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‘Get Ready With Music’ Spotify feature provides personal entertainment

Grace Hamilton
Spotify has rolled out a new “Get Ready With Music” feature that creates a custom playlist matching both your outfit and the overall vibe of the day. The feature is entertaining to use, however, is not practical enough to become part of my daily routine.

When it comes to music streaming services, Spotify has long been the king of the hill. According to CNN, Spotify is the most popular streaming platform, with 350 million users and 150 million subscribers. If you have already enjoyed their top-notch features such as “Spotify Wrapped” and “Daily Mix,” you will be excited to know that Spotify has added a brand-new feature to its mobile app. 

Get Ready With Music” curates a playlist of songs based on the listener’s mood, the occasion and current vibe. The new feature launched  Sept. 22 and partnered with insanely popular fashion influencers, Dixie and Charli D’Amelio. The feature was inspired by the “Get Ready With Me,” also known as the “GRWM” trend, that has been present on social media since 2018. The hashtag has 52.7 billion views on TikTok and one million posts on Instagram.

Spotify’s “Get Ready With Music” feature requires the listener to complete a three-part questionnaire, which determines the user’s style and creates a personalized playlist in accordance with the results. 

My first impression of the “Get Ready With Music” feature was generally positive. I thought it was an innovative, fun way to interact that is different from features on other apps. Music is motivating and listening to a song in the morning puts me in a good mood before I even walk out the door. Subsequently, I would love to receive a curated playlist in the morning that sets the mood for the start of my day. 

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Further, this feature won me over for its satisfying intuitiveness and interactive nature. The questionnaire is user-friendly and has an eye-catching carousel where the listener can scroll through options. The prompts were fun, with textured illustrations and matching fonts. Considering all the different kinds of music available to stream, this is a great way to explore new genres and artists.

In addition, the system makes choosing music easy. However, it does require some time to sit down, take the quiz and finally create the playlist. If you are someone who rushes to leave the house in the morning, it might be too time-consuming. Nonetheless, for those who have a slower routine in the morning and are interested in exploring different music choices for your current mood, this playlist is perfect for you.

I was, however, disappointed with the results of my playlist. Most of the songs chosen were too mainstream, which was counterintuitive to my expectation of being introduced to different types of music. 

Even so, I have enjoyed that  “Getting Ready With Music” seems to adhere to the current season and can provide tunes in line with the time of year. The playlists now contain winter-inspired songs that encompass this mood, which was pleasantly surprising. 

Overall, the “Get Ready With Music” feature is a little complicated but ultimately fun to use. I do not know if I would use this feature on a daily basis, but it is a new option for Spotify users who need something to get them in the spirit for the day.

This story was originally published on The Standard on December 5, 2022.