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Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

Retirement and Reflection—Mrs. Dobbert

By Elias Kilbridge, Clayton High School May 23, 2024

PODCAST TRANSCRIPT: Elias: Hello, my name is Elias Kilbridge, and welcome back to The Globe podcast: The Orbit. Today, I have with us one of our great Clayton teachers, Ms. Barbara Dobbert. Thank you...

Equine Therapy Offers Alternative to Traditional Therapy

By Tessa Autery, Marquette High School May 23, 2024

Cassidy Kerber, freshman, has lived at a barn for her entire life. She spends her days in the stables riding, walking and grazing horses. “Whenever there is a new horse or one I am unfamiliar with...

Seniors celebrate graduation by walking through previous schools

By Sam Walowitz and Lylah Kimberlin May 22, 2024

On May 10th, Lafayette Class of 2024 celebrated their graduation with former teachers and current elementary and middle school students during their Senior Walkthrough. Seniors visited their former Rockwood...

PODCAST Kent Collins reflects on time served in Navy, transition to teaching

By Amelia Bassi and Seya Sawiris May 21, 2024

Music made by Amelia Bassi This story was originally published on The Standard on April 22, 2024.

Tennis Team, Admin Honor Teacher Diagnosed with Cancer

By Annabelle Miller, Justin Small, Harris Ellington, and Rhianna Li May 21, 2024

Every year, the tennis team organizes an annual cancer awareness event. This year, they planned to spotlight Mike Wagner, science teacher, who was diagnosed with stomach cancer in January. Due to rain,...

BACKGROUND IN THE BUSINESS: Dressed by junior designer Kaitlyn Gerrie, senior Chamila Muñoz took to the “Dreamland” runway this past weekend. While it was her first time participating in the McCallum fashion show, Muñoz isn’t new to the modeling world. 

I modeled here and there when I was a lot younger, maybe five or six [years old] for some jewelry brands and small businesses, but not much in recent years,” Muñoz said. 

Muñoz had hoped to participate in last year’s show but couldn’t due to scheduling conflicts. For her senior year, though, she couldn’t let the opportunity pass her by. 

“It’s [modeling] something I haven’t done in a while so I was excited to step out of my comfort zone in a way,” Muñoz said. “I always love trying new things and being able to show off designs of my schoolmates is such an honor.” 

The preparation process for the show was hectic, leaving the final reveal of Gerrie’s design until days before the show, but the moment Muñoz tried on the outfit, all the stress for both designer and model melted away. 

“I didn’t get to try on my outfit until the day before, but the look on Kaitlyn’s face when she saw what she had worked so hard to make actually on a model was just so special,” Muñoz said. “I know it meant so much to her. But then she handed me a blindfold and told me I’d be walking with it on, so that was pretty wild.” 

Caption by Francie Wilhelm.

Mac fashion show brings ‘Dreamland’ to reality

The annual McCallum fashion show took place over on Saturday night and Sunday afternoon in the McCallum Arts Center. The show displayed a variety of looks created by an array of designers, all fitting...

Where does it STEM: episode three

By Abby Eckert and Taylor Negrin May 21, 2024

Join hosts Abby Eckert and Taylor Negrin as they discuss whether psychology should be considered part of the STEM field with Del Val psychology teacher Rod Jensen. Over the past decades, psychology has...

Positive Post-Its Project

Girl Up Club Produces Positive Post-its for Women’s History Month

By Onari Kahandawa, Piscataway High School May 21, 2024

Many girls share high school memories of quiet chattering, secret stares, and trying hard not to laugh for silly things while the teacher is talking.  However, The ‘Girl Up Club’ is a place for high...

Pottery studio gives community opportunity to explore new techniques

By Vedha Inampudi, Lafayette High School May 21, 2024

Wildwood Green Arts is a pottery studio located in Wilwood, Missouri. It was opened in 2015 as a non-profit pottery studio. The studio helps members try out different ceramic and pottery techniques including...

Carnatic Singer Connects to His Culture

By David Moss and Jack Favazza May 17, 2024

When Adithya Chengalvala, sophomore, lived in Bangalore, India, his mom pushed him to enter a singing competition. Chengalvala returned with a medal, and his mom put him with a vocal teacher to develop...

The paper drop is an annual tradition at West Chicago Community High School, always held on the seniors last day of classes.

Seniors celebrate final day of high school

By Sami Moesch, West Chicago Community High School May 17, 2024

The Class of 2024 started their high school careers on Zoom, with hybrid learning the year after. Those very seniors walked the halls for one last time on May 8 before saying farewell to what can only...

Scattering joy for teacher appreciation

By Nathan Buroker and Carley Bailey May 17, 2024

This story was originally published on The Catalyst on May 16, 2024.

PODCAST Suppressing stereotypes: Uncovering experiences as South Asians in London

By Raj Chamria, Ayla Rafiq, and Meher Sareen May 17, 2024

Music by SoulProdMusic from Pixabay This story was originally published on The Standard on May 14, 2024.

MHSNews | Madame Thompson Retires After 31 Years

By Vihaan Madhavan, Marquette High School May 14, 2024

Madame Della Thompson will retire at the end of this school year after 31 years teaching. She will continue teaching, however, as a yoga instructor. This story was originally published on Marquette Messenger...

A day in the life of Potosi High School’s youngest student

By Noelle Porter, Potosi High School May 10, 2024

At only 13 years old, Thomas Brueggon is the youngest student at Potosi High School.  The first two hours of the eighth grader’s day are spent at the high school taking college level courses with...

Lafayette’s International Day aims to celebrate diversity within school community

By Sam Walowitz, Lafayette High School May 9, 2024

On April 11, Lafayette's second annual International Day was held in the Commons. This event featured many different performances and informational booths where attendees could learn more about a given...

Economic teacher Pete Pelkey worked in a variety of professions, ranging from being a paramedic to working at a funeral home.

Pete Pelkey’s peculiar past

By Ananya Chaudhary, Dylan Nguyen, and Aashi Venkat May 7, 2024

Ananya Chaudhary · Pete Pelkey’s peculiar past EE: Hi guys, my name is Ananya Chaudhary, I'm Dylan Nguyen. And I'm Aashi Venkat, and today we're going to be talking with Pete Pelkey, who is...

Robotics team crashes Worlds party

By Shila Gill, McCallum High School May 7, 2024

The McCallum senior robotics team consisting of Jesse Silverman, Henry Holmes, Felix Murdock and Zane Wiggins is competing in the VEX world championship this weekend in Dallas. The team qualified for Worlds...

Gator Tales: Xavier senior extends help to Ukrainian students

By Asiana Guang, Xavier College Preparatory May 7, 2024

This story was originally published on XPress on May 3, 2024.

Lafayette hosts Special Olympics for student-athletes, community

By Vedha Inampudi and Natalie Soest May 7, 2024

Lafayette students pair up with athletes from all over the community to compete in the 2024 Special Olympics. The event was comprised of 262 athletes and over 450 volunteers. Volunteers hosted games and...

Video | Sharpie and Paper Mate Launch New Products at SXSW

By Sara Gelrud, Gulliver Preparatory May 7, 2024

This story was originally published on The Raider Voice on April 30, 2024.

Sexplained S1E4- All about Human Papillomavirus with Dr. Lauran Evans

By Ella Dorfman, Archer School for Girls May 6, 2024

Sexplained is an educational podcast intended to support teenagers’ comprehensive health by providing information and advice regarding sexual health. In the fourth episode of Sexplained, host Ella Dorfman...

PTSA Hosts Annual Petting Zoo

By Bella Yi, WESTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL - Austin May 6, 2024

This story was originally published on Westwood Horizon on April 29, 2024.

The Class of 2025 cheers with pom poms during the Welcome Back Rally.

Hearing Cheering

By Daphne Huang, Trisha Sannappanavar, and Ethan Yang May 3, 2024

This story was originally published on El Estoque on April 13, 2024.

VIDEO: Frank D. Alexander positively influencing HHS one substitute teacher at a time

By Renna Eimer, Hudson High School May 3, 2024

This story was originally published on The Explorer on May 1, 2024. 

MHSNews | Marquette Hosts Bring Your Kid to Work Day

By Lani Hines, Marquette High School May 3, 2024

On April 18th, Marquette hosted the nationwide Bring Your Kid To Work Day. MHS News spoke with multiple children throughout the day to explore all the fun they were having in the high school. This story...

Spirit Central grows from humble beginnings to booming business

By Jack Debes, Mason Bauman, Lance Schafer, and Madison Watts April 30, 2024

From a simple storage closet to a supported insert, the school store has had a journey stretching over at least sixteen years. It started out being entirely student run, to being a faculty supported part...

MHSNews | Making Art at the Manchester Makers Mart

By Myles Edgington, Marquette High School April 30, 2024

At Schroeder Park, the Manchester Parks, Recreation, and Arts Department hosted the Manchester Makers Mart to celebrate Earth Day. The event featured a variety of vendors, businesses, and artists to highlight...

The Talk: The Faces Headed for Space

By E V Kennard, Nyah Rama, and Wendy Le April 30, 2024

Hosted by: E V Kennard, Nyah Rama Edited by: Wendy Le The CHS9 aerospace club is beginning its descent. Heading to its final weeks at CHS9, the members are making preparations for both their competition...

In Your Head Podcast Ep. 2

By Abbie Fleeman, Walnut Grove High School April 25, 2024

Host: Abigail Fleeman Guests: Rainey Pennington and Jaida Rivera Producer: Abigail Fleeman Series Summary: Abbie covers all kinds of mental health topics by learning about other people’s unique experiences...

The Talk: Ramadan Builds Bonds Through Belief

By Aliza Abidi, Safiya Azam, Hamza Zakir, and Wendy Le April 19, 2024

Hosted by: Aliza Abidi, Safiya Azam, Hamza Zakir Edited by: Safiya Azam, Wendy Le Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims in which they fast from food, water, and outside influences to practice spiritual...

Securing screens

By Carley Bailey and Nathan Buroker April 18, 2024

This story was originally published on The Catalyst on April 15, 2024. 

MHSNews | Science Bowl Team Buzzes Competition

By Jack Favazza, Marquette High School April 17, 2024

The Science Bowl team recently qualified for the national championship after winning the Missouri regional competition. The team, sponsored by Dr. Cathy Farrar, science teacher, comprises four seniors...

SciScoop Ep. 4: Diving into deep brain stimulation

By Isabella Zarzar, Carlmont High School April 16, 2024

Deep brain stimulation (DBS) is a neurosurgical procedure that involves implanting electrodes into specific areas of the brain and delivering electrical impulses to regulate abnormal brain activity. It...

TO THE BEAT OF THEIR OWN DRUM: Senior King Perez plays the drums with his band, Red River Trucking Co. at Thursday’s Battle of the Bands.

The band had plans to play “Red River Line” as well as a new song they had been working on, “Road Dog Fever,” but later decided to add “12 Gauge Shotgun” and “Lawbreakin’ Man.”

“We chose the first two because they’re newer and we feel like they’ve come together and are a good representation of us now,” Perez said.

Perez shared that the band performed well overall and that the audience’s reaction was the best pay off.

“My most memorable moment from that night was seeing everyone jumping off the stage and moshing,” he said. “It is always awesome seeing people enjoy our music in that way.”

Caption by Gaby Esquivel.

Battle of the Bands offers mosh to be proud of

Local bands took the stage in the McCallum Fine Arts Building and battled it out last Thursday during this year’s edition of the Battle of the Bands. Mac Classical Guitar kicked off the new year with...

Join WSPN’s Bella Schreiber, Tina Su and Hallie Luo as they discuss the gap between women’s and men’s sports at the professional, college and Wayland High School level.

Fair play or foul? Uncovering the gap between women’s and men’s sports

By Bella Schreiber, Tina Su, and Hallie Luo April 12, 2024

This story contains an alternate format that can only be viewed on the original site. View this story on Wayland Student Press. It was originally published on April 4, 2024.

MHSNews | Duo Dogs Visit Special Olympics

By Elliott Jorgensen, Marquette High School April 12, 2024

Duo Dogs Touch Therapy visited the third annual MHS Special Olympics. The dogs interacted with athletes, buddies and volunteers. This story was originally published on Marquette Messenger on April 10,...

Staring into the sun

By Samir Shaik and Cindy Phung April 12, 2024

This story was originally published on Pathfinder on April 10, 2024.

In a circle, GT American Studies students look at the half-eclipsed sun as they lie on the practice turf. Teachers passed out protective eclipse glasses to students at the start of third period. It was definitely a cool experience, junior Jacob Piehl said. It was crazy seeing how quickly the moon came over the sun and how dark everything was. Seen in the photo, starting at the yellow shirt and working clockwise, are juniors Annabelle Nugent, Erica Smith, Savannah Westwick, Sarah Goddard, Lauren Owen, Jacob Piehl and Avery Parker.

Total eclipse brings students together to view once-in-a-lifetime event

As students walk to the turf, junior Brandon Livingston gets a view of the partial eclipse. The partial eclipse took place before and after the total eclipse from 12:32 to 3:02 p.m. Nearly 12 cities...

Community reflects on impact of vinyl shop

By Lylah Kimberlin, Lafayette High School April 9, 2024

Despite current forms of streaming music, some people decide to return to vinyl, an older form of music. Many vinyl collectors enjoy the physicality of vinyl and think the sound is richer than streamed...

Students, teachers view solar eclipse

By Aidan Lia, Daniel Pearl Magnet High School April 9, 2024

With protective glasses in hand, students rushed out of their period three classes at 11:07 a.m to view the solar eclipse. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that nobody wanted to miss. “The fact...

The Talk: Egan, a Nerd for Languages

By Anushree De and Wendy Le April 9, 2024

Seven. That’s how many languages French and Spanish teacher Micheal Egan speaks. Each has opened a new door of communication to different individuals he meets.  In this episode, The Sidekick features...

The role of feminism in pop culture

By Rikka Dimalanta and Jenny Marquez April 8, 2024

In this episode of Room 22 podcast, co-hosts Rikka Dimalanta and Jenny Marquez talk to sophomore Ariana Lopez-Villacorta, junior Vanessa Gonzalez and English teacher Francesca Gunther about their views...

2023-2024 El Escudo staff. Front row:
Front row: Daniel Fuentes, Sadie Roselle, Azul Cepero Cortes, Julissa Ayala Bonilla, Ana Mejia. Back row: Maggie Coulbourn, Luka Alvarez, Maverick Palacios, Ava Deviney.

El Escudo launches bilingual podcast

By Azul Cepero Cortes, Maggie Coulbourn, Ava Deviney, and Sadie Roselle April 3, 2024

macshieldonline · El Escudo Podcast -- Episode 1 In El Escudo’s first bilingual podcast, writers Azul Cepero Cortes, Maggie Coulbourn, and Ava Deviney discuss their experience learning a second...

Podcast: Beyond the Acceptance Letter: A Guide to the College Admissions Process – Episode 2

By Anisha Mandem, Prosper High School March 29, 2024

The college application process is stressful for many students, and many find that they lack the proper resources or guidance to make the most of their future. Beyond the Acceptance Letter is a podcast...

MHSNews | She Kills Monsters: Building the Mountain

By Angel DiSalvo, Marquette High School March 28, 2024

Students gathered to build part of the set on Saturday, March 9, for the spring play, "She Kills Monsters." Participating students are required to put in six hours total of set building time per show....

First Boys Volleyball Team Finally Hits the Court

By Henry Sartain, Wentzville Liberty High School March 28, 2024

This spring, Liberty has officially added a new sport to the season: boys volleyball. After a long, and difficult process, the school was finally able to get the green light to officially coach our own...

New 87 foot mural brightens Fine Arts Building

By Alex Edwards and Austin Ikard March 25, 2024

After returning from winter break, students walking through the Fine Arts Hall may have noticed a new piece of art accompanying them on their walk. This 87-foot mural, which features a bulldog surrounded...

Redhawks make their mark during Women’s History Month

By Joaquin Perez, Liberty High School - TX March 25, 2024

For some fans of basketball, there isn’t a difference between men's and women's basketball. But when it comes to revenue and popularity, the difference is major.  According to the World Sports...

Doing Coffee Just Right

March 22, 2024

This story was originally published on AHSneedle on March 21, 2024.

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