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Stories from Arroyo Grande High School
Homeless animals are always in need, pandemic or not

Erika Schiesl | March 24, 2021

Two-thousand eight hundred. 

That is the number of adopted animals from Woods Humane Society (Woods), San Luis Obispo during the pandemic. 

In a typical year though, there are roughly 3,200 adoptions….

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Impostor Syndrome: thoughts of inadequacy eclipse individual worth

Erika Schiesl | February 19, 2021

If you were to google “Impostor syndrome,” a myriad of cryptic titles would appear.

“We’re all frauds”

“Why it can kill careers”

“The truth about feeling like a fake” 


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Public school minority groups speaking out about stereotypes and the importance of understanding different cultures

Madelyn Ferreros | February 15, 2021

According to Public Schools Review, in 1997 students enrolled in U.S. public schools were 63.4% white. This left 36.6% to the minority group which consisted of Black, Hispanic, Asian, Pacific Islander,…

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Things are getting hairy for many students during lockdown

Erika Schiesl | December 9, 2020

Eight months ago, the idea of haircuts and dye-jobs at home likely seemed daunting, especially when students had school each day.

However, the pandemic has left everyone with nowhere to go for a haircut,…

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Vonderheide family In-N-Out quest

Adam Mercer | December 8, 2020

Any Californian worth their weight in sea salt is familiar with In-N-Out Burger and the profound impact it’s had on our state’s culture. The fast-food chain, which began as a drive-thru hamburger shack…

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