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Annual bacon fry held at Tiger Stadium

Pep rally, bacon fry held in preparation of first football playoff game
Anna Bell Lee
Senior Truth Dukes pours syrup on her pancakes during Texas High School’s annual Bacon fry at Tiger Stadium on Nov. 7, 2023. The bacon fry has been a tradition for years in preparation of the Texas vs Arkansas game. However, the game has not been played since the 2019 football season. Texas High continues the tradition regardless of if the game takes place or not.

The smell of bacon fills the field as people file into the stands, carrying plates piled with pancakes and bacon. Seniors stand at tables to the side, helping those who come up to get a portion of this breakfast feast.

On Tuesday, Nov. 7, Texas High seniors held their annual Bacon Fry at Tiger Stadium. Previously, the bacon fry tradition celebrated what students referred to as “hell week” during the rivalry game vs Arkansas High. However, the game has yet to be played after the 2019 football season. Despite this, Texas High chooses to continue the tradition.

“I think Bacon Fry has gone from more of a competitive thing to more of a community event that all the students can come together and have fun at,” senior Cole Gideon said.

Truth Dukes

What originally started as a way to get ready for a highly anticipated game now grows into something much more. It used to take place on the Texas High campus on the morning of the game, but now it’s before the first playoff pep rally.

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“Whenever it’s after school we just get to come here [to Grimm] and spend time with others that normally don’t go to the school,” sophomore Dlaney Dwyer said. “It brings others closer together.”

There are benefits of holding the bacon fry at Tiger Stadium. The community gathers with the students to celebrate as well.

“I think [Grim] is better because it’s right before a pep rally and it’s at night,”  freshman Jillian Tyler said. “That makes it so much more fun.”

The Bacon Fry is still a loved tradition for the students of Texas High School; however, people miss the game that initiated the Bacon Fry.

“I’m really sad. I just wish that we still [played Arkansas],” Tyler said. “Our rivalry is so fun.”

Some people miss the big rivalry game. Others, however, don’t care about it as much. They just love that the Bacon Fry tradition prevails.

“I think that it’s really cool that they’re keeping up the tradition,” freshman Melissa Hackett. “Even though they’re not playing each other, I think it’s really cool that they’re still doing [the Bacon Fry].”

The tradition continues to bring excitement to Texas High, even without the ability to play against Arkansas. The student body bonds over the event.

“I like [the Bacon Fry] a lot,” Dwyer said. “I like that it brings the community together and that we get to enjoy eating bacon and pancakes before our playoff games.”

This story was originally published on Tiger Times on November 9, 2023.