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Embarrassing anachronism or timeless tradition?

Embarrassing anachronism or timeless tradition?

By Kaitlin Maloney

March 23, 2015

Here's a great article from the MHS Redline that explores the pros and cons of a hotly debated topic: the American Indian mascot. Writer Kaitlin Maloney does a great job of staying unbiased while looking at all sides of the issue. To some, the Indian mascot is an integral representation of bravery,...

From meek to mascot: Detrick Bombarger gets rowdy

From meek to mascot: Detrick Bombarger gets rowdy

By Natalie Martinez, Vista Ridge HS, Cedar Park, Texas

November 18, 2014

Although he has been to almost every football game, most basketball and volleyball games and countless other school sporting events including an annual golf tournament since 2011, most people can’t remember actually seeing him at the games.

Indian mascot spurs controversy at Massachusetts high school

Photo of the 1964 Dartmouth High School Thanksgiving Day game. Source: DHS yearbook.

By Morgan Banville and Alexias Soares, Dartmouth HS, Dartmouth, Mass.

October 3, 2014

The school has experienced attention due to students dressing as Native Americans and having a Native American as a mascot. Students have worn feathers and face paint at sporting events. “Support your tribe” is often tweeted by students before a sporting event.