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The unbroken Spoke

The unbroken Spoke

By Meredith Oldham, The Ann Richards School for Young Women Leaders

February 9, 2015

The year was 1964. Gas cost 30 cents per gallon. The Beatles were embarking on their first world tour. Americans were fighting the war in Vietnam. Neil Armstrong had not yet walked on the moon (and wouldn’t for another five years). Where the Ann Richards School is today stood a race track. Red Lobster...

Breakdancing helps student come out of shell

Pal;o Alto High School senior Elijah Wax shows off his b-boy moves. He has been breakdancing since middle school.

By Clara Harrington and Maddie Kinnaman

February 12, 2014

  Although backflips, backspins and headspins may be generic words that distinguish breakdancing, but its history and cultural impact are largely unknown. When breakdancing first gained popularity, the tradition of dance battles had already been established; it was strong among street gangs i...