Reedy, Anna Schlett, Alice Scott, Alysa Spiro, Javier Vela, and Kennedy Weatherby May 3, 2021

After not having a spring show in 2020 and after a 2020-2021 campaign that director Nancy Searle said was often characterized by frustrations, disappointments and cancellations, the Blue Brigade ended...

A seller stands with his cart on Crisanto street.  He has lived on the street for 25 years.

Crisanto Street: A NML Photo Essay

By Ernest Leong, Los Altos High School April 28, 2021

. This story was originally published on LAHS - New Media Lit on April 21, 2021.

A small, life-size figure of Roberto Clemente outside of the Clemente Museum

A Pittsburgh Wall Crawl

By Jess Daninhirsch, North Allegheny Senior High School April 13, 2021

Whenever I travel, I love to scope out some of the best murals and pieces of public art wherever I go and find them on a wall crawl. However, despite living here my entire life, I have never done a wall...

WEE THE PEOPLE: Junior Amethyst Mellberg-Smith holds up a sign during a Urinetown scene involving a protest for the right to “pee for free.” Mellberg-Smith thinks that the show is a commentary on the current political climate. “It’s totally political satire,” Mellberg-Smith said. “It’s making fun of serious situations that are somewhat similar to things happening now, but in such a comedic and absurd way it really shows how messy politics and fighting for what’s right can be.” Mellberg-Smith said that while being on stage for the first time in a year was a rewarding experience, her favorite part of the production was spending time with her friends. “Finally seeing people every day made all of the hard work feel effortless,” Mellberg-Smith said, “and I can’t wait to do it again!” Reporting by Samantha Powers.

One last visit to ‘Urinetown’

By Marley Angle, Ellen Fox, Sophie Leung-Lieu, Lucy Marco, Madelynn Niles, Samantha Powers, Lucy Marco, Lydia Reedy, Bella Russo, Lanie Sepehri, Alice Scott, Alysa Spiro, and Tallulah Wilson March 31, 2021

Performers graced the newly-built outdoor stage for the first time with the McCallum musical Urinetown, rehearsed and performed entirely during the pandemic. The show ran from March 4 to March 7 and...

Ella Finger (9), Anna Phillips (9), Imran Kareem (10) and others walk toward the main entrance along with other in-person students. Masks are mandatory to reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19. Students and staff can temporarily put their mask off in an open area where they are alone to drink, switch masks or take a breather.

Photojournalism: Within these walls

By Aliyah Pratomo, East Lansing High School March 25, 2021

After almost a year of online learning, East Lansing High School finally opened its doors for face-to-face learning for those who chose to do so. With the school shifting to hybrid learning, students and...

On multiple street corners in Portland, you can find hand-written or painted messages that display support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Sights of the Black Lives Matter Movement Throughout Portland

By Carlie Weigel, La Salle Catholic Preparatory High School February 11, 2021

After the killing of George Floyd last May, which for many Americans prompted outrage, anguish, and an even greater desire for racial justice, Portland became a hotspot for Black Lives Matter protests....

Placed right by the location Floyd was killed, this note denotes the Kenyan proverb “A man who uses force is afraid of reasoning.”

George Floyd Square: Photo Story

By Rachael Driskill, Orono High School February 9, 2021

This story was originally published on The Spartan Speaks on January 15, 2021.

THE PROCESS OF COVID TESTING: The routine process of testing for COVID is a technique that the ER technician has perfected. “After scanning in the patient’s information into the Sofia, you get reagent tubes and use a bit of solution inside and mix it with your swab, she said. You need to leave it sitting in the solution for one minute. Then you insert the sample onto the machine and wait.” The last step is shown in the image of her inserting the sample into the Sofia. This COVID testing site has two Sofia machines that have an 80% accuracy rate. If a patient shows symptoms and tests negative, the medics will treat them as if they were positive.

How COVID testing works in a free-standing ER

By Sophie Leung-Lieu, McCallum High School January 22, 2021

In this week's Tuesday Top 10, we explore precisely how COVID testing is done at a free-standing emergency room in Austin, thanks to the photography and reporting of freshman digital media student Sophie...

Shopping safely: Kinokuniya is a Japanese book and gift store that has been taking many COVID precautions these last few months, including a mandatory shopper temperature check at the entrance to ensure the safety of their customers. Pictured here, a Kinokuniya worker checks the temperature of customer Jenny, who said, “I feel safer knowing that the store is being so careful.” A sign at the door lists all of the store’s COVID precautions and rules, stating that “during holiday season, there is a 20-minute shopping time limit in order to avoid a long wait outside.”

Pandemic survival: Austin businesses adapt

By Ingrid Smith, McCallum High School January 13, 2021

In this week's #TuesdayTop10, photojournalism student Ingrid Smith documents the many ways the Austin businesses and cultural institutions have adapted their practices to stay open and serve the citizens...

MAY -- PROTESTORS ADVOCATE JUSTICE FOR GEORGE FLOYD, MIKE RAMOS: A woman is forced over a wall as state troopers force protesters off of the Capitol grounds. Hundreds of protesters met at the Austin Police Department headquarters downtown on the afternoon of May 30 to demand justice for African-American victims of police brutality. The protests filled the streets surrounding the Police Department headquarters and at times blocked traffic on I-35, and eventually protests spread to Austin City Hall and the Texas Capitol. Some protesters were met with pepper spray and rubber bullets as APD officers tried to control the crowd and clear the highway. This protest comes as part of a national spread of protests following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis at the hands of a police officer. Austin protesters are also calling for justice for Mike Ramos, an Austinite who reportedly was unarmed and shot by the police in late April.

2020: A Year in Review in Photos

By Kate Boyle, Risa Darlington-Horta, Anna Garcia, Madelynn Niles, Lindsey Plotkin, Samantha Powers, Bella Russo, Hannah South, Bela Tapperson, and Dave Winter December 30, 2020

On the last Tuesday of 2020, we are pleased to make our last Tuesday Top 10 of the year to a review of some of our best photos depicting some of the most memorable, significant and poignant moments of...

STRIKE A CHORD: Oliver Bennett works on his music theory book pages to learn what the new chords they are playing look like. He wrote C, F and G7 chords in the empty boxes above the chords. Bennett takes extra precautions to make sure online learning goes smoothly.  “Hi, my name is Oliver Bennett. I’m in second period first piano that’s what I say every time I start recording to avoid any confusion if I turn it in wrong, Bennett said. 

Times like these

By Principles of Arts and AV students, McCallum High School December 4, 2020

As we near the end of the first semester, students share their experiences of what it's been like to learn online. BUST A MOVE: Sophomore Sofia Ramon works on smoothing the face of her latest clay...

Students from the LBJ Fire Academy work their way towards a propane fire, using fire hoses to control the blaze. The purpose of the drill wasn’t to put out the fire, but to use the spray to get close enough to the propane tank to turn off its fuel source.

Five McCallum seniors, John Hughes, Thomas Lucy, Tex Mitchell, Molly Odland and Will Russo, participated in the live fire skill day, where they put into practice what they’ve learned during the two year student-sharing program at LBJ High School.

“Being in the live fire gave me really intense adrenaline,” senior Molly Odland said. “I was the head of my group, meaning I was in charge of directing the hose line at the fire while my group supported me from behind.”

Senior Will Russo, who also had the chance to lead the group, said that the drill felt like being in a hot car.

“It wasn’t all that scary since you were with a bunch of people, but it was kind of intimidating because there was nothing in between you and the fire but water,” Russo said.

Weekend fire drill

By Bella Russo, McCallum High School November 24, 2020

On a chilly October evening, onlookers watched as a group of firefighters inched closer and closer to a column of fire that shot into the sky. Using their hoses to push back the flames, they advanced towards...

Jacob Aragon ‘21 protests against President Trump outside the post office Sept. 18. After a pro-Trump rally the day before, Aragon and Amanda Brauchler ‘21 were inspired to launch a counter-protest. “Throughout this entire year, there’s been a lot of people giving out their voice when it comes to issues they’re passionate about and the other day we saw people who support our current president, so we got their voice, so we wanted to gather some people and speak in opposition to that and exercise our rights, Aragon said. We’re speaking out spreading love, we’re speaking about voting, settling for Biden, all about love and respect for people and their races and all of that.”
(photo by Kira Zizzo)

Students Make a Statement: Taking the Anti-Trump Narrative to the Streets

By Kira Zizzo, Rock Canyon High School October 19, 2020

This story was originally published on The Rock Newspaper on October 19, 2020.

EXPLORING AROUND: Me, my sister, an my dog have become a trio since quarantine started. We have been exploring all around the neighborhood, including the drainage tunnels. Photo by Ella Rosenblatt.

Pandemic brings people closer to their pets

By Olivia Allen, Thea Cahoon, Sophia Dawson, Olive Embry, Anna Nagle, Charlie Partheymuller, Lauren Potts, Lydia Reedy, Liliana Rodriguez, Ella Rosenblatt, Amelie Ruggero, Jonah Scott, Angus Sewell McCann, Regan Sims, Camille Wilson, and Annabel Winter September 14, 2020

McCallum photojournalists created 113 award-winning images in the 2020 Working Assumption WRKXFMLY Project. Many of them touched on how people in our community are living day to day during a pandemic,...

Susan Ashton and her son walk the hallway to her math classroom late this morning. Ashton brought her son with her in order help her bring home school supplies so she can work from home to conduct online classes. Ashton said she brought home an office chair, a printer and a document camera. While she was on campus, school officials received word of the city of Austins stay at home order which prevent citizens from leaving their homes for non-essential activities beginning at midnight tonight. Prior to the order, teachers were able to come to campus today, five at a time if they had signed up for a 30-minute time slot the day before.

The last #dayinthelifeatmac for a while

By Dave Winter, McCallum High School March 27, 2020

Richard Salazar and Elise Baughman practice an appropriate more than six feet of social distancing as they await their appointment time of 11 a.m. to come into the campus today. Prior to the city's...

Pilot John Blossom-Boyd fuels for the first half of his journey. Altogether, the fuel comes out to around 00, but Blossom-Boyd doesn’t mind. “Flying is important to me because it embodies freedom in its purest form,” he said. “Not even gravity can hold you.” Photo by Anna Nagle.

It’s better than walking

By Anna Nagle, McCallum High School March 12, 2020

In this week's #TuesdayTop10, we take a virtual flight to Brenham's Southern Flying Diner with pilot John Blossom-Boyd on a quest to find the famous Hundred-Dollar Burger. Along the way, we'll learned...

Ensemble member Marvel Moniaga makes the most of his moment in the spotlight at last weekends spring musical, Titanic.

A Happy Ending to a Tragic Story

By Meg Rees, North Allegheny Senior High School March 10, 2020

The Titanic set sail on her maiden voyage 108 years ago. 1,517 passengers boarded the ship, not knowing their tragic fate. From March 4-8, the Titanic sunk in NASH's own auditorium, and 5,800 people were...

Outside the performing arts wing, Kelsey Buffington ‘22 gasps while she donates her hair for the Dare To Share Your Hair event  Feb. 27. Behind the barricades, Buffington’s friends watched on and shouted supportive compliments to her.

Students and Staff Shed Hair in Support of Those In Need

By Kira Zizzo and Emily Wilson March 5, 2020

This story was originally published on The Rock Newspaper on February 27, 2020.

Were it not for NASH head custodian Dwayne Nasiadka, the building would hardly be able to function properly.

Making It All Work

By Meg Rees, North Allegheny Senior High School February 28, 2020

Every large organization depends daily on staff who perform their work far from the spotlight.  Schools, of course, could not exist without teachers and administrators, but a closer look at how NASH runs...

SHOUT LCHAIM: Junior Corin Vandenburg and senior Toshaan Arora hit their final poses in the number “Raise A Glass.” This song is a celebration of friendship between Vandenburg and Arora’s characters. This number is about my character experiencing joy, perhaps for the first time said Arora. Photo by Alysa Spiro.

Checking out the Grand Hotel

By Alysa Spiro, McCallum High School February 28, 2020

It’s 7:30 on a Thursday evening. The fluorescent lights of the McCallum Arts Center Theater dim into a foggy combination of reds and purples. A sudden hush falls over the crowd: whispers replaced with...

JUST SMART: Seniors Danielle Atwood, Lia Jones, Brooke Miller and Kyla Gibson, and junior Vivian Odoms volunteer to go on stage during Dr. Leonard Moore’s fourth-period talk. Gibson said that being a person of color has impacted her experiences at school “In AP classes the teachers are always like, ‘Oh my God we love you, you’re so smart.’ But there’s always that stereotype of “you’re smart for a black person,” Gibson explained. “I just want to be smart for being smart.” Photo by Regan Sims.

Black History Month at McCallum

By Josie Bradsby, Sydney Denmon, Alex Gold, Daniela Morrow, Lydia Reedy, Bella Russo, Regan Sims, and Sarah Slaten February 18, 2020

UT professor Leonard Moore speaks on history of race in United States For the sixth straight year, Dr. Leonard Moore, a U.S. history professor at the University of Texas, spoke at the Black History Month...

WORK IN PROGRESS: After hanging the Grand Hotel sign, the crew works on assembling the 12 columns that weave throughout the stage. Photo and caption by Ella Rosenblatt.

Behind the front desk at the ‘Grand Hotel’

By Lily Brode and Ella Rosenblatt January 30, 2020

With the final dress rehearsal set for tomorrow and opening night for Thursday, it seems to us a perfect time to use our #TuesdayTop10 to take you behind the scenes of Grand Hotel for a sneak peak of...

David O’Keefe ‘23 bursts through the “Go Jags!” banner in the gym during his team’s introduction at the First Annual Unified Basketball Game Jan. 22. In the past, the Unified Basketball team’s basketball hoops were trash cans, but their equipment was upgraded with adapted basketball hoops for optimum accessibility for all students. “We’re trying to change the culture of Unified Basketball. Every day, it’s a challenge for them to be heard, to be respected and to compete in sports, but they push themselves every day past all those challenges,” Unified Basketball Coach Jerome Price said.

A Slam Dunk for SSN Programs: The First Annual Unified Basketball Game Recap

By Emily Wilson and Kira Zizzo January 27, 2020

Middle schooler Leah Bishop celebrates the start of the Unified Basketball Game by giving a smile and a wave to the Junior class section in the gym Jan. 22. The teams ran back and forth across the...

To fly from Florida to Cuba takes a little over an hour, but most Americans have been prohibited from traveling to the exotic and history-rich island.

So Close and Yet So Far: A Trip to Cuba

By Sophia Caruso, North Allegheny Senior High School January 17, 2020

Over winter break, my family and I took a week-long trip to a destination few other Americans have visited: Cuba. We left early on December 29th and began our day-long journey to the country's capital,...

At the 2019 Male, Manual game, a helmet sits alone as Male dominates Manuals offense and defense following a back-to-back matchup.

Manual RedEye: A year in photos

By Cesca Campisano and Kate Benton December 20, 2019

As we celebrate the end of the year, Manual RedEye is taking a trip down memory lane with some of our favorite photos from 2019. Mandala Gupta VerWiebe (11, J+C) holds out a cupcake during a photoshoot...

LET IT SNOW! In the Band Holiday Concert the band played an array of Christmas, Hanukkah and jazz music. The set list ranged from Georgia on my Mind written by Hoagy Carmichael to Let it Snow written by Sammy Cahn and Jule Styne. The variety of music included classics and lesser known songs, leading to a range of favourite songs within the band. Junior trombone player Nicholas Reedy said “ I really liked A Christmas Festival, it was fun to play and learn.” Photo by Lydia Reedy.

A whole lot of holiday music

By Scarlet Frese, Evelyn Griffin, Samantha Powers, Lydia Reedy, Elisha Scott, Regan Sims, Bela Tapperson, Kristen Tibbetts, and Grace Van Gorder December 20, 2019

JINGLE BELL JAZZ: As finals and winter break rapidly approach, band celebrated the festive season with its annual holiday concert on the of Monday Dec. 9. Many band members even dressed up in red and...

April 2nd: Seniors Catherine and Marina have different passions despite sharing a birthday. Catherine enjoys expressing herself through painting while Marina likes anything to do with english class. In the future Marina plans on being a nurse or biologist, while Catherine hopes to be doing something in the arts category.

The same, but different: Birthday twins

By Lauren Wilmore and Isabella Johnsen December 19, 2019

              This story was originally published on Blueprint on December 18, 2019.

Evan Wilson, 8th grade, was the star of the third annual middle school musical, Elf the Musical, Jr

New to the Stage

By Meg Rees, North Allegheny Senior High School December 18, 2019

On December 13, 14, and 15, 7th and 8th graders from all three middle schools came together to put on Elf the Musical Jr. NASH tech students and teachers helped to make this performance great. Two years...

THEIR OWN TWIST: Performing a featured duet, Sophomore Abigail Lehman and Senior Zion Flores sing with a dramatic glance down, a reference to the lyrics in their song. The two joined forces with to create their own choreography and twist on the piece. “I really loved the collaboration of this song,” Lehman stated. “Getting to work with Zion is so much fun, and to get the song and make it our own was a great experience.” Photo and caption by Madelynn Niles.

They can be heroes … or villains

By Anna Bausman, Alysa Bijl-Spiro, Madelynn Niles, and Kennedy Weatherby November 20, 2019

The McCallum choir performed its most widely anticipated concert of the year: Cabaret, in the MAC, Thursday through Sunday. This year’s theme was “Heroes and Villains of Broadway.” The choir performed...

This years fall play, The Musical Comedy Murders of 1940, opens this Thursday.

Killer Comedy

By Meg Rees, North Allegheny Senior High School November 13, 2019

Occasionally, we all wish we could be someone else. For a lucky 15 students at NASH, that wish has come true, at least temporarily, as they step into the shoes of a mansion owner, a maid, a comedian,...

SATURDAY NIGHT’S ALRIGHT FOR FIRE FIGHTING: MAC seniors Ena Nolan and Zach King joined the rest of their LBJ Fire Academy crew in a live propane fire exercise on Saturday Oct. 12 at the Austin Fire Academy. The goal of the practice was for the group of seniors to control the fire enough for a member to get close enough to turn off the tanks gas valve, which would extinguish the flame. Earlier in the day, the juniors in the program, including MAC students Molly Odland, John Hughes, Thomas Lucey, Tex Mitchell and Will Russo, underwent an obstacle course in full gear while trying to conserve air, and stuck around afterwards to watch the seniors and to help replace their air tanks in between rotations. “I don’t even know how to describe it,” Nolan said, who is in her second year in the program. “Watching it [last year] was an ethereal experience, and doing it myself was absolutely amazing, definitely one of the most epic things I’m gonna do in the next couple of years.” Photo by Bella Russo.

A trial by fire

By Bella Russo, McCallum High School November 13, 2019

MAC seniors Ena Nolan and Zach King joined the rest of their LBJ Fire Academy crew in a live propane fire exercise on Saturday  Oct. 12 at the Austin Fire Academy. The goal of the practice was for...

Presidential candidate Kamala Harris hugs Fight for 5 marcher Taiwan Milligan.

Blue Jamboree comes to town October 5

By Hunter Musi, Wando High School November 12, 2019

With over 3,000 attendees, the Blue Jamboree held at The Bend in North Charleston on Oct. 5 housed union strikes and protests, marching bands and speeches from 2020 presidential candidates. The event,...

Will Cinker, one of the Student Section Leaders, kicks off the first pep rallies in years at NASH.

In the Spirit

By Reese Marsalis, North Allegheny Senior High School November 8, 2019

High schools around the country hold weekly pep rallies, but until today no student at NASH had yet to experience one of their own.  Even NASH Principal Dr. Kreider had not enjoyed such an event since...

The press arrived hours before the rally began, setting up all their equipment.

Photo essay: We got booed at a Trump rally… again

By Gina Nguyen, The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science November 8, 2019

At this age, Friday nights are known to be spent at football games, at parties or for some, at home in your bed to finally catch up on all the sleep you lost that week. But, for over 10,000 people, myself...

Kade Ramsey 20 and Sean Hicks 20 burst through the homecoming banner and sprint on to the field at Echo Park for the Homecoming Game Sept 19. This game against Arapahoe High School ended with a score of 24-12. “Were losing the game so far, but our school spirit is strong,” Shwetha Suresh ‘22 said.

We Will…We Will…Block You: Homecoming Game Recap

By Kira Zizzo, Rock Canyon November 6, 2019

Gianni Bonnici '20 reaches for the hail during the third quarter of the homecoming game at Echo Park Sept. 19. Bonnici is one of the four football captains for the Fall season. “The game kept...

A WORLD OF COLOR: Sophomore Kiera Boehle focuses on the Day of the Dead altar that she was setting up as a part of Art Society volunteer work in the main hall on Thursday, Oct. 24. The altar displayed photographs, trinkets, flowers and other decorations honoring people that have died. “We made it all nice,” Boehle said. “That’s one of the reasons I like Art Society, it contributes to the art community and allows you to experience the world even when you’re in such a small space like a high school.” Photo by Lily Wilson.

Setting the stage for Day of the Dead, Halloween

By Zada Cook, Scarlet Craig, Alex Dowd, Anna Nagle, Lily Prather, Camille Wilson, and Lily Wilson November 6, 2019

Art Society members hang streamers, inspect them then take them down and try again. Art teacher and National Art Society sponsor Jeff Seckar-Martinez moves between the main hallway and the cafeteria critiquing...

Over 500 runners competed in the either the 5k or 1-mile 2019 Trick or Trot race last weekend.

Up Close: Trick or Trot 2019

By Alexis Franczyk, North Allegheny Senior High School November 1, 2019

The annual North Allegheny Foundation Trick or Trot Race took place last Saturday.  An event that was originally designed to raise money for the foundation, which awards student scholarships and staff...

A male Blue Grosbeak sings for his mate on a fencepost in Boulder County, Colorado. Over 25% of all migratory birds like this one were lost since 1970, according to a new study.

Photo essay: 13 birds for the 3 billion lost

By Cedrik von Briel, Woodside High School October 21, 2019

A startling report recently published by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology states that North America has lost about 2.9 billion individual birds of many different species since 1970; that’s just over one...

The new generation: How teens use fashion to express themselves

The new generation: How teens use fashion to express themselves

By Isabella Johnsen, Downers Grove South High School October 21, 2019

Sophomore Olivia Seery: I make most of my own jewelry. I make my bracelets most of the time, and I make my own earrings. Most of the earrings I wear are made by me. I like wearing silly T-shirts with...

3:00 Snare captain Malia Wilson practices various cadences before the Friday night performance.

Final Countdown: Friday Night

By Meg Rees, North Allegheny Senior High School October 9, 2019

Each Friday night during the fall, thousands of spectators witness the Marching Band's performance.  Significantly fewer, however, see what the group does before and after the big night.  The timeline...

HEAR OUR CRY: Standing before the capitol, McCallum students Ruby Henson, Abby Green, Louisa Najar and Sabri Armani participate in the rally cries at the Austin Climate Strike. “This is our climate; we are the change,” Najar said, who added that she believes that our planet and the climate crisis is a cause that unifies people all over the world. “Global climate change is universal. It affects all people. [It affects them] at different levels, but it affects everyone, no matter what.” Photo and reporting by Samantha Powers.

Calling out for change

By Samantha Powers, Stella Shenkman, Alysa Spiro, Risa Darlington-Horta, and Elisha Scott October 1, 2019

A CRY FROM THE YOUTH: The morning of Friday, Sept. 20, over 300 students and adults alike gathered at the steps of the Texas State Capitol to protest climate change. The strike, which was organized...

BUILDING UP AND OUT- South Congress leads right up to the Capitol, and whether you are renting scooters and bikes, driving, or walking, you are bound to get a great view of the ever-growing Austin Skyline. One of the tallest and most well known is Frost Bank tower, and the tallest building is The Independent, reaching up to around 690 feet.

Photo essay: Surveying South Congress

By Anna McClellan, McCallum High School April 19, 2019

South Congress, also known as SoCo to local Austinites, is home to Amy’s Ice Creams, Homeslice Pizza, and many other local hotspots. Whether you walk, drive, bike or scooter, SoCo is definitely worth...

TRUE NIGHTS FOR THE BLUE KNIGHTS: Phoenix Bozeman, Dan Thomas, Jacob Martinez and Joe Rodey soak up the spotlight in the final tune of the night. These four musicians, along with pianist Luke Tiessen, were featured at the performance as the “Blue Knights” combo. “I enjoyed playing for such a big crowd of people who truly enjoy jazz,” Martinez said.“Gaining experience on what it’s like to be a professional jazz player is something I’ll never forget.”

Improving improv skills under the bright lights

By Madelynn Niles, McCallum High School March 7, 2019

Members of the jazz band had the opportunity to play Sunday night at the packed Parker Jazz Club on Fourth Street, a prestigious club known for its incredible music. Along with raising more than a $1,000...

11:56 a.m.
Conversing with classmates, sophomores Fatima Shabab and Josh Rushing participate in a speed dating activity during their AP World History class. Teacher Kristen Collins (not pictured) assigned each student a historical figure to research and portray. “Suleiman the Magnificent was mine. My favorite part of the assignment was being able to dress up like the figure,” Rushing said. “[Creative projects] are a lot more enjoyable, because you have more control over how you tackle it.”

24 hours across West High

By Pathfinder Staff, Parkway West High School February 14, 2019
A photo essay by the Parkway West Pathfinder staff.
SHANES SHACK: Shane has been homeless for 6½ years. He has been living in this place for one month now. He has decorated his place with graffiti and things he has found for free rather than typical home furnishings. When Shane got out of jail, he learned that his dog had been given up for adoption, his truck had been impounded, and his trailer was stolen along with all of his belongings inside. When I asked Shane why he is homeless, he said, “I learned my own lessons, I caused my own problems; my life is my fault; my life is my success, and you can’t enjoy the sweet without the sour; right now, I’m at the end of a sour kick.”

Photo essay: A broken family. A broken home. A broken heart.

By Maeve Walsh, McCallum High School February 5, 2019

Shane (not his real name) has been homeless for 6½ years. He has been living in this place for one month now. He has decorated his place with graffiti and things he has found for free rather than typical...

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