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The best stories being published on the SNO Sites network

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What makes Bay University special: Three students reflect on their experience

Bay University, located at Burlingame High School and Capuchino High School, has seven classes for 18-22-year-old students. These students learn the necessary skills to succeed after Bay University, such as job training and experience, independent living skills, social training, after-school outings and so much more. Bay University has a warm inviting environment that shines through its students, three of whom are profiled below.

Dylan Robinson

Margo Bigue

Dylan Robinson is 20 years old and a proud member of Burlingame’s Bay University. Robinson enjoys everything about Bay University, a place where he feels well-supported and can participate in fun outings, including baseball games.

“I love the outings and of course going to the baseball games,” Robinson said.

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A sports enthusiast at heart, Robinson’s love for baseball, basketball and American football knows no bounds.  His profound sense of self-worth sets him apart.

“I would describe myself as special because everybody, including my family, cares about me,” Robinson said.

One of Robinson’s most cherished memories is of the Halloween-themed school dance at Bay University, where he dressed up as Mario and celebrated the holiday with his friends.

During the week, Robinson brings his cheerful attitude to his job at Old Navy, where he folds clothes, assists customers and ensures everything is sized.

Robinson said he’s thankful for this job and the opportunity to get paid for his work.

In the classroom, Robinson finds unwavering support in his favorite teacher, Steve Meyer, who has been a guiding figure.

“Steve is my favorite teacher who helps me through good times and bad times,” Robinson said.

When it comes to events outside the classroom, Robinson loves exploring Pier 39. There, he enjoys strolls, delicious foods and shopping.

Bay University plays a special role in Robinson’s life, offering support, friendship and bonds that make him feel special.

David Crouse

Margo Bigue 

Enthusiastic 49er fan and joke maker, 18-year-old David Crouse is part of Bay University and can brighten any room.

Crouse describes himself primarily as “funny,” noting his quick wit and love for dad jokes.

“I like to make dad jokes or something like that,” Crouse said.

But Crouse also takes his work seriously. On Mondays, he works at New England Lobster Dinner, serving delicious dishes with a friendly face, and on Tuesdays, he works at Ace Hardware.

Mondays require Crouse’s attention to detail, ensuring that every table at New England Lobster Dinner is set to perfection.

“I do the tables, give menus, clean, and then make it nice for all the people,” Crouse said.

Through his work, Crouse gains first-hand service experience, gets to meet new people and learns to navigate new environments.

Crouse also loves watching television and sports, particularly when rooting for his beloved 49ers.

One of his fondest Bay University memories is a visit to the SFO Airport, where he reveled in the excitement of exploring the flight deck and meeting the police dogs.

For Crouse, life is an adventure best enjoyed with a hearty laugh and a warm smile.

Eric Liu

Margo Bigue

Eric Liu, a 20-year-old with a passion for life, believes that friendship is the best source of happiness at Bay University.
His eyes brightened, recalling the joyful St. Patrick’s Day and Halloween dances held at Bay University when he and his classmates dressed up to bring the themes to life.
Outside of Bay University, Liu diligently works at Walgreens on Tuesdays and the Burlingame Community Center on Wednesdays, where he takes pride in his cleaning skills.
In his downtime, Liu truly shines. With a passion for cooking, he makes spaghetti dishes.
“Definitely my favorite thing to cook is spaghetti,” Liu said.
Ask Liu to describe himself in one word, and he’ll declare, “Excited!” His excitement is unstoppable, whether while reuniting with friends from other transition programs or engaging in gaming sessions during his free time.
Among his cherished memories is an outing last December, where all seven classes of Bay University gathered to watch “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation.”
Surrounded by laughter and warmth, Liu felt a sense of belonging that only deepened through the bonds he shared with his fellow students.

This story was originally published on The Burlingame B on May 21, 2024.