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The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

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March 21, 2024
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A sensational start

Freshman named District 6-6A Newcomer of the Year
Gavin Lambert
Freshman guard Parker Bolden attempts a corner three-pointer late in the fourth quarter and makes the shot to make the score 55-61 in the Hawks game against Plano East on Feb. 9. Bolden was recently named District 6-6A Newcomer of the Year by the district on March 10.

Since he was in the second grade, Parker Bolden has loved and played the game of basketball. He started playing sports at a young age, where he found success with basketball and soccer. As he continued to try and improve at basketball, his love for the game grew.

This season, Bolden made the varsity team as a freshman, and was named District 6-6A Newcomer of the Year by the district on March 10. He said he has a lot more he wants to accomplish in his high school career, but it has been a good start. Bolden played a good amount of minutes this season for the boys basketball team, which made it to the playoffs. 

“I’ve just learned so much from [basketball],” Bolden said. “It’s one of my favorite things to do; I just love to play the game. I was happy when I found out I made varsity; however, I was also just ready to work. It’s a big step up [from middle school], but I knew I was ready for it.” 

Head coach Eric Reil said Bolden’s work ethic impressed the coaching staff the most. He also said he liked how much Bolden wanted “it,” his hunger for success and how well he adjusted.  

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“His confidence really stood out to me,” Reil said. “You know, that he wanted the ball in his hands. He wanted to be able to take a shot. He knew he belonged, and he just wanted to prove [that] to everybody. He wants to be there early in the morning. He wants to stay after practice. He wants it.”

Bolden started the season with the freshman team, moved up to the JV squad and eventually joined varsity. 

“I was happy when I found out I made varsity,” Bolden said. “But I was just ready to work. It’s a big step up, but I knew I was ready for it. I worked to just become a better version of myself each day.”

Bolden said one of his biggest idols is his dad because of how much he has learned from him, on and off the court. 

“[His mother and I] are very proud of his work and accomplishments,” Bolden’s dad, Patrick Bolden, said. “It shows how, even at the beginning of the season, when he was trying to find and figure out what his role would be on the basketball team, he had to keep continuing to grind, show up, get to practice, learn and work hard. He’s worked on trying to get better and better every day.”

Reil said Bolden has shown he wants to be successful at Hebron and continues to work to improve. Bolden also said he hopes to go to college and earn a scholarship to play basketball, so he is constantly working to improve his craft. 

“I believe that I should have got [District 6-6A Newcomer of the Year], that I deserved it,” Bolden said. “I believe that the work I put in paid off. But I know there’s a lot more I want to accomplish during my time at Hebron. I’ve learned a lot already, so I’m just ready for next year.”

This story was originally published on The Hawk Eye on March 12, 2024.