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New building embracing ‘flexibility’

New building embracing ‘flexibility’

By Alexa Fishman

May 14, 2015

UPDATED--Construction on the new building is on time and is set to finish in July, and the administration is now focusing on space usage and furniture. According to school leaders, all options are open, including which rooms will be used for classes and how many classrooms there will be. The plans...

AP Spanish class works around lack of materials

AP Spanish class works around lack of materials

By Alexus Plascencia, A. A. Stagg HS, Stockton, Calif.

October 14, 2014

Money is an issue. The class isn’t. With cooperative students, and the teacher carefully planning out what needs to be taught, both students and teacher expect the class to run smoothly.

Coaches take on twice the teaching load

Previously the boys golf coach at Downey High School, Mr. Sanders now focuses on teaching AP European History and Economics. Sanders stopped coaching to focus on raising his family.

By Serene Gallardo, Downey HS, Downey, Calif.

April 24, 2014

At Downey High, teachers tend to take on twice as much as expected – that is, alongside teaching curriculum courses, they take hand in coaching a team. Managing both classrooms full of students and a sports team is double duty, but these teachers are willing to go the distance. The process to apply...