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“Enola Holmes 2” is the epitome of a family-friendly movie on Netflix

Ella Shen
Enola Holmes 2 tells a feminist tale through the charismatic and fiery sister of the renowned Sherlock Holmes

“Enola Holmes 2” has it all: relatable teenage romance, epic adventures, charming humor, and an exploration of feminism in the late 1800’s based on loose historical context. Released on Nov. 4, 2022, the Netflix original is a refreshing feminist story with feisty and witty characters that bring about laughter from the whole family.  

The film starts off by throwing the audience into a dramatic action sequence narrated by Enola Holmes, played by Millie Bobby Brown. The audience is immediately captivated by the quick pace and thrilling music. 

Holmes, the underestimated sister of the renowned Sherlock Holmes struggles to find her own destiny outside of her brother’s shadow. 

Following the plot of the first movie, “Enola Holmes”, Holmes decides to start her own detective agency. After multiple failures to enlist customers who trust her detective skills, a young girl seeks Enola’s help on a missing person’s case, which later intertwines with Sherlock’s case.

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New female characters are introduced with Holmes’s mother, Eudoria, and her close friend, Edith. Throughout the film, the fight for women’s rights against oppression builds an inspirational story around strong and outspoken women.

The cinematography and soundtrack create an exhilarating and fast-paced masterpiece that rises above many of Netflix’s previous originals. The mood doesn’t stay completely suspenseful though, as certain moments are overwhelmed with a melancholic and serious tone. Yet there are still unnecessarily dramatic wind-in-hair shots that further add to the film’s comical relief.

“Enola Holmes 2” teeters on both ends of the emotional spectrum, from scenes full of dramatic shots and music to those that touch beautifully on the tensions between genders. 

What “Enola Holmes 2” lacks in a clever movie title is made up for by the film’s carefully spun backstories, full of rich “deductions” and surprises. Sherlock’s wit outmatches Enola’s, but her charisma and courageous personality make up for it. We still get the classic wit and deductions from Sherlock, not taking away from the Holmes–esque theme.

Compared to other renditions of Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes, “Enola Holmes 2” provides surprising plot twists around a certain antagonist from the Holmes series that enriches the characters and plot development.

The continued romantic storyline between Holmes and Tewksbury, the Marquess of Basilwether, from Enola Holmes–the first one–is finally resolved, adding to that teenage feel of passionate, young love. 

Brown’s titular character portrays feminism at its best. It’s no wonder that Brown has risen to fame as she continues to outshine many of her costars with her animated and enigmatic acting. 

Henry Cavill’s Sherlock Holmes plays a minor side role in the film, but his presence and interactions with Enola don’t go unnoticed. The growth of the sibling bond between Sherlock and Enola paves the way for a possible third installment in the film’s franchise. Perhaps “Enola Holmes 2” is the perfect fit for Netflix, as Cavill’s stoic and reassuring strength similarly reflects his titular character on Netflix’s “The Witcher”. Brown’s independent and silent but fierce strength is much like a side of her role as Eleven in Netflix’s “Stranger Things”. 

An epically filmed movie deserves an epic ending, yet “Enola Holmes 2” may have stretched too far on a cliche and dramatic finale. Despite this, true female power revealed itself in the end, giving a warm and satisfactory resolve. While the film ends nearly in cringe, “Enola Holmes 2” still has you searching for another sequel.

This story was originally published on Wildcat Tribune on November 27, 2022.