Dear Dumb Diary Ep. 4: Confessions of a punk feminist

By Anoushka Mekerira, Carlmont High School

Welcome back to Dear Dumb Diary, a podcast that encourages teen conversations and aims to create a platform for young people to speak about topics they are passionate about. Guest Ava Litvak, a junior, shares what punk feminism is and challenges the constructing ideas of today’s feminism movement. Litvak brings passion to the topic and shares how punk feminism has impacted her life.

Radical feminism and punk subculture were two communities in the 1990s that fused with Riot Grrrl, a music sub-genre. The three “r’s” mimic a growl. Ideas that were political, cultural, and visually diverse were encouraged. This episode explores the overlap between these two communities and how their political perspectives have evolved in relation to the modern feminist movement.

This story was originally published on Scot Scoop News on December 9, 2021.