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Outta This World


By Kristen Kinzler, North Allegheny Senior High School

March 4, 2020

Some cowboys, a few aliens, one nostalgic love story, and a thrilling murder mystery. This may sound like something that resembles a bad joke, but it’s also a pretty accurate description of  Roswell, New Mexico-- a show that may, quite literally, have it all. Roswell was originally a TV show tha...

Review: The Book Of Gutsy Women inspires readers

The Book Of Gutsy Women is a compilation of stories of strong and hardworking women made to inspire people everywhere.

By Melissa May, Fossil Ridge High School

March 3, 2020

The Book Of Gutsy Women, written by Hillary Rodham Clinton and her daughter, Chelsea Clinton, was published on October 1, 2019, and it is a timely piece of literature revolving around the timeless social issue of feminism. The book is filled with more than one hundred stories of resilient and courag...

‘Honey Boy’ ain’t so sweet: Shia LaBeouf’s flawed return to Hollywood

By Ella Kitt, Flintridge Sacred Heart

March 3, 2020

“They’ve got cameras everywhere, you dummy! I’ve got more millionaire lawyers than you know what to do with!” yells a man from the backseat of a police car. An officer outside of the car calmly flips through a pile of papers. The man continues to scream. Many know him as Stanley from “Holes”...

When They See Us: Story of the incarceration of innocent boys

In 1989, five teens that came to be known as the Central Park Five were wrongly convicted of raping a 28-year old woman named Trisha Meili. The Netflix series, “When They See Us” details the boys’ unjustified conviction and how the truths of the case were uncovered.

By Alishba Javaid, Coppell High School

March 2, 2020

After casually scrolling through Netflix and deciding to watch a new show recommended to me, I did not expect to become an emotional wreck the next day after binge watching it. The four-part limited series, “When They See Us”, debuted on May 31 on Netflix. The Emmy award-winning show is based ...

Nice While It Lasted

Bojack and Todd's relationship, while verbally abuse, remains one of the closest knit ones in the show.

By Brooke Huffman, Wentzville Liberty High School

February 28, 2020

(Spoilers Ahead) In 2014, Netflix introduced the world to Bojack Horseman - an anthropomorphic alcoholic horse, weighed down by his own self-loathing - and on Jan. 31, he said his final goodbyes. This tragicomedy surrounding Bojack and his quirky cast of friends brings nuance to the adult animation...

Xenophobia in the music industry

Korean-pop group BTS broke into the American music industry the past couple years

By Zara Iqbal and Claire Yang

February 27, 2020

They broke Taylor Swift’s record for the most viewed YouTube video in 24 hours. They’re the first group since The Beatles to have three Billboard No. 1’s within one year. They’ve garnered the most Twitter engagement ever recorded on the platform, exceeding Harry Styles’ record. In 2019 alone,...

“Bedroom pop”- the young artists changing the music industry, and Generation Z, through self-production

A Bedroom Pop playlist can be found on The Rubicon Spotify @therubiconspa.

By Evelyn Sampsell-Jones, St. Paul Academy and Summit School

February 26, 2020

People find magic in music because they are able to relate to it. This is the reason why different genres come into prominence as times change- the Silent generation (born 1925-1945) loved big band and jazz. Baby boomers (born 1946-1964) witnessed the beginnings of rock and the heydays of genres like...

Halsey unveils her inner mind in album “Manic”

Halsey's album cover hints at the raw, honest feel of her newest songs.

By Lauren Chen and Harshita Neralla

February 26, 2020

Releasing her third studio album “Manic” on Jan. 17, Halsey reverts to her hollowed vocals and rebellious lyrics, finding creative solace within her own life and focusing on the person behind her persona: 25-year-old New Jersey native Ashley Frangipane. Incorporating concepts from her imagination,...

BTS Inspires and Dominates the World with Mature and Artistic New Album

South Korean powerful boy group BTS releases newest sentimental album “Map of the Soul: 7,” and it is already topping charts and “taking names.”

By Laura Renfroe, Pelahatchie High School

February 25, 2020

The chart-topping, charismatic, and all-time biggest boy band in the world right now just released their new album, and it has thrown the whole continent in a frenzy of euphoria and Spotify-streaming. The record-crashing South Korean boy group BTS continues to stir the world and showcase their incredible...

Despite immense global impact, BTS doesn’t receive the recognition they deserve

The 62nd Grammys took place on January 26th, 2020.  The show featured an opening act performed by Lizzo, many tributes to the recently passed Kobe and Gianna Bryant, and Billie Eilish taking home many awards, including Record of the Year.  While the show may have seemed complete and normal, something felt like it was missing, and that was international sensation BTS.

By Caleb Stipkovits, Minneapolis South High School

February 25, 2020

International sensation BTS just dropped a new album, Map of the Soul: 7.  The album, according to Forbes, sold over 4 million copies in preorders, and the total sales number has been increasing since its release on February 21st, 2020.  The success of BTS is undeniable, but something feels like i...

The revival of nu-metal

On Feb. 14, nu-metal band Hollywood Undead released their sixth studio album titled “New Empire, Vol. 1.” Each of the nine tracks on the album tells a story, detailing the hardships of coming to terms with who you are. Lyrically, “New Empire, Vol. 1” is tamer than the band’s previous records, but the content still lives up to the edgy standard the band has gathered over time.

By Rachel Laposka, Starr's Mill High School

February 24, 2020

Nu-metal is a genre that some argue died back in the mid-2000s as various bands began to hop on the bandwagon. Many of these bands over-produced albums claiming to fall into the metal subgenre, leading to the inevitable decline of nu-metal. The genre was booming from the late ‘90s to about 2000, following...

Look at This!

Reka Götz begins a sketch in pd 8/9 Honors Art class.

By Julia Poppa, North Allegheny Senior High School

February 24, 2020

Réka Götz is not your average, run-of-the-mill high school art student. While many of NASH’s students who study art are full of talent and aspiration, there may be none more talented than Götz. Götz is an 11th grader at NASH with a passion for visual art. She has achieved what most artists only...

Arnoldus: Why Angie Thomas’ New Book is “On the Come Up!”

Following the success of

By Linda Arnoldus, The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science

February 21, 2020

Angie Thomas has done it again. Her debut novel, “The Hate U Give,” became a #1 New York Times Bestseller, touching the hearts of many with its lovable characters and politically relevant commentary about the prevalence of police brutality in the African American community. “The Hate U Give” wa...

Once on This Island tour docks in Houston

The company of the North American tour of

By Arrington Linder, Clear Creek High School

February 21, 2020

After closing on Broadway in early 2019, Once on This Island embarked on a national tour in October later that year. As a part of their 2019-2020 season, Theatre Under the Stars (TUTS) is housing the Once on This Island National Tour until March 1. The musical begins with the storytellers setting the stage...

‘High Road’: Kesha reclaims her spirit on fourth album

A candle modeled after Kesha burns as the cover artwork of 'High Road.' The album was released Jan. 31, 2020, has sixteen tracks and five features.

By Anna Drabik, Londonderry High School

February 21, 2020

Kesha’s career has been a long, winding path up a certainly steep mountain. From 2010’s party girl phase (Animal and Cannibal) to her raw, soul-bearing third album, titled Rainbow, Kesha has consistently delivered in all her musical endeavors, even with a troubled personal life. 2020’s High Road continues ...

Mercy in the Face of Injustice

Michael B. Jordan (left) and Jamie Foxx in

By Maleah Downton, Notre Dame de Sion

February 20, 2020

“Mercy is just when it is rooted in hopefulness and freely given,” activist lawyer Bryan Stevenson wrote in his New York Times Bestselling memoir “Just Mercy.” Adapted to film by director Destin Daniel Cretton, “Just Mercy,” premiered Dec. 25, portrays one man’s resilient fight for justice...

Review: Tame Impala perfects his style in The Slow Rush

The Slow Rush, Tame Impala's fourth album and first since 2015, was released on Friday, February 14.

By Melissa May, Fossil Ridge High School

February 19, 2020

On Friday, February 14, Kevin Parker, better known as Tame Impala, released his fourth and newest album, entitled The Slow Rush. The album was his first since the release of his third album in 2015, Currents, and it immediately became apparent upon listening that he had a clear cut idea before even begi...

Sorry Scorsese, Marvel movies are cinema

Martin Scorsese has recently declared that the films of the ever-growing Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) are not true cinema.

By Rohan Dewan, Richard Montgomery High School - MD

February 17, 2020

The cinema has been an integral component of American society since the year 1895, when prolific inventor Thomas Edison developed the world’s first Kinetoscope, thus enabling the creation of the movie theater. His invention ushered in a new field of entertainment that would displace radio shows and...

‘P.S. I Still Love You,’ a Valentine’s Day classic

The sequel to the books that took the world by storm has proven to be a gem.

By Kate McElhinney, The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science

February 14, 2020

As someone who watched “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before” four times within the first week of its release in August of 2018 and has watched it at least 60 times since then, it would be an understatement to say I was thrilled when “To All the Boys: P.S. I Still Love You” was announced. Needless...

Independent women rise in ‘Suicide Squad’ spin off ‘Birds of Prey’

By Shannon Sullivan, Daniel Pearl Magnet High School

February 14, 2020

 “Birds of Prey (and the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn)” can be easily summarized by it’s gratuitous violence and neon colors. It’s a film of high energy and low substance.  The newest installment to the DC Extended Universe (DCEU), “Birds of Prey” continues the story of ...

‘Parasite’ Latches on to Audience Despite Language Barrier

Dong-ik, the father of the rich Parks, glances behind him before sharing a rumor with his wife. Photo Courtesy of @parasitemovie.


February 14, 2020

Praise for Director Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite (2019) has swarmed the movie industry, still growing as the film sweeps awards across multiple platforms. Despite being entirely in Korean, it received the Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival, and went on to take Best Foreign Language Film awards at bot...

Back again: the return of MCR

My Chemical Romance got back together after a 7 year long hiatus.

By Lily Langstaff, The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science

February 13, 2020

What comes to mind when you hear the word ‘emo?’ Dyed hair, the color black, band tees, and Converse? My Chemical Romance? Emo has changed over the decades from a music genre to, for some people, a lifestyle. In the 2000’s, it was a popular style, (in some opinions) but was replaced with more alternative...

Tame Impala album slowly approaching

Lead singer Kevin Parker and band enamours audience at a music festival.

By Rose Wright, Plano Senior High School

February 13, 2020

Australian psychedelic singer Tame Impala’s new album The Slow Rush begins its exciting journey to release on Feb. 14, featuring their latest four singles “Lost In Yesterday,” “Posthumous Forgiveness,” “It Might Be Time,” and “Borderline.” Listeners can all breathe a collective sigh...

‘Father of all’ Green Day albums

Punk rock band Green Day released their 13th studio album on Feb. 7. “Father of All…” keeps that classic Green Day sound of rebellious nature while also sprinkling in societal issues such as global warming. This album, while only ten tracks long, upholds the high standard of punk music.

By Rachel Laposka, Starr's Mill High School

February 13, 2020

Green Day made a name for themselves in the 1990s, taking over the charts with their catchy punk rock songs that served as an anthem for teens growing up in the early 2000s. One might think that the band has lost their relevance in the near thirty years they have been a band, but Green Day still remains...

Selfie factories

A staff member at the Museum of Ice Cream takes photos of visitors in the sprinkle pit.

By Ayah Ali-Ahmad, Monta Vista High School

February 13, 2020

Overstuffed, small rooms lead to the next, with young attendees posing toward cameras, large, colorful sculptures flowing throughout and samples of ice cream flavors given around every corner. For $38, junior Sophia Chen and her friends toured the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco, which serves both...

American Dirt Lacks the True Migrant Experience

Cummins attempted to portray the

By Karen Portillo, Santaluces High School

February 12, 2020

The release of Jeanine Cummins' novel, American Dirt, has prompted a nationwide controversy. The book is about a Mexican mother and her son fleeing to America after their family members were killed by a drug cartel. Despite the important issues the book focuses on, the criticism is centered on how a...

Breaking barriers

Recently, more Indian Americans have been represented in the media including Mindy Kailing's upcoming comedy series on Netflix “Never Have I Ever”, Hasan Minhaj’s political comedy show “Patriot Act” and Lily Singh's talk show, “A Little Late with Lilly Singh.” The Sidekick staff writer Anvitha Reddy identifies the need for more representation of Indian Americans in lead roles in TV and film.

By Anvitha Reddy, Coppell High School

February 11, 2020

From the nerd with the unattractive accent to the object of every joke, Indian Americans have consistently been marginalized in film and media. The lack of representation in protagonist roles causes a constant barrier between what South Asians experience growing up and what is portrayed to be “normal”...

2019-2020 Fashion Trends

2019 held many interesting fashion trends, some old, some new, and some just plain ugly.

By Maria Cima and Kendel Barber

February 11, 2020

The 2019-20 school year has brought fashion trends unique to the 21st century and some resurrected from the 1960s. With trends from snakeskin to seashell necklaces, the halls of NASH are full of interesting styles that just might last through the new year. Tops Fall and winter weather have proven to be q...

Latin boyband’s newest single is anything but cliché

Latin boyband CNCO recently released “My Boo,” a single that merges three different languages into one unique sound. This track arrives four months after the release of their EP “Que Quiénes Somos.”

By Jordan Owens, Starr's Mill High School

February 10, 2020

CNCO members Richard Camacho, Erick Brian Colón, Zabdiel De Jesús, Joel Pimentel, and Christopher Vélez released their latest single about a week ago and it has already left a tremendous staple for their brand. For boybands being brought together on a competition show gives people the chance to...

Opinion: Writers, filmmakers must exercise caution with portrayals of sexual assault

Coppell High School senior Roma Mazumdar holds a sign protesting the placing of blame on rape victims at the 2020 Dallas Women’s March on Jan. 19. Although the portrayal of sexual assault in media has improved through the past decade, The Sidekick executive news and enterprise editor Pramika Kadari thinks writers and filmmakers should take precautions when including the issue in their stories.

By Pramika Kadari, Coppell High School

February 7, 2020

**Disclaimer: the following article includes discussions about sexual assault, which may be sensitive to some readers. The following story is part of a Sidekick package about feminism.  “I’m always in that house, I’m always in that room; I can’t get out,” Alyssa from “The End of The...

‘Just Mercy’ provides accurate depiction of fight against wrong convictions

'Just Mercy' stars Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Foxx and seeks to show viewers the fight that Harvard Law School graduate Bryan Stevenson partook in to reverse the sentences of convicts on the Alabama death row. Stevenson's fight, however, was against much more than just one corrupt law office.

By Elias Podber, Henry W. Grady High School

February 6, 2020

Recently, I was lucky enough to see "Just Mercy" at Midtown Art Cinemas on a school field trip. The movie follows real-life Harvard Law School graduate Bryan Stevenson, played by Michael B. Jordan, as he moves to Alabama with federal funds to set up a public defense system called the Equal Justice Initiative....

“BoJack Horseman” crosses the finish line

By Jack Ging, Lia Reichmann, Editor-in-Chief, and Saba Ali, Editor-in-Chief

February 6, 2020

On Friday, Jan. 31, one of Netflix's first original series, “BoJack Horseman”, came to a close with its final six episodes. The show began in 2014 and lasted for six seasons before finding a conclusive ending. “BoJack Horseman” follows a former sitcom star and washed-up Hollywood celebrit...

More than just a sideline attraction, cheer takes the spotlight

As Netflix's new show 'Cheer' gains attention, so does the sport of competitive cheer as a whole. For some of the Redhawk cheerleaders on campus, seeing competitive cheer recognized on such a large scale has been reassuring for the athletes, as they move from the sidelines of other sports events to center stage.

By Kasey Harvey, Liberty High School - TX

February 6, 2020

Hitting the masses less than a month ago on Jan. 8, Cheer has become a hit sensation on Netflix. Rated 95 percent on Rotten Tomatoes, numerous students and staff members on campus have been binge watching the show. “The show definitely showed a different perspective on the sport that I had not e...

Deep Dive into “Manic”

Manic explores Halsey's thoughts  and experiences through unique musical perspectives.

By Betul Tuncer, North Allegheny Senior High School

February 5, 2020

On January 17th, Halsey released her 3rd studio album, Manic. The album features 17 songs, including three genre-defying interludes. Halsey has been promoting Manic as an “emotional spectrum," and truly, the album is like no other, including her past two albums, Badlands and Hopeless Fountain Kingdom. Ma...

The Real Taylor Swift: “Miss Americana”

“Miss Americana” premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on Jan. 23.

By Adriana James-Rodil and Amelia Cuttle

February 5, 2020

Miss Americana is rated TV-MA; It contains bad language and addresses serious topics, yet it is beneficial for people in high school and beyond to watch. On Jan. 31, Singer-Songwriter Taylor Swift released her Netflix documentary “Miss Americana.” In it, she reveals the struggles she has faced ...

My Chemical Romance’s musical comeback stirs nostalgia in students

Freshman James Singh shows off his My Chemical Romance t-shirt.

By Piper Bacon, Granite Bay High School

February 4, 2020

Middle school was rough. Most people deny or try to forget those times when they slathered layers of black eyeliner on their eyes and drew Dan and Phil themed cat whiskers on their cheeks in black sharpie so everyone would see it for at least three whole days. Unfortunately, everyone remembers. ...

‘Uncut Gems’ dazzles audience

Uncut Gems, a new movie starring Adam Sandler, hit theaters in December 2019.

By Claire Suchy, Orono High School

February 4, 2020

With priceless opals, reckless bets and a bedazzled furby, Uncut Gems is a rollercoaster of events that keeps viewers on the edge of their seat for 135 minutes. Uncut Gems follows the high stakes bet of a jeweler named Howard Ratner, played by Adam Sandler. Directors Josh and Benny Safdie, otherwise...

‘1917’ sheds light on the past

1917 was directed by Sam Mendes and premiered on December 4th.

By Kate McElhinney, The Mississippi School for Mathematics and Science

February 3, 2020

The phrase “World War I movie” doesn’t generally bring about warm, fuzzy feelings. It reminds students of the horrid memories of watching in-class documentaries and completing graded worksheets based on regurgitating facts from the film. "1917" isn’t one of these movies. Over a century later,...

Taylor Swift’s Netflix documentary, ‘Miss Americana,’ will break your heart


By Zachary Khouri, Carlmont High School

February 3, 2020

I’ve been a fan of Taylor Swift since I could talk. I have memorized every single lyric off of her sophomore album, "Fearless" over the course of a million car rides, and ever since then, I have been invested in her career. "Fearless" remains my favorite album of hers to date. That being said,...

Kesha’s ‘High Road’ rewrites her narrative

Kesha does not hold back on her new album,

By Zachary Khouri, Carlmont High School

February 3, 2020

“Tonight’s the best night of our lives / can you feel it? I can feel it…” So begins the fourth studio album of pop singer-songwriter Kesha Rose Serbet, better known as Kesha. “High Road” harkens back to her earlier work, returning from the country-pop fusion of “Rainbow” to the party...

A decade later, Marie Lu closes Legend saga with “Rebel”

As we closed the books, we were not fulfilled with the bittersweet farewell to the epic saga; instead, we were furious at the vague epilogue, our treasured happily-ever-after between Daniel and June tantalizingly out of reach.

By Cedric Chan and Vaishu Sirkay

February 3, 2020

  “He is a Legend. She is a Prodigy. Who will be Champion?” We, alongside countless other elementary and middle schoolers, read those words on the backside of Marie Lu’s beloved “Champion,” thinking it would be the end of the series. As we closed the books, we were not fulfilled with...

Trans figures transcend intolerance in world of music

Trans individuals have faced indescribable atrocities through bigotry, dogmatism, and hate.  Read below to learn more about the stories of trans individuals who used their strength to overcome this in the world of music.

By TJ Ruzicka, Londonderry High School

February 3, 2020

Their life was like the ocean. Some waves drove them away from the shore. But ebbs were always accompanied by tides. And while it may have been difficult, once their love for the ocean was greater than their fear of drowning, they finally swam. One of the first major steps for transgender...

“9-1-1 Lone Star” is a Disgrace to Austin Culture

The two main characters of the show pose on a poster for

By Sara Momin, WESTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL - Austin

February 3, 2020

From the makers of the hit show “9-1-1” comes a sudo-spinoff “9-1-1 Lone Star”, taking the main characters Owen Strand (Rob Lowe) and his son TK Strand (Ronen Rubinstein) from the hustle and bustle of the Manhattan city life to Austin. While the chance for Austin to be nationally showcased should...

Justice in a Merciless System 

Micheal B. Jordan's (Bryan Stevenson) stunning performance is portrayed in a scene at Walter McMillan's (Jamie Foxx) home surrounded by McMillan's close family and friends as a part of the fight to win the case and justice for McMillan and his family. Foxx's passion here portrays the emotion that is carried out through the entire film as well as shows the close bonds the characters form and discover within the film.

By Grace Thiebeau, Frederick High School

January 31, 2020

Destin Daniel Cretton’s most recent film Just Mercy uncovers the controversial topic of the death penalty and the corruption of the United States justice system in a true story based on Bryan Stevenson’s New York Times bestselling novel. Cretton starts off the year with a bang by releasing a passionate ...

Micro-Moon prime movers transform Austin Film School into concert venue

Junior Marlee Foster, who performs with the stage name Merlin, sings a song for her opening set at the Micro-Moon Festival. The festival was held on Nov. 1 at the Austin Film School. For Foster, the live show was her first real gig and originally there was no opening act for the festival. Later on, however, Foster was asked to be the first performer. “I was very shocked,” Foster said, “because I'd heard about the Micro-Moon Festival and was going to attend, but then during Coffeehouse one of the performers, Jay Mathias, asked me if I wanted to open, and I was so happy.” Foster released her own song,

By Lily Prather, McCallum High School

January 31, 2020

Marlee Foster peaked out at her soon to be captivated crowd. The space was big, and it was pretty dark, except for a couple of dull purple-and-orange lights. Seeing the crowd, Foster felt a sense of anticipation, one that coursed through her conversation, as people waited for her to start. She stepped...

Not all posthumous records are equal

Some posthumous albums are better than others, and some are just bad.

By Eli Achtzehn, Baldwin High School - PA

January 31, 2020

The death of an artist in his or her prime can be a devastating event for thousands of people. Fans mourn not just for the person, but also for the art that will now go unmade. Thus, those close to musicians who have died often continue their work, releasing new material after the musicians have passed. ...

Oscar Nominations Perfectly Portray the Lack of Diversity in Film Award Shows

The 2020 Oscars nomination list was released on Jan. 13. The 92nd Academy Awards ceremony, where the winners of each category will be revealed, is set to take place on Feb. 9.

By Keana Saberi, WESTWOOD HIGH SCHOOL - Austin

January 30, 2020

The Oscars have always been renowned for their selection of films in varying cinematic areas from costume design to motion picture. However, they are also criticized for their inadequacy when it comes to promoting diversity. The startling lack of female directors nominated in the 2020 Oscar nomination list released on Jan. 13 illustrated t...

“Circles” impacts fans, Mac Miller’s legacy

Mac Miller's estate released the artist's final and posthumous album,

By Ryan Lynch, York Community High School

January 30, 2020

When artist Mac Miller passed away on Sept. 7, 2018, the music world was sent into immediate shock. In the following hours of his passing, colleagues like J.I.D, Chance the Rapper, Wiz Khalifa and J. Cole all sent out their condolences for the rapper’s death, while the rest of the general public mourned...

[ALBUM REVIEW] Mac Miller’s posthumous album Circles blends new and old

Hip-hop artist Mac Miller's posthumous album

By Henry Burkhardt, St. Paul Academy and Summit School

January 27, 2020

Mac Miller’s death in September of 2018 was a massive shock to the hip-hop community he helped cultivate.  Miller was working on a new project before he died, and recently, Miller’s producer Jon Brion and Miller’s family released the posthumous album Circles. Circles serves as a companion to Mi...

A Review of The Archer


By Magdalena Laughrey, North Allegheny Senior High School

January 27, 2020

Three years after her debut album, Belladonna of Sadness, Portland-native Alexandra Savior released a new record entitled The Archer that puts her mysterious, melancholic sound on a musical pedestal, infecting audiences, and leaving them wanting more. With only ten tracks and a 31-minute run tim...

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