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Servite paints Holocaust tribute

Servite paints Holocaust tribute

By Anthony Pinel

March 30, 2015

The Holocaust changed the course of history. During World War II, more than 5 million Jews perished under the rule of one leader, Adolf Hitler. This tragic era is remembered for its brutal and relentless bloodshed. But along with the liberation of the Jews on September 2, 1945 came the liberation of...

Sycamore turns over a new “Leaf”

Sycamore turns over a new

By Staff

February 23, 2015

We're all for making the most of your website here at SNO (obviously). But we must give props where props are due. Sycamore High's "The Leaf" may be a print issue, but it sure is a handsome one. Slick layout, perfect ratio of images to text, and most importantly, solid writing throughout. Ch...

See the world through my colorblind eyes

See the world through my colorblind eyes

By Danijel Zekanovic, Southwest Career and Technical Academy, Las Vegas

November 24, 2014

Ever since I was a grade schooler, I knew that there was an issue with me viewing colors. Buying colored pencils at the beginning of the year was always the worst part of back-to-school shopping, primarily because I could only identify the exact shade of about 10 of the sixteen colors. After a test with...

‘You can tell any story with a picture if you can make it move’: Student sketches and animates in free time

Gavin Wylie, a junior at Blue Valley Northwest High School in Kansas, uses computer software to translate his dreams and imagination into animation.

By Avery Mojica, Blue Valley Northwest HS, Overland Park, Kan.

November 19, 2014

A blank piece of paper sits in front of junior Gavin Wylie. He picks up his colored pencils and pens and begins to sketch out the shape of a face. This drawing is the beginning of what will become a cartoon-like character, and possibly an animation. Wylie began to notice his artistic talents at about age...

Murals used as teaching aides will be lost in construction

Murals used as teaching aides will be lost in construction

By Siandhara Bonnet, Leander HS, Leander, Texas

June 10, 2014

The new science building isn't the only new aspect of the school under construction. Next year, we'll also have new room numbers, different wings, a new air conditioning system, and the walls will be painted over. The sad thing is that some teachers in those hallways have been in their rooms ...

Dropping the formula, finding the voice: Eastern students study a Western approach to art

Dropping the formula, finding the voice: Eastern students study a Western approach to art

By Zoe Bowlus, Sacramento Country Day School, Sacramento, Calif.

April 30, 2014

When senior Cissy Shi signed up for teacher Patricia Kelly’s studio art class her sophomore year, she was concerned she wouldn’t be able to keep up. “I thought I needed extra help,” she said. So she started studying with Richard Yang, her cousin’s private art tutor. Yang is an independent...

Florida art student creates large image of George Washington using Post-its

Click image to watch the creation process.

By Paula Galvan, Dreyfoos School of the Arts, West Palm Beach, Fla.

November 18, 2013

George Washington became known as the “Father of Our Country” in 1776. It has been 200 years since then, but his memory still lives on thanks to visual senior Gianna Bishop. She has managed to bring him back to life in an eight foot long by six foot wide rendition made entirely of Post-it notes....