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Governor Mike Parson visited the Lee Summit Missouri Innovation Campus on March 2. Jeff Danley from VMLY&R led Parson through a presentation of the virtual reality demonstration.

Governor Parson visits Mixed Reality Studio at Missouri Innovation Campus

By Abram Tabor and Meah Copeland March 5, 2021

  Missouri Governor Mike Parson visited the Missouri Innovation Campus in Lee’s Summit Tuesday, March 2 to recognize the recently launched Mixed Reality Studio’s help in addressing the state’s need...

Dzaki Sukarno explains his journey to receiving an in-person audition for American Idol

Local musician and NMSU student receives American Idol audition

By Rachel Bagett and Xavier Dominguez March 4, 2021

Dzaki Sukarno, a Las Cruces native and New Mexico State University student, has made his way from the phone screen to the big screen nationwide. Sukarno recently broke into the music scene when he first...

Passengers provide Chinese customs officials with their entry documents to review. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the process for entering China is very cumbersome.

Chinese International Students Overcome Challenges During COVID-19 Pandemic

By Junping Xia, University of Central Missouri March 4, 2021

  For many Chinese international students, being able to live a normal life has been a challenge during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some suspended their studies, some switched to online classes and some stayed...

BLM speakers asked their rally participants to raise their fists as they called for the defunding of police during a rally on Feb. 24, 2021. Photo credit: Vincent Medina

Black Lives Matter LA continues fight to defund police

By Vincent Medina, Cerritos College March 4, 2021

Black Lives Matter Los Angeles held a rally across the street from the LA Police Protective League (PPL) to fight for police defunding on Feb. 25. Families and friends of police brutality victims spoke...

John Carroll University Administration approved amendments to the Faculty Handbook on Monday changing tenure at JCU.

BREAKING: Board decision virtually eliminates tenure, faculty say

“It only has to happen one year, and they’ll claim it will happen for two more. And that would be budgetary hardship. And once you have budgetary hardship, you can fire anyone you want to fire, which means that effectively there is no more tenure at John Carroll University.”
By Nicolette Noce and Rachel Scully March 3, 2021

John Carroll University’s Board of Directors approved amendments to the Faculty Handbook on Monday that grant the administration the freedom to fire tenured faculty members without cause if JCU faces...

Heroes to Hives is coming to Missouri. The program originally started in Michigan. The program founder Adam Ingrao said,

Heroes to Hives Beekeeping Course Offered at UCM

By Abram Tabor, University of Central Missouri March 3, 2021

Heroes to Hives is a free course for veterans, veteran dependents and active service men and women to pursue community and agriculture through beekeeping. They are now hoping to launch the first chapter...

Nicole Heffington ball-in-hand) is surrounded by four Mount Union defenders in a game at the Tony DeCarlo Varsity Center on Jan. 29, 2021.

Nicole Heffington looks to lead Blue Streaks to third consecutive OAC championship game: The story behind one of DIII’s best

By Kyle Kelly, John Carroll University March 3, 2021

Rebuilds are not easy.  But when you have a player like Nicole Heffington, the torment is lessened and ultimately rewarded. If not for a game on Feb. 10, 2018, the John Carroll University Women’s...

Protesters and counter-protesters stand outside of Belmont before the final presidential debate on October 22nd, 2020. (Hustler Multimedia/Hunter Long)

STAFF EDITORIAL: Change is a two-way street

The administration needs to engage with its student activists and facilitate a campus where they can exercise this part of their education.
By Editorial Board, Vanderbilt University February 23, 2021

Student activism has a complicated history on Vanderbilt’s campus. As a university, we have a reputation for being mostly apolitical and uncontroversial in our handling of social issues and current events....

President of the board of directors of the North American Indian Center of Boston, Jean-Luc Pierite, asked the crowd to close their eyes and imagine the land that they’re on.   “I want you to project yourself back into time,” he said. “Where we know there to be water, there might be land there at that point in time. Where we have solid land, the water might be. But no matter where that situation is, go back to that time and the people that were born here, that lived here, that died here. And now I want you to take yourself ahead in time, to a point in the future where all the seeds that we’re planting here today and all of the work that we’re doing with the social changes that need to happen, our descendants are living in that time; where the fruits of our labor...they’re enjoying that. So we just want to acknowledge the land and the world that we are leaving for our descendants.”

The Red Deal proposal prioritizes climate justice and liberation for Indigenous people

Proposed by Native liberation coalition the Red Nation, the Red Deal prioritizes Indigenous liberation, calling for “action beyond the scope of the US colonial state.”
By Nia Beckett, Northeastern University - The Scope Boston February 19, 2021

Amid growing attention and demand for climate action, the Green New Deal proposes a plan to address climate change and economic inequality. Among the many proclaimed shortcomings of the Deal, including...

Katie Murphy visits a Massachusetts Nursing Association facility amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Mental health professionals provide free teletherapy to healthcare workers during pandemic

By Rachel Gore, Northeastern University - The Scope Boston February 19, 2021

When Ariel Brown texted her longtime friend, a doctor at Massachusetts General Hospital, asking how she could help as he battled COVID-19 from the front lines, she wasn’t planning on starting a non-profit...

Kelly Murphy,  UCM military and veterans services director, won the championship title on the first season of the CBS show “Tough as Nails.” Photo by John Kennedy

UCM’s Kelly Murphy wins “Tough as Nails”

By Clarissa Nivens, University of Central Missouri February 18, 2021

Kelly Murphy,  UCM military and veterans services director, won the championship title on the first season of the CBS show “Tough as Nails.” The television program aims to celebrate the attributes...

The Colombian flag waves in the wind. In Colombia, police brutality is often ignored or misrepresented by the media.

Analysis: Colombia’s police brutality – an issue there too, despite the media’s narrative

By Daniela Rincon, Northeastern University February 17, 2021

While cases of police abuse in the U.S. have received national attention and sparked outrage around the world, cases in other countries, such as Colombia, get little traction in English language news...

Since the pandemic’s initial impact, Starbucks has seen their revenues decline. In June
Starbucks announced a loss of .2 billion in revenue in their fiscal third quarter. They attribute this loss in sales to the coronavirus pandemic.

Caffeinated comfort: pandemic responsible for rise in at home coffee consumption

By Johanna Eisel, California University of Pennsylvania February 17, 2021

Since the pandemic started, professor, Christina Fisanick, has increased her coffee intake from two cups a day to six or more cups. “I guess because I am home and close to the coffee pot, but also...

Photo of flowers outside of Furman Hall. (Hustler Multimedia/Alexandra Venero)

VSG endorses Graduate Workers United List of Demands for the Spring 2021 Semester

The resolution passed 15 to three, against the counsel of Dean of Students Mark Bandas and without endorsement from the Graduate Student Council.
By Emma Mattson, Vanderbilt University February 16, 2021

In a 15-3 vote on Wednesday, Feb. 3, Vanderbilt Student Government (VSG) Senate called on Vanderbilt administration to implement a petition from Vanderbilt Graduate Workers United (VGWU) regarding working...

Although the United States has become increasing divided along partisan lines, there is hope for reunification through diversity and inclusion.

White Backlash: A response to Racial Progress

White Supremacy in America is a major issue.
By Deja Grissom, Howard Community College February 15, 2021

“ALL LIVES MATTER” and “Stop the Count” are the chants cried by Donald Trump supporters all around the country. These people are angry about the outcome of the 2020 presidential election and are...

Early morning in the winter the sunlight was shining on my succulent, I wanted to capture the illumination.

Learning art in time of the COVID-19 pandemic: A breakthrough or fiasco?

Creative arts division shared their learning and teaching experiences this semester
By Christian Carlo Ceguerra, Skyline College February 11, 2021

For many people, art and design is not merely a pastime or a “creative outlet”. Some people see the discipline as their passion, their bread and butter — the craft they want to continue to explore...

A successful hat and mitten set; it contains both deliberate and accidental imperfections .

Deliberate Imperfections: The art of crochet without perfectionism

By Rebecca Nason, Howard Community College February 11, 2021

A friend of my mother’s first taught me how to crochet when I was nine. At the time all I cared about was the color of the yarn-- a hideous salmon pink. It took my clumsy fingers what felt like hours...

COVID-19 vaccines were given out at the UCM Multipurpose Building on Feb. 2.

Warrensburg Distributes COVID-19 Vaccines at UCM

By Matthew Goldsmith and Michael Lewis February 9, 2021

As the Warrensburg community continues its vaccination distribution, Western Missouri Medical Center and Johnson County Community Health Services are working with large employers, like the University...

‘Excited’ for an incredible game: Cal U alumnus part of media team working Super Bowl LV

By Tom Caton, California University of Pennsylvania February 8, 2021

Growing up as a child, Danny Beeck would always find himself watching the television broadcast of the Super Bowl every year on Super Bowl Sunday, no matter which teams were playing in it. However, this...

Title page of the 1776 Report. Screenshot captured on Jan. 31, 2021. (Screenshot/Jessica M. Barker)

Former Vanderbilt political science and law professor Carol Swain serves as Vice Chair for 1776 Commission

Swain served on the Commission which sought to “better enable a rising generation to understand the history and principles of the founding of the United States.”
By Henry Ridley, Vanderbilt University February 8, 2021

Two days before being dissolved by newly inaugurated President Joe Biden, the Trump administration’s 1776 Commission released The 1776 Report. The report named former Vanderbilt Professor of Political...

The University of Texas at Austin’s clock tower remains an iconic landmark for the college.

Survivor of the Texas Tower Sniper shares his story 54 years later

By Addison Martin, Southeastern Oklahoma State University January 29, 2021

The morning of Aug. 1, 1966 was supposed to be a normal morning. David Bayless Jr., an incoming freshman studying dentistry at the University of Texas at Austin at the time, was preparing for freshman...

Rebecca Newman, a recent Pace graduate, had a successful academic career despite the challenges that come with her rare genetic condition.

Newman Graduates Magna Cum Laude While Battling Rare Genetic Disorder

By Emily Teixeira, Pace University January 21, 2021

Despite a rare genetic disorder, 2020 graduate Rebecca Newman will graduate Magna Cum Laude from Pace, with a 3.78 GPA. Newman attained her B.A. in communications with a digital marketing minor. As...

University President Geraldine M. Jones addresses graduates at California University of Pennsylvania's 183rd Undergraduate Commencement ceremony, Convocation Center, Dec. 17, 2016.

President Jones says goodbye to Cal U after 46 years

Jones reflects on her time at Cal U before retiring in January 
By Kaitlyn Collins and Hannah Wyman January 6, 2021

When asked by the Dean of Students to participate in the 1970 Miss California State College Pennsylvania pageant hosted at school, Geraldine Jones thought ‘why not?’ and agreed. Even as a...

Cover Look:
Styles wears a Gucci jacket and dress. Photographed by Tyler Mitchell, Vogue, December 2020

Styles’ historical moment and flack that followed

By Ella Schuellerman, John Carroll University November 20, 2020

Harry Styles made history as the first man photographed solo for the cover of American Vogue in the upcoming December issue. The British pop singer was styled by Camilla Nickerson and photographed by Tyler...

While Gauzman never attended John Carroll, his name lives on in writing, solidifying his JCU legacy. 
(Photo by Yusuf Evli on Unsplash)

Who is Harry Gauzman?: An investigative report

“Most universities have traditions that carry on and are passed down. Some live on forever and some fade away with the times, like Gauzman."
By Laken Kincaid, John Carroll University November 18, 2020

Harry Gauzman is a name surrounded by mystery in the JCU community. He was known as a popular writer for The Carroll News, but no one on campus at the time and no dust-covered records can place Gauzman...

The donations made to Republican campaigns or organizations by those who listed their employment as John Carroll University totaled only 80, while donations to Democratic organizations or campaigns totaled approximately 1,593.

96% of JCU employees’ major political donations were made to Democratic causes

By Sophia Maltese, John Carroll University November 12, 2020

506 out of 527 donations from those who listed their employer as John Carroll University were made to Democratic causes in this calendar year. The donations to Democratic organizations or campaigns totaled...

Boston hit record of more than 4 inches of snow on Oct 30 this year.

Boston might have just had its first snow but rising temperatures remain a threat to communities

By Lillian Hoffart, Northeastern University - The Scope Boston November 12, 2020

Boston might have had its first snow in October, but residents shouldn’t get used to it, as climate change is causing rising temperatures around the planet. Experts say heat has been a critical danger...

Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden speaks Wednesday, Nov. 4, 2020, in Wilmington, Del.

A Biden Administration must not continue Democrats’ tendency to take black voters for granted

By Josie Schuman, John Carroll University November 10, 2020

“Lukewarm acceptance is much more bewildering than outright rejection,” Martin Luther King Jr. wrote to describe white moderates in his “Letter From a Birmingham Jail.” Many members of the African...

Lisa Fortin, a study abroad ambassador for Mercer’s study abroad office, poses for a picture under the “Study Abroad” sign in Ryals Hall in February.

Study abroad office grapples with changing restrictions, pandemic

By Lars Lonnroth, Mercer University November 10, 2020

During the spring semester, 25 Mercer students were studying abroad in countries near and far when the reality of COVID-19 set in.  As the pandemic sent schools into virtual learning and Mercer’s...

Signage in the Connell Student Center informs patrons about university safety measures during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The financial cost of COVID-19: How Mercer is navigating a financially uncertain world

By Lars Lonnroth and Kaitlyn Fowler November 10, 2020

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown a cloud of financial doubt over many colleges and universities across the United States — and Mercer University is no exception. When colleges and universities...

San Quentin Prison, in San Quentin, Calif., is shown Dec. 7, 2013.

Inside San Quentin’s COVID-19 outbreak

By Faisal Gresalfi, Skyline College November 9, 2020

The family of one of the at least 27 inmates and employees at San Quentin State Prison who have died from COVID-19 have filed a wrongful death claim against California's correctional system. A deeper look...

Andie Grossman fills out her ballot before delivering it to a San Francisco Department of Elections voting center in San Francisco, Sunday, Nov. 1, 2020.

First-time voters at Cal U and surrounding region discuss motivations for casting ballots in 2020 election

By Kortnie Gould, California University of Pennsylvania November 6, 2020

On Tuesday, Nov. 3, millions of Americans across the country will vote in the 2020 presidential election. Among them will be a new generation of voters who are exercising their right to vote for the first...

Patrick Ward, director of marketing at Rootstrap, says that the EdTech industry is forcing traditional private institutions to change their model of education to compete with cost-effective, accelerated programs.

PODCAST: Marketing expert predicts that the future of higher-ed is not a 4-year degree

Private institutions might have a hard time adapting.
By Sophia Maltese, John Carroll University November 5, 2020

This story was originally published on The Carroll News on October 25, 2020.

A group of referees speaks with the two teams participating in the Women's Flag Football championship game Oct. 22.

Intramural referees tackle their jobs amid COVID-19

By Keith Holmes Jr., Mercer University November 5, 2020

While the safety of athletes is on everyone’s mind during the COVID-19 pandemic, the officials are often forgotten. Referees and umpires have to take the field along with student-athletes — many of...

Diversity club holds a meeting to plan Advisory activities focused on discussing matters of diversity and inclusion within the school.

Diversity Council Seeks to Reshape Culture at Southern Lehigh

By Lucas Zhang, Southern Lehigh Senior High School November 5, 2020

For most people, discussions on the matters of diversity, race, and inclusivity are often precarious and uncomfortable. At Southern Lehigh High School, the students of the newly established Diversity Council...

Philippine President Duterte's signing of the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020 causes controversy from human rights activists.

The voice that travels across the Pacific

By Bless Cadayona, Skyline College November 5, 2020

For Filipino-Americans and Filipino immigrants in the United States, October marks the celebration for Filipino American History Month. With this year’s theme being "The History of Filipino American...

Tygarjas Bigstyck has lived in Pacifica his entire life and is now seeking a run for one of five city council seats.

Tygarjas Twyrls Bigstyck seeks to make big impact in Pacifica election

By Steven Rissotto, Skyline College November 5, 2020

In the fall of 2017, Tygarjas Twyrls Bigstyck was exasperated as he listened closely to a city council meeting that was taking place in his lifelong home of Pacifica, California. As the beach town’s...

Graphic 2: The race demographics of full-time faculty at NJCU. Adapted from data from the Office of Institutional Effectiveness.

NJCU Is Not As Diverse As It May Seem

By Haresh Oudhnarine, New Jersey City University October 30, 2020

Flags from around the world line the interior of NJCU’s student union building, but while the university celebrates diversity, more than half of all its professors are white. NJCU is recognized as...

DJ Henry's friends and former assistant coach shared their experiences with Henry and the impact he had on their lives.

DJ Henry’s friends and former assistant coach share the impact he had on them

By Emily Teixeira, Pace University October 29, 2020

By this year, most Pace students have become familiar with this name, if they were not already. They have heard his story. How he was a football player here at Pace. How he went to Finnegan’s Bar with...

Mercer history faculty Dr. Abagail Dowling poses for a portrait near Willingham Hall. Photo by Mary Helene Hall

How these queer professors support their LGBTQIA+ students

By Mary Helene Hall, Mercer University October 29, 2020

Being a queer student is certainly not easy for everyone, especially at a university in a state where gay marriage was not recognized until the U.S. Supreme Court case Obergefell v. Hodges in 2015. A little...

In honor of the tenth anniversary of DJ Henry's death, RHA is working to commission a mural in his honor on the side of Ianinello Field House. Once completed, this is what it would look like.

RHA Works to Commission Mural in DJ Henry’s Honor

By Emily Teixeira, Pace University October 27, 2020

In honor of the tenth anniversary of Danroy “DJ” Henry’s death, the Residence Hall Association (RHA) is working to commission a mural in Henry’s honor on the side of Ianniello Field House. According...

Friends play a card game in the freshman dorm Legacy Hall.

First-time student voters consider critical issues in 2020 presidential election

By Emily Rose Thorne, Mercer University October 23, 2020

Nearly a third of Georgia voters who will vote in the 2020 general election are under 35 years old, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution. That’s a growth rate of 68% for the age group since...

John Carroll University's draft financial plan says restructuring is due to financial hardship.

University’s draft strategic plan says restructuring is due to “falling behind”

And other universities are feeling it too.
By Rachel Scully and Sophia Maltese October 22, 2020

John Carroll University’s draft strategic plan cites financial hardship as a reason for academic restructuring. In an introduction to the plan, University President Michael Johnson writes, “We have...

Aerial shot of the Cal U clock tower and Old Main

85 faculty members face layoffs for unclear reasons: APSCUF

To become more financially stable, the school system looks to let go of hundreds of teachers by the end of the year
By Hannah Wyman, California University of Pennsylvania October 19, 2020

While faculty are working hard to help students learn virtually, at the same time many are worried over the constant threat of their jobs. This past June, around 85 Cal U faculty were projected to lose...

A man’s journey through words: Cal U senior publishes debut poetry book

"Pulp" is currently available for purchase on Amazon.
By Johanna Eisel, California University of Pennsylvania October 14, 2020

Bryce Frye, senior student at California University of Pennsylvania, self publishes his first poetry book on Amazon and donates the proceeds to a nonprofit organization, To Write Love on Her Arms, even...

John Carroll's Administration building, where many senior staff members work daily, including the president.

John Carroll makes ‘necessary’ cuts, faculty demand transparency

By Sophia Maltese, John Carroll University October 9, 2020

“The worrisome thing is that had we not learned by rumor … we may never have known about [the Art History Department being dissolved] until it was already done,” said Philosophy professor Patrick...

Charvis Harrell's art went on display at the McEachern Art Center on Aug 29.

Charvis Harrell seizes Black autonomy amidst America’s white gaze

By Ashley Pemberton, Mercer University October 2, 2020

Charvis Harrell has been showcasing the disparaging impact of negative Black stereotypes at his art exhibit, “Cartoon Violence: Elegy and Testimony,” at the McEachern Art Center since Aug. 29. Harrell...

Mercer students study in Tarver Library’s 24 hour study floor.

‘Blowing out a flame’: the danger of burnout on college campuses

By Natalie Yaeger, Mercer University September 30, 2020

Burnout. We've all been there. Students are well accustomed to the “rise and grind” culture of college, but the need for some individuals to reach perfection or continue working through sustained stress...

Parenting students are able to focus on their schoolwork and still spend quality time with their children thanks to the Child Care Means Parents in School grant.

Student parents find relief with free childcare

By Hannah Wyman, California University of Pennsylvania September 29, 2020

For twenty-five-year-old Christina Holstine, remote learning this fall semester means juggling virtual classes for two degrees, chemistry and biology pre-medicine, along with working and raising...

Music student Melody Little receives instruction from Piano 1 professor Gail Pollock during the COVID-19 outbreak. Pollock also said that she disinfects the area with Pledge Antibacterial Surface Cleaner between classes.

COVID-19 pushes new advancements within the School of Music

By Safia Serena Tejani , Mercer University September 28, 2020

Ever wonder how an in-class mask mandate applies to singers and other musicians within Mercer University’s School of Music? Singers and other musicians are required to wear masks even while singing or...

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