The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

BATTING 100. The baseball team is holding an event on Saturday to raise funds for Coach Matt Pavlichs family.

Baseball team knocks support out of park

By Jason Clark, Willis High School January 31, 2023

Baseball is a sport known for its high emotions. The enthusiastic cries of the fans. The nailing-biting windup of the pitcher. The crack of the bat as it sends the ball into the stands to the roaring crowds...

10 FEET TALL. A statue of senior Cooper Stone and his father Shannon Stone was dedicated in 2012 by the Texas Rangers baseball team after Shannon lost his life in an accident in 2011 at the ballpark.

Senior baseball player reflects on father’s influence

By Reid Henderson, Willis High School January 31, 2023

Over the past decade, thousands of Texas Rangers fans have entered The Ballpark in Arlington passing by a statue of a father and his son. Little know its significance, but the statue tells a sorrowful...

Yorba Linda High Schools Head Football Coach Jeff Bailey recently led the Mustangs to another CIF Championship.

Coach Bailey is the OC Register’s Orange County Football Coach of the Year

By Anjeli Webb, Yorba Linda High School January 26, 2023

The field is lit and the stands are crowded with fans—family members, friends, neighbors, teachers, and scouts. Cheerleaders decked out in navy, crimson, and silver are stunting and chanting in sync...

Looking into the distance, junior Jacob Wimberly recovers after a set. Wimberly has swam as long as he could remember. I moved to North Carolina from Florida and began competitively swimming, he said. It started with summer leagues, and then I went to a club, and it really took off from there.

Swimming to success: Jacob Wimberly reflects on his competitive career, national ranking

By Gianna Galante, Prosper High School January 25, 2023

Number one. A goal that is impossible for most is just the beginning for junior Jacob Wimberly, who recently ranked first in the country for men's swim recruitments. From swimming through beach shores...

FOURTH QUARTER. Receiving his 10th of 12th rounds of chemo, Coach Michael Storms starts what he coined the fourth quarter of his treatment. After experiencing chemo with her husband, Coach Megan Storms recruited some of her volleyball players to spread cheer at the hospital where Storms and many others receive cancer treatment.

Volleyball team makes impact in community by bringing joy to cancer patients

By Stone Chapman, Willis High School January 25, 2023

The room goes silent as one is told they have a life-altering disease. They feel powerless as they decide which route to take to terminate the tumors and cure their cancer. As they go through chemotherapy...

EYE TO EYE: Junior Kayleigh Loo helps coach sophomore Natalia Cruz during practice.

Girls’ wrestling makes their mark on the mat

By Molly St. Clair, Downers Grove North High School January 24, 2023

Wrestling is often perceived as a male-dominated sport. But this year, the DGN girls’ wrestling program is aiming to change this narrative. CTE teacher Marcos Rico has taken the role of girls’ wrestling...

Senior offensive lineman Erick Zapata prepares to go back in a home game last fall. He was first-team all-district.

Zapata chases childhood dreams with parents’ support

By Maya Ortiz, Kingwood Park High School January 24, 2023

Erick Zapata was in elementary school when he first asked his mother to let him play football. Worried about her son’s safety, Edna Peña emphatically declined. “No!” Peña told Erick. “No!...

Many NFL teams, including the Eagles and the Patriots, canceled their media availability in respect for Hamlin.

Taking a knee for number three

By Elena Brown, Walnut Hills High School January 24, 2023

On Jan. 2, Damar Hamlin, a safety for the Buffalo Bills, collapsed during the Bengals vs Bills game. Hamlin went into cardiac arrest and had to have CPR administered multiple times before being carried...

Leaping into the air, bending towards the water to complete his dive, sophomore Rustin Wilkinson competes in the first dive competition of the season, Mavwood invitational. Wilkinson has been diving for a year and a half and is seeded second for districts. “Diving is hard because it requires you to know where you are in the air,” Rustin said. “You have to know which rotation you are in when you are spinning. [I dive] because I want to get in the top ten at state. Last year [at state] I got second to last, but this year I want to get in the top ten so I can see all my hard work and perseverance pay off.”

Flip or Flop

By Kassidy Wilkinson, Cedar Park High School January 23, 2023

It’s a mind game. Sophomore Kyndall Wilkinson eyes the blue water in front of her, the wheels in her head spinning as she prepares for her turn. The announcer calls her name and she steps onto the board....

The Shaler Adaptive Aquatics for Health program provides swimming and socialization for those with special needs.

Shaler Adaptive Aquatics provides special program for those with special needs

By Kamaria Mutadabur, Shaler Area High School January 20, 2023

Shaler Adaptive Aquatics for Health (SAAH) is a program coordinated by Shaler Area teachers Mr. Jim McDermott and Mrs. Juliana McDermott. The goal of the program is to improve socialization and aquatics...

Marshall “Daimyo” Hainer led his team to victory in a tournament sponsored by Red Bull.

Gamers shoot their shot for college esports teams

By Kenzie Ward, Lincoln High School - OR January 20, 2023

We have seen it happen over the years: talented senior athletes that play physical sports are scouted by colleges to join their teams. However, the advancement of technology as a result of the COVID-19...

A photo illustration depicts Alyssa Thompson 23 as she runs on the field with the U.S. Womens National Team.

Captain America: Student by Day, Soccer Star by Night

By Ella Yadegar, Harvard-Westlake School January 18, 2023

Alyssa Thompson '23 walked out beside her U.S. Women's National Team (USWNT) teammates at Wembley Stadium under beaming lights and the chants of 77,000 attendees. Preparing to take on England in the match,...

Freshman swimmer Elena Amos has already made an impact on the swim team, breaking the school record in the 50 free and the 100 fly. She also swims for Blue Tide Aquatics and hopes to someday represent El Salvador in the Olympic Games.

Amazing Amos

By Jada Cassidy, Kingwood Park High School January 18, 2023

Even when freshman Elena Amos first started swimming at age 9, she noticed she was just a little different. Her grandma signed her up for summer swim in the Bear Branch community right after Elena moved...

Nurse Jacque Revello stands next to an AED, one of two in the MSHS. Automated External Defibrillators are used to revive a patient during sudden cardiac arrest.

Support for Damar Hamlin is bigger than football

By Sadie House, Manitou Springs High School January 17, 2023

The Jan. 2 game between the Buffalo Bills and the Cincinnati Bengals opened to an explosive stadium, promising a historic night as two great teams contended for crucial rankings in the 2023 NFL playoffs....

Discipline AND DEFENSE: Junior Eowyn Madden practices sparring with her sensei. Madden is preparing for her senior black belt tests in April.

MMA black belt dominates ring

By Ben Tillisch, James Bowie High School January 17, 2023

Having spent countless hours refining her skills and fitness in the dojo for this moment, junior Eowyn Madden bows to her opponent in preparation for the ensuing fight.   A seasoned junior black belt,...

Ziya Ali leaps into the air to finish her routine.

Staying flexible: Freshman gymnast balances sports, life

By Eshna Das, St. John's School - TX January 12, 2023

As Ziya Ali reached for the bar, she wasn’t concerned about the panel of judges examining her every move. All that mattered to her was the feeling of flying.  Ali, a freshman, started gymnastics...

Rebekah Butler (12) performs at the 2020 Winter Showcase for Theatre on Ice. Butler skated alongside a team of girls in winter-themed performances such as The Polar Express.

Butler encourages diversity on the ice

By Hannah Lam, White Station High School January 12, 2023

Gliding and panting, the raw scrape of blades on ice fill Rebekah Butler’s (12) ears as she straightens her arms and powers through her sit spin. Although she had only performed a two-minute program,...

Bauld was at the center of the teams identify and chemistry as evidenced by this team photo taken out side the teams home locker room between their season-opening scrimmage wins against Anderson and Pflugerville Connally on Oct. 29.

Surrounded by her peers, Bauld goes out a winner

By Lillian Gray, McCallum High School January 12, 2023

Two minutes remained in Wednesday’s game at Travis. The visiting varsity Knights had long since secured the victory to remain undefeated in district play. With that essential task accomplished, head...

Lincoln Dance Team practices in the wrestling room, dressed in full regalia.

Lincoln dance struggles to have practice time in the gym

By Hazel Thomas and Isabel Bruce January 12, 2023

Despite new, larger gyms, dance team members say they struggle to access practice space this year. The team feels they are not being prioritized in the way they deserve. “We've only had one full practice...

Yaritza Trejo (12) fights for possession of the ball against the Collierville Dragons. While the Spartans put up a tough fight, they ultimately lost the game by a close score.

Trejos vs Manuels — showdown of the trios

By Hannia Antunez, White Station High School January 10, 2023

Who are better: The Trejos or the Manuels? Posed by many and answered by few, this question remains unanswered as White Station soccer’s two sibling trios have strived to outdo each other on the field...

An ambulance arrives at a football game. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia Commons.

Op-Ed: Life Is Bigger Than Sports

By Evan Michaeli, Brimmer and May School January 9, 2023

Sports fans tend to idolize athletes, expecting nothing short of greatness. Athletes are not supernatural human beings. Athletes are not programmed robots made from titanium. Athletes are humans, just...

The decision to start offering the caps came after the NFL started requiring them for linemen, linebackers and tight ends up until the second preseason game. Within those positions, the frequency of concussions dropped 50% compared to previous years. Staff photo: Andrew Levitt

Added Protection or False Security: Football Tests New Guardian Caps to Prevent Concussions

By Andrew Levitt, Menlo School January 5, 2023

The varsity and JV football programs used new padded shells for the first time this season during practices in an attempt to reduce the risk of head injuries. The protective headgear was optional for all...

Alyssa Smith and Nikki Nguyen cheer together for the
Woodbridge football team from the sidelines.

Girls’ Cheer Stunts into Sideline and Competition Season

By Donya Yazdihan, Woodbridge High School January 5, 2023

With over 40 years of history, the Woodbridge High cheer program anticipates another year of victories and team bonding. The cheerleaders who are adorned in red, white and gold prepare year-round for their...

Wineberg looks up to Wilma Rudulph, a fellow Olympic Athlete. Rudulph experienced some hardships but “didn’t let those determine her end goal”, something that Wineberg relates to.

Sprinting towards success

By Elena Brown, Walnut Hills High School January 3, 2023

WHHS is a school that revolves around academics. However, that does not mean that athletics does not have the chance to shine. WHHS has had its fair share of successful athletes, including Mary Danner...

Donovan Fitzmaurice, sophomore, attempts a spin move to pressure CBC’s quarterback during a game on Nov. 12. Fitzmaurice was a defensive tackle for the varsity football team and during the game on Friday, Oct. 21, Fitzmaurice sustained a concussion.

In-Depth: Benched By The Brain

By Jacob Robinson and Willem Hummel December 27, 2022

As a flyer on the varsity cheerleading team, Ashley Schaller, senior, said she has to be fearless. Her role involves being thrown up into the air as high as possible by the cheerleaders at the base...

Peter Bastone (#69) executes a block in a game against Harvard, 1976.

Latin Football: A Story of Apathy

By Keene Addington IV, Latin School of Chicago December 27, 2022

Latin School boasts a number of strong athletic programs, including an Independent School League (ISL) title for boys golf and girls field hockey, a sectional championship for boys soccer, and a state...

The 2022 Cheer Squad stunts with (from left to right) sophomore Coy Busick with sophomore Taylor Patton, senior Braydon Hayes with junior Harleigh Poe and sophomore Peyton Baker with freshman Tori Patton.

Squad Gets a Lift

By Brian Fullington, Paoli High School December 27, 2022

This season, three unexpected additions have been made to the basketball cheer squad. Sophomores Coy Busick and Peyton Baker and senior Braydon Hayes are making their debut as the first male cheerleaders...

Dan English runs while carrying his bike in the Rochester Cyclocross race in September.

Dan English rides to the top in cyclocross

By Andrew Ma, California High School - CA December 22, 2022

Junior Daniel English was five when he started watching his father race on a bike. He rode in his first bike competition in second grade. Now, the former Cal High student has his fifth national cyclocross...

An illustrative graphic of a tampon kicking a soccor ball.

Playing the period game

By Jami Lim and Kalyani Puthenpurayil December 21, 2022

The steady raps of the racket striking against the birdie along with the short, stifled squeaks of shoes against the floor filled the gym as junior Anika Karandikar played her last Badminton match of the...

Seniors and varsity soccer players Livia Inojoza and Samantha Strand have been coached by their fathers for their whole lives.

Father-daughter goals: Balancing coaching and parenting on the soccer field

By Susanna Tang, Lynbrook High School - CA December 21, 2022

Like father, like daughter — seniors and girls varsity soccer players Livia Inojoza and Samantha Strand have long been familiar with the title “coach’s kid.” Varsity Head Coach Leonardo Inojoza...

Senior Kai Louie-Badua prepares for the high bar event at the 2022 Level 10 National Championships.

Male gymnasts face limited college options

By Alex Kelly, Burlingame High School - CA December 21, 2022

In the U.S., there are only 15 NCAA men's collegiate gymnastics programs. For women’s gymnastics, there are 81 — five times as many. In 1969, there were over 200 men’s programs, but that number...

Robert Rothbart bursts into celebration after beating Hapoel Jerusalem in the Israeli Winner Cup while playing for Hapoel Tel Aviv. Rothbart graduated from the Harker middle school in 2000 and has played professional basketball for several European teams since.

From a fourth grader’s dream to a professional basketball career

By Emma Milner, The Harker Upper School December 21, 2022

“I want to be a professional basketball player.”  As a fourth grader, Robert Rothbart, who graduated from the Harker middle school in 2000, already knew what he wanted to become. From his time...

KEEPING HER BALANCE: Junior Ayaka Chao has been skating for the majority of her life, starting off in elementary at Chaparral Ice, and working up until now. Chao practices before school every other week day, and finds this time relaxing from the daily stresses of high school.

Twelve years of gliding across the ice

By Sophia Sanchez, James Bowie High School December 20, 2022

Ice skating is a rare activity for most Bowie students. For junior Ayaka Chao, ice skating represents many things in her life. The sport represents her dedication to activities, her attentiveness to the...

Freshman Emi Limon competes in the 2022 World Kickboxing and Karate Union Championship in Wales. Even though Limon has only been doing karate for three years, he won four medals at the October competition— a gold medals in Weapons with Music and Korean Forms, a silver medal in Hardstyle Forms and a bronze medal in Weapons with no Music.

Kicking the competition

By Sonya Sud, Lafayette High School December 19, 2022

It all started in Sept. 2019, when freshman Emi Limon decided to try out karate. Three years later, he is now a champion martial artist with four medals in world competitions. In May 2022, Emi was...

Aaron Mathys, senior, competes at the St. Louis Science Center during a Super Smash Bros. tournament on Nov. 5. Mathys attends tournaments like these because he enjoys playing the game competitively. Tournaments are a way to show off my skills, review gameplay, and build a community, Mathys said.

Esports Popularizes in STL

By Shyam Punnachalil, Marquette High School December 16, 2022

Controller in hand, his favorite character Young Link selected, eyes locked, and ready to game on. This is senior Aaron Mathys’s typical routine while playing in competitive Super Smash Bros. Ultimate...

Junior Lily Bruce poses with a University of Florida mural during an official visit to the campus. She verbally committed to the gymnastics program there in the fall.

Later, Gator

By Luke Cavallo, Kingwood Park High School December 15, 2022

Junior Lily Bruce had an eventful summer. She found herself being pulled between representatives of various top-level college gymnastics programs, like UNC, Stanford and Auburn. They were sending emails...

The girls celebrated their twentieth league win by jumping back in the pool with their coaches after the game

Swimming to success: AGHS girls’ water polo secures 20th consecutive league title

By Zoe Lodge, Arroyo Grande High School December 15, 2022

Just this year, the Arroyo Grande High School girls’ water polo team clinched their twentieth consecutive undefeated league champion title, a record that no other athletic program at the school can quite...

Upper school Strength and Conditioning Coach Lauren Brown teaches proper bench press fundamentals to underclassmen during a workout session. Brown trains students in after school fitness classes and students from sports teams.

Helping hands uplift our athletic department

By Kevin Zhang and Sabrina Zhu December 15, 2022

After school, students arrive in the weight room as Lauren Brown, upper school Strength and Conditioning Coach, hands each one of them their personal record of monthly progression through her detailed...

Carlmont senior Samantha Shettys ice skating journey has also allowed her to connect with younger skaters. Weve gotten really close with the younger students because  weve had all that shared experience together. Thats  allowed us to get a lot closer and get to know each other, Shetty said.

Athlete Profile: Samantha Shetty’s love for the ice

By Rintaro Sato, Carlmont High School December 14, 2022

At 5:45 a.m., the streets are empty; the sky is still dark – it's time to put on the skates. This is a day in the life of Carlmont senior Samantha Shetty, a synchronized and single-figure skater for...

Attending every practice and every game, Aarav Kakad (24) works hard as the team manager on the sidelines and in the locker room.

Football manager Aarav Kakad (’24) brings injury assistance, enthusiasm to team

By Joseph Chiu, Amador Valley High School December 13, 2022

Aarav Kakad (‘24) has worked as Amador Valley football’s team manager since the end of the last school year in 2022. He has also assisted in Amador Valley’s Sports Medicine team since 2021, gaining...

Ella Lin waits to play at the 2022 Badminton World Junior Championships.

Junior Ella Lin dominates on the national badminton team

By Abby Kapur, Dougherty Valley High School December 13, 2022

Junior Ella Lin placed in the top eight at the Badminton World Federation (BWF) World Junior Championships in Santander, Spain, this October, making a splash during her first year in the U.S. Junior Badminton...

Genevieve George dives into the water at the 2019 state finals. Her performance in the Girls 100 Backstroke earned her 2nd place.

Genevieve George perseveres through hardships to place at state

By Vivian Amoia, Xavier College Preparatory Academy - AZ December 12, 2022

Genevieve “Geni” George ‘25 is a sophomore at Xavier and is a member of the swim team. This year at the 2022 AIA Division 1 State Championship, George placed 6th in the Girls 100 Backstroke. However,...

For many high school athletes moving up to the collegiate level, making an Instagram post to announce where they will be playing is tradition.

Committed to committing

By Caroline Owen, McCallum High School December 12, 2022

Although it’s typical for a high schooler to spend waking hours slumped over the computer screen trying to submit college applications, many high schoolers take a different route—one of ID camps, highlight...

Title IX passed 50 years ago, in June 1972. Since then, it has tremendously impacted girls sports at Algonquin.

50 years later: Title IX’s impact on Algonquin

By Riya Mahanta and Katherine Wu December 9, 2022

Today, whether playing on a girls’ or boys’ team, Algonquin athletes wear their Titan uniforms with pride, putting in long hours on the field, court, track or mat, competing at the top level and striving...

Junior Cole Sullivan looks to make a play during open field practice in October.

What does it mean to be a Bleach Boy?

By Carolyn Morris and Jackson Oliver-Roa December 9, 2022

After tryouts on October 31, the start of November marks the Archie Williams’ Boys Varsity soccer team annual hair-bleaching. A tradition of now 30 years, bleaching has become a call sign of a team that...

Kensi Steele, 11, raises her arm after winning her match against Cedar Rapids Kennedy.

Liberty’s New Girls’ Wrestling Team

By Kaelyn Rickels, Liberty High School - North Liberty, Iowa December 9, 2022

The 2022-2023 school year marked a milestone for female athletes in Iowa. The Iowa Girls High School Athletic Union (IGHSAU) officially sanctioned girls' wrestling as a sport in Iowa high schools. Over...

On June 23, 2022, Title IX, a landmark legislation for womens rights.

TITLE IX: Title Written, Story Unfinished

By Hana Barber, St. Mary's Episcopal School December 7, 2022

At 5:00 a.m., while many students are still in bed, Grace Ciaramitaro (12) can be found at the pool, practicing her freestyle or breaststroke. After Ciaramitaro’s one-hour practice, she heads to school,...

Junior Mylia Perez  commits to Stanford University to play softball.

Junior Mylia Perez commits to Stanford for softball

By Ella Shen, Dougherty Valley High School December 7, 2022

Dougherty Valley junior Mylia Perez committed to Stanford University early this November to play softball beginning fall of 2024. Her talent and grit, combined with her academic strengths, allowed Mylia...

The cheerleading team lifts freshman Emily Paschall into the air at Archers fall sports pep rally in their first performance of the year. In the future, the team hopes to perform more, possibly at Archer sports games.

Somersaults for Spirit: Archer’s cheerleaders don’t need a football team

By Lucy Williams, Archer School for Girls December 6, 2022

In America's modern-day high schools, cheerleaders stereotypically exist to support the school's male sports, normally performing at football games. At an all-girls school without a football team, Archer's...

Members of the Unified Bowling team celebrate following their top six scoring.

Unified Bowling team places sixth at 6A state tournament

By Jeny Jithesh, BLUE VALLEY NORTHWEST HIGH SCHOOL December 6, 2022

The BVNW Unified Bowling team took sixth at the state competition last Monday, Nov. 14. A total of 14 teams across Kansas participated in the state tournament, with Northwest’s team consisting of senior...

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