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Diaspora Jewry has an obligation to support Israel

Aliza Bellas
Students at CESJDS represent American Jewry and stand together in support of Israel

Israel is in a state of war. With every passing second, there are high-rise buildings burning to the ground, citizens desperately seeking information about their missing family members and a rapidly increasing death toll. The screams and pleas for help from Israeli citizens echo worldwide, and it is undeniable that Israel is in grave danger. Now, more than ever, Diaspora Jewry is obligated to stand with Israel.

On Oct. 7, the U.S. designated terrorist organization Hamas invaded Israel from the Gaza Strip, barbarically pillaging Israeli border towns. Since then, Hamas has launched more than 5,000 rockets into Israel, killed over 1,000 people and taken more than 100 people hostage in the Gaza Strip. 

Many consider this to be Israel’s largest intelligence failure since the Yom Kippur War in 1973. According to the New York Times, Israel was “blindsided” by the invasion and “did not pick up on the elaborate preparations” that Hamas needed to carry out the attack.

Israel has already taken action and began aerial strikes on early October 10. However with every action they take, there is a threat of continuing to escalate the war, killing Palestinian civilians, and damaging other complex relationships. Before the war, Israel was in the process of negotiating peace with Saudi Arabia. But if too many Palestinian civilians are to die in this war, Saudi Arabia will be hesitant to continue pursuing peace. 

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Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke out on the day of the invasion to inform the public of the plan for the future. “This war will be long but Israel will win,” Netanyahu said. 

Countries around the world have already begun speaking out in support of the Israeli government. United States President Joe Biden condemned these acts of terrorism and said the United States is ready to “offer all appropriate means of support to the Israeli government.” 

While government support is an important step, all Diaspora Jewry is responsible to stand with Israel during these trying times. Although Judicial Reforms might have been our most pressing  issue a few days ago, we must put aside our differences in support of Israel’s safety. While re-posting on social media and spreading awareness is important, now is the time for definitive action.

Every day, citizens in the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are bravely fighting in support of their country. Now more than ever, they face the danger of rocket fire, kidnapping and the fear of their country disappearing before their eyes. It is our obligation to stand with them and show we are fighting alongside them to achieve safety in the Jewish homeland. 

If you are looking for a way to show your support, work with credible organizations who have effectively aided Israel in the past. For example, the American Jewish Committee has a proven track-record with assisting Israel in fostering peace. We encourage you to utilize their virtual resources, educate yourself, donate to their ‘Stand With Israel’ campaign and explore other ways to get involved.

This war is not going to be short-lived. We can’t view this as an Instagram trend that will fade away within the week; we urge you to stay updated on the events as they continue. Israel is deserving of Diaspora Jewry’s consistent support of their efforts to fend off baseless hatred and murderous terrorism. We, as the Lion’s Tale, are calling you all to action; as Jews we are obligated to protect one another and our state. 

**Disclaimer: This editorial was last edited at 4:30 p.m. on Oct. 10, 2023. Events are constantly changing in Israel and we encourage you to update yourselves as new information is released. 

This story was originally published on The Lion’s Tale on October 10, 2023.