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Felix the Cat Tradition Continues

With two graduating seniors, the mask starts a new generation in the role
Reyna Hernandez
During a home basketball game, LHS mascot Felix entertains the crowd as they cheer.

Logansport High School home games wouldn’t be the same without one large smiling face, Felix the Cat. Greeting guests, giving out high fives, and cheering on the Berries are just a few of the many roles the school’s mascot has. Felix the Cat has been the LHS mascot for the past 96 years, and the tradition won’t be ending anytime soon. 

Seniors Finley Gay and Payton Mucker have been Felix for the past two years, and it was time to recruit some new trainees for the job. As early as September, Mary Pomasl, one of the cheer coaches at LHS, begins her search. 

“Honestly, the process was more simple than people may think,” Gay said. “During my sophomore year, I was recruited by Mary Pomasl, and deciding was easy. I thought being Felix would be a great opportunity to not only bring school spirit but also make people happier at our school’s sporting events- I was in.” 

The students who take on the role of Felix often have a lot of the same characteristics. These students need to be energetic, positive, and most of all, full of Berry pride. Finding the right person to keep school spirits high can be difficult.

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“We look for students that like to perform in front of a crowd and aren’t afraid to get a little silly,” Pomasl said.

In the spring, Pomasl holds a call-out meeting in search of these students. Often Pomasl receives recommendations for students who may fit the part, but that wasn’t the case for Mucker. 

Children are filled with joy as LHS Mascot Felix the Cat greets them. (Reyna Hernandez)

“I remember being in Impact, which my Impact was the student officer Impact, and Maggie Fincher volunteered me as soon as Mrs. Pomasl mentioned needing another student to be the school’s mascot,” Mucker said. 

This September, Pomasl had no struggles finding two students to fill the soon-to-be graduating seniors’ spots. During a home football game, freshman Cooper Prifogle was asked to be Felix, and without giving it a second thought, he said yes. 

“My favorite thing about being the school’s mascot is that I am able to make people happy just being there,” Prifogle said. 

Prifogle is an active member of the high school already. He is a member of the Drama Club, on the Speech Team, and a part of multiple music groups. Being involved in a lot means Prifogle might not always be able to put the suit on at every home game, which is why the mascot team needed one more person.

“I have always thought that school mascots are cool and quite interesting, so I talked to Cooper, then met with Mrs. Pomasl, and from there I have been a part of the Felix team,” junior Jacob Marrow said. 

Being able to attend every home game as one student can be hard, which is why the role of Felix is spread to around three people each year. Every student’s experience in the suit is different, but they all have one thing in common, they love what they do for who they are doing it for.

“My favorite part is seeing people’s faces light up when I come out in the costume,” Gay said. “It’s a really rewarding experience. Once, I was asked to do a house call for a woman’s 91st birthday, and it has to take the record for my favorite memory of being Felix. This woman was born and raised here and was a huge fan of Felix. Seeing her reaction and meeting her warmed my heart, and it’s the reason I’ve been happy to be the mascot for the last two years.”

Despite all of the smiles and laughs, being Felix the Cat can come with some struggles, including staying in character, making sure the costume stays tucked in all the right places, and the heat in the suit. These things can make performing much harder and may lead to periodic breaks. 

“My least favorite part is that it gets so hot so fast, and I have had to take multiple breaks at some of the games,” Prifogle said. 

Although it may be uncomfortable sometimes, being the school’s mascot is rewarding in a way of its own. Being Felix the Cat holds a large amount of responsibility and respect. 

“Being the school’s mascot is such an honor,” Prifogle said.

This story was originally published on LHS Magpie on February 16, 2024.