The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

Best of SNO

MHSNews | Marquette Students Pursue Their Passion for Bowling

By Pranav Sriraman, Marquette High School May 27, 2022

Marquette students Austin Johnson, Dallas Remy, and Calvin Stumpf talk about their experiences bowling that inspired them to join the school’s bowling team. They hope that with more members joining such...

Students try their hand at directing Spring plays

By Maya Phillips and Carol Queiroz May 24, 2022

Twice a year in the Fall and Spring, Masters Mainstage rehearses and performs a facility directed plays for the community to enjoy. An estimated 20 to 30 students typically sign up to act in the plays,...

Pushing through leukemia

May 24, 2022

This story was originally published on OneMaize Media on May 23, 2022.

MHSNews | Marquette High School Hosts 2022 Student Special Olympics

By Elizabeth Pott, Marquette High School May 23, 2022

Marquette High School hosted the Student Special Olympics for the first time on April 22nd after it was put on hold for 2 years because of the pandemic. The volunteers and organizers worked together to...

The Pirate Spiel S2, E5: Fighting the Stigma of the Disorder

By Abigail Evers, Pattonville High School May 20, 2022

In this episode of “The Pirate Spiel,” Abby Evers talked about ways to better your mental health and sat down with sophomore Cole Lorino, senior Ace Mansdoerfer, and counselor Christy Wills to hear...

Reel Teens: Are they at the cinema?

By Charlie Minch, Downers Grove South High School May 19, 2022

This story was originally published on Blueprint on May 11, 2022.

BALLADS AND BLUES: Sophomores King Perez-Cude and Joaquín Frazier, from the student band Red River Trucking Company, play a set of country-rock tunes, including traditional bluegrass tunes, Chris Stapleton’s “Midnight Train to Memphis” and an original song called “Ballad of an Outlaw Fugitive” at the Mr. Myers send-off concert. “We’re a rock band usually, but we have a lot of old school country and blues elements, so we decided to go acoustic,” Frazier said. He describes their style as complicated. “We’re kind of all over the place, but I would say blues or southern rock with some serious country and psychedelic influences,” Frazier said. Although he never met Mr. Myers, Frazier wanted to perform in honor of him. “[I] never got to know Mr. Myers, but I’ve heard great things he had done for our friends, and we wanted to play in honor of him,” he said. “We put together a short set together the night before and decided to go for it.” Reporting by Lucy Marco.

You name it. Red River Trucking Co. plays it.

By Julian Magee and Evelyn Griffin May 19, 2022

macshieldonline · Feedback Loop, Episode 8, Part 1: Red River Trucking Co. Sophomores Joaquín Frazier and King Perez Cude had been pals since the dawn of time, but it didn’t dawn on them to start...

Over The Popcorn Bowl – Season 1 – Episode 15 – ‘Multiverse of Madness’

In their 15th episode of "Over The Popcorn Bowl," seniors Amanda Hare, Alyssa Clark, Gabriella Winans and Christi Norris discuss Marvel's "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness." The movie premiered...

History’s Forgotten – Season 2 – Episode 7 – Our Forgotten Family History

By Caleb Audia, Amanda Hare, and Christi Norris May 18, 2022

For the final episode of History's Forgotten, seniors Christi Norris, Caleb Audia and Amanda Hare are joined by genealogist Kathleen Norris. Kathleen shared some forgotten stories of Audia and Hare's...

The Menlo Beekeeping club creates unique items like soaps from the bee wax in their hive. Additionally, students suit up in protective gear and tend to the hive. Staff photo: Andrea Li.

Video: Menlo Beekeeping Club Creates Unique Wax-Based Products

By Andrea Li, Menlo School May 18, 2022

 This story was originally published on The Coat of Arms on February 25, 2022.

Junior promotes Mental Health Awareness through clothing

By Henry Anyimadu, De Smet Jesuit High School May 18, 2022

This story was originally published on The Mirror on May 17, 2022.

FIVE-STAR CAPTAIN: In One Night Only, the opening number of the spring show on Saturday night, Blue Brigade captain Charli Cevallos is front and center setting the mood and tempo for the number and entire show. Cevallos said the opening number of the spring show is always upbeat and fun and this year’s edition was no exception. Cevallos said she remembers the moment as one of pure adrenaline. “Since opener is the first dance, the excitement is running high and it’s such a great feeling to be performing our hard work for an audience.” As the photo suggests, the team was able to perform the number in sync even though it was a new dance choreographed exclusively for the spring show by first lieutenant Annabel Winter (left) and senior lieutenant Emily Garza. “Opener was our first spring show dance we learned,” Cevallos said, “and it came together super well. … [It was] definitely a team favorite.” Cevallos said her favorite part of the number was the very beginning when Winter (left) woke her up stage left from a deep sleep to start the show. “It’s so fun,” she said, “and the audience loved it.” For the first time in three years, that audience was in the MAC and at full capacity without pandemic restrictions.

‘Starry Knights’ return to their proper alignment

By Zahraa Alogaili, Naomi Di-Capua, Sophie Leung-Lieu, Helen Martin, Madelynn Niles, Charlie Partheymuller, Alice Scott, Elena Ulack, Kennedy Weatherby, Francie Wilhelm, and Dave Winter May 16, 2022

History will remember the Blue Brigade Class of 2022 as the lucky ones, the senior class that was able to resume the full slate of team traditions that have made the dance team one of the most distinctive...

Calming Canine

May 16, 2022

This story was originally published on Maize News on May 12, 2022.

MHSNews | Community Gathers to Celebrate the Legacy of Mr. Carl Hudson

By Rhianna Li, Marquette High School May 13, 2022

On April 30, Mr. Carl B. Hudson's family and friends gathered at Schroeder Park for his bench and tree dedication, hosted by the city of Manchester, MO. The informal ceremony embraced Mr. Hudson's core...

Teen Tok

By Lauren Miranda, Downers Grove South High School May 12, 2022

This story was originally published on Blueprint on May 4, 2022.

The Reason – The Matthew Harbilas Story

By Josh Young and Kostaki Kodonas May 11, 2022

In June of 2021, the Norwalk High School Baseball team won the CIAC Class LL State Championship. What most people know was that it was the first in Norwalk High history, what most people don't know is...

The methods of communication that people use — voice pitch, voice tone and body language — can affect the way people perceive professionalism.

Subconscious communication

By Mikaylah Du and Angela Zhang May 10, 2022

Mikaylah Du · Subconscious communication “As human beings we’re social animals, right? We, for the most part, crave connection and being with others,” Seyer said. “And part of that, of reading...

Reaching one’s dreams: The struggles of first generation college students in the US

By Annie Lee, Northwood High School May 9, 2022

In this episode of the Northwood Howler podcast, staff writer Annie Lee interviews senior Zeynep Karatas, a first-generation college student in the US, about her college application experience as well...

Maize High sophomores star on stage while singing together

May 9, 2022

This story was originally published on Maize News on May 3, 2022.

Campaigning for Climate

By Elliott Lee, Cat Tran, Garv Jain, Sahishnu Hanumansetty, and Hannah Bang May 6, 2022

On March 25, 2022, thousands took to the streets to participate in a global day of climate action. Organized by activists with the Fridays for the Future movement, demonstrators marched in dozens of cities...

Sophomore female powerlifter breaks the masculine stereotype of the team

May 4, 2022

This story was originally published on Maize News on May 2, 2022.

Hands on job experience with the Big Ideas Trailer

By Jack Ruiter, Owatonna High School May 4, 2022

The Big Idea’s trailer visited Roosevelt Community Education; the trailer allows students to test different trades opportunities out. OHS utilized this organization to demonstrate the trades through...

In this episode of Scot Scoop Unsolved, hosts Nyah Simpson and Malina Wong discuss the disappearance of Arianna Fitts.

Scot Scoop Unsolved S2 Ep. 2: The disappearance of Nicole and Arianna Fitts

By Nyah Simpson and Malina Wong May 3, 2022

On April 8, 2016, Nicole Fitts was found dead in McLauren park in San Francisco. Her daughter Arianna Fitts had been missing since January or February of that same year. Since then, very little...

MHSNews | Baton Twirlers Qualify for Nationals

By Chloe Schmitt, Marquette High School April 28, 2022

Sydney Moroney and Oliva Brooks have found enjoyment in the world of baton twirling. They both work hard every week to perfect their twirling skills for this year's nationals. This story was originally...

Complex Mindz Ep. 4: Trichotillomania part two

By Catherine Eikelbarner and Lucy Lopshire April 28, 2022

Hello and welcome back to the Complex Mindz podcast! Hosts Lucy Lopshire and Catherine Eikelbarner discuss with guest Ellen Crupi how she lived with trichotillomania and its influence on her profession....

Milad’s tale in his own words: From Afghanistan to Potomac

By Arielle Kouyoumdjian, The Potomac School April 26, 2022

An eye opening interview with Milad Yaqouby, Potomac's newest  sophomore, and a refugee from Afghanistan. A soccer whiz, video-game collector, anime buff, and computer coder. Learn what it's like to attend...

MHSNews | Blood Drives: The Answer to Our National Blood Shortage Crisis

By Rhianna Li, Marquette High School April 26, 2022

On March 28, ImpactLife held a blood drive at Marquette, with NHS. Because of the blood shortage that is severely impacting the nation, this semi-annual event was especially of great importance. Link...

Video: Sense of Self

April 26, 2022

This video is complementary to Sense of Self, story in our newest issue, 'Go it Alone.' This story was originally published on On the Record on February 8, 2022.

Pitt’s Tre Tipton talks college football with Purb Take podcast

By Ethan Spozarski, Jacob Staley, and Sam Tobiczyk April 25, 2022

This story was originally published on Purbalite on April 21, 2022.

Experimental teaching

By Emily Chen, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology April 20, 2022

Studies have found that deadlines and rigorous tests do little to help student success. Using this research, the start of the Challenge Success initiative at TJ encouraged teachers to promote academic...

MHSNews | Dolly’s Dream Home Rabbit Rescue

By Brie Inman, Marquette High School April 19, 2022

Dolly's Dream Home Rabbit Rescue is a rabbit rescue home in St Charles. It is completely volunteer-based where you can foster and adopt bunnies. This story was originally published...

Sharing with the sharks

By Quinn Burton and Kaitlin Reynolds April 19, 2022

This story was originally published on The Catalyst on April 14, 2022.

Weighed down: Are packs harming our backs?

By Amy Ren and Clare O'Connor, University of Chicago Laboratory High School April 19, 2022

As students weave through the school, backpacks bounce behind them, slung over one shoulder, worn low on the back, or over both shoulders. Struggling to stand up, students hunch over and lock together...

LBTV: MISD Day of Service

April 19, 2022

This story was originally published on The Rider on March 23, 2022.

SplatRing the nation

By Christian Naujokaitis and Alex Van Gerpen April 18, 2022

This story was originally published on The Catalyst on March 3, 2022.

Viral TikTok kickstarts lip gloss business

By Sydney Tao, Carlmont High School April 13, 2022

Most students spend their free time playing sports, reading, or surfing the internet. However, this high school sophomore spends her time growing her lip gloss business using creative ideas combined with...

MHSNews | New Cat Cafe in Kirkwood

By Katie Wheeler, Marquette High School April 13, 2022

Whisker Station is Kirkwood's new addition to its unique downtown area. You can go in, play with the cats and even adopt. Make sure to check them out! This story was originally published on Marquette...

Vaughn Decker running toward excellence

April 12, 2022

This story was originally published on Maize News on April 5, 2022.

Lady Mustang Micro-Influencers

By Emma Fudacz, Downers Grove South High School April 11, 2022

This story was originally published on Blueprint on March 16, 2022.

Rise of gas causes extra stress for teen’s bank accounts

April 11, 2022

This story was originally published on Maize News on April 4, 2022.

“Donut feel bad”: Wall of Rejection comforts seniors

By Sasha Libenzon, Wayland High School April 4, 2022

The 'Wall of Rejection' is a tradition at Wayland High School that has occurred for many years. To participate, seniors post their college rejection letters in front of the media center as a way to normalize...

From high school stage, to sitcom screen, former Redhawk shines

By Cooper Ragle, Liberty High School - TX April 1, 2022

While most would have to make a call or text to get in contact with their family, for senior Sydney Bishop, she can see her sister on demand, literally. That’s because former Redhawk Laci Mosely,...

Art students unveil first showcase in 2 years: “The Lost City”

By Avery Wang, Hrishita Mareddy, and Riona Sheikh March 30, 2022

Richard Montgomery’s IB and AP art students hosted their annual Senior Art Show on Sunday, March 13. This year’s exhibit theme was “The Lost City.” The gallery showcased two years’ worth of work...

Servers and Sysadmins: Training the next generation

By Elaine Li, Sahishnu Hanumansetty, Dhanbee Suh, Alexander Zhou, Aben Bhattachan, Sri Vellakkatt, and Akansha Bagga March 30, 2022

TJ’s in-house network, Ion, is a widely popular feature of the community, used to sign up for 8th periods, view upcoming events, and much more. But Ion isn’t run by a group of teachers, or external...

A Journey Home

March 29, 2022

This story was originally published on The Mirror on March 24, 2022.

Chris Mack of 93.7 The Fan talks Pens, Steelers with Purb Take podcast team

By Ethan Spozarski, Jacob Staley, and Sam Tobiczyk March 24, 2022

Chris Mack, a Baldwin graduate who now co-hosts the morning sports talk radio show on 93.7 The Fan, joins the Purb Take sports podcast to talk about about Penguins trades and Steeler free agent signings. This...

The ultimutt firefighter

By Evan Vaslow and Morgan Weir March 24, 2022

This story was originally published on The Catalyst on March 17, 2022.

MHSNews | Marquette Astral Orbit Builds and Launches Rocket

By Shyam Punnachalil, Marquette High School March 18, 2022

Marquette's Rocketry team, Astral Orbit, builds and launches their test rocket in preparation for The American Rocketry Challenge (TARC) in June of 2022. This story was originally published on Marquette...

Hosts Nyah Simpson and Malina Wong explore the story of The Doodler, a San Francisco murderer in the 1970s who killed members of the LGBTQ+ community.

Scot Scoop Unsolved S2 Ep. 1: The Doodler

By Nyah Simpson and Malina Wong March 18, 2022

San Francisco in the 1970s was a very dangerous place. In the same few months in 1970, there were three murderers at large: The Zodiac, The Zebra Killer, and The Doodler. In this short podcast...

MHSNews | Cooking Demo Teaches Students About Inclusion

By Jack Huster, Marquette High School March 17, 2022

For Black History month, Marquette hosted a series of guest speakers. One of these presentations was a fried pickle cooking demo from business owner, Aliska Walker. This story was originally published...

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