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The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

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The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

WSPNs Kally Proctor discusses the Uvalde shooting and steps schools and policymakers could take to decrease the number of mass school shootings in the United States.

Some questions, some answers: A high school sophomore’s take on school mass shootings in America

By Kally Proctor, Wayland High School June 3, 2022

I’m a sophomore in high school and I am afraid. I’m afraid for myself and afraid for my country. I go to school every day, I work hard, I take it seriously, I generally have fun, and yet, I am afraid....

False irony has allowed a new wave of fascism to infiltrate the internet.

Opinion: It’s Not Just a Joke

By Aris Pastor, North Allegheny Senior High School June 2, 2022

With the growth of the internet has come a new wave of fascism, a phenomenon that has been noted by journalists, YouTube personalities, and authors alike. The increasing popularity of online authoritarian...

Mississippi’s refusal to reckon with its twisted past and the plights of African Americans and many other minorities within schools only puts its citizens at a disadvantage.

Echols: The exclusivity of accurate US, state history only hurts Mississippians

By Madison Echols, The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science June 2, 2022

The minority experience in Mississippi is a troubled one. The survival of that experience is similar in struggle. I am an African American junior at the Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science,...

It is important to educate yourself on topics such as the gender binary in order to become more informed

Breaking The Binary

By Aiden Rood, Lauren Winslow, and Brielle Lampf June 2, 2022

You’ve probably heard of the LGBTQ+ community before. Maybe you’ve seen a pride parade in town or had a family member come out to you. Maybe you even identify as LGBTQ+ yourself. But do you know what...

Often, cultural standards for discipline can blur the line between authoritarian parenting and abuse.

Discipline? Or abuse?

By Tvisha Gupta and Jisha Rajala June 2, 2022

Content warning: This story contains descriptions of physical and verbal abuse. Reader discretion is advised. The student source in this story is anonymous due to safety concerns and will be referred...

A graphic created by Editor-in-Chief Gianna Ortner-Findlay features three women on a background of teal, the symbolic sexual assault awareness color. I think from an outsiders point of view, Im a big fan of asking questions, Rock Hill High School counselor Sarah Luce said. If something feels weird, I think [in society] we have this-this feeling of like, that is not my business. Im going to stay out of it. I think you do still have to protect yourself. According to RAINN, the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network, an American is sexually assaulted every 68 seconds and every nine minutes- that victim is a child.

‘What was she wearing?’

By Gianna Ortner-Findlay, Rock Hill High School June 2, 2022

For many high school seniors, the month of May is full of both finalities and new beginnings. It is a goodbye to spring, underclassmen friends, the high school experience, and the relative safety of familiarity....

Amber Heard accompanies Johnny Depp to the Black Mass premiere while they were married.

Editorial: The narrative needs to change

By Editorial Staff and Lindsay Augustine June 1, 2022

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Once a glamorous couple driving around in a red, vintage car, they are now fighting in court over allegations of domestic abuse. The court case began in 2016, when Heard...

News headlines of three school shootings, including the mass shooting last week at Robb Elementary school. In a nation frequently grieving from school shootings, is time we, the students, answer one question: What makes us feel safe?

Editorial: What makes us feel safe?

By 21-22 Oracle Editorial Board, Archer School for Girls June 1, 2022

What makes us feel safe? Students across the nation have had to reckon with this question following the tragic mass shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas this past week. And, honestly,...

Women-only train cars in Japan have been operating for over a century. Pictured above: The platform of a women-only train car at JR Namba station in Osaka.

Women-only train cars sidestep the root issue of gender inequality

By Elena K.('23), International School of the Sacred Heart June 1, 2022

Chikan (痴漢). The Japanese term for sexual harassment or molestation, chikan is a word all too familiar to the vocabulary of young girls and women in Japan. As the word began to make its way into...

Beginning on April 11, the defamation trial between divorced actors Depp and Heard has been playing out.

Johnny Depp v. Amber Heard highlights domestic abuse

By Amy Liu (she/her), Lynbrook High School - CA June 1, 2022

Note: This story contains references to content that may be triggering for those who have experienced trauma or are sensitive to topics concerning domestic violence. “Tell the world, Johnny —...

The abortion debate has been at the forefront of American politics for decades, but its origins are less pure than anti-abortion leaders imply.

Anti-abortion advocates didn’t birth the religious right

By Lindsay Augustine, Carlmont High School May 31, 2022

It’s no secret that most Americans - about 60% - support the right to abortion. Yet, the anti-abortion movement is prevalent in our media and government. Recently, Justice Samuel Alito’s majority...

Asylum seekers face legal, financial and language barriers when they enter the U.K. These refugees wait months for asylum claim decisions in addition to receiving very minimal financial and language support.

Shifting attention to refugees ensures collective humanitarian advancement

By Sophia Bassi, The American School in London May 31, 2022

For many asylum seekers, the U.K. is a safe haven from the dangers present in their home countries. However, upon arrival in the U.K., those displaced are met with a series of new challenges: claiming...

The current CHPS calendar accommodates holidays like Christmas but forces students celebrating Eid to miss out on classes.

CHPS calendar changes needed to accommodate Eid

By Miski Mohamed, Columbia Heights High School May 31, 2022

After a month of fasting, Muslims worldwide end Ramadan with the festival Eid Al Fitr, or a celebration of breaking fast. Of the two holidays celebrated in Islam, this one will be occurring during...

Purbalite seniors evaluate their fours years of high school at Baldwin .

Senior Farewell: High school, the worst years of my life

By Brooke Scanlon, Baldwin High School - PA May 27, 2022

My four years of high school were without a doubt the worst of my life thus far.  Granted, people might read that and say, “You’ve only lived 18 years.” Well, I hope that in my life I can confidently...

A picture of the Arch in downtown St. Louis. Officially opened in 1965, the Gateway Arch is St. Louis’s most well-known landmark and described as the “Gateway to the West.”

Beyond the statistics

By Elizabeth Franklin, Parkway West High School May 27, 2022

I grew up in the city of St. Louis until I was 11. I lived in the Old North neighborhood, a neighborhood particularly known for its community gardens and the famous Crown Candy kitchen. I would ride my...

The Tops supermarket – the location of the shooting – as of February 2022.

In the wake of Buffalo shooting, semantics is more important than ever 

By Molly Rawat, Pleasant Valley High School - IA May 27, 2022

On May 14, 2022, 10 Black people were shot and killed in a racially motivated attack at a supermarket in Buffalo, N.Y., and several others were injured. This massacre was a hate crime and an act of domestic...

Leonardo Leal (20) expresses his views on the recent bills that criminalize gender-affirming healthcare for transgender youth.

Gender-affirming care for transgender youth saves lives

By Andoe Glaser, Middle College High School May 27, 2022

Around a year ago I wrote an article about the legislation in many states that was being proposed that worked to take away the rights of transgender youth.  This issue has continued to be relevant...

My body, my choice, is a phrase often used by pro-choice people. Abortions is a right for women protected by the Constitution. A woman should get the right to choose what to do with their body, no matter the viewpoint of others. (Illustration by Madalyn Rhoads)

Roe vs Wade: The teenage perspective on the current and future abortion policies

Everybody has their own opinion on abortion. Some believe it is a completely acceptable form of pregnancy termination while others think that it is murder. Roe vs Wade made abortion legal 49 years...

Content moderation has challenged the ideal of absolute free speech on social media.

Opinion: Preserving the Public Conversation

By Sam Podnar, North Allegheny Senior High School May 26, 2022

On March 25th, Elon Musk took to Twitter to broadcast a poll. “Free speech is essential to a functioning democracy,” he wrote. “Do you believe Twitter rigorously adheres to this principle?” In...

Long-term subs are often unaware of how to help their students with many of their assignments since they are inexperienced in the subject they are assigned to teach.

Long-term substitute teachers hinder students’ learning

By Ananya Pinnamaneni, Dougherty Valley High School May 25, 2022

With many teachers being out of office for multiple weeks due to various reasons, including contracting COVID-19, going on maternity/paternity leave or other personal issues, their students have been left...

From left to right: Chris Larson, Daisy Larson, Janelle Hart

The five stages of grief

By Daisy Larson, Lincoln High School May 24, 2022

What is grief? Why does grief have five different stages? Why does grief, although just a simple five-letter word, mean hours, on days, on months of a non-linear roller coaster of emotions? Grief, as defined...

On May 2, a Supreme Court draft was leaked exposing their intentions of overruling Roe v. Wade.

A Plea For Roe

By Eliza Lampert, Latin School of Chicago May 24, 2022

Opponents of reproductive rights have been seeking for decades to overturn Roe v. Wade, and based on the leaked draft of a U.S. Supreme Court opinion, they may finally get their wish. Roe v. Wade, a 1973...

Misogynoir affects WOC students, especially Black women, across the country and particularly in the realm of STEM.

Misogynoir in STEM: How to Rectify the Phenomenon

By Madison Echols and Hangila Ceesay May 23, 2022

Misogynoir is a new term for many ears. Queer Black feminist Moya Bailey first coined it in 2010 to show how the intersection of gender and race affects the level of discrimination Black women face. To...

In California’s Old Town San Diego State Historic Park, a board publicly addresses the town’s multicultural diversity and its Spanish roots. The board itself includes elements of Spanglish in its title; instead of saying, “Fiesta de Banderas,” the title says, “Fiesta de Flags.” This little, yet seemingly purposeful error enhances that beauty and culture of the small, warm-feeling-filled town.

What they don’t tell you: The rewarding struggles of being bilingual

By Layla Torres, Xavier College Preparatory Academy - AZ May 23, 2022

May you please put this in the licuadora? Sorry, I traduced that wrong.  In Spanish, licuadora means blender. Traducir means "to translate" in Spanish. There have been countless times in which I, my...

Accommodations for my ADHD have led people to dismiss my abilities, and hearing this so often prevented me from acknowledging my own accomplishments. Over time, I have proven my strength to myself and realized accommodations do not discount my effort.

Opinion: Taking my time

By Malley O'Carroll, Hebron High School May 20, 2022

An engineer. This was the response I gave my 11th grade teacher after she asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. In response, she told me I would never be able to accomplish this because I have accommodations...

Although we hear it every day, we dont think how self-deprecating humor affects our mental health. Journaling and writing your emotions down can help deal with low self-esteem that might be causing self-deprecating humor.

No laughing matter

By Janell Lim, Hagerty High School May 20, 2022

“I suck at math, I’m gonna fail this test.”  “I literally look so bad in this, I’m so ugly.”  “I’m so sick of this, I’m literally gonna kill myself.”  Words of self-deprecation,...

Octopus illustration from BHS junior, Geo, for octopus farm debate

New octopus farm in Spain sparks moral debate

By Meghan Shelley, Bernards High School May 20, 2022

In recent years, pushback against the unethical conditions animals endure in the meat and dairy industry has been greater than ever. Despite this, these industries continue to flourish, and even expand....

Sandvall and her mom reading the paper at the kitchen table.

Mother’s Day without a mom: year two

By Jada Sandvall, Lincoln High School May 18, 2022

Another year has passed, and I still hate Mother’s Day. Although I have learned to appreciate all the hugs from my friends when I miss her most and the pieces of advice I have accumulated, something...

Black curly hair has been looked down upon in professional spaces for being too unruly or distracting.

My Struggle with Black Hair in the Professional Space

By Olivia Payne, Academy of the Holy Names May 17, 2022

It’s too big. It’s too frizzy. It doesn’t lay down “normally” like it’s supposed to. Everybody else thinks it’s ugly. My life would be better if I didn’t have it. This is how I used to...

The Universe, as Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene sees it. Lenny the Jewish Space Lizard shoots lasers out of his eyes as he terrorizes the Earth.

Opinion: Re-imagining the Holocaust curriculum as a solution to contemporary antisemitism

By Lila Ettedgui-Scott, Foothill Technology High School May 17, 2022

Teachers have the unique ability to impact the prejudices of an entire generation by the way that they teach history. By refining how they teach about the Holocaust within units dedicated to human rights...

With differences in socialization and lived experiences, people of different genders inevitably encounter differences and disagreements. However, people should never use these differences as leverage to discredit and disrespect an entire gender.

Stop saying “All Men”

By Jenny Loveland, North Cobb High School May 16, 2022

“All men are trash.” This short and dismissive phrase, commonly found floating among people of all genders as they air their complaints about men, shows a mindset that has taken hold in certain branches...

Roman Sompolinski and his wife, Masza, in the displaced persons camp.

Roman Sompolinski: The Untold Story of a Holocaust Survivor

By Ava Schnipper, Scarsdale High School May 16, 2022

***Trigger Warning: article contains some graphic descriptions that some may find disturbing.*** His name at birth was Riven Sompolinski. He was born on January 3, 1923, in Zgierz, Poland, a business...

Were here, were queer, get used to it, was a common slogan used in the 90s during pride rallies.

One step forward, two steps back

By Melody Cui and Mikaylah Du May 12, 2022

In 2022 alone, there have already been more than 200 anti-LGBTQ+ bills proposed, with about half targeting transgender individuals and most revolving around healthcare, sports equality or education. Following...

These top six companies control 90% of the media in the United States.

The Big Six’s big media game

By Mira Nalbandian, Parkway West High School May 12, 2022

Just 37 years ago, there were 50 companies in charge of most American media. Now, 90% of the media in the United States is controlled by just six corporations: AT&T, CBS, Comcast, Disney, Newscorp...

At Metea, 63% of students in the class of 2021 went to a four-year institution and 36% went to a two-year or technical school. However, that does not mean that success can not be achieved on other pathways.

College Myths: Separating Fact from Fiction

By Katrina Viloria, Metea Valley High School May 11, 2022

In a few weeks, over 700 seniors are graduating in Metea’s class of 2022. Some may enlist in the military. But most students will attend a four-year university, and many of them will take on thousands...

Due to Boulders increased rate of fentanyl-related deaths, Colorados Good Samaritan laws, which let people have some immunity from substance laws when reporting on overdoses, have never been more relevant.

Drug Education Needs a Rewrite

By Hannah Cohen, Boulder High School May 11, 2022

In fifth grade, my teacher gave a standard lesson on the danger of drugs. Gathering the class around the table, she told us a scenario about standing outside the Boulder Public Library. When she asked...

Principal donors Franklin and Sandra Yee stand outside the beloved cabin Sandras father bought in 1953.

Small steps on the road to recognition: Yosemite honors contribution of Chinese immigrants to the park’s creation

By Sarah Yee, Granite Bay High School May 10, 2022

Among the world's nineteenth century rush to  California were the flocks of Chinese immigrants who chased their golden American dream of opportunity...

The climate crisis is a human crisis. Photo illustration purchased at

Op-Ed: Environmental Actions Speak Louder Than Words

By Evan Michaeli, Brimmer and May School May 10, 2022

Actions Speak Louder Than Words Politicians seem to push for a greener world, but their actions don’t say so. Enter keywords .sh_embed { position: relative; height:...

Casual racism, the model minority stereotype, and an overall lack of support in school is troubling to Asian American students.

Casual racism and the model minority myth: why schools must better serve Asian students

By Caleb Stipkovits, Minneapolis South High School May 9, 2022

I believe the Asian American experience in school cannot be defined by one encounter. My personal stories and analysis of school could be completely different from other Asian Americans. Each experience...

Before simply changing your profile picture to the Ukrainian flag ask yourself- why am I doing this?

6,042 miles.

By Shield editorial board , McCallum High School May 6, 2022

As war rages and images of crying children and dead civilians flash across television screens, newspapers and social media feeds, Ukraine has become associated with tragedy. Faced with inhumanity, people...

Teacher Appreciation Week honors and recognizes teachers for all their hard work and lasting impacts they leave on their students.

Life as a Teacher: Undervalued and Unappreciated

By Hailey Vanish, Tyrone Area High School May 5, 2022

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week, a time for teachers to be recognized for their hard work and dedication. Whether helping them with their homework, showing compassion, supporting goals, believing...

In the midst of a new wave of anti-trans and LGBTQ+ legislation around the country, the lack of information about recent equity trainings in Loudoun County has led to backlash and conversations over their importance. The discussions include questions on the impact of staff completing equity training and incorporating understandings about topics such as gender identity into classrooms on students’ education.

Opinion: Education vs. Equity and the LGBTQ+ Community

By Megan Langsam, Rock Ridge High School May 4, 2022

Across the U.S., the rights of LGBTQ+ students are facing unrelenting discrimination and restrictions, continuing to fuel debates on everything from life-saving healthcare to respecting students’ identities.  ...

People often assume others racial identity based on preconceived notions surrounding their physical appearance.

White passing

By Anna Jerolimov, Monta Vista High School April 29, 2022

In seventh grade, I had a conversation with one of my white classmates about where we would like to live in the future. On the topic of racial diversity as a factor, the classmate glanced around at our...

Gas prices in Minnesota have spiked following Russias invasion of Ukraine. The price pictured, .67 per gallon, is well below the state average.

Global Energy Crisis Highlights the Need to Go Green

By Aidan Marks, Benilde-St. Margaret's School April 28, 2022

For the past two months, the world has been held captive by news of Russia’s continued invasion of Ukraine. Not only has this war validated concerns about Vladimir Putin’s willingness to use lethal...

Rosie Terry and her dad watching the sunrise on their vacation to the Outer Banks.

Finding the Grace in Grief

By Rosie Terry, Liberty High School - North Liberty, Iowa April 26, 2022

“Time heals all wounds” is a phrase that so many of us have heard in our life, especially when something traumatic has happened. These four words have been expressed to me time and time again by an...

Me wearing my yellow cap and gown, ready to graduate kindergarten.

Opinion: Being the first in my family to attend college in America

By Bruna Horvath, Fossil Ridge High School April 26, 2022

Whenever discussions about college arise during family dinners, I always ask my dad, “If you could go to any college in the United States, which one would you want to go to?” and he always responds...

Despite the arguments for and against changing to daylight saving time year-round, right now, it is not an option due to federal law, which requires states to either continue with the biannual time change or stay on standard time. Currently, Arizona, with the exception of the Navajo Nation, and Hawaii are the only two states which observe standard time for the full year.

Standardize sleep with year round standard time

By Margaret Cartee, The Harker Upper School April 26, 2022

Although daylight saving time started on March 13, I still feel the after effects much later — my sleep cycle has not adjusted to the forward shift yet. Unfortunately, I still have to wake up at the...

The United States’ influence, while not entirely harmful, often contributes to unequal economic relations.

Imperialism: America’s Double Standard

By Andrew Clair, La Salle Catholic Preparatory High School April 25, 2022

The conflict in Ukraine has sparked conversations on a subject that has defined the modern age: imperialism. While the annexation of neighboring territories brings to mind the most obvious forms of...

Many students spend large amounts of time and money preparing for  standardized tests.

Tried, Tested, Untrusted

By Sam Podnar, North Allegheny Senior High School April 25, 2022

In May of 2019, the College Board made a controversial announcement. It unveiled the Environmental Context Dashboard, colloquially known as the adversity score, to address widespread racial and socioeconomic...

Junior Madi Michajliczenko poses with yellow and blue light shining on her, representative of her family’s history in Ukraine. When her family immigrated, they decided to assimilate, causing Michajliczenko to know little about her past culture in Ukraine.

Lost to assimilation

By Madi Michajliczenko, Parkway West High School April 21, 2022

M-i-c-h-a-j-l-i-c-z-e-n-k-o. I spent time learning to print each letter and its order before I knew what my last name meant. It took me longer than others. After all, a typical last name doesn’t have...

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