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Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

Kelsey Van Waart (26) and her dad after winning the Soap Box Derby world championship this past year.

A World Champion in The Hallways

By Avery Hansen, Gretna High School September 28, 2023

There are district champions, state champions and national champions, but only a select few athletes are talented enough to win a world championship. People from all over the world travel to Akron, Ohio,...

Handing a towel to a coach, freshman Norah Goett  fulfills her duties as an athletic trainer at the JV game against Vandegrift on August 31. As a part of being a student trainer, Goett is required to go to every football practice and game. I enjoy the fun of helping people,” Goett said. “Being able to go to the games and be on the field and have that experience is really cool.”
Photo by Alyssa Fox

The Anatomy of Sports Medicine

By Jane Yermakov, Cedar Park High School September 28, 2023

In the gleam of the Friday night lights, by the football field of players and on the sidelines of the chaos stand the people who keep the whole operation running. From taping sore body parts to providing...

Band students prepare for practice with gallon-size water bottles. Proper hydration is one of the key elements in preventing heat illness.

Feeling the heat

By Lia Miller, Hagerty High School September 28, 2023

From 1995 to 2019, 47 high school football players across Florida died of the same cause: heat illness.  Among them was Zachary Martin, a 16-year-old from South Florida who collapsed during drills...

Football players listen to head coach Thomas Gammerdinger while hydrating throughout a break during the Taco Shack Bowl on Aug. 24.

Mac athletes adjust to practice, game guidelines amid Texas heatwave

By Maya Tackett, McCallum High School September 26, 2023

Sweat dripped down the side of freshman Hugo Smith's face. He felt the football field turf burning into his feet. It was 106 degrees Fahrenheit outside, but to him, the ground felt at least 30 degrees...

Nick Savelli is the backbone of Explorer Soccer

By Aidan Lawrence, Hudson High School September 26, 2023

Many who wander the halls of Hudson High School know of Nick Savelli. A senior at the high school, Savelli is a classmate and a good friend to many Hudson students. He loves doing housework, watching...

Xavier flag football athletes take a quick break using the sideline mister during their win against Mountain Ridge. Athletic trainer Laurie White strives to keep the athletes cool by spraying them.

Beating Arizona heat: How fall sports teams stay cool and competitive

By Vivian Amoia, Xavier College Preparatory September 26, 2023

Outdoor fall sports at Xavier are faced with the extreme heat of Arizona, interfering with practice, games and the health of athletes. With temperatures at record highs this year, players, coaches and...

A ‘league of their own’

By Jilian Denlow and Owen Chiss September 25, 2023

On Sept. 14, just minutes before kick-off, the ETHS’ first-ever girls varsity flag football team formed a huddle. As the girls redirected their gaze to the sea of orange and blue, and pre-performance...

Leaning back on her right, varsity tennis member junior Mia Petty prepares to receive the ball with the traditional racket swing. For student athletes, the heat has caused many changes to previously created habits involved in sport practices, but it can also be a tool, according to Petty. The heat is definitely annoying, Petty said. There are so many things that you have to do to avoid exhaustion and it feels excessive at times. [However], I think the heat further encourages me to get outside. [I want to] be exposed to the heat as much as possible so I can better acclimate to being hot and tired.

A Love-Heat Relationship With Texas

By Kassidy Wilkinson, Cedar Park High School September 22, 2023

As the thin red line of mercury rises on the thermometer, the competition grows as fall outdoor activities begin. For students, practicing or competing in temperatures around 100 degrees Fahrenheit, sweat...

NC track hosts one of the nation’s top heptathletes: magnet sophomore  Jasmine Robinson. As a freshman, Robinson broke two school records, won the Georgia High School Association (GHSA) state championship, and received multiple gold medals at the USA Track and Field (USATF) Junior Olympics. With three years left of high school track and field, Robinson has already built a collegiate level resumé.

Jasmine Robinson turns up the heat after historic freshman season

By Malachi Umeh and Nathaniel Jordan September 22, 2023

North Cobb (NC) magnet sophomore Jasmine Robinson competed at the state championships alongside teammate and sprinting prodigy, sophomore Keira Beaumont. After the Georgia High School Association (GHSA)...

Senior Xande Santos and junior Alex Crawford have joined MLS NEXT, a pre-professional soccer league. Due to contract and Massachusetts Interscholastic Athletic Association (MIAA) restrictions, the two are unable to play for the Wayland boys varsity soccer team this season.

MLS NEXT: Two Wayland soccer players shoot towards professional

By Jenny Shine, Annika Martins, and Tasha Janoff September 22, 2023

Senior Xande Santos and junior Alex Crawford have spent hours on the soccer field, balancing their school work and practice schedules within the limited hours of the day. Now, their dedication has been...

Sydney Moroney, junior, performs on the track during halftime of the varsity football game on Friday, Sept. 8. She had performed with two other girls but they graduated, leaving her to perform solo. “Whenever I finish a routine without any mistakes, I feel a great sense of accomplishment, as well as relief,” Moroney said.

Baton Twirler Performs Solo at Football Games

By Eli Ferguson, Marquette High School September 22, 2023

Taking a deep breath at the center of the football field, Sydney Moroney, junior, prepares herself to perform her favorite trick: the “Bruiser.” The motion involves spinning a baton horizontally...

Lopez at age five in an A’s windbreaker with his grandfather in 2000. Photo courtesy of Lopez

Menlo Community Reacts to Possible Oakland A’s Relocation to Las Vegas

By Asher Darling, Menlo School September 21, 2023

On July 25, when the two Bay Area baseball teams met at Oracle Park in San Francisco as part of the annual Bay Bridge Series, Oakland A’s and San Francisco Giants fans united in "sell the Team" chants...

Going for the win. Senior Laney Yost gives it her all as she works towards beating the record.

Yost breaks American record

By Megan Shultz, Altoona Area High School September 21, 2023

For an average high school student, being an American record holder may seem like an absurd dream. However, for senior Laney Yost, that dream just became a reality. On June 26, Yost and her team from...

Alden has big goals for her future in the sport: I plan to become world one, Alden said.

A wild ride

By August Moss, McIntosh High School September 21, 2023

This summer, while some of us were relaxing, on vacation or working junior Alexis Alden was setting records in her BMX division.  “I am now the second best in the world for BMX in my age group for...

Striking a pose in front of the Tiger-Rock Martial Arts National Championship banner, junior Brooklyn Collinsworth shows off her flexibility and blue belt. The tournament was held at the Henry B. González Convention Center in San Antonio from July 20-23. “I end[ed] up getting bronze in the overall board breaking competition,” Collinsworth said. “My opponents were much older and had a lot more experience.”

A Different Kind of Art

By Heidi Williams, Cedar Park High School September 20, 2023

Time seems to move slower once she straps the headgear on and walks onto the mat. She flips a switch in her mind, putting all her focus on her next move. Staring at her opponent, aggressiveness begins...

SWINGIN AROUND: Sophomore Jayden White swinging from one bar to another in preparation for his appearance on American Ninja Warrior. White trains most of his time at Move Sport Austin in order to reach his best before his competitions.

Jayden White jumping for glory

By Ben Tillisch, James Bowie High School September 19, 2023

Despite being defined as anything that requires physical exertion in order to best an opponent, the general scope of sports is widely limited to mainstream competitions like football and basketball. As...

Junior Ben Polega and the cheer team appear in front of Taco Sack during the KXAN live broadcast announcement of the spirit competition winner.

The key equals confidence

By Alice Scott, McCallum High School September 19, 2023

Ben Polega knows his mascot story is not the traditional one. “There is a stereotype that cheerleaders have to be not in a wheelchair,” junior Ben Polega said. “But I'm most excited for the season...

SPEEDING BY: Sophomore Mabel Gatsche joined her first roller derby team in middle school. Since then she has become a member of two derby teams, and travels to out of state tournaments with them.

Derby jammer rams past competitors

By Sophia Sanchez, James Bowie High School September 18, 2023

The sound of roller skates travels through the floor, in a flash, a helmet with a big white star bashes through the groups of girls. Sophomore Mabel Gatsche is wearing the helmet, and she makes no move...

Sophomore Jaron Harvey collects his pair of shoes and Dolphins merch.

Junior Dolphins Surprise Varsity Football Team With Equipment Donation

By Keira Faddis, South Dade High School September 18, 2023

In partnership with Baptist Health, the Miami Dolphins community outreach program, Junior Dolphins, came out to show their support to the South Dade football team by donating all new equipment, training...

Senior Ethan Kuhlken hangs from a rock during a party on a beach in Hawaii. I had wandered onto the beach and found a cave in the rock, Kuhlken said. I got a very strong urge to climb up the edge so I just started looking at my route and climbing. I felt very free and it was liberating, but it was so unsafe.

Kuhlken rocks the wall

By Lanie Sepehri, McCallum High School June 1, 2023

The first thing senior Ethan Kuhlken looks for when approaching a new climb is the path his hands will take up the wall.  To Kuhlken, climbing is like solving a puzzle, and must be approached as such....

Following investigations into peer-to-peer harassment within the MHS football program, students, athletes, staff and families are conflicted over the integrity of the program and its values. Middleton High School is implementing different reporting tools for harassment and discrimination.

Football Program Indicates Deeper Problems at MHS

By Lauren Lamson and Mawuenam Dossa May 31, 2023

Four months have passed since the Middleton High School (MHS) administration received a report of sexual harassment in the football program. Within that time, head coach Jason Pertzborn resigned from his...

Aasja Wren poses in between her parents as the sole honoree of the basketball team on Senior Night on Feb. 13.

Throw hard or go home

By Elena Ulack, McCallum High School May 31, 2023

Senior Aasja Wren is known on the McCallum track team for her positive attitude, sense of humor and effortless ability to keep the mood light, but in competition, she’s gritty. She works hard every day,...

A student athlete thinks about her day-to-day activities. Many Archer student athletes  reported learning time management skills and resilience through sports. (Graphic Illustration by Meredith Ho)

Benefitting and learning through sports: Student athletes develop endurance, time management

By Meredith Ho, Archer School for Girls May 31, 2023

When the sound of the alarm rings at 5:30 a.m., thousands of high school athletes across the nation get ready for another day of practices and classes. Upon returning home, they are expected to complete...

Sophomore Charlotte Hood strikes at the ball. Hood is a part time keeper for JV and a field player. She leads the team in goals per match and shots.

More Heart Than Players

By Ellie Chase, Conifer High School May 31, 2023

From an outside perspective, the Conifer JV Girls Soccer team is not thriving. With a record of 0-5-1, two mercy rules, and team members lining up for the athletic trainer, it’d be easy to assume that...

Side by side with some of Gables football players, Howell poses for a final picture after a day of excitement and enrichment.

From Gables to Glory: The Rise of NFL Star Gregory “Buddy” Howell

By Marina Astorga, Coral Gables Senior High School May 31, 2023

As number eight dodges defenders and sprints towards the end zone, it's hard not to be impressed by this athlete's sheer talent and dedication. Today, Coral Gables Senior High alum and National Football...

Miguel Perez prepares to block a corner kick made by the opposing team.

Senior Miguel Perez Signs with St. Louis CITY SC

By Matthew Jacobi and Lily Norman May 30, 2023

Pattonville senior Miguel Perez has signed a contract with St. Louis CITY SC, St. Louis’ major league soccer team, to play for the next three years. Splitting his time between the Youth Academy and...

Central Catholic Student Selected to Referee Ice Hockey National Championship

By William Collins, Central Catholic High School - PA May 30, 2023

In December of 2022, Central Catholic senior Jack Sabo, ’23, was selected to referee the 2023 USA Hockey National Championship in Buffalo, New York. The National Championship tournament took place...

The UNIFIED family (students and teacher) after their great game against Monroe.

Meet Project UNIFY: Bringing Students Together, One Basket at a Time


“Three…two…one!” The announcer’s voice pierced through the gym, and the crowd, on their feet in excitement, shouted and cheered as the referee blew the final whistle. Over 100 points were...

The Coppell girls basketball team plays at Coppell High School Arena. Staff writer Ava Johnson reports the systematic and cyclical issues behind the disparities in womens’ sports and journalism.

Separate playing fields: The systematic gender stigma in sports

By Ava Johnson, Coppell High School May 25, 2023

The clock reads 8:30 p.m. as the Coppell boys basketball team jogs onto the court. It’s a cold and rainy February night at Coppell High School, but an incandescent glow radiates inside the arena. There...

Club lacrosse team Fire Lacrosse holds up sticks to cheer after a practice at John Adams Middle School. High school soccer goalie and club volleyball player Serenity Jones-Nwankwo said she has played through and not been fully honest about her injuries because she would rather play hurt than not play at all.

Managing athletic injuries: High school, collegiate concussion protocols, injury awareness

By Claire Doyle, Archer School for Girls May 24, 2023

"How many fingers am I holding up?" "Are you dizzy?" "Nauseous?" These are all questions used to diagnose concussions in athletes. According to Stanford Medicine, of the 30 million children and teenagers...

Coach Brendan Adams throws the frisbee during a match with his old team. He got his start playing frisbee at Texas A&M.

Adams captains pro frisbee team

By Jacob Valcarce, Kingwood Park High School May 24, 2023

In 2014, math teacher and coach Brendan Adams was just a junior at Texas A&M. Adams, with only so much experience, tried out and made it to the school’s frisbee team. Adams played his junior and...

Senior Owen Taylor swings at the ball during practice on Monday, March 13, on the Sunny Hills tennis court.

GAME BALL: Senior manages playing boys tennis, volleyball in same season

By Grace Min, Sunny Hills High School May 23, 2023

Two years ago, senior Owen Taylor decided to add a new dimension to his tennis game – volleyball. Having played on the varsity boys tennis squad since his freshman year, Taylor tried out for the boys...

16 year old Alyssa Jurado 25 proudly dons El-Salvador U-18s uniform

Student scores spot on El Salvador U-18 soccer team

By Areeshah Farooq '23 , ARCHBISHOP RIORDAN HIGH SCHOOL May 23, 2023

Sophomore Alyssa Jurado’s soccer skills are clear-cut as she was immediately accepted into El Salvador’s U-18 team upon referral. She was then invited to tryout for the U-20 team and elected to play...

Sophomore Vince Incorvati looks on as his brother, senior Dom Incorvati, invites his girlfriend to Homecoming after scoring a goal at home.

Rocket siblings are good sports about playing, competing together

By Raegan Collins, Streetsboro High School May 19, 2023

Growing up, a lot of siblings have played sports together. While sometimes fun, and other times stressful, being teammates has helped them bond and build their relationships. “It's more fun being...

The proposal reignited debate over the eligibility of transgender student athletes to compete, with some arguing that Title IX should protect fairness and inclusivity in womens sports.

New Biden proposal addresses transgender athletes

By Nicole Ge, Lynbrook High School - CA May 18, 2023

On April 6, the Biden Administration and the U.S. Department of Education proposed a rule that offers educational institutions a new framework for formulating eligibility standards for transgender student-athletes....

Sophomore Skylar Nguyen has been practicing aerial silk since her freshman year and is continuing to grow her skillset with more difficult movements. “Usually when it comes to doing my drops the first time is always the scariest,” Nguyen said. “Im usually high in the air, so its not like anyone can really, like, help guide my back. Usually though, after practicing it a couple times, I get used to the height and the drop and the technique.”

Grace Through Silk: Sophomore Skylar Nguyen Finds her Art Form Through Aerial Silk

By Arshia Sista and Shaina Taebi May 17, 2023

Sophomore Skylar Nguyen finds her art form within different hues of silk. As pastel-colored silks hang from the ceiling, flowing down in waves, Nguyen takes on the performance of aerial silk which is the...

Lunging for the ball, senior Julia Liguore looks for a pass. Liguore was a starter and team captain of the varsity soccer team. “[My favorite thing about] high school soccer is getting to play in a stadium, getting [my] name called out and running out through the [player] tunnel,” Liguore said.

The net ninja

By Ruthvi Tadakamalla, Parkway West High School May 17, 2023

Arms pumping, heart pounding and sweat dripping, senior Julia Liguore dribbles toward the goal. She spins around one, two, three players before shooting the ball, which swooshes up against the back of...

The Rise of St. Louis’ Street League

By Diego Perez Palomino, Parkway Central High School May 17, 2023

St. Louis City SC, our city's newly founded Major League Soccer team, has had a significant impact on the community. Since the team's debut in February, there has been a growing sense of pride in the sport;...

Senior Chetnaa Prasad is batting in a cricket game. She is a member of the USA Women’s National and Womens National Under 19 Training groups.

Carrying the bat

By Kalyani Puthenpurayil, Monta Vista High School May 12, 2023

“Chetnaa, you got on the team!”  One day in early 2021, senior Chetnaa Prasad heard her dad’s loud voice at 4 a.m., and still in bed, she opened her eyes wondering why she was being woken up...

Periods are natural monthly discharges of blood from a female’s uterus that typically last for two to seven days, and often bring on abdominal cramps, mood swings and muscle aches — the severities of which vary from person to person.

Female athletes versus menstruation

By Susanna Tang, Lynbrook High School - CA May 11, 2023

About half of the Lynbrook student body experiences “that time of the month”: that time of the month when you may feel more moody; that time of the month when your joints may ache; that time of the...

(From left to right) Scarlett Class, Coach Jessica Huber, and Aiden Graham practicing ball handling skills on their first day of the season on Apr. 18th. Practice was moved indoors due to heavy rain.

Kicking stigmas aside with unified soccer

By Klaira Zhang (she/her), Inglemoor High School May 11, 2023

Unified sports joins people with and without disabilities together on the same team. The main goal is for people to train, play, and build friendships together between people of all abilities. This spring...

Referees and athletes discuss the benefits and difficulties with reffing today in the Midwest region.

Where’s the whistle?

By Ella De Young, West High School May 8, 2023

From California to Minnesota, New Hampshire and Indiana, news stories nationwide detail a shortage of officials for various sports at different levels within the past year. Iowa is no exception — a noticeable...

TUMBLING TWINS: High up on the rings, senior Akshay Puri engages in a difficult routine at gymnastics practice. He and his twin brother, Kavan Puri, are accomplished student  athletes who find strength in family.

Balancing Act: A brotherly bond drives twin gymnasts Akshay and Kavan Puri to success

By William Tan, University of Chicago Laboratory High School May 8, 2023

Walking into the Lakeshore Academy gym is like entering the big top tent of the Ringling Bros. Circus — chalk dust swirls through the air and gymnasts of all ages tumble from every direction. At...

Sophie Dumanski poses in front of the Golden Gate Bridge with her teammate after swimming its length. Accomplishing this goal helped raise money for the Neptune Swimming Foundation and water safety.

Sophie Dumanski swims beyond limits for water safety

By MJ Martinez, Sports Editor and Asiana Guang, Faith in Action Editor, Xavier College Preparatory May 8, 2023

Some went to concerts. Others went on vacation or stayed home for spring break. Sophie Dumanski ‘26, however, swam from Alcatraz to San Francisco, all in the span of 26 minutes on April 15. Then on the...

Walker and Bednar linked by more than WPIAL roots

By Andrew Deal, Shaler Area High School May 8, 2023

The Pittsburgh Pirates have had players from as far away as South Korea, Japan, India and Lithuania on their roster at some point in team history, but recently two of their players, Pine-Richland's Neil...

Silberman, Hawkings, and Belinkie answer questions from audience members during the event.

School hosts blue carpet event for cross country team


In past years members of the CESJDS cross country team have been faced with a difficult decision. Many of the more observant members of the team had to choose whether or not to run in the state championship,...

Kimberly Wiese makes her international debut, representing Team USA in the Women 71kg class.

Kimberly Wiese represents Team USA’s Weightlifting Team

By Emily Wong, Dougherty Valley High School May 8, 2023

Junior Kimberly Wiese represented Team USA, which placed second out of the 58 competing countries, at the 2023 International Weightlifting Federation Youth World Championships from March 25 to April 1...

Khylen Murray (12) celebrates the last football game on Oct. 27, 2022. Murray and Alyssa Winston (12) were the only seniors on the 2022-23 football cheer team.

Murray challenges cheerleading gender norms

By Hannah Lam, White Station High School May 5, 2023

Pom-poms, mini skirts and hair bows often represent the epitome of a cheerleader. However, Khylen Murray (12) disbands what most people view as a stereotypical cheerleader as the only male on the Spartan...

At the Tokyo marathon, math teacher Steven Stallis poses before recieving his medal. Stallis ran his personal record at the marathon, finishing 128 out of 27,927 racers.

Racing against the odds

By Samantha Haney, Lafayette High School May 5, 2023

Although finding time to train among his busy life can be difficult, math teacher Steven Stallis has managed to beat personal record after personal record, leading to experiences he hadn’t even considered...

In front of the Laurie Martin Championship Court, a bench with Martin’s face and name was created. The bench allows the spirit of Martin to be around the players who are playing on the court.

A tennis court with a deeper meaning: Honoring Laurie Martin

On Monday, June 6, 2022 Laurie Martin, a 17-year varsity tennis coach at Xavier College Prep, passed away. Martin suffered a brain injury due to a fall, leaving behind her husband Stan, her daughters Amanda,...

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