The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

City High Students protest the Perry High School Shooting on January 8th, 2024

The End of School Shootings Starts With Stricter Gun Laws

By Lily Rantanen, Iowa City High School February 22, 2024

If you grab a map and locate City High, then draw an approximately 150-mile straight line to the left along I-80 with a short diagonal tail at Des Moines, you’ll find a little town called Perry, Iowa....

Isabella Quesada warms up with her partner before practice. Quesada is one of three female wrestlers who qualified for the 2024 6A/5A State Championships.

Rapid rise in women’s wrestling at Wilsonville

By Maddie Holly, Wilsonville High School February 22, 2024

The lights dim, a solo spotlight shines on the mat, “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas echoes loudly through the speakers, and out comes the girl's wrestling team for Wilsonville. Unfortunately,...

STAFF EDITORIAL: What More Will It Take?

STAFF EDITORIAL: What More Will It Take?

By Tai Caputo and Isabella Young February 16, 2024

On May 17th, 1984, a 17-year-old student entered Southeast Polk High School in Pleasant Hill, Iowa, carrying a handgun. What ensued is almost unimaginable. Two students were killed in the first school...

In a male-dominated world, women have always been standing in the shadows of success, overlooked and underestimated by others. Whether it’s how they dress, act or present themselves, every action and word is critiqued.

Opinion: More than just a girl

By Madeline Rivera, Hebron High School February 14, 2024

I remember it all too well. The pointing, the disgusted looks, the whispers – all from those whom it hardly concerned. It was sixth grade – my most awkward year – and I had worn my first bra to...

Senior Addie Kilcoin poses at the Eras Tour in June of 2023. Like Kilcoin, a large majority of Swifts fanbase is female. 
Photo Credit to Addie Kilcoin.

OPINION: Unfounded criticism of Taylor Swift enters America’s game

By Jae Jepsen, Pleasant Valley High School - IA February 14, 2024

Chiefs fans have grown accustomed to a familiar pattern this season: tight end Travis Kelce succeeds, making a touchdown or good catch, and the crowd goes wild. Cut to Taylor Swift. Since Swift and...

There are currently no driving lessons offered for adults in the Sioux Falls area.

Driving discrimination in South Dakota

By Katya Surendran, Lincoln High School February 9, 2024

With limited public transportation and freezing winter months, a car and a driver's license are necessary in South Dakota; however, the latter is tough to attain as an adult due to a lack of driving lessons...

Two thirds of of students who received a private school voucher in Iowa were already enrolled in private schools, according to new data from the Iowa Department of Education.

Opinion: the public school crisis

By Madelyn Johnson, Liberty High School - North Liberty, Iowa February 8, 2024

Dear Iowa government, Hands off of our public schools. Iowa public schools are in a crisis. Every harmful piece of legislation that gets passed, every time funding gets cut, we watch our public school...

Because Texas does not currently have the infrastructure to protect residents in the face of increasing climate threats,  policymakers need to heed the warnings of experts and plan for worst-case weather scenarios.

Our planet needs a plan

By Shield editorial board, McCallum High School February 7, 2024

This year, Austin experienced its hottest summer on record, reaching triple digits for 45 days in a row. With only 1.31 inches of rainfall, the season was also the driest the city has been in 113 years....

WSPNs Maddie Zajac discusses her thoughts on the effects of screens on teenagers.

Opinion: The effect of technology on “screenagers”

By Madeleine Zajac, Wayland High School February 7, 2024

What if I told you that the average secondary-aged student spends 4.8 to 5.8 hours per day on social media? Would you believe that most students in the middle school to high school range spend up to six...

Southern Lehigh Administration should rethink decision to ban cash donations

By Spotlight Editors, Southern Lehigh Senior High School February 5, 2024

The Southern Lehigh School District administration is planning to make changes to the high school’s fundraising procedures in the near future because of their concern with the security of cash donations...

Athens student, Nora Richards catches up with friends on her flip phone. She now prefers talking on the phone rather than texting. (Photo courtesy of Bridget Shuck)

Flip it up

By Nora Richards, Athens Drive High School February 2, 2024

I went into my junior year of high school wanting to be productive, goal-oriented and social. I wanted to get things done and not waste time procrastinating like I had in previous years. However, as the...

Don’t take your rights for granted: Why you should protest in 2024

Don’t take your rights for granted: Why you should protest in 2024

By Julian Manning, Inspire School of Arts & Sciences January 31, 2024

As I walked across Broadway over to the annual Women’s March Chico “Bigger Than Roe” Day of Action, I didn't see anyone at first. I anxiously checked my phone over and over again, wondering if I...

There is No Need for Legacy Admissions


Every year, millions of students apply to their dream colleges. These people are hard workers who strive to do everything right, but their spots are taken by people who do half as much as them. The only...

Coal power plants must go.

It’s time for Lawrence to fire coal

By Brendan Symons, Lawrence High School January 30, 2024

I don’t believe in vegetarian “bacon”, I keep my heat 2 degrees warmer in the winter than you do, and though my car would probably fail any extensive emissions test, I drive it anyways. I’m bad...

Illustration depicting how teenagers are held captive by screens.

The Teen Time Warp

By Anika Sanka, Robinson High School - FL January 30, 2024

The skip ten-second button on Netflix and I have become fast friends lately. Every time I settle in and try to watch a TV show, I get this urge to skip through it a bit. Oh, the characters are taking a...

The penmanship of cursive handwriting is embedded in our nations founding. Its historic roots are a necessary skill for students to continue as classwork remains on paper.

The art of cursive must remain in print

By Satenik Ayrapetyan, Daniel Pearl Magnet High School January 26, 2024

I write in cursive. I’m sorry to all my classmates who had to partner with me for physical worksheets for making our assignments half illegible to them. When I was in the third grade, I was taught...

College Board is not the non-profit organization it tries to be, overcharging students per tests.

Is the College Board Truly a Nonprofit?

By Rebecca Sanchez, Woodbridge High School January 26, 2024

There is much debate on whether the College Board is a nonprofit organization. Legally, yes it is. Morally, not so much. The College Board is the organization that administers the Advanced Placement...

Taylor: Miss. purposefully offends with timing of Lee holiday

By Ray Taylor, The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science January 26, 2024

“Happy Martin Luther King Jr. Day!” “Don’t you mean Happy Robert E. Lee Day?” While I cannot speak for the happy part of the latter statement, it is unfortunately true that MLK Jr. Day...

Despite Artificial Intelligence’s growing abilities, humans remain center of journalism

By Elizabeth Mehler, Thomas S. Wootton High School January 24, 2024

The increasing growth in the use and ability of artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years has left people questioning the ways it will alter how we live and work in the future. While it affects every...

Out of the options presented at the board meeting, the district should choose to pursue the second option: phasing out one world language class from each FUHSD school besides Lynbrook and Homestead High School.

Editorial: District should preserve world language classes

By Epic Staff, Lynbrook High School - CA January 24, 2024

Following a period of deliberation, during the Nov. 7 meetings the FUHSD board announced their updated proposals concerning the future of the schools’ world language courses amid declining enrollment.....

Students read articles on The New York Times and The Washington Post on the bus ride to school. News deserts, a term used to describe communities without a source of local news, often leave people to rely on national outlets that dont feature their communitys stories.

Editorial: We’re living in a drought of truth. It needs to end.

By 23-24 Editorial Board, Archer School for Girls January 23, 2024

Disclaimer: This article mentions mature and sexual themes and may not be suitable for younger readers.  For many Archer upper schoolers, it is typical to wake up to a "The Morning” email from...

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) groups across Louisville work to provide nutritious and environmentally friendly products for their communities.

OPINION: Consumer benefits of Community Supported Agriculture

By Dia Cohen, duPont Manual High School January 23, 2024

Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) is a group of individuals that provide monetary support to a local farm, and in return, receive weekly fruits and vegetables. The goal of many CSAs is to become a...

The recent uptick of alumni entering the field means one thing: high school journalism opens doors.

High school journalism opens doors

By Reese Williams, St. Stephen's Episcopal School January 23, 2024

Taking high school Journalism may be more important now than ever before. Journalism teaches students to conduct interviews, write with excellence, share their voices, and collaborate with their peers,...

Poor accountability in education post-pandemic has had immense effects on student success, dropping proficiency levels to historic lows.

School districts responsible for poor academic performance

By Lily Rachwalski, Midtown High School January 23, 2024

For decades, American education officials and the Department of Education have relied on standardized tests to measure and adapt the United States education system. Since the COVID pandemic in 2020, officials...

College Board’s Student Search Service misleads students

By Annika Wegener (she/they), Inglemoor High School January 22, 2024

The average high school student’s email inbox is overflowing with spam mail from obscure colleges. Proctors encourage high school students to opt in to College Board’s Student Search Service when they...

Formerly two officially separate countries, China has always claimed Tibet as an integral part of its territory, leading to ongoing tensions between the two regions.

Chinese Communist Party attempts to force Tibet name change

By Jalue Dorjee, Columbia Heights High School January 19, 2024

Ever since the unrightful and illegal annexation of Tibet in 1959 and the escape of His Holiness the Dalai Lama from Tibet, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has dedicated much of its time and effort to...

The endless reports of increased violence against Muslim and Jewish communities is a source of stress for students. However, students should not feel that their safety is threatened due to conflicts they have no part in.

Global conflicts should not affect the safety of students

By Eagle Eye Editorial Board, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School January 17, 2024

As the war in the Gaza Strip continues between the Israeli Defense Force and the Islamic Resistance Movement, better known as Hamas, the world looks on in terror. Since Hamas’ attack on Oct. 7, Israel...

Student coughing after vaping. Vaping results in many negative health effects.

Clouding our minds: ‘Good intentions. Bad execution’

By Andrew Liu and Jason Chen January 17, 2024

“I don’t enter the school bathrooms.” “There’s too much smoke.” For junior Brandon Chu, vaping has served as a deterrent against entering bathrooms. But it’s not only a matter of taking...

Lifting the bell jar

By Lauren Holcomb, Parkway West High School January 17, 2024

Disclaimer: This article mentions suicide and violence against women January 14th, 1963: Sylvia Plath’s first and only novel was published in the United Kingdom, just one month before her tragic suicide....

Communities across Kentucky need easier access to fresh, local produce.

OPINION: Community Supported Agriculture is key to solving Louisville food insecurity

By Grace Fridy, duPont Manual High School January 12, 2024

On March 22, 2022, the Kentucky Senate ended the Kentucky COVID-19 state of emergency – this came 10 months before the federal government did so. By ending one emergency, however, legislators worsened...

Changes to the internet at BHS leave students puzzled

The pros and cons of BHS’ new internet software

By Ella Patel, Bernards High School January 9, 2024

Bernards High School has blocked social media and streaming platforms while using the school’s Wi-Fi. In addition to this, Bernards now tracks students’ activity online while using district owned devices,...

Swept under: True purpose of education lost in grades, tests

Swept under: True purpose of education lost in grades, tests

By Lizzie Sun, Chantilly High School January 5, 2024

When a student fails an assignment or a test, they are more likely to fear the consequences that will follow– rather than disappointment that they didn’t understand the concept. Since 1838, when...

The growing commonality in the use of artificial intelligence among students and corporations alike is raising the discussion of whether or not the use of AI is ethical. Staff writer Deepika Kumar discusses whether AI use presents an opportunity for more effective journalism or an easy escape for plagiarism.

From headlines to code lines: AI redefining journalism

By Deepika Kumar, Coppell High School January 2, 2024

“Oh yeah I just used ChatGPT on that. It took me like two minutes,” my friend flexes as I’m frantic about the 85 I’m about to get on an overdue assignment. Countless are the times I've listened...

At the Belles 2023 Spring Show, senior Belle Alex Alleyne performs in a group routine to True Colors. She has been taking dance lessons since she was five and is now on the Belles Honor Corps.

An underdog in the world of sports

By Serena Li, Bellaire High School January 2, 2024

Step after step, time and time again, dancers pour their life into perfecting their craft. Yet, some people still never acknowledge it as a sport. When people think of sports, they think of football,...

Opinion: Private and Public School Sports Must be Separated

By Avery Nicholson, Wadsworth High School December 21, 2023

Throughout high school sports history, there has been a long-standing rivalry between parochial schools and public schools. Parochial schools and public schools should not be allowed to compete against...

If state officials, administration, teachers and parents are uncomfortable teaching students about topics that are much more relevant than precalculus homework and science projects, they are failing to recognize what students actually need.

An investigation into sex education

By Marley Helfer, Ballard High School December 18, 2023

Most students that have attended a Seattle public school have taken a class that teaches sex education. For many students, these experiences have become a mere couple of insignificant days every few years.  ...

Co-Editors-in-Chief Nadya Chase and Talia Macchi address the community response to WSPN’s recent coverage on the Israel-Hamas war.

Letter from the editors: Addressing the community response to Israel-Hamas war coverage

By Talia Macchi and Nadya Chase December 12, 2023

Dear Wayland community, As the Co-Editors-in-Chief of the Wayland Student Press Network, we would like to address the community response to our recent coverage of the Israel-Hamas war. Since Oct. 7,...

Should legacy admissions still exist?

Should legacy admissions still exist?

By Maya Gjelhaug and Sidharth Sharma December 8, 2023

This story contains an alternate format that can only be viewed on the original site. View this story on Viewer. It was originally published on November 13, 2023.

Murders and missing cases of indigenous women are left ignored and lacking investigation. Jurisdictional confusion and other causes lead to these cases ending up cold.

Missing and murdered indigenous women is a crisis in need of more awareness and investigation

By Andie Korenge, Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School December 7, 2023

Missing and murdered indigenous women is an epidemic so large it has been given an acronym: MMIW. However, it utterly lacks the awareness it needs and deserves. The crisis has even inspired a movement...

This graphic illustration of a magnifying glass with an exclamation point being held up to text represents the importance of critically thinking about your news consumption to combat the spread of misinformation. The rapid spread of information facilitated by social media further underscores the importance of responsibly reporting and consuming news. (Graphic Illustration by Audrey Chang)

Editorial: Dangers of misinformation and how to combat it as a news consumer

By 23-24 Editorial Board, Archer School for Girls December 6, 2023

For almost two months since terrorist organization Hamas attacked Israel Oct. 7, social media pages, televisions and news feeds alike have been flooded with videos, images and information about the war.  ...

For the past 50 years, the Open Choice program has offered Hartford students the opportunity to attend public schools in suburban towns and suburban students the opportunity to attend public schools in Hartford.

Making the Right Choice

By Tatiana Walton, Aasrith Veerapaneni, and Max Schwartzman December 6, 2023

For half a century, the Open Choice program has been creating an opportunity, allowing Hartford and surrounding suburban students to break educational barriers. South Windsor Public Schools proudly participates...

In a world where Instagram-worthy salads often overshadow childhood classics, diet culture has reshaped the snacks that once fueled our youthful spirits.

The bitter aftertaste of diet culture

By Jessica Wang, The Harker Upper School December 5, 2023

In place of goldfish are air-fried croutons, instead of Minute Maid is lemon-lime sparkling water turned still. In a world where "Instagram-worthy" salads often overshadow childhood classics, diet culture...

Everyday that those with power and agency do not attempt to address this issue is an active acceptance that this is normal. The simple truth is this-children fearing for their lives in school is not normal.

Students are too apathetic about school violence

By Andrew Staser, Downers Grove South High School December 1, 2023

“Qui tacet consentire videtur,” an old Latin phrase, means roughly that those who are silent show consent. The proverb illustrates that someone needs to speak out against what they see as unacceptable...

Editorial: What the Israel-Hamas war means for journalism

By Celeste Eckstein, Edina High School December 1, 2023

Social media and smartphones have granted us infinite accessibility. Finding information on any imaginable topic only requires the click of a button; broadcasting your life is as easy as tapping a screen....

Three Messenger staffers collected their college mail for less than one week and it filled a recycling bin.

Colleges Disregard Environment

By Aubrey Lacavich, Marquette High School December 1, 2023

My house is full of glossy brochures. They are stacked on my counter, in my room and in my mailbox. And they are all from colleges begging me to send in an application, despite half not having either of...

WSPNs Ryan Chase shares his thoughts on the Hamas attack on Israel on Oct. 7 and how it has impacted Jews around the world.

Opinion: Hamas’ effect on Jews everywhere

By Ryan Chase, Wayland High School December 1, 2023

Note from the editors: WSPN prides itself on being an unbiased, open forum for students to express themselves and their opinions. While WSPN aims to represent all voices, the student opinion articles expressed...

Anti-trans legislation targets transgender individuals and forces them to survive in a world that constantly challenges their existence and well-being.

Opinion: “Let Them Die” and Other Anti-Trans Legislation

By Sydney Nguyen, Rock Ridge High School November 30, 2023

At The Blaze, we aim to cover issues of identity with a great deal of sensitivity and respect for our student body. As such, the pronouns and identities of the students in this piece have been published...

Cursive writing, once taught in schools, seems to be disappearing from the minds of many in the next generation. Is this a tragic loss or a long overdue goodbye to the well-known form of penmanship?

Opinion: Cursive: A dying art or good riddance?

By Beatrice Barnes, Foothill Technology High School November 30, 2023

To enter a classroom at Foothill Technology High School (Foothill Tech) is to be immersed in the distinct “click-clack” of vigorous typing, as students chip away at online essays, science labs and...

Bulletproof ignorance: America’s disturbing numbness to gun violence

By Jae Jepsen, Pleasant Valley High School - IA November 30, 2023

The Project Pink flip-flops, an AR-15 rifle, and spatterings of dried blood. These are the first things readers see when they open The Washington Post’s newest project. Next, they see an editor’s...

Junior Andres Bravo Garza works on his assignments under 30 flags in the PVHS cafeteria that represent the nationalities of international PV students.

Forgotten: America’s immigration system alienates international students

By Ashwin Parab and Reetham Gubba November 28, 2023

As the bells ring across hundreds of high schools in Iowa, students line up in their physical education classes to choose teams for kickball. One by one, the captains select classmates for their teams...

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