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Iowa school play benefits Ferguson student actors

The cast of the Diviners accepts a standing ovation at curtain call.
December 2, 2014

The cast is gone, the set has been stripped, the lights taken down and the curtain tucked away. However, the legacy of "The Diviners" endures beyond the confines of Opstad Auditorium. Miles away in Ferguson,...

Theatre students plan short film for state contest

The cast of
October 7, 2014

A boy slides in and out of the crowds, struggling to balance the different personas he possesses, the identities only he knows about. From friends to family to teachers to strangers, he has a mask for...

“The Winter’s Tale,” a Shakespeare B-side

“The Winter’s Tale,” a Shakespeare B-side
March 7, 2014

If you find yourself debating on whether to go see the new movie “Winter’s Tale” at Edwards San Marcos or the timeless play “The Winter’s Tale” at The Old Globe, the latter is undeniably the...

‘Urinetown’ spices up theater

The cast of
Tongue-in-cheek satire adds unique edge to musical repertoire
March 5, 2014

Each year, at the turn of winter to spring, a special aura emanates out from the black box and through the freshman hallway. It constitutes the after-school atmosphere, seeping out like incense through...

Godspell shines as ‘Light of JC’

Brady Fritz, as Jesus, prays in the Garden of Gethsemane, while his followers sleep. Jesus asks God if there is any other way to accomplish his purpose without sacrificing his life but accepts his fate.
February 19, 2014

The lights bathe the stage in red as Judas ties Jesus to the blackboard. The disciples and the company kneel, praying as Jesus’s last few notes seem to pierce the air. The moment is solemn, with heavy...

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